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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: unrar: 4.1.3 -> 4.2.404:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vala: 0.17.1 -> 0.17.204:31
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nvidia:update to 302.17.08:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.16.0 -> 0.16.108:56
frinnstcool, 4TB sata drives on the market09:04
frinnstbit expensive09:05
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frinnsthah, god bless america was brilliant10:50
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Rotwangreiserfs_read_locked_inode: i/o failure occurred trying to find stat data of [2 454567 0x0 SD]11:15
Rotwangany car audio mastah hackas?11:15
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teK_Rotwang: would be  so kind and give some love to the  64bit libreoffice port?12:43
RotwangteK_: do you know anything about car audio?12:45
teK_not really12:45
teK_and thanks12:45
teK_maybe you just ask your question and seewhatcomes back12:45
RotwangI have this old merc 124w, like this one:
Rotwangand want to have a bit better audio12:47
Rotwangwhat should I buy?12:48
Rotwangjust two "big" and two "small" speakers?12:48
Rotwangsomething else?12:48
Rotwangmy budget is limited, so nothing fancy12:48
teK_i only can tell this:12:49
teK_I have had: 2 high, 2 middle in the front, some 2way panasonic above the trunk and a 300W bass tube in the trunk12:50
teK_at present I have quite the same but without the bass tube.. and it was not worth the hassle12:50
Rotwangbass tube, do not want12:51
jaegerRotwang: you might want to look at a site like crutchfield that can tell you exactly what size speakers to get12:51
jaegeryou should also consider whether or not the head unit has the power output to drive them without an amplifier or if an external amplifier is needed12:51
teK_it's a bit strange wrt audio speakers. At home I have some Teufel  80M and a woofer.. they were fairly 'expensive' and still do not sound as goodas my somewhat cheapish quadral hooked up to my computer12:51
jaegerRotwang: what year is the car?12:52
teK_haha, the first car I mentioned allowed you to _see_ the bass as the light went a bit darker when the fatboxin the trunk kicked in =()12:52
teK_jaeger: arround '92 I estimate12:53
Rotwangjaeger: 8912:54
RotwangteK_ was close [;12:54
Rotwangold car but still working well [;12:54
Rotwangand it is better than my suicidemobil12:54
teK_EURO Emissionclass -4 xD12:54
jaeger190E? 300E?12:54
jaegerhrmm, can't find exact specs but looks like 4"12:57
tilmanRotwang: chances are it will die really soon, no? :P12:58
Rotwangtilman: hope not12:58
Rotwangearlier that year I had w123 from 78'12:58
jaegerteK_: only 300w? :D12:58
Rotwangand it was still working well12:58
jaegerteK_: My Jetta had a 1400w 10" infinity kappa in it :D12:59
Rotwangjetta 2?12:59
teK_it was my brother's car and idea12:59
jaegerRotwang: mk4, 200212:59
teK_ :>13:00
teK_poor poor thing. The woofer was heavy :>13:00
Rotwangfrench or italian cars aren't my ting13:01
teK_this car was indestructible13:01
teK_it was my mom's. Her best friend almost killed  it, from the front window forward there was almost nothing left. Was rebuilt and served us well many manyyears13:02
teK_I still remember my moms always pplaying this dirty dancing casette13:02
teK_'best time of my liiife'.. gosh :D13:02
jaegerouch, heh13:02
* teK_ just hadto check that dirty was the actual word used so I would not refer to porn or something13:03
tilman*awkward silence*13:06
teK_btw tilman .. you noticed bootsptrapping llvm 3.2 from 2.8 fails?13:07
tilman(didn't try)13:07
teK_works without a previous installation though13:08
teK_jue: is there any policy on that?13:12
teK_2.8 -> 2.9 seems to work13:12
teK_I could [notify] people to uninstall v2.8 first13:12
Rotwangdid anyone try to get video from youtube with wireshark?13:38
RotwangI think I got it, but I can't play it13:38
Rotwangthat is probably a header is missing13:40
Rotwangmaybe the header comes from different host?13:41
teK_wtf :p13:42
teK_why not via youtube-dl or so>?13:43
tilmanthe mind boggles13:43
Rotwangit would be too simple :D13:43
Rotwangyeah, it seems youtube-dl is better option13:54
frinnstor use html5 and just fetch the webm?14:23
RotwangI managed to get some tracks from soundcloud with wireshark, but no youtube :C14:37
teK_I forgot. Nvidia update = flash is broken15:08
teK_fuck this15:08
jaegerglad I haven't run into that particular thing, it sounds annoying :(15:11
teK_re-disabling hw accel helped. last update forced me to enable it to makethings work15:12
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