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juegood morning01:44
juejoe9: if you are using central src/pkg directories oldfiles is what you are looking for, if not prtwash. Both are from prt-utils.01:55
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deep42thoughtHi! Is it usual, that "prt-get sysup" tries to update packages without installing new dependencies?02:27
teK_there's a patch by sepen02:30
teK_chances are that it will get merged02:31
teK_rsync -aqz prt-get02:31
deep42thoughthmm, well, it's enough for me to know I didn't mess this part up :-) thx!02:32
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deep42thoughthmm, "rxvt.h:32:22: fatal error: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory" I can't find a package containing Xlib03:02
deep42thoughthmm, I don't have a desktop installed, maybe, I need to add some port sources ...03:04
teK_rxvt sounds _very_ desktopish03:05
deep42thoughtmy terminal complains about some $TERM-crap, and the solution I found via google was to install "terminfo for rxvt-256"03:06
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deep42thoughtI guess, that's not nescessary then?03:06
deep42thoughtor maybe the source of the Problem isn't situated at the crux-end (thus I'm connected via ssh from an arch-machine using urxvt as a terminal)03:11
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teK_yeah, setting TERM to something 'sane' or fitting would have helped03:16
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teK_10:16 < teK_> yeah, setting TERM to something 'sane' or fitting would have helped03:20
teK_try setting it to xterm03:20
deep42thoughtso I just will put some "export TERM=xterm" into my loginscript?03:21
teK_that did not work for me, but give it a try03:25
deep42thoughtThen I got another question: how do i make bash to execute my .bashrc? ... I think I've read something about this before, but I can't find it right now ...03:25
teK_it did work I guess. Well..03:25
teK_haha same 'problem' I had because I'm a ZSH User :P03:25
teK_put it into ~/.bash_profile03:26
deep42thoughtdidn't work03:29
deep42thoughtnow i put it into /etc/profile03:29
deep42thoughtwell, thx, now it's fine :-)03:29
teK_% ssh xxxxx03:30
teK_Your terminal type has been set to xterm-256color03:30
teK_bash_profile says hello03:30
teK_bash_profile should be executed for login-shells, bashrc for non-login shell03:31
joe9atk build error: tilman, any thoughts, please?03:39
joe9 it started off with this error03:40
joe9 first 2 lines are successful compiles.03:41
juejoe9: you cannot use old atk with latest glib, update to atk 2.4.003:42
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joe9jue, if you do not mind me asking, where is the new atk?03:43
joe9does it have a different name?03:43
jueit's the one in opt03:44
joe9 jue, do you know why prt-get picks the 1.30 version and not 2.4 version?03:45
joe9shouldn't "prt-get info atk" show the 2.4.0 version and not the 1.30.0 version?03:46
juelooks like you have ~/local/ports/opt/gtk above /usr/ports/opt in your config?03:46
joe9i do. but, should it not show the higher version?03:47
jueno, first entry in prt-gte.conf wins03:47
juemaybe you've set preferhigher?03:48
joe9oh, really. that blows. i am under the impression that if any lower entry has a higher version, the lower entry wins.03:48
joe9wrong impression.03:48
jueonly if you set preferhigher03:49
joe9haha.. that is what I want.03:49
joe9thanks a lot, jue03:49
joe9because, I did not have preferhigher.03:50
joe9and, that is the behaviour i want though.03:50
juewhy do you want that?03:50
joe9why not, i have local modified versions. if a port in the crux version has changed, I want to be notified at the very least. instead of using an old version from the local port.03:51
jueI think such automatic settings are mostly more confusion than really helpful, but that's just my personal opinion03:51
joe9preferhigher yes  -- i added this. but, "prt-get info" still shows me the  older version03:52
joe9jue, can you please paste your Pkgfile?03:52
juewell, you have it in /usr/ports/opt/atk ;)03:53
juejoe9: I'd suggest to look a bit deeper into the basic pkgutils, and not depend too much on that what prt-get does ;)03:54
