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frinnststupid nmap, why change the option flags between releases?01:48
frinnst-PN, -Pn01:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libidl: new maintainer (fixed URL and cleanup)02:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libogg: adopted and updated to 1.3.002:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libvorbis: adopted and updated to 1.3.302:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vorbis-tools: new maintainer02:06
veefrinnst, what are you doing with nmap O.o02:09
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: freetype: adopted and updated to 2.4.1002:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: fontconfig: adopted and updated to 2.9.002:17
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Romsterdamn power outage.03:25
frinnstget a cheap ups?03:25
frinnstmy hp microserver will run for about 40mins on a full charge on my apc BE700G-GR03:27
Romsterwhen i can afford one.03:27
Romsteri'd need two actually desktop and my gateway that's in another location03:28
frinnstawesome, redhat broke something03:29
frinnstcan't login over ssh.. userspace seems broken03:29
Romsterneat that 100KM drive to fix the issue at the datacenter time frinnst ? :D03:30
Romstererr i meant 100003:30
frinnsti'm always in the datacenter :)03:30
frinnstbut dont have access to vcenter03:31
frinnststill, everything seems to work anyways03:31
frinnstalso, it's 5mins on a bike from my apartment to the datacenter :)03:33
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frinnstbehind the trees! :)03:35
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Romsterso frinnst you get called out when shit hits the fan at 4am03:52
frinnstno, i work 8-1703:52
frinnstits almost 11 :)03:53
frinnstgood luck with that :)03:55 eller ngt kanske?03:56
frinnstoops, wrong window03:58
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horrorStruckhi #crux04:08
horrorStruckam i the only one having difficulties with syncing my ports trees?04:08
horrorStrucklike stalling while updating04:09
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frinnsthorrorStruck: seems to work fine here04:10
horrorStruckthanks frinnst. it started few days ago. going to check logs i guess.04:12
Romsterprobably your network04:23
Romstertraceroute it04:23
Romstermtr is also good04:24
horrorStrucki dont know about mtr, i'll check, thanks Romster04:24
Romsterin contrib04:25
Romstervery nice program.04:25
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frinnsthahahah, these queenslandrail-ad spoofs crack me up09:32
sepenany volunteers to test new mpup?09:54
frinnstany major changes?09:57
sepenyeah, I added parallel support09:57
frinnstsweet, there's always a stupid port that takes ages to sync09:58
sepenI want to solve that09:58
sepenif you can reproduce an error please report it to me09:58
frinnstaye aye09:59
sepenI bumped to 2.0rc1 and when tests finished I'll release 2.009:59
sepenah, and I upload an interesting port to me, toffmo: The OFFice MOtivator
tilmansepen: that's the one you wrote 5+ years ago, right?10:01
tilmanor was it someone else?10:01
sepentilman: the toffmo?10:02
sepenyes, just I recued all sources and started a git repo10:02
sepenand fixed some little issues10:02
sepentilman: I've a script for you (maybe you remember that)10:02
sepentilman: an example of output
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sepentilman: sorry, some comments are still in spanish10:07
joe9i have an upgrade to this is breaking a lot of packages. I am using ldd -v on any files I suspect being broken and am rebuilding the port.10:08
joe9wondering if there is an easier way of doing so.10:09
sepenjoe9: which port was broken?10:09
joe9gtk, pangomm, gtkmm, gtkglextmm10:10
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joe9sepen ^^10:10
joe9this is what I have noticed until now.10:10
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sepenjoe9: with glib updated too?10:11
joe9yes, I think I updated glib.10:11
sepenand gdk-pixbuf?10:11
horrorStruckanyone using netsurf with js support?10:11
joe9sepen, no, that I have not.10:12
tilmansepen: puede ser10:13
sepentilman: ;)10:13
sepenjoe9: glib is the only which depends on libffi, so maybe you'll need to rebuild all glib dependent ports10:15
sepenbut I'm not 100% sure about that10:15
joe9sepen:  i think I rebuild glib. let me do that again.10:16
