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nezcazis down?00:54
frinnstworks for me01:09
nogagplzworks for me01:16
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veehello hello01:32
nogagplzoh no it's vee01:33
nogagplzeverybody pretend you are't here01:33
veenogagplz, not this again...01:33
veepeople already do it as it is, we dont need further encouragement01:34
nogagplzok, you're right01:36
nogagplzyou do it when Romster turns up, that should even things out a bit01:37
veelol okay01:37
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Romsteri read that!02:52
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Romsteremus are like that, next second thy grab your sandwich out of your hand just before you take a bite of it.05:45
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frinnstit looks evil :)06:05
frinnstthat's me btw06:08
Romsteron the left?06:10
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Romster where did they all go?08:31
Romsterno net when cron ran?08:31
jaegerwow, heh08:37
jaegerlots of name service errors in the portdb cacher log08:46
jaegershould be fixed now08:56
Romsterwhat went wrong?09:00
jaegerno network connection when it ran on schedule, it seems09:03
Romsterah that's what i thought.09:03
Romsterhmm shame it can't like not remove if mass error.09:04
Romsterlike test if pdb has network access and dns is working before attempting to run.09:04
Romsteri see it's all back now, ta jaeger09:05
jaegerThat would probably be trivial to add09:05
Romsteryeah wouldn't be much effort.09:05
Romsterif fail reschedule an hour later to retry or something.09:06
nogagplzthe real reason is that all those ports have been absorbed into systemd and their individuality has been deprecated09:21
joe9for some reason, the "sulogin -p" in the  /etc/rc does not give a terminal.09:26
joe9it automatically goes to the reboot step09:26
joe9not sure if anyone has noticed that behaviour.09:26
jaegerjoe9: it works here09:32
joe9ok, thanks. I will check why it is not working for me. thanks.09:32
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joe9i bought a new machine. is there anything special that I should do for 64 bit ports?10:37
joe9i did not know that the machine is for 64 bits, until it showed that in the kernel config.10:38
jaegera 64-bit machine can run 32-bit operating systems if you prefer that10:44
jaegerthough you lose any benefit of 64-bit hardware at that point10:45
jaegerIf you want to run a 64-bit OS you just need to install a 64-bit version instead of a 32-bit one10:45
joe9jaeger: is there anything I should do specifically for crux to use 64 bit ports?10:50
jaegerinstall either frinnst's crux64 or the multilib one, depending on whether or not you need 32-bit support (wine, basically)10:51
joe9ok, thanks.10:51
horrorStruck$ uname -m10:51
horrorStruck$ gcc -dumpmachine10:51
joe9uname -m : masteri68610:51
joe9gcc -dumpmachine : i686-pc-linux-gnu10:52
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horrorStruck64on32 is best of both worlds10:53
horrorStruck64bit kernel with 32bit userland10:54
joe9how do I build a 64 bit kernel?10:54
jaegerhow odd10:54
horrorStruckyou need a 64bit machine. once you have at least one 64bit kernel, you can have a 64bit chroot with your 64on3210:55
horrorStruckjaeger: works greta, using this on all my machines since years10:56
jaegerI have no doubt it works, I just find it odd :)10:56
horrorStruckmore painful if you have out of tre modules10:56
frinnstwhy would you want to run a 32bit userland? unless for compatibility reasons10:57
horrorStruckthe answer is in the question as we say :)10:57
horrorStruck64bit benefits without multilib10:58
frinnstI dont like the idea of punishing everything for just an app or two11:00
horrorStrucki'll go full 64bit with next release thanks to my android phone that provides all the binary crap i previously needed^W liked to have11:02
horrorStruckwine will be the last remaining issue but heh, i never use it11:03
joe9i do not use wine either.11:04
jaegerthen you most likely don't need multilib11:06
jaegerthere are other apps that are 32-bit only but not a lot of them11:06
horrorStruckskype and google-earth are some common ones11:07
joe9i see in /var/log/kernel that udev is renaming eth0 to eth1. I cannot see anything in the /lib/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules11:07
joe9any suggestions on how I should start debugging something like this?11:08
jaegerdo you have /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules?11:10
horrorStruckid say create your own rule if you need something specific otherwise eth1 is not too bad to live iwth11:10
joe9jaeger: no, it is just the 75-<..>11:11
joe9i will write my own rule.11:11
jaegerjoe9: are you sure? note that those are 2 separate directories11:11
joe9seems easier. sorry for the bother.11:11
jaeger /etc/udev vs. /lib/udev11:11