juejoe9: and prt-get.conf(5) is helpful as well03:58
juefrom there: preferhigher will influence diff, quickdiff and sysup03:59
joe9jue: sorry, i meant your prt-get.conf04:01
joe9not the Pkgfile. sorry about that.04:01
joe9romster, are you around?04:20
joe9romster, tilman, is there any reason that atk is kept at 1.30.0 in your opt repo?04:28
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joe9sepen, can you please paste your prt-get.conf?04:35
frinnstsepen: busy city this weekend? :)04:35
sepenbut I've more than one box :)04:35
joe9i just realized that prt-get does not take higher version from a lower directory entry.04:35
joe9and, that does not seem smart.04:35
joe9or, atleast prt-get diff --prefer-higher should show it04:36
joe9sepen: thanks.04:37
sepenjoe9, $ prt-get --strict-diff diff04:37
sepenalso you can look for $ ports -d to research a bit more04:38
sepenfrinnst: you mean due to soccer?04:40
sepenfrinnst: ajhhhhh F1 Valencia GP04:40
joe9sepen, this is my prt-get.conf
joe9sepen: ports -d is a lot more helful04:41
sepenfrinnst: I'm just going to town, like all weekends04:41
sepenjoe9: why not use mpup? it would reduce the number of prtdir you're using now04:42
joe9sepen i tried it initially. but, do not remember why, stopped using it in favour of prt-get04:43
joe9i am spending more time fixing packages/ports than getting work done with crux these days.04:44
joe9too many footprint differences, etc.04:44
joe9or, old versions in the official repos, etc.04:44
sepen03:47:42 <jue> no, first entry in prt-gte.conf wins04:47
sepenjoe9: read carefully about prt-get and friends04:47
joe9sepen, yes, that is what I realised once jue pointed that out to me.04:48
sepenI think that jue said all tips you need to do it04:48
sepenwow, who wrote this?
teK_I switched back to Debian Stable in January 2012.04:51
juejoe9: as I wrote earlier, preferhigher is only used for diff and sysup, not normal updates04:54
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juejoe9: joe9: just saw your prt-get.conf. Sorry, but for what do you need all the different repos?04:58
teK_he does decryption in /etc/rc.. this should be moved to rc.local04:58
joe9jue: i added them, as the official crux repos did not have the latest packages.04:58
sepenteK_: you mean the guy who wrote the link I posted here?04:58
joe9i thought that was ok. as the ports browser had so many collections04:59
joe9figured, there is nothing wrong in having collection04:59
sepenjoe9: official repos should be stable, no idea about private ones04:59
joe9looks like that is not how it should be used.04:59
jueI have only 4 ;)04:59
teK_but it's a nice writeup anyway05:00
sepenteK_: yes, and it would be fine if we have this in our wiki pages05:00
joe9jue, yes that is what I realised. your's and romster repos have the latest stuff and then I have my local repo.05:01
sepenjoe9: mine? which port?05:01
joe9sepen: yours is commented out.05:01
joe9i liked it initially. then, realized that they were not being maintained anymore.05:02
joe9i do not remember which port, though.05:02
sepenjoe9: take care about some ports I have only for development purposes, same for example for rc-ng from jue's repo05:02
joe9sepen, i have stepped into that rc-ng puddle.05:03
sepenthats for what I used to have mpup, to pickup individual ports from third-party collections05:03
juejoe9: as sepen said, be careful with random repos, my personal repo is by no means thought to be put above the official ones ;)05:05
sepennote for example that I've libdevmapper without udev support, and if you listed my repo at top you'll update to this no-udev port05:05
teK_joe9: is your timezone data bogus, too?05:05
teK_(due to rc-ng)05:05
sepenanyways, I used to write a little README file explaining why I duplicated a port05:06
joe9teK_: after realizing that i had rc-ng installed, I moved back to rc05:06
juebtw, I've removed rc-ng recently, because we will not use it05:07
sepen*err, for libdevmapper I only add a commented line in his Pkgfile
sepenjue: no idea about that, I have rc-ng with some changes in my other box05:07
teK_not use is a bit harsh in words05:08
