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Romsterdamn landmine of versions, seems i'm ok kernel 3.3.603:16
* nogagplz blows Romster up03:17
RomsterMost of the people who have reported problems have been running Ubuntu. poor ubuntu03:19
Romsterprbable alot use that, thats why the large number of reports03:19
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nogagplzaren't you a ubuntu user too03:21
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Romsternot even in your dreams03:23
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Romsteri bought a new heater my pc does not put out enough heat03:23
* nogagplz day dreams about Romster using ubuntu instead03:23
nogagplzyeah tell me about it, it was -1 in the house here the other morning03:24
frinnsthaha please03:24
frinnst"*bohoo* its 10C during our winter"03:24
frinnstaussie pussies :)03:24
nogagplzcome and experience a broken hill summer before you start gloating03:25
Romster40+C bitch03:25
frinnstnah, too  many spiders and other dangerous stuff03:25
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Romsterhell some palces get to 50C03:26
nogagplzbitch on two accounts vs our one winter :P03:26
Romsterit gets cold but not as bad as the alps03:30
frinnstPreparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer.04:12
frinnstfucking close to 10 minutes now04:12
nogagplzyeah it needs to get drunk enough to continue04:16
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sepenteK_ and Romster, just saw your comments about chromium in the backlog06:24
teK_problem persists06:35
teK_fun fact: on my notebook (32bit) everything wntfine06:35
teK_+ hello06:36
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Romsterhi sepen there is a bug report regarding one of your ports too, (not the browser)06:57
sepenlibunique? I saw the ticket you filed to me in flyspray06:58
sepenand thanks for editing again the ticket, it was impossible to use the raw paste you posted as a patch07:00
sepentime for eating here, bbl07:00
Romsteri already edited it since that07:09
Romsteralso what ever happened to the upload a file option in flyspray?07:14
Romster that should be readable.07:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: geoclue: fix md5sum07:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: foomatic-filters: update to 4.0.1608:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: hpijs: update to 3.12.608:25
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: psmisc: update to 22.1808:27
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rmullRomster: I made a webkit that doesn't depend on geoclue (which depends on dbus) at  rmull/webkit-nogeoclue if you (or anyone) is interested09:48
rmullI didn't want to pull in dbus with geoclue, and I don't want geolocation anyway09:49
teK_+2 :>09:50
Romsterhmm webkit still wanted gtk-doc even when i disabled that in webkit09:51
Romsterdid you get around that too?09:51
rmullWell, sort of09:52
rmullI don't have it installed. There was a failure during the build because it didn't "understand" that I didn't have it installed, so I commented out the part of the python script that called upon it09:52
rmullwith a small patch09:52
rmullEither way, it works without gtk-doc and without geoclue09:53
Romster-disable-geolocation was easy but then i decided to add it as webkit wanted gtk-doc anyways.webkit deps are getting messy and why is everyone against dbus?09:53
rmullHonestly, I'm against dbus because people who know more and care more about software than I do are against it09:54
rmullIt's generally assoicated with "desktop" technology that I mainly do without09:55
rmullIt's an overly complex mechanism09:55
Romsteri also don't see why geoclue isn't a include if present and not have to disable it to get past that, i can make that optional though with another way.09:57
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Romsterrmull, testing i'll see how i go.10:24
rmullRomster: Okay, enjoy.10:25
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veeim confused...when you use git, and download the project, and you then install it?14:36
tilmanvee: "sure"14:44
veei have no clue what im doing, dont judge me! lmao14:45
rmullvee: What are you trying to do?14:45
veewell, i was trying to get libbsd, since i need it for another program, found it on git14:45
veeno clue what to do with it it...14:45
rmullvee: I have it packaged in the rmull repo14:45
rmullI suggest you try it that way14:46
rmullIf you still want to install it amnually, just look at the Pkgfile14:46
rmullfor the steps I use14:46
rmullAnd do something roughly equivalent14:46
veei knew something with git was slightly off.... xD14:46
rmullFor what it's worth I'm not using the latest git clone, but rather the latest tarball release14:47
