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XiRoNDo laugh at me but can install vsftpd on crux?00:28
XiRoNI've been trying to do it for like an hour now00:28
horrorStruckprt-get depinst vsftpd00:29
XiRoNAhh so its not apt-get00:29
XiRoNI'm so used to ubuntu00:29
XiRoNThanks :)00:30
XiRoNI'm getting this error:00:31
XiRoN[Config error: can't access /usr/ports/core]00:31
XiRoN[Config error: can't access /usr/ports/opt]00:31
XiRoN[Config error: can't access /usr/ports/contrib]00:31
XiRoNThe package 'vsftpd' could not be found:00:32
XiRoNAny ideas? :)00:32
horrorStruckis this a fresh install?00:32
XiRoNI'm very very new to CRUX00:32
horrorStruckdid you ports -u ?00:33
XiRoNNope shall I do that?00:33
horrorStruckmaybe a not so bad idea00:33
XiRoNahh :)00:33
tilmanXiRoN: LOL at trying apt-get :D00:34
XiRoNCRUX is new to me00:38
XiRoNI've always used ubuntu server00:38
horrorStruckyou may want to read CRUX's handbook to use/understand your new OS better00:39
XiRoNI may as well since I will be using it for my company00:40
horrorStruckwiki has some nice post-install tips too00:40
XiRoNHmm I bought a VPS, do you know if it's possible to do an over SSH installation of an OS?00:41
XiRoNand thanks i'll take a look00:42
horrorStrucknp. and no idea about your VPS question sorry00:42
XiRoNok np00:43
horrorStruckwhich ISO did you use, you may have some modifications to do00:46
XiRoNI want to remove a user01:01
XiRoNHow do I do this?01:02
XiRoNtheres 0 articles on crux.01:02
horrorStruckman man userdel01:05
horrorStruckwith one man less01:05
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teK_CRUX  installation is possible via SSH :-)01:07
teK_+ good morning peeps01:08
horrorStruckmorning teK_01:08
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frinnstzzzzz morning01:28
Rotwangsepen: was there grand fiesta after your team won?01:29
rauzvery awkward to sit alone in lecture, for the professor and me :D01:33
horrorStruckdont worry he's on irc too01:34
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sepenRotwang, yep but I do not celebrated, were burning thousands of hectares of forest near my village01:40
frinnstyeah I heart that on the news this morning01:40
sepenthe flames were visible from the house of my parents01:43
niklasweGood morning01:43
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sepena catastrophe, had chosen not to win the Euro1201:44
teK_so you're sober again?01:45
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teK_that was  as rude as about 0.70 frinnst; should have read the backlog first01:46
sepenteK_: I have not held anything01:46
sepenah ok, I'll see01:46
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sepenteK_: have misunderstood you :P01:48
horrorStruckhangover 2.0 here01:49
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teK_it's tuesday Oo01:50
horrorStruckno it's the day after my birthday :)01:51
sepenoooh! horrorStruck happybirth!01:51
horrorStruckgracias :)01:51
horrorStruck37 :\01:52
teK_5 years to forty01:52
horrorStruckstill 15 in mind01:53
frinnsthaha i'm 32 and still have to show ID when i buy alcohol01:55
frinnstalso, i'm mentally 1201:55
rauzcongrats horrorStruck01:55
frinnstaye, congrats01:55
horrorStruckthanks guys01:55
niklaswejue there?02:05
teK_he's away for some days02:05
niklasweah :/02:05
niklasweI just report that mysql is broken.. the source( htp://XXXX) doesnt work.. :(02:06
niklaswethe package mysql-5.5.25.tar.gz doesnt exist on '
teK_we should fix this, frinnst, sepen?02:07
niklaswety guys02:10
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mysql: fix download URL02:16
niklaswesweet :)02:17
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frinnstniklaswe: re mysql:
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frinnstuseless isp03:59
niklaswehmm I wondering if I should use cacti or  only mrtg..04:03
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frinnstfor what?04:17
frinnstyour microserver?04:20
niklaswefrinnst: yeah to graph network..04:30
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frinnstwee, laggy fucking failover04:35