teK_take the best of it05:08
sepenjue: and I'm surprised that is not working bad ;)05:08
teK_it's working just fine. It's just large(r)05:08
juewell, I had no problems with it, but I can fully understand that most people called kinda bloated :)05:09
sepenwell I tried to change some things to make that tiny05:09
teK_I still admire the <10 lines shell-built grep function in it :>05:10
sepenhehe, guys I'm patching rejmerge05:10
jueit's ok for me to slightly optimize our current stuff and keep the easy top-down structure of it05:10
juesepen: for what? to fix the problems with links?05:11
sepenthat was for what I started but I'd like to play with 2 more options:05:11
sepen-l, --list  output the list of files managed by rejmerge and his status05:12
sepenand -e, --edit <file> to point rejmerge to the file selected05:12
sepenI'd like to rejmerge individual files too05:12
sepenor at least to do a try and see if works05:12
juesound good to me05:13
sepenI was wondering about to add something like -k -u -m -d -s (keep, upgrade, merge, diff, skip) but seems a more difficult and complex now05:13
sepennot all kind of files have the same menu05:13
juekeep it simple05:14
teK_it would be nice if, before each diff ... output the screen would be cleared (i.e. your always on top of your screen)05:14
sepene.g: any rejected file is compared with the installed one, so if both are regulars they have a menu, if not another one05:14
sepenteK_: yeah it's a nice to have05:14
teK_it's a bit messy at present05:15
sepenwell, let me try about some little changes, later it could be improved05:15
sepenrejmerge -e /etc/sudoers would be fine05:15
teK_I could try it too, didn't want to nag05:15
sepenbut what about rejmerge -k /etc/sudoers ?05:16
sepenwell, first I'll try to add -e ;)05:16
sepenhmm and I should think about the impact of config in pkgadd.conf with rejmerge stuff05:18
joe9jue: do you use ports utils or do you mainly use prt-get?05:19
joe9i mean the actual pkgutils05:19
joe9vs prt-get05:19
jueboth, for ports I maintain it's exclusively pkgmk because I'm working in the git tree with it, for the rest prt-get05:22
jueI guess my most used prt-get command is 'prt-get diff' because it's much faster than ports -d :)05:24
teK_funny, I almost never use these05:25
teK_most times I do pinfo (prt-get info) and psysup(t) (prt-get sysup (--test))05:25
jueI often have a lot of local (= not yet committed) modifications and that's best to see with a diff05:27
teK_it's really interesting to see different approaches to the same system and target05:28
sepenI want to close FS#122 as a duplicate of FS#379, agree?05:38
sepenand re-asign 379 to me05:38
sepenwell and the comment about UPGRADE NO in pkgadd.conf it would be fine to be added to 37905:41
teK_after doing my statistics I had a look at the bugtracker.. we have bugs pending from 200605:45
teK_maybe I will find some time at the weekend05:45
sepenjue: what do you think about my notes?05:46
juesepen: yeah, go for it05:50
joe9frinnst: received the ram modules. Thanks a lot.05:52
juesepen: you've seen #791?05:56
sepenjue: I think he is not talking about opt05:58
sepenwe don't have xorg-font- ATM05:58
sepen$ portdbc search dejavu | awk '{print $1 " " $2}'05:59
sepenx11-fonts-dejavu opt05:59
sepenx11-fonts-dejavu rugek05:59
sepenxorg-font-dejavu flaveur05:59
sepenxorg-font-dejavu predatorfreak05:59
sepennah, now I think I understand acrux comments06:01
sepensince there are any desciption I missunderstand what he tries to explain06:02
sepenhe's about the usr/share/fonts/X11/dejavu/ patch if I understand right06:02
sepen*X11/TTF :P06:03
sepeniirc, we talked some days ago about to have some tips in PackageGuidelines06:05
frinnstjoe9: cool06:19
joe9frinnst: thanks again. owe you one.06:29
kruejue: opt/whois is at version 5.0.16. Version 5.0.15 is now a 404.07:11
sepenlol, now I'm listening F1 cars in live07:13
frinnstfuuuuuuu I want to be there!07:14
frinnsti'm massively addicted to f107:14
sepenat Valencia my neighborhood is quiet, and there is little traffic on the streets07:14
sepenfrinnst: I don't like Valencia street circuit07:14
frinnsttrue, its not the best track07:14
