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tilmanfrinnst: sorry, i already went to bed at that time00:10
tilmanfrinnst: i didn't mean to flee an uncomfortable discussion if that's what you think! ;)00:10
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frinnsti just thought you were a pussy, no worries :D01:50
nogagplzhere kitty kitty01:50
teK_there, frinnst being rude. Some things just never change01:59
frinnstI am a bad person02:00
teK_that's NO excuse02:00
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frinnstRomster: MD5:  5e6e2de9e3c338bf2b091376a672d16b  libdrm-2.4.36.tar.bz203:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 302.1705:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libdrm: update to 2.4.3605:45
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frinnsta machine that crashes from a fault in hardware is up to two orders of magnitude more likely to crash a second time.07:13
frinnstno shit?07:13
frinnstnice paper07:13
teK_it's the OEM vs. white box thing that scares me07:15
frinnstand laptops07:17
frinnsthave lower failure rates than desktops.07:17
frinnstnow that actually surprised me07:17
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frinnstwiteboxes being more unreliable isn't that surprising i think07:32
frinnstbuggy bios'es, shitty ram modules etc07:32
frinnstpoorly built etc07:32
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Romsterprobably cheap parts08:10
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rmullMorning all.08:42
Romstermorning rmull08:55
Romster Many apps crash on Ubuntu 12.04 (ptrace broken again)09:03
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joe9jaeger: systemrescuecd is awesome. I think the crux iso is missing xhci11:08
jaegerxhci is still pretty experimental, it's for USB311:19
jaegerthough if you're using a usb3 port then that would be a problem, heh11:20
joe9jaeger: don't know if that is the reason. after starting up with systemrescuecd and doing lspci -k, I see xhci being used.11:20
joe9that is the only one that I could as being different. but, i could be wrong.11:21
joe9After the install, I will send you the info you asked for.11:21
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: quota: add missing quotagrpadmins11:41
joe9there is some package piping "yes" to the configure/make, and is piping into more/less, that goes in a big loop when the monitor/display is small.12:46
joe9can I just do "export PAGER=cat"12:47
joe9to take care of such scenarios?12:47
joe9I am rebuilding all the packages on my system and I am not sure which package it is.12:47
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joe9i installed a port called ls++ sometime recently. but, I cannot find the port on my system now or on the crux browser.13:06
joe9anyone know where I can find it.13:06
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joe9 is the archlinux package13:12
joe9i cannot find the corresponding crux port. I know there is one as I installed it sometime ago.13:12
jaegerPerhaps you made it?13:18
joe9I initially did. but, someone else had a port and I started using his, as I felt that it was better.13:18
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* pedja dreams of rain13:24
pedjafscking summer....13:25
pedjavia chipset is a spawn of santa, I am sure (joys of tech support for 'the hood')13:26
jaeger :(13:36
jaegerstill my favorite weather site13:36
teK_ which weather13:37
teK_weather: aliased to show_weather13:37
teK_but no forecast (yet)13:37
jaegeruncontrollable swampass13:37
pedja <--this is a place I want to live in :)13:40
pedjarain, thunderstorm and all that nice stuff...13:41
RotwangBetter than a sharp stick in the eye.13:42
RotwangProprietary security software is an oxymoron - if the user is not  fundamentally in control of the software, the user has no security."13:44
pedjaone more reason to emigrate to .se13:49
tilmanfrinnst: bring it14:24
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jaegerwelcome back14:40
Siegelanyone here familiar with mineOS crux?14:40
frinnstsomeone mentioned it a while back14:42
frinnstdont know much about it14:42
frinnsttilman: I won't kick you while you're down :)14:43
Siegeltrying to run it as a PV domU14:46
Siegelxen doesnt see the kernel but its there :P14:47
Siegelwhen i mount the logical volume i see the kernel in the location  xen claims is not there14:48
Siegelevery one in xen is sleeping so i thought i would try my luck here14:48
frinnstzero experience with xen for me, sorry14:49
frinnstalso: football!14:49
jaegerSiegel: have you tried the mineos crux discussion board/group?14:50
Siegelyeah no info there :(14:50
Siegelfound some whispers of ppl running it on xen but nothing with any real info14:52
Siegelwhen you install it there is an option to use an extended kernel with xen support which i used but have some strange issues14:53
jaegerSorry, I've got nothing to offer there, not a xen user =/14:55
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* acrux : Italien uber alles15:39
frinnstlol, thats cruel :D15:41
tilmanno, it's most stupid.15:41
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Siegelis there a command that will install crux to a specific directory? something like a package manager16:00
teK_grub 2.0 \o/16:25
teK_(using lilo)16:25
frinnstSiegel: what do you mean?16:26
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Siegeli want the installed filesystem without booting and installing :D16:32
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siegeli have installed my os on a drive then moved the drive to another pc but not it hang when booting up the os i think it may have something to do with the pc i installed it on having a wireless nic where can i see what device driver the os tries to load?19:58
siegelboot hangs on this nf_conntrack version 0.5.020:06
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jaegeryay, my ESXi server is back up and running with better hardware21:27
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