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juegood morning01:28
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juehey sepen01:33
sepengm jue01:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cifs-utils: update to 5.501:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dar: update to 2.4.601:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samba: update to 3.6.601:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: pciutils: update to 3.1.1001:39
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jue_no, today02:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cmake: fixed deps03:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xterm: updated to 28103:36
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frinnstwatching exchange-installations complete05:03
frinnstlike watching paint dry05:03
sepenlike Richmond watching the small red led in IT Crowd ;)05:05
frinnstthreshold of low CPU idle not met: current value 0.00 <- really?05:07
frinnstwait for it!05:07
sependouble flash!05:08
Romsteri got two hdd recoverys with ddrescue going on at work there going snail paced.05:10
Romsteri estimate about 3 weeks to get the entire 500GiB and 1TiB respective.05:10
frinnstlol. fun05:10
Romsterthe 500GiB i don't know what happened to it, the 1TiB got dropped.05:11
Romsteri'm expecting head damange on both as they both seem to read in the kilobytes a second if that.05:11
Romsteri'm glad i back up data up05:12
Romsters/up date up/my data up/05:12
c0xtar v1.26 do not restore file|directory owner, v1.22 - ok, what is wrong? # tar -p -x -f backup.tar.gz05:50
teK_exec it with --same-owner05:51
teK_-p is only same permission05:52
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c0xfrom man: "--same-owner = extract files with owner as specified in archive (the default for root)"05:59
teK_it's what you want, isn't it?06:04
c0xbut as root it no more default in 1.26?06:05
c0xman 1 tar lie06:05
sepenlol, I still have the alias about we talked yesterday06:53
sepen$ rm /tmp/foo06:53
sepenAre you a bad person [y|n]:06:53
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frinnstAre you a bad person (like frinnst) [y|n]:07:27
Romstersyntax error near frinnst07:29
* nogagplz punches Romster in the parser07:29
* Romster replicates to compensate for nogagplz 07:44
* nogagplz keeps punching so long as Romster keeps regenerating07:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: parted: new port, version 3.108:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: parted: added missing dependencies line09:20
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frinnstis udev a hard dependency?09:32
jaegerDoesn't seem to be, sepen says it builds with mdev on his system09:33
jaegerIt does link to udev on a default system, though09:33
Romsterjust mask out the udev to mdev in alias.conf if oyu prefer to use mdev on your system.09:35
Romster/var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases sorry..09:35
frinnstwell, prefer isn't the right word. I would prefer a sane udev development model :)09:37
jaegerindeed :P09:37
sepenjaeger: $ file /usr/sbin/parted09:37
sepen/usr/sbin/parted: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically09:37
sepenlinked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.27, stripped09:37
jaegersepen: were you expecting it NOT to work?09:38
sepenhehe, no09:38
Romsteri've had parted in my rosmter repo for quite some time.09:39
Romsterguess i can rm that now it's in opt.09:39
sepenRomster: you and rehabdoll too09:39
Romsterso it is.09:39
jaegerunless you've done anything non-standard with it09:39
Romster version=1.9.0 bit old -_-09:40
sepenwell, I think they had parted as a dep of gparted, which also they have09:40
tilmanis mdev usable? what's the chances of hosing my system if i try it?09:40
frinnsttilman: it's usable but a bit painful09:40
frinnstatleast at the beginning09:41
sepentilman: I'm still working on it09:41
tilmanSince xorg-xf86-input-evdev needs udev to be built then you should use xorg-xf86-input-keyboard and xorg-xf86-input-mouse instead.09:41
frinnsttilman: yep :D09:41
frinnstits like timetravel! :D09:42
*** tilman sets mode: -o tilman09:42
frinnst-03 here I come09:42
sepentilman: well, sincerely what is the advantage of having evdev?09:42
