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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: whois: update to 5.0.1603:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: freeglut: picked up orphand port05:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: glitz: picked up orphand port05:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libmusicbrainz: picked up orphand port05:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxslt: picked up orphand port05:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lua: picked up orphand port05:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scons: picked up orphand port05:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vorbisgain: picked up orphand port05:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lua: 5.2.0 -> 5.2.106:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vorbisgain: 0.36 -> 0.3706:31
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joe9where does crux keep the list of all installed packages?07:31
joe9i am trying to reinstall on top of an existing installation using the cd.07:32
joe9when I run setup, it tells me that the packages are already installed.07:32
joe9i figure I can wipe out the "installed packages" file, then I can install on top of it.07:32
joe9i want to keep the configuration files in /etc, if I can. but, not sure if there is a smart way to go about it.07:33
joe9jaeger: any thoughts, please?07:55
Rotwanguse pkgadd -u07:57
Rotwangdont tinkle with teh db07:57
Rotwanguse -u and -f options07:57
joe9rotwang, I do not know I can change the setup script08:02
joe9i did pkgadd -u on all the packages in the core/ folder08:02
joe9but, still I get "Illegal Instruction" error.08:03
joe9I rebuilt gcc too.08:03
horrorStruckwrong arch no?08:03
joe9I presume that is because it might be using some exe/lib from the old different target installation.08:03
joe9horrorStruck: yes, I am moving this hard disk from a different cpu/motherboard.08:03
horrorStruckmixing 32/64bit?08:03
joe9no, different CFLAGS / CXXFLAGS.08:04
horrorStruckah ok08:04
joe9i would love to just run setup as it installs more than just the core packages.08:04
joe9and, it would be good if I can initialize the pkgdb file.08:04
joe9any thoughts on where that file is?08:05
horrorStruckunpack what you need to handle package management08:05
horrorStruck/var/lib/pkg/db ?08:05
joe9for some reason, pkgutils do not install. some error with cannot read "arch_read_free" oslt.08:05
joe9horrorStruck: thanks.08:05
horrorStrucknp. but i'm not sure it's the best thing to do08:06
horrorStruckjust decompress the package archive from the iso and that's it08:07
horrorStruckdirectly to your filesytem i mean08:08
horrorStruckpkgutils and its deps08:09
joe9horrorStruck: where is the package archive?08:10
joe9horrorStruck: that seems to be a better idea.08:10
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horrorStruckon the iso, the core folder you mentioned earlier08:11
horrorStruckpackages are you archives08:11
joe9just do a pkgadd -u on all those packages correct?08:12
joe9I did that. for some reason, I still get that error.08:12
joe9let me do the same to opt folder.08:12
joe9maybe it is some other dep that is messing things up.08:12
horrorStruckpkgutils is broken at the moment no?08:13
joe9yes. but, pkgadd,pkgmk work fine08:13
joe9it is just when I try to rebuild it, it does not rebuild.08:13
joe9they work fine, when I run them manually.08:13
horrorStruckjust reinstall the binaries from the iso then08:13
horrorStruckyou're confusing me :D08:13
joe9horrorStruck: when I do pkgmk in the pkgutils/ directory, it does not build.08:15
joe9but, pkgmk or pkgadd work fine normally.08:15
joe9horrorStruck: does that make sense?08:15
horrorStruckbut your original plan to reinstall core from the iso is most likely a good idea, isnt it what you'd like to do.08:18
horrorStruckor start with the toolchain first08:18
joe9ok, thanks. that is what I will do then.08:20
joe9I will install all core and opt packages08:20
joe9and see what happens.08:20
horrorStruckstart with the toolchain maybe it'll work08:21
jaegerjoe9: you can force install the packages manually if you didn't already figure it out08:29
joe9jaeger: thanks, that is what I am doing now.08:29
jaegerfor P in /path/to/*.pkg.tar.xz; do pkgadd -f -r /mnt $P; done08:29
joe9pkgadd -u -f ..08:29
joe9yes, exactly.08:29
jaegerer, yeah, -u as well08:29
jaegerif you absolutely need to delete the package database it's stored in /var/lib/pkg/db08:29
joe9i did the same thing before. but, some reason, even after that, I could not build pkgutils08:29
joe9some error abouch archive_read_free08:30
jaegernot familiar with that one08:30
joe9ok, thanks.08:30
joe9the error is: error: 'archive_read_free' was not declared in this scope.08:31
jaegerI would guess a problem with its linking to libarchive08:32
joe9let me rebuild libarchive without the CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS.08:33
joe9maybe that is messing things up.08:33
joe9jaeger: thanks.08:33
jaegernp, hope it helps08:35
joe9i am looking to buy this:
joe9can I put crux on it?08:40
joe9jaeger: from your experience, would you consider that a good buy?08:49
joe9my alternative is to buy a new mobo and core2duo cpu at microcenter.08:49
joe9I am thinking of putting that money on these servers.08:49
joe9Is that a bad idea?08:49
jaegerIt seems ok. If you could get 2 working servers out of it with some leftover parts $175 is pretty decent08:50
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joe9i hear that the intel xeons are very inefficient.08:53
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jaegernothing wrong with xeons except that like any other processor the older they are the less impressive they are :)08:54
jaegerin oversimplified terms xeons are intel's server-class processor line08:56
frinnstsupport for ecc and perhaps a few extra virtualization thingies08:58