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sepenjoe9: run this command to get a list of ports dependent on glib (directly) $ prt-get dependent --all glib10:16
sepenjoe9: you could run something like $ sudo prt-get update -fr $(prt-get dependent --all glib) but I'm not sure that covers all ports you need to rebuild, just direct dependent ports10:18
joe9prt-get quickdep $(prt-get dependent --all glib)  | tr ' ' '\n' | xargs prt-get update -fr10:20
joe9sepen, ok, thanks.10:20
horrorStruckor use revdep10:21
frinnstsepen: old: real0m10.847s new: real0m3.679s10:23
frinnstnice :)10:23
sepenfrinnst: how many lines do you have in mpup.lst?10:24
frinnst10 ports currently10:25
sepenfrinnst: thanks for your test10:26
frinnstI sync every hour with cron on two machines. i'll let you know if something explodes :)10:26
sepenthat reminds me to add something like 'Use at your own risk' ;)10:28
teK_mpup is awesome10:33
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sepenI'm gonnao back to home, see ya'10:42
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joe9my /var/pkgmk directory is 4.6 GB. Do you guys clean it often? I do "oldfiles | xargs rm" once in a while11:02
joe9and I cannot find duplicates in there either.11:02
joe9do you delete the packages after they are installed or just keep them lying around?11:02
joe9until the next upgrade11:03
tilmanjoe9: delete11:03
joe9ok, thanks. that is a good idea, actually..11:04
joe9tilman, how about the distfiles directory?11:05
tilmanjoe9: lots of cruft in there ;)11:06
joe9what is "cruft"? cruft == junk == stuff?11:06
tilmani often have 5+ source tarballs for the same package11:06
tilmanie +5 different versions11:07
joe9ok, thanks.11:07
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:/home/ports/src$ du -sh11:08
frinnstnot that bad, cleaned it out a month or so ago11:08
joe9i am noticing something interesting. df -h says that the used space is 66GB./dev/md0         71G   66G  1.2G  99% /11:08
joe9but, ncdu can barely account for around 50GB.11:09
joe9what could I be missing?11:09
frinnstGiB/GB, standard 5% root reserve?11:09
frinnstor you are probably missing something with ncdu11:10
joe9i am using ext4. wondering if I should tell it to do "directory optimization"11:11
frinnsttune2fs -m 0?11:13
tilmanfrinnst: not sure that's a good idea on /11:14
frinnstoh, /11:14
frinnstno, probably not11:14
tilmannot sure _0_% is a good idea anywhere :)11:14
joe9with ncdu, I can count upto 50GB11:14
frinnstsure it is, if you have intelligent software elsewhere :)11:14
joe9ext4/raid-1 is using 16GB for something else.11:14
tilmanfrinnst: big if11:15
frinnstjoe9: are you running as root?11:15
tilmanlet me rephrase... ;)11:15
tilmanunconditionally recommending 0% reserve is not recommendable imo11:15
joe9frinnst: ncdu? no, not as root.11:15
frinnsthah no11:15
frinnstjoe9: maybe you dont have +r on something that takes up space?11:16
joe9frinnst: good one, thanks.11:16
frinnstanyways, i run btrfs - df/ncdu is close to useless :)11:17
joe9this is my "tune2fs -l /dev/md0"
frinnstbtw, are you guys aware that swap supports discard these days, and has for quite a while. i've missed that one completely11:19
frinnstwearing out my ssd for no good reason what-so-ever :(11:19
frinnstteK_: lol11:20
joe9a shell question: how do I run this command:
* frinnst slaps lowe 11:20
frinnstjoe9: switch xargs and RD_VERBOSE11:21
joe9ok, thanks.11:21
joe9frinnst: that worked. thanks.11:22
Rotwangjoe9: when you do var=foo command11:22
Rotwangthen you pass it to commands environment11:22
Rotwangwhen you do it the other way you pass a string var=foo as an argument11:23
Rotwangif there is no set -k11:23
frinnstbut running pkginfo is quite pointless, no?11:23
joe9frinnst: yes, you are correct.11:24
joe9the command does not need pkginfo11:24
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mike_krecent login.defs: "ENCRYPT_METHOD MD5" does not introduce any problems for existing accounts, right?11:38
joe9 found the answer to why du and df are different here.11:39
joe9I had some files on a mounted partition11:39
joe9as a fyi.11:39
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frinnstjaeger: had a look at nutanix?15:57
jaegernever heard of it, honestly15:58
frinnstme neither until this week15:58
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jaegersounds like scale-out storage specifically for virtualization16:09
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frinnst1:22 am, can already see a hint of daylight18:22
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