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frinnstbtw tek, you tried backing up a physical windows server and wanted to restore it to a vm?03:48
frinnstany luck?03:48
teK_on a regular , automated basis03:48
teK_which is not enough for our scenario03:48
frinnstautomated restores too?03:48
teK_i.e. vmware converter worked for one machine, for others it didnt03:49
teK_not really because the vms are meant to be cold standby ones03:49
frinnstwe have started to sell something similar as a service. we take bare metal backups and if a customers box dies we restore it to a vm hosted by us03:50
frinnstjust curious how you handled it03:50
teK_not at all at present..03:51
teK_I just don't want to jump in to a pure VM-based environment03:51
teK_as a service as in push company critical data over the interwebs?03:51
teK_you worked for this bunker-based company didnt you?03:52
frinnstvpn baby, vpn03:52
frinnstdont fear the intarwebs03:52
nogagplz_it's not the intarwebs I fear, rather what I can find on them03:53
* nogagplz_ shudders at the thought of Romster in the tub03:54
teK_so you don't have a solution either, frinnst?03:54
frinnstnot one that meets your requirements03:56
frinnstwhat version of windows is it? 2008r2?03:56
teK_windows 2000, windows 2000 server, windows 200303:58
teK_the linux box(es) are - of course - easy to backup..03:58
frinnststill 2000? wow04:03
teK_I hate my life :P04:04
frinnstmm working with windows isnt much fun04:05
frinnsttrying to create a 2008r2 template - running sysprep results in a bsod \o/04:05
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deep42thoughtI got some minor issues:05:53
deep42thought1. Is it recommended to upgrade from Crux2.7 to 2.7.1 (an if "yes", then: just by editing /etc/ports/*.rsync)?05:53
deep42thought2. While "ports -u" he mentions thah and return 404s - where do I turn off these mirrors (I guess those are mirrors)?05:53
frinnst <- darwin award winner?05:53
frinnstdeep42thought: there is no 2.7.1 repo05:54
deep42thoughtso it's just some internal numbering?05:54
frinnstif you run crux 2.7 and keep your system up-to-date you already run 2.7.105:54
frinnstit's just a refreshed iso05:54
teK_it's an updated installation ISO05:54
frinnstppl started to complain that crux is dead and that we suck05:54
deep42thoughtah, okay, i suspected this :-D05:54
teK_all of us?05:54
frinnstno, just you05:54
teK_don't think so!05:54
teK_you wish05:55
frinnstI do, actually05:55
teK_blah :p05:55
frinnstdeep42thought: hopefully we will have a stable toolchain in the near future with new crux-release05:56
deep42thoughtwell, at the moment I don't have bugs/wishes to crux ... (but I'm just using it as a file-server)05:57
deep42thoughtWhat's about those 404-stuff?06:01
deep42thought(sry, my grammar sucks)06:02
teK_inofficial repos are out of our control06:02
teK_have a look at /etc/ports for the corresponding repo-file and (re)move it06:02
teK_btw.. do you know
deep42thoughtwhat's this?06:03
teK_a message board. There's a user 'deepthought' ;)06:03
deep42thoughtno, I'm deep42thought, since I first used IRC (actually already since I used dyndns), because there was already a deepthought.06:04
deep42thoughtteK_: well, I'm already paranoid enough, I think I won't join this board ;-)06:11
rauzhi has anyone coded with opencl ?07:14
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-battery-plugin: updated to 1.0.507:28
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-cpugraph-plugin: updated to 1.0.307:28
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-diskperf-plugin: updated to 2.5.407:28
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-mpc-plugin: updated to 0.4.407:28
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-fsguard-plugin: updated to 1.0.107:28
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-systemload-plugin: updated to 1.1.107:28
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jaegerI have not07:57
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horrorSt1uckusing binutils 2.22 snapshot solves gold linker compiling issue \o/ they see me ricin' they hatin' :P08:32
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niklaswefrinnst: have you check performance between hp n40L raid and madm ?08:55
horrorStruckbuilding firefox with -flto and pgo, hoping it finishes before new version is out :yes we can:09:00
frinnstniklaswe: the builtin controller?09:02
niklaswefrinnst: yeah09:02
frinnstnope, since it doesnt provide raid5 and there is crappy linux-support on the fakeraid09:02
niklaswehow much do you lose in performance with mdadm.. if you now losing some :p09:02
frinnstyou can make it work with dm's raid function these days09:02
frinnstdoubt you lose performance09:03
Romsterpgo ?09:04
Romsteri know LTO works on firegfox but what's this PGO09:04