sepenlot of political things07:14
frinnstbut still07:14
sepenis a bored track07:14
sepenyes, but there are many guys that doesn't have a good sports pavilion to do sports07:15
sepenI wish valencia be growing out in another way07:17
frinnstfucking mozilla. linking against external cairo is no longer supported07:21
frinnst+AC_MSG_ERROR([ --enable-system-cairo is no longer supported.]),07:24
frinnstnice patch...07:24
joe9frinnst: do you know if the ram module works? I tried on my pc and it seems to have fried the mobo.07:31
joe9i plugged in the new ram modules and the pc did not boot up. smelt some burning. cpu fans come up, but no boot messages.07:32
joe9replaced the ram modules with the old ones. same symptoms. no cpu light, cpu fans working, no boot messages07:32
joe9blank screen.07:32
frinnstthey worked last time i tried them07:33
frinnsta day or so before i shipped them to you07:33
frinnstwow, that sucks07:34
joe9ok, thanks. might be an old pc that does not support ddr2. but, it went in the slot ok.07:35
joe9will check up more on it.07:35
frinnstdont think you can fit ddr2 modules in a ddr1 mobo07:36
frinnstthe parcel looked ok and everything? no visible damage?07:36
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joe9frinnst: i think you sent them fine. the problem could be that ddr and ddr2 sockets are the same. but, different circuits and everything. so, probably fried something.07:44
frinnstman, this sucks. i feel bad :(07:46
joe9frinnst: not, it was not you. it was me. When I check the DDR and DDR2, the sockets/notches and the pin sizes are different.07:58
joe9but, when I was trying it, there was not a lot of light around and they seemed similar enough from afar. and, surprisingly, it fit easily enough.07:58
joe9frinnst: no worries. don't feel bad. my fu**-up.07:58
frinnstjoe9: the notches are keyed out slightly different on ddr1/208:08
frinnstyou shouldn't be able to fit ddr2 in a ddr1 mobo08:09
joe9 -- i am not the first one.08:10
joe9frinnst: unfortunately..08:10
joe9frinnst: that's ok. learn and live.08:11
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frinnst <- left to right: ddr1, ddr2, ddr3 ecc08:15
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Romsteryou would not read about it, went to service station got fuel start engine it runs rough like it usually does for a few seconds it nearly stalls like it usually do i only barely touch the throttle then .... BANG it backfired like fuck, and blew a hole in my air cleaner casing -_-10:09
nogagplzsounds like dark days for your shaggin' wagon10:22
Romsterglued it for the time being10:24
Romsteri think it needs a new set of spark plugs10:24
Romsterdid my first mod to it today replaced front parkers with leds.10:25
Romsterthat's when i noticed the air cleaner damn thing10:26
nogagplzit must be one of those decades again where everything goes wrong10:28
Romsteri guess starting it on gas is not such a bright idea, it is dual fuel.10:32
Romsteryeah i guess so...10:32
RomsterBackfires are normally caused by stuffed sparkplugs on LPG cars...10:34
Romsteryeah that's what i expect so i got some evidence.10:35
Romster"on my vt i had all sorts of trouble. replaced the plugs, leads and coils and it started running fine. It had backfired before and blown the air box up(fixed with a ice cream container and glue)"10:39
nogagplzsigned by macgyver10:40
Romster'Giant wombat' grave found in Queensland, Australia11:11
juekrue: thanks, missed that update11:21
Romsterjue missing a update that is very rare.11:22
Romsterbed time g'night12:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wireshark: 1.6.8 -> 1.8.012:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: getmail: 4.27.0 -> 4.30.112:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: git: 1.7.11 ->
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frinnstdamn, missed the football. but found a repeat of tonights game:
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acruxfucked Germany :P17:03
frinnstStatus: RESOLVED FIXED17:05
frinnstwow, practical glibc improvements!17:05
frinnstoh how times have changed :)17:05
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