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niklasweor should I only use mrtg instead06:15
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Romster eww07:39
Romsteri hate dealing with pc's that smell of smoke it's disgusting but i've never seen one that bad.07:40
* nogagplz_ smokes 12 packs per day for 5 years in front of Romsters computer07:58
Romsterto hell your doing that...07:59
nogagplz_you got me07:59
nogagplz_more like 10 years07:59
Romsteryou don't smoke though07:59
nogagplz_ah crap08:00
nogagplz_would you do it for me then08:00
Romsterno my insides would be worse than the pc -_-08:00
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jaegerniklaswe: use whichever one you like, they all work08:09
jaegerI use rrdtool08:09
Romsterand many other examples08:12
* nogagplz_ hides a cactus in Romsters pants08:17
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niklasweRomster: have you  built perl-rrd module=08:53
niklasweRomster: forget it :)08:56
Romsterit's in contrb/rrdtool08:59
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Romster passed away :(10:46
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nogagplz__speaking of which
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rmullDoes anybody have any recommendations for a 1080p desktop LCD display?12:27
jaeger <-- I use 2 of these12:27
jaegerwith that said there are TONS out there, you're gonna have to do some research to figure out what's best for you12:27
rmullWow, these things have gotten cheap12:27
rmullI see no reason why I shouldn't just buy this12:29
rmullI'll sleep on it. Thanks for the recommendation12:29
rmullIs it glossy or matte?12:32
rmullAhh, great12:32
frinnstI just ordered a "BenQ 24" LED GL2450HM"12:39
frinnstcheap, and probably crap :)12:40
rmullI was just reading the thread about those on hardforum12:40
frinnstshould arrive tomorrow12:40
rmullI figure anything should be better than my 6-year-old Viewsonic12:41
frinnstin the store that I ordered from it had gotten two reviews, both positive12:41
frinnstand for that price I figure, why not?12:41
frinnstI wonder if my gfx-card will support 3 screens12:42
frinnstwould be sweet with two monitors at home (+ a hdmi tv)12:42
joe9 anyone using the radeon driver for a dual headed monitor setup?12:50
joe9when I startx uautamatically on boot, i get a blank screen. when I run startx manually, it works fine.12:51
joe9anyone seen something like this happening?12:51
frinnstI do, and no12:52
tilmanjoe9: startx + automatically on boot doesnt compute12:53
tilmanuse xdm or gdm or slim12:53
joe9tilman, it does.12:53
rmulljoe9: By which means do you call startx automatically?12:53
frinnstslim got an update a few days ago (shocking!)12:54
frinnstand broke numlock :(12:54
joe9i log in automatically using inittab /sbin/agetty --autologin ...12:54
joe9and then in my shell .profile, if it is tty1 and the hostname I want, I startx12:54
joe9 tail -5 of my .zprofile12:55
joe9tilman: does that make sense. jaeger helped me with that setup and I find it easier. one less thing to worry about.12:56
tilmandoes it work if you login on the terminal and then run startx?12:56
joe9the setup worked before. I just moved to a new machine with a different vga card12:56
joe9and I think it has something to do with the vga card vis-a-vis kernel/rc loading12:57
joe9i was on  nouveau before.12:57
joe9now, I am on radeon.12:57
acruxrmull: i've an hp zr2440w, i'm satisfied.12:58
joe9kernel configuration has been changed and all that. I am not sure what could cause thin.12:58
rmullacrux: I think IPS panels are a little overkill for me12:58
rmullnot worth the price IMHO for just a desktop display12:58
tilmanagetty is starting a shell which is executing startx?12:58
joe9i am loading the radeon as a kernel module. will there be a time lag between how long it takes the kernel to load the modules and when startx starts?12:58
joe9tilman: yes.12:58
tilmandoes it work if you make it run X instead of startx?12:59
joe9tilman: good point. no, I haven't tried it.12:59