rmullIf this is inadequate, you'll have to proceed manually14:47
rmullvee: What are you trying to install that requires libbsd?14:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: glib: new maintainer14:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libffi: new maintainer14:48
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rmullvee: Generally, installing something proceeds similarly whether you use git or sometihng else to acquire the sources14:49
rmullLook for README files or INSTALL files, many projects will have them14:49
veewell, i downloaded the libbsd tarball, and tried it install it that way...but, guess i failed at that too14:50
rmullHow do you know you failed?14:50
veewhen i went back to bumblebee to install it again, it says its missing libbsd14:50
veetheres no read me, so i assumed i ran ./configure make, then make install14:51
rmullYes, that's more or less correct14:51
rmullYou just need to ensure that your PREFIX is set correctly when you run ./configure14:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mailman: updated to 2.1.1514:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libunique: fixed compilation (FS#833)14:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: chromium: updated to 19.0.1085.014:52
rmullAlso, ./configure and make are two different steps, not sure if you know that, hard to tell from your sentence14:52
rmullvee: It's useful to look at the output of ./configure --help before actually running the script14:52
rmullIt will describe ways in which you can tune the compilation14:52
rmullOften, you won't need to change anything14:52
veewell, i ran ./configure14:53
veelet that finiish, then ran make14:53
rmullthat should be fine. Did you make sure that the prefix used by the configure script is correct for your system?14:53
sepenvee, ^^ that often configure DESTDIR=/usr/local14:53
sepenyou need --prefix=/usr to avoid /usr/local14:54
veeah, that might be the probelm...14:54
rmullIt's okay to install stuff in /usr/local (and I do, when installing stuff not tracked by a package manager) but you have to make sure your system knows how to get to that stuff14:54
sepenwell, not for CRUX's ports14:56
sepenyou must not use /usr/local for Pkgfiles14:56
rmullsepen: Yes - I use it for stuff NOT tracked by ports14:56
rmullAnything using a Pkgfile goes into the correct /usr prefix14:57
frinnstfuck the french!14:57
sepenyep, often people use /usr/local as a separated partition where mount and use third-party stuff14:58
veewell, i ran your ./configure, and get this error error /bin/sh build-aux/config.sub make failed14:58
Rotwangmoar output14:59
Rotwangwe need, young one14:59
veei would love to give you more, but i'm not sure how lol15:00
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Rotwangfrinnst: what's up?15:01
rmullvee: make 2>&1 | curl -F 'sprunge<-' http://sprunge.us15:01
frinnstRotwang: 1-0, bitches!15:03
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veermull, says  its illegally formated input, and its a bad use of curl -f. i think i'll just go ahead and add your ports, and install it this way. this is getting too troublesome. lol15:06
rmullcurl -F, caps matters...15:07
veei did do capital15:08
rmulloh right, my bad15:08
rmullI typed the wrong thing15:08
rmullshould read 'sprunge=<-'15:09
rmullwith an equal sign15:09
veegave me this "
rmullaccording to this, "make" finished okay...15:13
rmullwhat were you running to trigger the error?15:14
vee./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/manmake DESTDIR=$PKG install15:16
rmullthat ./configure invocation is correct, but if you're doing this outside of the Pkgfile, just run "make install" instead of "make DESTDIR=$PKG install"15:18
veestill getting the same error15:19
veeits probably best to just your ports. seems like it'll be easier for the both of us15:20
rmullhmm, as you wish15:21
rmullthat certainly would be a supported method :P15:21
veehopefully that wont fail either15:24
rmullYeah, please let me know if it does o.o15:27
veeall this because stupid nvidya doesn't wanna support optimus on linux15:28
veedid you guys see that video of linus giving the finger with a properly worded f-you to nvidia15:29
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rmullYes, classic15:34
jaegerAmusing but unprofessional, made me a bit sad15:36
rmullIM(H)O linux is fun because it's unprofessional sometimes15:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: alsa-lib: adopted and updated to version 1.0.2516:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: alsa-oss: adopted and updated to version 1.0.2516:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: alsa-utils: adopted and updated to version 1.0.2516:51
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