joe9oh, gotcha. Thanks a lot.11:11
joe9jaeger: and, yes.the file exsits in /etc/udev/rules.d11:12
joe9jaeger: you are a genius.11:12
jaegernah, I had just run into that problem before :)11:15
jaegeroften when cloning virtual machines11:15
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* Megabit 11:16
joe9is there any notes on how to go about installing crux 64 bit version?11:26
joe9it appears that multilib should be safe to use.11:27
joe9and, I need to upgrade the kernel to 64 bits too.11:27
joe9i build the kernel from source. Is there a different source tree/branch for the 64 bit kernels.11:27
joe9i cannot see anything on for a 64 bit branch.11:28
jaegerjoe9: the installation is the same as the 32-bit version, you just need to download it11:28
joe9jaeger: i have the kernel source.11:29
jaegerthe kernel build is also very similar. there are different options in the config for 64-bit but the commands you use are not much different11:29
joe9ok, thanks. but, why does my "getconf LONG_BIT" say 32 bit?11:29
joe9and also the uname -a does not say it is a 64 bit kernel.11:30
jaegerhave you installed a 64-bit linux yet?11:30
jaegerthat's why11:30
jaegerIf you REALLY want to convert a 32-bit linux to a 64-bit linux you could have a look at CLFS but that's a LOT of work11:30
joe9so, i just need to add the multilib repo and install ports from there?11:30
jaegerif you just want to run a 64-bit then your easiest method is to do a new 64-bit install11:30
jaegerno, you need to reinstall, changing ports isn't sufficient11:31
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks. will check how to do that.11:31
jaegerAFK, have a lunch meeting11:31
joe9jaeger: thanks a lot.11:31
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joe9jaeger: I have a spare hard disk. All I need to do is download the .iso from the above link and install onto that hard disk, correct?11:33
horrorStruckguess that should work too: boot a 64bit kernel if you can find one (i can build it for you if you want). create a 64bit chroot, build all your install ports and install them. install from scratch may be simpler still.11:35
joe9ok, thanks.11:35
horrorStrucks/install ports/installed ports11:35
joe9what do you use to synchronise time with the internet servers? rdate?12:08
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Rotwangjoe9: whatever is available12:24
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joe9just wanted to check, I can do this with this image from a 32-bit install to install a 64-bit crux, correct/13:29
frinnstnot really. You will not be able to run the 64bit binaries with a 32bit kernel13:38
frinnstjust boot the iso and run an upgrade13:38
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joe9s chroot /mnt/squashfs-root/ /bin/bash13:44
joe9chroot: failed to run command ‘/bin/bash’: Exec format error13:44
joe9frinnst: ok, thanks.13:44
joe9frinnst: you are correct.13:45
joe9frinnst: quick question: is this a better cd to use:
joe9instead of
joe9has a later modified date13:47
frinnstyes, crux-2.7.1-x86_64.iso is semi-broken13:49
frinnstnothing critical, but messed up the kernel a bit13:49
frinnstno smp supprot builtin etc13:49
joe9quick question, I had issues with the 32-bit iso. it did not have the xhci drivers and that was causing it to fail at initramfs13:50
joe9will I have the same issue with the x86_64 iso too.13:50
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frinnstdont remember if the iso-kernel has xhci support builtin. but is that really a big deal? you'll build your own kernel anyways?13:52
joe9frinnst: yes, but, I am booting from the usb disk and the disk is not being recognised by initramfs to load the root.13:52
joe9frinnst: does that make sense?13:52
joe9frinnst: don't bother. I will use the systemrescuecd and do what i did with the 32 bit install.13:55
frinnstthe "current" iso probably supports it13:55
frinnstif 2.7.1 32-bit didnt, 2.7.1 64bit wont13:56
joe9ok, thanks.13:56
frinnst# CONFIG_USB_XHCI_HCD is not set13:57
frinnstnope, sorry13:57
joe9that's fine. I have already done that with the 32-bit version. I know what to do.13:58
frinnstyou dont have any usb/usb2 ports to plug it into?13:58
jaegerIf you have a usb2 port you can avoid that13:58
jaegeryeah, what frinnst said13:58
frinnst :)13:59
joe9jaeger: thanks. The mobo has a usb 2.0 port. I will try with that.14:01
joe9jaeger: that was a good tip.14:01
joe9does anyone know if this  has mdadm?14:08
c0xjoe9, yes, there is14:21
joe9c0x: thanks.14:21
c0x480f00e1ee450e69ab970fa8d75e89cc  crux-2.7.1-x86_64-updated-netinst.iso14:22
joe9i am booted into the system using the above .iso image.14:36
joe9I do not see a setup in the root filesystem14:37
jaegerjoe9: the netinst iso has net-setup instead of setup and requires you to have a package mirror handy, of which there are no official ones14:38
joe9oh, gotcha.14:38