frinnstno fancy module-autoloading09:42
frinnstatleast I couldnt get it to work09:42
Romster-O4 i've seen on some projects msut be another compiler that uses -O409:42
tilmanfrinnst, jaeger: could you please reassign moderatorship of the crux mailing lists to ... whomever? currently it's still me09:42
frinnstRomster: -03 as in 2003 :D09:42
frinnstI have no mojo over the ml09:43
* frinnst slaps teK_ 09:43
Romstertilman, you keeping your mirror or should that be removed as a primary mirror for crux and have it as a contributed mirror?09:43
tilmansepen: i don't even know anymore :-)09:43
RomsterGermanycode-monkey.deFTP, RSYNC(Master)09:44
tilmansepen: what am i looking at?09:44
sepenjust that worked fine, with or without evdev, that's not the problem09:44
tilmanah ;)09:44
sepenmdev just creates the nodes you need09:45
frinnstsepen: newer evdev's will not build without udev09:46
frinnstthe version still in xorg does work, however09:46
frinnstromsters repo; not so much09:46
sepenfrinnst: don't have evdev on this box09:46
frinnstme neither these days :)09:47
tilmandid thrice` run from #crux?10:10
Romster@seen thrice`10:11
clbRomster: thrice` was last seen in #crux 10 weeks, 0 days, 20 hours, 55 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <thrice`> but sure, pulling said packages and doing a pkgadd -u  is just as easy10:11
Romsterhmm 10 weeks is a long long time.10:11
Romster-NickServ- Last seen  : now10:12
Romsterhmm he is around jsut not in here.10:12
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joe9jaeger: wondering if you have any thoughts on this, please? I have a new machine that does not have any ide ports. I put the crux-cd/core/vmlinuz into a bootable usb stick and it says "Missing Operating System"11:04
joe9is there a crux image that has a lot of drivers and which I can use to boot into the machine for the first time.11:04
joe9similar to a knoppix image.11:04
frinnst"Missing Operating System" is a bios message11:05
jaegeryeah, that's nothing to do with CRUX11:05
joe9frinnst: so, you say that something is wrong with the boot-disk (usb stick, in my case)+11:06
frinnstyou cannot just drop the kernel image to a usb stick and hope it will boot11:06
jaegerThat means it could not find a way to boot the USB stick and skipped it11:06
joe9so, the image that I used from the crux-cd is ok?11:06
frinnsteither your motherboard doesn't support booting from usb or you dont have a working bootloader on the stick11:07
jaegerwhich image did you use? how did you put it on the usb stick?11:07
joe9frinnst: no, I followed the instructions here:
joe9from this section "How to Create a Bootable USB: For Linux "11:07
joe9jaeger: "STEP 4: Copy a Linux kernel image (like vmlinuz) to the root (/dev/sdX1) of your media." -- for this step, I used the crux-2.7.1/boot/vmlinuz image.11:08
frinnstthe iso-kernel relies on a initrd11:08
frinnstit will fail to boot stand-alone11:08
joe9oh, I have a initramfs image.11:08
frinnstjust dd the cd-image to your stick11:08
jaegerThe CRUX image already supports booting from USB anyway, via mkhybrid. It would be easier to do that way11:08
jaegerer, isohybrid, sorry11:09
jaegeranyway, like frinnst says11:09
joe9jaeger: thanks, let me check out how isohybrid works.11:09
jaegerIt's already done11:10
jaegerjust use dd or physdiskwrite to put the ISO image onto your USB stick11:10
frinnstdd if=crux.iso of=/dev/sdwhatever11:10
joe9jaeger: frinnst: thanks, will try that.11:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] quota: update to 4.0011:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: whois: update to 5.0.1711:49
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: man-pages: keep quotactl which is no longer part of quota11:53
mike_kcruxbot: nice12:07
Rotwangcruxbot: you da man12:16
Rotwangbtw. installed kde4 yesterday12:19
Rotwangvery nice12:19
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sepenjoe9: if that can helps
sepenvamos espaƱa!!!12:49
Rotwangwho won?12:53
sepenstarts at 20:45 here13:01
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Rotwangafter my team lost, my interest in euro fell down to zero13:02
teK_you played well13:03
tilmanRotwang is a football pro? holy cow!13:04
teK_Du bist ein Haarspalter!13:04