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frinnsthorrorStruck: don't be too sure you'll make it! the latest beta identifies as 14.0! :)09:05
joe9jaeger: quick question, to my syslinux menu, can I add the crux.iso as another kernel?09:07
Romsteroh that... but you need to run firefox with some test data to profile it.09:07
joe9i am trying to have an alternative boot option if my kernel does not boot for some reason.09:08
horrorStruck"Link time optimization of Firefox now requires 3GB of RAM" <-- thank you gcc developers, i just needed 50M of RAM to make the build fail09:08
horrorStruckfrinnst: problem solved ^09:08
horrorStruckRomster: there are some scripts provided09:08
horrorStruckbut yes09:09
horrorStruckthat's the idea09:09
Romsterjoe9, just use your current kernel as the fall back to and use lilo -R newkernelname reboot if it fails reboot again to the older kernel, if work then change your default in lilo.conf permanently to the newer one and lilo.09:09
horrorStrucki guess he's using syslinux09:10
horrorStruckbut yes, just keep an entry with a known to work kernel09:10
Romsteror even tab to known to work kernel09:11
jaegerjoe9: I don't use syslinux so I'm not sure, check the documentation09:21
joe9horrorStruck: jaeger Romster thanks.09:32
joe9Romster: regarding the ghc build I was bugging you about yesterday, turns out that there is a corrupt memory module in my system.09:33
joe9memtest86 has a failing address.09:33
joe9from #ghc, I get that whenever there is a segmentation fault with ghc, most of the time it indicates defective memory.09:33
joe9and, on their request, I checked dmesg, and there were messages about the segmentation fault.09:35
Romsteri assume you tested ram... my bad09:38
tilmanthe latter doesnt say anything09:40
tilmansome shells will log segfaults to the kernel buffer, some don't09:40
tilman(zsh does; bash doesn't. at least in their default configurations)09:40
Romsternever looked into that sort of logging but nice to know that.09:41
joe9from #ghc:
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: getmail: 4.30.1 -> 4.30.209:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mercurial: 2.2.2 -> 2.2.309:53
Romster0:44 < JaffaCake>
Romster10:44 < JaffaCake> it's a bit brief - feel free to expand.09:53
Romsterat lest the url is not brief :D09:53
Romsterjoe9, i haven't built the new version yet i'll tackle it when i got more time.09:55
Romstergcc-fortran is in contrib-x86_64 now though and i should bump the one in contrib aswell when i have time09:55
joe9i think you should use your you seem to have put a lot of effort into it and it is pretty good.09:56
Romsteryeah not keen on the arch one but i'll look over ti for any improvments and whats with increasing the heap size for?09:57
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joe9Romster: that heap size should not matter. it is the minimum setting.09:59
joe9i think it would be good to have splitobjs to yes09:59
joe9and also remove -XGenerics, as per the docs, not needed anymore.10:00
Romsterhmm k10:00
joe9I will paste the that I used when I get my build working.10:00
joe9if you can hold off for that long.10:00
joe9probably in the next 12 hours.10:00
Romsteryeah i can hold off current version builds still10:00
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-cpugraph-plugin: updated to 1.0.410:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vlc: 2.0.1 -> 2.0.210:09
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joe9romster, working
joe9romster: pkgfile:
joe9 romster: added note to about splitobjs:
joe9 /ws 4213:29
joe9corrupt ram is such a pita. My port builds were failing and I was tweaking/changing different settings and was thinking that it was those changes that were actually making the ports to build/not build.14:02
joe9someone suggested bad ram here, but, I had never encountered bad ram, hence, discounted that notion.14:02
joe9the only port that failed consistently (though at different points of the build) was ghc.14:03
joe9supposedly, ghc is pretty good to find hardware issues.14:03
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DaVinciI should have visited a long time ago.14:06
jaegerjoe9: any time you get failures at consistently random points in a build, RAM is very likely the problem :)14:06
joe9jaeger: thanks, i hope I will remember this lesson.14:07
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jaegerotherwise, blame Rotwang14:08
jaegerjoe9's failing RAM is your fault, somehow14:12
teK_jaeger: stop frinnsting around14:13
RotwangI shouldn't put whole gigawat to that flux capacitor14:13
Rotwangnow joe9's ram is broken due to emp :C14:13
jaegerfrinnst was being suspiciously quiet, I had to step up14:13
joe9teK_: w3m is not building anymore.14:15
joe9i will get the message. not sure if it is my *flags14:16
DaVinciSo are there many distro's based off of crux?14:17
joe9teK_: ^^14:17