frinnstotherwise pretty much the same08:58
joe9frinnst: if you were in my shoes, would you buy these . my other option is to buy a new P43 mobo and a core2Duo intel processor.09:01
joe9frinnst: not trying to put you in a spot.09:01
joe9but, I am not good with hardware. buying hardware brings the worst of my procrastination out.09:02
joe9just want an opinion from someone who is used to these kinds of decisions.09:02
frinnstim not sure i would like to run rack-servers at home09:04
frinnstthey are usually pretty loud09:04
joe9oh really, that is what I wanted to get. thanks. not for me, then.09:04
joe9i think i realised the problem with my pc. it is a PIII (coppermine)09:13
joe9I think crux does not run on such hardware. or, Does it?09:13
joe9I get "Illegal Instruction" whenever it does: $c -c -o $dummy.o $dummy.c09:14
frinnstits a i686 cpu so should work09:14
joe9the cpu is Pentium III (Coppermine), cpu family = 6: model = 809:14
frinnstpentium pro and newer09:15
joe9oh, it is.09:16
joe9let me paste the error, then.09:16
joe9it will take me a few mins, sorry about that.09:16
jaegercan you compile a hello world program with that gcc?09:19
frinnstyeah your toolchain is fucked09:20
horrorStruckjoe9: if i understood correctly, gcc you're using had been built with CFLAGS that were specific to another CPU, is this correct?09:20
jaegerint main (void) { printf("Hello, world!\n"); return(0); }09:20
jaegersave that into hello.c, then gcc -o hello hello.c09:20
joe9horrorStruck: but, I replaced it with the core/packages09:20
jaegerthen try to run ./hello09:20
joe9jaeger: let me try that. thanks.09:20
jaegeranother qusetion - did you place all of the core packages or just gcc?09:21
jaegerer, question09:21
jaegertyping continues to be difficult for me this weekend09:21
joe9jaeger: all core packages.09:21
frinnstwhat iso are you using? the official 2.7?09:22
joe9frinnst: yes, crux-2.7.2-cd09:23
joe9sorry, 109:24
joe9i meant crux-2.7.1-cd09:24
jaegerjoe9: oops, forgot an important line in that little c program: #include <stdio.h>09:24
jaegerthis is why I'm not a programmer09:24
joe9jaeger: i got that. no probs.09:24
Rotwangjaeger: it would work without headeer09:25
joe9jaeger: that worked. it shows "hello world>09:26
jaegergenerates a warning, though :)09:26
joe9i meant, it works.09:26
jaegerhrmm, ok09:26
joe9it is only when it uses $.. in the command line that I see these errors.09:26
jaegercan you post the config.log from that libarchive build?09:26
joe9not sure how the shell interprets the $c sign09:26
joe9sure, give me a few mins.09:26
Rotwangnot c++ though09:27
joe9jaeger: i think i found it. it could be the ccache prefixes that I have in prt-get.conf09:28
joe9and ccache is not in core packages.09:29
jaegeralways take ccache and distcc out of use when you're trying to figure out build problems09:29
jaegerthey're a huge pain in the ass09:29
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joe9ok, thanks.09:31
RotwangI don't use them and live ;f09:32
jaegerthey're really helpful when everything's working but they cause weird issues when something is not09:32
jaegerAFK, out to run some errands09:33
joe9wondering if anyone can help me with this: this is the config.log with prt-get update -fr -kw libarchive10:06
Rotwang404 Not Found10:06
joe9sorry ,one sec.10:06
joe9and, this is what I get from the command line10:08
Rotwangjoe9: can you run gcc at all?10:08
joe9Rotwang: yes, it creates the helloworld file, etc.10:09
joe9it works from pkgmk too.10:09
joe9it is only from prt-get that it gives this error.10:09
joe9could it be the fakeroot?10:09
Rotwangcoubt it10:09
Rotwangyou may check though10:09
Rotwangfakeroot gcc --version10:09
joe9Rotwang: spot on.10:10
joe9that was the issue. let me pkgadd fakeroot.10:11
joe9it is working now. rotwang. thanks for your help.10:12
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joe9frinnst: quick question, regarding the noise, is it just a matter of removing the fans?10:32
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jaegerjoe9: it could be fans or hard drives or both11:38
joe9ok, thanks.11:38
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jaegeroften rackmount servers are loud because the size constraints make for loud fans, and the older the drives are, the louder they generally are, especially high-RPM drives11:39
joe9ok, thanks.11:43
joe9jaeger: you might be interested with this, that my issue also had to do with fakeroot not being installed/added. It was in the opt packages and I had not installed it.11:46
joe9jaeger: nothing fancy. I had the fakeroot in my prt-get.conf11:46
joe9and that was causing a little issue too.11:46
jaegerYeah, that could be a problem. :)11:47
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krueIs there a reason perl is only at version 5.12.4?15:46
krueI'm trying to install a module which requires a newer version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker, which is included in the main perl distribution.15:47
frinnstkrue: chaning branch is usually a pain that may cause all sorts of troubles. didn't realize the branch we are using is EOL'ed.15:51
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frinnstkrue: I just bumped perl locally here. not that many issues but you will need to rebuild pretty much everything linked against perl16:05
frinnstbut if you really need a newer version its very doable i think16:06
kruethanks, guys16:08
krueI'll see if 5.14.2 is new enough so I don't have to install an *.0 version :)16:09
krueAnd all p5-* ports will have to be rebuilt because of version numbers in pathnames16:11
krueI see your point16:11
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frinnstlets hope glibc 2.16 will get released in the near future16:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: postfix: 2.6.15 -> 2.6.1617:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vala: 0.17.0 -> 0.17.117:50
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