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sepengerman vs spain, for final? ;D13:15
teK_we'll see13:15
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mike_ksepen: any idea why Spain wears black straps today?14:35
mike_kpitillo: oh. bad day14:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: slim: 1.3.2 -> 1.3.416:26
tilmanlucky retards16:27
frinnstronaldo is too sucky to play a final16:31
frinnstso, spain vs italy in the finals?16:31
acruxyep :D16:33
* frinnst pokes tilman 16:36
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* acrux pokes angela merkel16:47
* mike_k pokes Shevchenko16:51
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Siegelanyone  involved with the mineos crux ditro?17:59
jaegerI don't think any of us here are, no... it's unofficial18:00
Siegelits basically crux right?18:02
Siegelwhat im getting at is can crux be installed as a PV guest using xen hypervisor?18:03
jaegerI honestly don't know much about it, past that it's based on crux. So as far as I know the answer to that question is yes but I cannot guarantee it18:03
jaegerCRUX can be used in Xen, yes18:03
Siegelbut paravirtualized?18:03
jaegerFeel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I believe so. CRUX does not by default do anything special for PV but you could compile in the proper kernel support, etc.18:04
jaegerNo idea if MineOS specifically adds anything on the PV front18:04
Siegelk thanks18:05
jaegerPerhaps someone who uses Xen could give a more full answer18:05
Siegelim still trying to learn how to install PV guests18:05
Siegelyeah that would help18:05
jaegera quick google search turns up some hosting services that mention xen-pv and mineos so I'm guessing it's quite doable18:06
Siegelim still new at is all so its slow going18:07
jaegerIt's weird to me to think that some commercial VPS at are running crux, heh18:08
joe9sepen, thanks.18:35
joe9frinnst, jaeger: quick question, dd if=crux-2.7.1.iso of=/dev/sdj -- with this, the system shows me the crux install cd prompt18:47
joe9i do not want to install crux. I just want to boot it so that I can run my kernel builds for that system.18:48
joe9is it possible? or, should I just be installing crux all over?18:48
joe9it probably does not make a difference even if I install crux as long as it does not format the partition and make a fresh install.18:49
jaegerjoe9: all that does is boot the installation media18:49
jaegerif you don't want to install just don't run setup18:50
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks.18:50
jaegeryou can access what's already there as long as the proper filesystem and controller support is there, etc.18:50
joe9jaeger: which is a good image to just start linux.18:50
joe9"crux" image?18:50
joe9i just need an image to start linux on that machine, then mount my hard disk and build a kernel for that system after chroot.18:51
jaegerWhat do you mean by "just start"? What do you need access to?18:51
jaegeryeah, crux is fine for that18:51
joe9ok, thanks.18:51
jaegeror just about any other linux, too18:51
joe9fair enough, thanks.18:52
joe9i will have to log off now as I need to remove the hard disk from this machine. later.18:52
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joe9jaeger: when I boot with the usb disk created earlier, it says: Searching for the CRUX media...19:00
joe9No media found on /dev/sda.19:00
joe9No media found on /dev/sda1.19:00
joe9No media found on /dev/sda2.19:01
joe9The CRUX media was not properly mounted!19:01
joe9Spawning a shell for you to attempt to fix this problem. If you are able to find the correct device, mount it at /.tmpfs/.media and then log out of this shell to continue. If you are NOT able to fix the problem, installation will not be possible.19:02
Siegelwill crux work with debootstrap, not that i know what debootstrap is but  i know its important :)19:02
joe9frinnst: any thoughts, please?19:04
joe9!topic/mineos/ozUzD6jcLaI -- found this.19:04
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jaegerSiegel: not without a lot of work, debootstrap is a debian tool19:06
joe9though there is no solution there.19:06
jaegerjoe9: does the usb stick show up in the output of 'dmesg'?19:06
Siegelah how about rpmstrap?19:06
jaegerSiegel: I'm not familiar with that one but as crux does not use RPM, I doubt it19:07