tilmanslim supports autologin too btw13:00
tilmanjust in case you cannot figure it out13:00
joe9tilman: another layer, more complexity. this is simpler.13:00
tilmanjust in case you cannot figure it out13:00
tilman("this" doesnt work :>)13:00
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joe9tilman: are you using radeon?13:01
joe9oh, cool. what video card?13:01
joe9HD4540 is what I am using.13:02
tilmanwhat chipst?13:02
joe9dual monitor?13:02
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joe9i think R<something> correct. let me check the chipset.13:02
joe9what do you have in your xorg.conf?13:02
poulecacahi, here.13:03
tilmanoption monitor-dvi-0 monitor013:03
tilmanoption monitor-dvi-1 monitor113:03
tilmanand then some monitor sections13:03
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poulecacais it possible to find an crux iso that support GPT disk ?13:04
joe9tilman, can you please paste your xorg.conf?13:05
joe9i cannot figure out what chipset it uses from the manual. let me google up on that.13:06
tilmannot manual13:06
joe9lspci -k says AMD nee ATI Cedar PRO [Radeon HD 5450]13:08
tilmancedar is evergreen13:08
joe9yes, I have some errors on the evergreen stuff. I will look at that error next.13:09
tilmanjoe9: what's in /var/log/Xo*log* btw?13:09
joe9tilman: i cannot find anything different between both Xorg logs. other than the timing, obviously.13:09
tilmandid you try sleeping for a second before exeuting startx?13:10
joe9I am using Xrandr for the dual headed setup.13:10
joe9do you use that too? or, jsut specify it with serverlayout?13:10
tilmangod no13:10
tilmanxrandr is the way to go13:10
joe9i could not get serverlayout to work on my previous setup.13:10
joe9tilman: can you please paste your xorg.conf?13:11
joe9this is mine
tilmanthis isnt where your problems are coming from though13:12
joe9i have a dual core setup. this is the first time I am trying it out. I think the "sleep" is a good idea.13:12
joe9maybe startx is starting up before the system has initialized?13:12
joe9btw, I have no idea why, but my ps/2 mouse does not work either. that will be the next battle.13:13
joe9tilman: you have 2 devices?13:15
joe92 vga cards?13:15
tilmansee the option device in the screen section13:15
joe9why do you disable "swapbufferswait"?13:16
tilmanshits and giggles13:16
tilmanman 4 radeon13:17
joe9tilman, is monitor0 the one on your left?13:22
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teK_who gets this shirt:
teK_don't read the description. d'oh..13:55
frinnsti never owned a zapper :(14:04
teK_me neither. We played it in the local computer store14:04
teK_I even never owner a console14:04
frinnstoh you poor baby14:05
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teK_I'm not as old as you. I was happy with watching my older brother playing the game14:08
frinnstI saved my allowance for a year or something and then bought a nes14:16
frinnsti was 7 i think14:16
nogagplz__ice climber had nothing on double dragon 214:18
frinnstyou couldn├Ąt buy double dragon in sweden. it was "too violent". you could only rent it14:20
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jaegerI still have a NES in my garage14:26
jaegerit probably wouldn't even power on anymore14:26
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DaVinci_Just needs new caps.14:37
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teK_my dad owns a commodore 12815:00
jaegerMy dad used to have one of those, it was so cool back then15:00
teK_it still is 8)15:01
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frinnstmy first computer was an amiga 50015:07
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jaegerI played a ton of games on it back in the day... Mega Man 1, Pool of Radiance, Breakout, Raid Over Moscow15:22
jaegerOthers I've forgotten15:22
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nogagplz__megaman is brutal, tried playing 3 recently and couldn't kill anybody except topman15:28
jaegeryeah, some of them are ridiculously hard15:28