joe9jaeger: thanks. i will find a setup in this , correct?14:40
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joe9i just installed a new install of x86_64. I have a lot of configuration in /etc folder of the old 32-bit install. Can I do a cp of the whole etc folder of the 32-bit install to the 64-bit install?15:21
joe9or, will I be messing something up?15:21
teK_could not think of anything. Just save the original /etc and try15:22
joe9teK_: good point. thanks.15:22
joe9the opt-x86_64.rsync in my /etc/prt-get.conf: should I put it at the top?15:26
teK_I set core,core-x86_64,opt,...15:27
joe9yes, I should. that is how it is in the default prt-get.conf15:27
joe9teK_: was there any reason you have the core before the core-x86_64?15:30
teK_the other way round15:32
joe9ok, thanks.15:32
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joe9there is no busybox package on the cd. interesting, isn't it?15:40
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rmullAnybody here use "beets" to manage their music? Looks like a great tool15:59
jaegerFirst I've heard of it16:00
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joe9are there any  advantages of x86_64 over 32 bit x86?16:41
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joacimhappens every time someone gives me vodka17:26
joacimlast time i fell asleep on someones lawn with temperatures just above 0C17:27
joacimand i managed to lose my glasses somewhere17:28
Rotwangeverything is fine as long as you have three things:17:30
Rotwangcell phone, vallet and keys17:30
frinnstjoacim: nice, you could almost pass for a swede :)17:36
joacimi'll take that as an insult17:37
frinnstas you should :)17:38
Rotwangwhat does it mean to "pass for a swede"?17:38
Rotwangwhat does it mean to "pass for a turnip"?17:40
jaeger(not a serious answer)17:40
jaegerI'm guessing in this case he means that being so drunk you don't know where you OR your belongings are is passing for a swede :)17:41
joacimbut i did have my wallet. just had to figure out where i was17:42
jaegermaybe that's the "almost" :D17:42
Rotwangjaeger: is it har for foreigner to find a job in you glorious country?17:45
RotwangI think of going out in a year or so17:46
jaegerIn what field? I think it's pretty easy to get IT jobs but not sure about other fields17:47
jaegerWith that said, honestly not sure how much the "foreigner" part affects that17:47
Rotwangof course [;17:47
Rotwangjust after I finish my engineering degree17:48
Rotwangafter 7 years ;D17:48
jaegerready to be done with school? :)17:48
joacimall foreigners but swedes are welcome17:49
RotwangI do work for a multinational corporation17:49
Rotwangfor two17:49
jaegerThere are Polish, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean employees where I work, but no swedes of which I'm aware17:50
Rotwangbut it turns out we are cheaper than the chinese!17:50
RotwangOnly phillipinos are cheaper, lol17:52
jaegerjoe9: some info in you might find useful17:53
veethe worst place i woke up after heavy drinking was a bathtub in a completely dark room. no windows, nothing. i thought i either went blind, or, i was kidnapped and was behing held for randsom.18:25
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Rotwangwow, that's hardcore18:48
Rotwangthe worst place I woke up after heavy drinking was special place where police puts drunk people18:48
nogagplzI wonder if vee still has his kidneys18:48
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joacimi can say good thing about the swedes. they made falukorv.19:35
joacimnogagplz: they probed him and collected tissue for clones19:36
rmullPackaged beets for CRUX... this program is sweet20:42
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joacimlooks good21:53
joacimwill you share it?21:53
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joacimi've used easytag in the past, but now i want something more command line as i run my linux computer solely as a headless fileserver these days21:54
joacimnever liked the gui for easytag either. too complex.21:54
rmulljoacim: Yep, it's in the rmull repo21:59
joacimImportError: No module named setuptools22:04
joacimit builds fine once i've installed setuptools22:05
rmullahhh. thanks, will update deps22:06
joacimit works =)22:32
joacimfixed a few rather grave errors already22:32
joacimmuch easier than doing batches in easytag22:32
joacimeasytag leaves too much room for human error22:32
joacimtho i assume they integrate with some online db too22:33
joacimi've never tried those features22:33
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jaegerbeets uses MusicBrainz from what I could see on its homepage22:53
joacimguess i'll use this on my mac too. the gui of picard makes no sense to me23:28
joacimwho'd have thunk that a command line tool would be easier to use than a gui23:28

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