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frinnstlovely: bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable03:50
frinnstand then logged me out03:50
frinnstfucking rhel03:50
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frinnstand krb5-auth-dialog using 100% cpu for no reason04:40
frinnstthe joy of stable enterprise-class operatingsystems04:40
frinnstfucking useless04:40
teK_don't you curse so much04:41
frinnstfuck you!04:41
frinnsthaha, nah.. its healthy!04:41
teK_love you, too04:41
teK_off to university. \o/04:43
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frinnstsweet, you made lua redundant for x86_64 romster, thanks07:02
frinnstanother pointless port bites the dust in x86_64 :)07:02
frinnstwow, the x86_64 repos were created almost 4 years ago07:04
teK_time togoofficial! :)07:04
frinnstis your spacekey broken?07:04
frinnsthah, my "b" is getting busted at work, have to hammer it07:05
teK_too lazy to remove all keys and check what's wrong07:05
frinnststupid language redirects07:06
sepenis worst to have ~ broken, since you can type that by error: $ rm * instead of $ rm *07:06
sepen$ rm *~07:06
sepenI experienced that on my old laptop :) manytimes ;D07:07
teK_% rm  a/*07:08
teK_zsh: sure you want to delete all the files in /tmp/a [yn]? y07:08
teK_zsh rocks :)07:08
sepen$ rm /etc/*~07:08
sepenalias rm='rm -i'07:08
frinnstthat must be the least useful prompting ever. you ALWAYS hit yes07:09
teK_you do. Because you are a bad person./07:09
frinnstyes, yes I am07:09
sepenalias rm='read -p "are you a bad person [y|n]: " dummy; [ "$dummy" = "y" ] && rm'07:11
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frinnsthmm. my raspberry pi no longers display any output via hdmi07:36
nogagplzmight help if you used the hdmi port instead of the usb port then07:37
* nogagplz sneaks away07:37
frinnstahh, good catch!07:37
frinnsthave a treat:
nogagplzwhere's the tagline: "Table tennis is serious business, bru." :P07:39
Romsterfrinnst, no problem. seemed easy enough to fix.07:41
Romsteri just came back from table tennis too.07:44
Romsterman have i now gone viral.07:44
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nogagplznice part, did your mother comb your hair for you ;P07:46
Romsteri do everything myself.07:47
Romsterhair wax :D07:47
nogagplzwell that went down like a lead balloon07:47
Romsterwhat's 'bru'?07:47
nogagplzanalogous to bro07:48
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Romsterfrom Afrikaans broer  brother07:50
Romsternot one i've seen before.07:50
Romsteri think i look like a mad man...07:52
frinnsthaha you look *evil* in that picture07:52
frinnstDIE BALL, DIE07:53
frinnstgood thing you are a teddy-bear in real life07:53
Romstersort of depends what side you get.07:59
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nogagplzyou learn something new every day, snakes hissing sound like dodgey semiconductors08:17
jaegermight save your life one day08:17
Romsternew meaning of hissing psu08:19
Romster what the hell08:20
nogagplzwhat the hell is that thing, picture is too small to make out08:21
Romsterlooks like a mouse in some cage inside a pc case08:21
Romsteryou can blow it up in firefox with ctrl +08:21
nogagplzlol wtf, I never even noticed the mouse08:22
nogagplzthought the orange bit was one of those axolotl things08:22
niklaswelalal booooring08:47
frinnstheh, me too08:52
frinnstwaiting for a slow-ass snapshot08:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cmake: fixed pkg-config issues and switched to use system libs rather than included ones (FS#836, thanks to Danny)09:20
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: lua: removed redundant port09:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus-glib: updated to 0.10009:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus-python: updated to 1.1.109:32
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RotwangI need two 13cm car speakers12:49
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veehy guys15:09
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: boehm-gc: 7.2b -> 7.2c15:23
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nogagplzamen frinnst20:10
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