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deep42thoughtI recently updated to kernel 3.4.4 (from 3.0.3, just copied the old .config) and now I got some network-problems:02:09
deep42thought1. my MAC-address has changed (it might be, that the "old" one was somehow software-implemented by me)02:09
frinnstand now your nic is called eth1 instead?02:09
frinnstudev rule, check /lib/udev/rules.d02:10
deep42thoughtw8, it was eth1 before :-)02:10
deep42thought(eth0 is the onboard-device, which I disabled)02:10
frinnstif your mac address changes, udev will assign a new ethN for it02:11
deep42thoughtat the moment I'm on the old kernel (because then networking will work), and the nic is eth102:11
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frinnstok, so udev renames it to eth2 with the new kernel?02:13
deep42thoughtthe core-problem is even another: when I change my mac-specification in dhcpd.conf in my router, the cruxer won't still get the right ip-address.02:15
frinnsthm. I don't see why a new kernel would somehow create a new MAC address for your nic02:16
deep42thoughthe takes some 169.x.x.x-address, even though my network (even the dynamic dhcped part) is on 192.168.0/1.x02:16
frinnstthey changed the kernel config for all network drivers in 3.3 or something. are you sure eth1 is the nic you expect it to be?02:18
frinnstdid you disable the on-board nic in bios, or just dont build the driver for it?02:18
deep42thoughti didn't build the driver02:18
frinnstare you sure you still don't with 3.4? you might have accidentaly enabled it with the new kernel config scheme02:20
frinnstis eth1 detecting a link with the new kernel?02:20
deep42thoughtI just copied the .config to the new directory, and did "make all"02:20
deep42thoughthow do I know if it detect's a link?02:21
frinnstyeah then you built the driver for your onboard card too02:21
frinnstthe kernel usually prints it, viewable in dmesg02:21
frinnstor you could use ethtool02:22
frinnste1000e: eth1 NIC Link is Up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: None02:22
frinnstfor example02:22
frinnstalso, the udev rule gets placed in /etc/udev/rules.d, not in /lib/udev/rules.d02:24
frinnstI suggest you look over your kernel config for 3.4 and make sure the driver isn't loaded02:24
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deep42thoughthow can it be loaded if I use the old .config?02:24
frinnstbecause they changed how net drivers are handled02:25
frinnstif you had used "make oldconfig" instead of make all, you would have been prompted for all network drivers02:25
deep42thoughtwell, then I'll do this :-)02:25
deep42thoughtin general I can say "no" there everytime, if I'm not interested in new features?02:26
frinnstif you get prompted for a new feature, use ? to figure out what they recommend unless you know if you need it or not02:27
frinnst <302:31
deep42thought"pull the yellow plug"!02:32
deep42thought"CONFIG_DM_RAID: A dm target that supports RAID1, RAID4, RAID5 and RAID6 mappings" ... do I need this for raid5 with mdadm??02:33
deep42thoughtWill I get _all_ ethernet-device-drivers when enabling "Ethernet driver support (ETHERNET)"?02:37
frinnstno, if you choose no you won't be prompted for *any* drivers02:37
frinnstit does nothing in it self02:38
frinnstchoose yes and then what drivers you need02:38
deep42thoughtso I'll just choose "y" and install nothing but the driver for my card02:38
poulecacahorrorStruck: thk but I think its ok I will partition the disk from another linux install I guess02:40
horrorStruckpoulecaca: yep but the iso wont boot.02:46
deep42thoughtcross fingers, I'll now boot the new kernel (and will be excluded from my system, since I'm doing everything over ssh right now from the distance)02:50
horrorStruckor it will boot but you wont be able to install anyway02:52
deep42thoughtwell, I'm locked out :-/02:53
horrorStruckwait a little bit02:54
horrorStruckthere is still hope02:54
nogagplz__yeah maybe you got one of those terrible surprise fscks02:54
frinnstheh, I hate those02:54
frinnstatleast I get a LED indication :)02:54
deep42thoughtwell, let's hope (I don't see my LEDs over ssh ;-) ... _that_ would be a nice project ...)02:55
nogagplz__screw that, revive fsck tetris02:56
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Romsteri found my shirt
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horrorStruckteK_: OOC, any special reason rtorrent/libtorrent are built with debug? TIA04:07
teK_ugh no04:23
teK_11:03 < stfn42> RT @tomscott: At the end of the #higgs announcement, one of the CERN team will pause, nonchalantly say "oh, one more thing", then calmly teleport away.04:25