Rotwangmain.c:836:23: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be14:17
Rotwangnever seen this kind of error14:17
teK_I bet your RAM still is screwed14:18
frinnstgood work jaeger14:18
teK_it isnt14:18
teK_fuck :P14:18
frinnstI approve14:18
Rotwangfrinnst seal of approval, something to treasure14:20
Rotwangwhats happenin, ey?14:21
teK_deleting the assignment unbreaks it14:21
teK_i tested after the boehm_gcupdate.. wtf14:21
jaegerDaVinci: I don't know of any official list but MineOS crux and CruxEx are two I can think of14:21
Rotwangarch linux was inspired partly by crux14:22
teK_they added some shitty parts *ducks* *runs*14:22
jaegergoogle turns up kwort and cross14:22
DaVinciI had noticed the similarity between crux and arch, but did not know which came first.14:23
jaegerarch has changed a lot, though, it can't be said to be based on crux anymore14:23
Rotwangand it seems that arch people removed net-tools from default distribution14:23
DaVinciO.k.well if you were curios, I run a distro called thinstation which is based off of crux since 2.5.14:23
teK_what's the matter?14:24
DaVinciI just never stopped by to say thanks for all the hard work.14:24
jaegerlooks nice14:24
jaeger(looking at the webpage)14:24
jaegerThanks :) Glad you like it and find it useful14:24
DaVincipkgutils was the very thing I needed.14:25
jaegerI take it you are Don Cupp :)14:26
RotwangI guess crux is a very good distro to make forks and extend it14:26
DaVinciWell actually, the organization of the parts was awesome as well.14:26
teK_sounds reallynice14:26
DaVinciCrux is the best damned compiler chain idea I've ever seen.14:27
teK_TS-o-matic :>14:27
frinnstah, i was about to reply to the ml telling you irc is where the magic happens :)14:27
teK_old man14:27
RotwangDaVinci: what do you meas?14:27
DaVinciWell, there are a bunch of source based distros out there(now), but the way that crux organizes the process of working with source is brilliant.14:29
Rotwangsimple as f**k14:29
DaVinciTS-o-matic is old and predates the merger with crux.14:30
DaVinciThough, there is a guy working on it.14:31
RotwangI was looking for some hipster distro when I was a newbie to learn stuff, and so I found crux14:31
Rotwangand I'm sticking to it for this day14:32
teK_hipster distro14:32
teK_wtf :P14:32
Rotwangbecause arch was too mainstrem in 200514:33
horrorStruckyeah we're not even in distrowatch top 10014:33
DaVinciBut I never did find crux to be all that heavy on the trunk code(script/glue). It's very true to the Linux moto of "Do it yourself".14:35
Rotwangand not so linux motto TIMTOWTDI14:35
rmullI came here from gentoo14:48
rmullCrux is a little like dropping out of the rat race, in that respect14:49
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jaegerRotwang: x86_64 LibO is out of date :)14:54
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RotwangLO 3.5 links against libpng12, we have libpng14 so we have to stick with LO 3.415:45
Rotwangjust FYI15:45
teK_this is not patchable?15:45
jaegerit's not a source port15:45
teK_I kknow :>15:45
Rotwangno I'm not goint to patch binaries ;f15:47
Rotwangalthough it would be much better to build it from source15:48
Rotwangif it was not such fragile to build15:48
rmullRotwang: Any chance contrib/pv could be fixed/bumped? I opened a bug15:49
Rotwangrmull: sure15:49
rmullThanks :D15:49
Rotwangthat's why I should put together my CI setup15:54
Rotwangto know when some ports get broken15:55
* teK_ figured out that cost him about 4-5 hours 16:02
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Rotwangdone, lo updated16:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pv: 1.2.0 -> 1.3.416:24
Rotwangrmull: pv updated16:24
jaegercool, thanks16:24
jaegerargh, running ports -u while a push is happening, bad news :P16:24
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XiRoNWhat is CRUX?16:27
XiRoNI'm installing MineOS which is based on CRUX.16:28
XiRoNWanted to know a little more about it16:28
jaegerIt's a lightweight linux distribution, the link in the topic will take you to the homepage16:28
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jaegerwell, the first link... seems there are a lot of them now16:29
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niklaswefinally i have my new hp n40l server up and running :)16:35
niklaswemicro-server then :P16:37
jaegerRotwang: LO's post-install uses update-desktop-database but the port doesn't depend on desktop-file-utils17:00
Rotwangjaeger: it is optional17:01
Rotwanganyway I'm going to bed17:02
jaegerperhaps the post-install should check if it's installed and skip it if not17:02
jaegerok, take care17:02
Rotwangwill look into it tomorrow17:02
DaVinciI am sure it has been asked before, but have you considered moving the ports to a git repo instead of using rsync?17:05
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