joe9jaeger: dmesg shows a lot of output on the console. I can only see the last few lines. there does not seem to be a "busybox more" or "busybox less"19:08
joe9it does say in the lines I can see: Initializing USB Mass Storage driver19:08
joe9usbcore: registered new interface driver usb-storage19:09
joe9USB Mass Storage support registered.19:09
jaegerhow about 'cat /proc/partitions' ?19:09
joe9jaeger: that just shows the partitions on my hard disk.19:09
joe9and those are raid-partitions19:09
jaegerso for some reason the usb device is not showing as a usable disk19:10
joe9and there is no mdadm in the cd initramfs.19:10
jaegerthe initramfs is pretty limited but it's not supposed to halt there19:10
joe9jaeger: yes, the only /dev/sd*,  I see are the hard disk partitions and hard disk (sda)19:10
jaegerhrmm, not sure what to guess there19:12
jaegerwhich *hci modules show up in 'lsmod' ?19:12
jaegerohci, uhci, ehci?19:12
joe9jaeger: firewire_ohci, uhci_hcd, ohci_hcd, ehci_hcd, usbcore, ahci, libahci, libata19:13
jaegerwhat does your usb controller show up as in an 'lspci'?19:14
joe9usbcore 77844 6 usbhid,usb_storage,usb_libusual,uhci_hcd,ohci_hcd,ehci_hcd,Live 0xfacd100019:14
joe9jaeger: there is no lspci19:15
joe9or "busybox lspci"19:15
joe9i have a knoppix cd, should I do dd from that cd to the usb disk, instead of the crux cd?19:16
jaegeryou can try it if you like, no idea if knoppix supports that19:16
joe9jaegar: i think i am at a deadend with the crux boot cd, now. correct?19:19
joe9just thinking about options.19:19
jaegerDo you have a crux install on the disk already that's not in an mdadm array?19:20
jaegeryou could try booting the USB stick with root=/dev/whatever where your previous install was if you have one19:20
jaegerMight not work with an mdadm array, though, not sure how good the kernel raid autodetection stuff is19:21
jaegerjoe9: are you using the official 2.7 or 2.7.1 release ISO? Have you tried the updated one?19:21
joe9jaeger: no, I do not have the crux cd on the disk. my root is on the raid-119:22
joe9jaeger: 2.7.1, I think the latest. I just downloaded it from the master download website.19:22
joe9this morning.19:22
jaegertry booting it with root=/dev/mdwhatever19:23
joe9jaeger: let me try that. thanks.19:23
jaegerIf that doesn't work you'll probably need to try some other boot ISO19:23
jaeger could also be of some interest if you feel like testing another one, but no guarantee19:23
jaegerWhen you do get it working, would you send me a copy of the dmesg and lspci outputs from the machine?19:24
jaegerI'd like to investigate why the initramfs couldn't handle it19:24
joe9jaeger: no luck with the root=/dev/md0 too.19:25
joe9sure, I will keep you posted once I have the system running.19:25
jaegercool, thanks19:26
jaegerThe initramfs probably needs to be rewritten, I've run into a few problems here and there, though they're usually not too tough to fix19:36
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joe9the initramfs does not seem to have nano or vi either.19:38
jaegeryeah, it isn't really meant to do anything besides find disks19:43
jaegerThe current iteration of it will copy busybox if you boot it in debug mode, at least19:44
jaegerwell, it copies it into the new root, not the initramfs itself, so that's not much help in this case19:45
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rmullIs till biedermann in here?21:07
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jaegerrmull: haven't seen him in a long time in here that I can recall21:32
jaeger@seen tillb21:32
clbjaeger: tillb was last seen in #crux 5 years, 7 weeks, 5 days, 9 hours, 49 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <tillb> hi everybody21:32
jaegeruploading new updated ISOs tonight if anyone cares21:39
jaegerupdated packages, GPT support, parted, kernel 3.2.2121:39
rmulljaeger: Wow, that's a long time ago. He has some ports updates as of 2011 so I thought I'd check.21:45
jaegerHe may have another nick, I suppose21:45
jaegerOr just isn't active on IRC21:45
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jaegerman, now I know who has all the underscores21:49
* nogagplz eyes Romster suspiciously too21:50
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