horrorStruckok thanks04:25
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deep42thoughtHow long would a fsck on a 6TB ext3 take?05:07
deep42thought(about 3.5TB filled)05:08
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horrorStruckhope is lost05:14
horrorStruckyou have to go there or someone can help?05:19
deep42thoughtI'll "repair" it this evening ...05:23
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Romster "apparently led some viewers to believe it was a science education show" lol05:41
Romstermore like about 3 hours05:42
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joe9xorg-font-bh-ttf build error:
frinnst"No package 'xorg-macros' found"08:38
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joe9frinnst: was that for me?09:02
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joe9what is your perl5lib and PERL_CPANM_OPT?09:12
joe9I notice that my perl modules are not getting recognised.09:12
joe9and, where do you set it? in your zprofile or rc.conf?09:12
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deep42thought1Hi, again! Now I'm in front of my nice, shiny crux-pc, which refuses to set up network properly with the new kernel ,-)09:40
deep42thought1the funny thing is, that my old eth1-interface is now eth009:43
joe9deep42thought1: check the udev rules. I think there is a file for network cards.09:44
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deep42thought1this was suggested this morning here, too09:44
deep42thought1where do i find those?09:45
deep42thought1(sry, I'm at another pc now and can't look into my history)09:46
deep42thought1/etc/udev contains pretty few09:48
deep42thought1there are only two files for md (if I understand properly)09:49
deep42thought1To give you a full description of my problem: I updated from kernel 3.0.3 to 3.4.4 and afterwards my network-card isn't set up properly. I have two cards, but only want to compile the driver for the non-onboard one, what I have done now.09:54
deep42thought1ifconfig can bring up eth0, but it won't get an ip from my dhcp-server09:55
deep42thought1(cable is connected properly, LEDs flicker)09:56
deep42thought1what exactly do udev-rules have to do with this (and what do I need to do to them)?09:57
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deep42thoughtwell ,now I've disabled the onboard-card in bios, just in case ...10:08
deep42thoughtwhere do I find the messages dumped to the screen at bootup (until my login-shell appeares)?10:11
horrorStrucksee dmesg10:15
horrorStruckdeep42thought: my udev rules for nic renaming
deep42thoughtwell, he names it right. But anyways: I got a solution :-D10:20
deep42thoughtthx anyways :-)10:20
deep42thoughtforgot make modules_install (don't know if this was important) and configured in /etc/rc.d/net the device hard to eth1 ("/sbin/dhcpcd eth1")10:21
deep42thoughtIs there a way to tell mdadm not to activate a raid automatically (or try so) at bootup? Or to tell him to activate it _after_ other raids?10:27
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frinnstdeep42thought: remove the udev rule11:02
frinnstand do it manually in /etc/rc, or later in rc.local11:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nbd: 3.1.1 -> 3.211:03
deep42thoughtwhich one exactly is to remove:
deep42thoughtall with dm or md in it?11:10
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tilmanthat tooltip :D11:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: qemu-kvm: 1.0.1 -> 1.1.011:20
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deep42thoughtthis site is awesome :-)11:56
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niklasweis it someone more that has problem with cron and time..12:51
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niklaswewhen my cactiuser trying to run poller.php i got this msg..  07/04/2012 07:52:26 PM - POLLER: Poller[0] WARNING: Cron is out of sync with the Poller Interval!  The Poller Interval is '300' seconds, with a maximum of a '300' second Cron, but 855 seconds have passed since the last poll!12:52
niklasweand my clock is going right.12:53
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rmullniklaswe: Possibly a side effect of the leap second? Just guessing13:49
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niklasweright now doesnt my cacti work correctly :/13:50
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niklasweand a little bit annoying..13:54
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niklaswegaah i will give up soon..14:30
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frinnst'murica, fuck yeah!
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