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joe9jaeger: can you please help? i just installed a new machine. but, the ps/2 port does not work.15:54
joe9a usb mouse works. but, when I use a ps/2 mouse or a usb-ps/2 adapter on the usb mouse, it does not wor.15:55
joe9 cat /proc/bus/input/devices15:55
joe9dmesg | grep -i ps
joe9proc/config.gz | grep -i mouse
joe9any suggestions on how to debug the working of a ps/2 port?15:55
jaegerI know nothing about debugging the ports but I'd guess the proper support is missing from the kernel15:56
jaegerthough I would expect that CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2 would do it15:56
joe9the ps/2 keyboard from the same port works though.15:57
joe9this is one of those keyboard/mouse combo ps/2 port.15:58
jaegerIs it the type of ps/2 port that supports both kinds of devices?15:58
frinnstand you are using the adaptor? i dont think you can just plug in a device and expect it to work15:59
jaegerI've not used a ps/2 mouse in a number of years15:59
joe9i don't think there is an adapter.15:59
joe9the motherboard is GA-Z68AP-D3 and it has only one port.15:59
joe9frinnst: the manual says "PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Port"16:00
joe9it says that the port can be used for a PS/2 mouse or kbd16:00
joe9 is the mobo16:01
jaegerI don't even have one around to test anymore but I'm pretty sure in virtualbox CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2 was what did it. Do you get any output from 'cat /dev/input/mice' while moving the mouse?16:03
DaVinciJoe9, did you get your radeon going?16:34
joe9davinci, no, still struggling with it too.16:42
joe9jaeger: i did "cat /dev/input/mice", plugged the mouse in and i see some output.16:44
joe9but, the mouse does not move or anything.16:44
joe9no, actually what I was seeing was the output of a usb mouse.16:44
jaegerwell, if moving it produces garbage from that command in the terminal, then the device is detected and sending signals... you just have to get X or whatever to use it16:45
joe9jaeger: the output was the output of the usb mouse. (sorry abut that). I moved that while plugging in the ps/2 mouse.16:47
joe9I do not see any output from the ps/2 mouse.16:47
joe9jaeger: there is a bigger issue bugging me.16:47
joe9you know how I start startx from the inittab and have it in my shells' profile.16:47
joe9with my new machine, I just get a blank screen.16:48
joe9but, If I remove the startx from the zprofile. and once, I get the zsh prompt, I type startx.16:48
joe9it works normally.16:48
joe9I compared the Xorg.0.log in both instances and it seems to be the same.16:48
jaegermaybe zsh is doing something odd there?16:48
joe9i do not see anything different in startx.log either where I am piping the output.16:49
DaVinciAlot of the newer ati cards require multiple firmwares. Do you have the latest firmwares in /lib/firmware?16:50
joe9i am not sure if the message about evergreen could be causing something.16:50
jaegerjoe9: no idea on that one, man16:50
joe9but, I get the same message with manual startx too.16:50
jaegerI was referring to the zsh thing but I also don't have any AMD/ATI hardware so not familiar with that, either, heh16:51
joe9davinci, Yes, I have the firmware in /lib and am loading the  module after seeing the message.16:51
joe9One thing I am thinking is if startx starts before the module is properly loaded.16:51
joe9not sure if that could happen with the crux init.16:51
DaVincido you have the ps modules loaded?16:51
joe9davinci: dmesg | grep -i ps
DaVinciAll modules should be loaded by rc2, so when x starts at rc5, you should be ok.16:52
joe9i startx automatically from inittab with this line:
joe9davinci, I have to log off and capture some Xorg.logs. will be back in 10 mins.16:55
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DaVinciHi Rotwang.17:02
RotwangHi DaVinci17:07
Rotwangor DaVinci_17:07
DaVinciYeah, left my (work)station logged in.17:08
DaVinciRotwang, what is your TZ?17:14
RotwangDaVinci: CEST17:23
DaVinciSo your after midnight. Nice.17:24
Rotwangoh crap17:27
RotwangI have to go to work today17:27
DaVinciNo here :) July 4th is a huge US holiday.17:27
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DaVincijoe9, you might try loading the evdev module. I'm not completely familiar with the crux kernel config and whether or not it's a builtin, but only takes a sec to type modprobe evdev.17:31
joe9davinci, sure not a problem. I had it built into the kernel.17:32
joe9I tried evbug (the debugging module of kernel). even that would not show any input from the ps/2 mouse.17:32
RotwangDaVinci: there is no crux kernel config17:33
DaVinciIs is just the kernel default?17:33
DaVincijoe 9, is psmouse loaded?17:34
DaVinciRotwang, wow.17:34
joe9jaeger: quick question, I am starting startx from the last line of zprofile. when startx starts some other process, I do not have to source zprofile again in that process, correct?17:35
joe9 davinci, this is my lsmod17:35
RotwangDaVinci: you always have to setup your own during install process17:36
DaVinciAre you using the default kernel config, or is it customized?17:37
joe9customized, heavily.17:37
DaVinciI use a completely modularized kernel, so evdev and psmouse modules have to be loaded for the PS2 mouse to work.17:38
joe9config_input_polldev -- davinci, do you have it enabled?17:39
DaVinciI'm looking.17:40
DaVinciI don't think so.17:40
joe9zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i polldev17:40
DaVinciI don't have my kernel up and running.17:41
DaVinciI use crux in a very different way. VERY very different.17:41
joe9oh, cool.17:41
DaVinciPolled input device skeleton{m}17:42
DaVinciMouse Interface<*>17:42
DaVinciProvide legacy /dev/psaux device [ ]17:43
DaVinciEvent interface <m>17:43
joe9so you do not have psaux, haha..17:43
joe9I have that enabled.17:43
DaVinciMice - PS/2 Mouse <m> All subs builtin17:44
DaVinciSerial Mouse <m>17:44
DaVinciDon't use the legacy psaux interface.17:44
joe9i do not have anything from under subs builtin for ps/2 mouse.17:44
joe9that might be it.17:44
joe9the legacy psaux stuff.17:45
joe9thanks for helping me out davincie17:45
DaVinciI think you want all the PS/2 mouse protocols17:46
joe9ok, will enable them.17:47
joe9be back in 10 mins. will reboot into the new kernel.17:49
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horrorStruckpoulecaca: IIRC, jaeger has one but I'm not sure if it's i686/x86_64/multilib.19:47
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joe9davinci, just wanted to let you know that the mouse works following what you recommended. Thanks a lot for your help.21:03
joe9i think it was the psaux that was messing it up.21:03
joe9jaeger: you might probably get a kick out of this. being a stupid ass that I am, I was sourcing the zprofile again in the .xinitrc (which was being started by the zprofile itself).21:04
joe9It appears to be going into some sort of loop21:04
DaVincijoe9 , now with regards to your evergreen problem, make sure you have the PALM_pfp PALM_me and SUMO_rlc firmwares.21:10
joe9it appears that the issue has been fixed in kernel 3.5.rc521:10
joe9and, it is supposedly gone if i disable colorTiling2D.21:11
joe9but, I can wait. it is not harming anything.21:11
joe9everything is working fine.21:11
joe9so, no problems sitting on it.21:11
DaVinciI'd recommend the kernel 3.4 series. It's the latest long term support kernel. Will get all patches for 2 years.21:12
joe9i am on 3.4.4 on21:12
DaVincievergreen has been working since 3.0, so it's likely just the firmwares that are holding you up.21:13
joe9while logging in on my new fast system, I am noticing that my mdadm devices are not being recognised some times.21:18
joe9could it be that /sbin/start_udev needs more time ?21:19
joe9i see that the last line of start_dev is /sbin/udevadm settle21:19
DaVinciThere is a wait at the end of udev init.21:19
DaVinciThat's the wait.21:19
joe9is it possible that it is not enough time for the devices to settle?21:19
DaVinciWell technically yes, but so unlikely, I can say no.21:20
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joe9one more reboot, will be back in a few.21:32
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