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DaVinciSo, any comments on systemd?01:44
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horrorSt1uckis there any way to tell prt-get to use a specific pkgmk.conf from CLI?02:02
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sepenhorrorStruck: use wrapper scripts in prt-get.conf to call a fake-pkgmk (which uses your pkgmk.conf)02:03
horrorStrucksepen: ah yes. thanks02:05
horrorStrucksmart. thanks sepen02:06
sepenhmm anyways I'm researching about prt-get options02:07
frinnstDaVinci: not anything good02:08
sepennah you can use --margs="..."02:08
sepen--margs="...", e.g. --margs="-im" arguments to be passed to pkgmk, relevant for prt-get install, prt-get grpinst, prt-get update note that -d is already passed to pkgmk anyway02:08
frinnstpackardbell? are they still alive? :)02:09
sepenman! read the man! prt-get(8)02:09
horrorStrucki did :(02:09
sepenfrinnst: this is my box at office02:09
horrorStruckbut too fast02:11
frinnstwell well, you learn something every day02:12
sepenfrinnst: an old x86_64 but there were no more options here at office02:12
frinnstthought they died out during the bubble02:12
sepenfrinnst: no idea really, it's just old02:13
sepenfrinnst: anyways I'm running most stuff in a remote box (vcenter), an intel Xeon E550402:14
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DaVincifrinnst: so no plans to migrate then? looks like it's gonna be forced.02:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: rtorrent: disable debug build. thanks horrorStruck02:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libtorrent: disable debug build. thanks horrorStruck02:31
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teK_yeah red borders in chromium again.. wooot02:34
veeoh god, theres a chroimum update?02:35
teK_that's what's funny02:35
veeoh....what did you do to it? xD02:35
teK_from my history file02:36
teK_I already removed libgsf and rebuilt zlib (helped last time)02:37
sepenI'm rebuilding 20.0.1132.4702:38
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sepenis my first attempt so I'm still waiting the build to finish02:39
teK_patching file chromium/fix-svnversion.patch02:40
teK_patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line02:40
teK_patch: **** malformed patch at line 41:02:40
teK_today  is not my day :P02:40
teK_and: do you have fix-svnversion.patch handy?02:41
DaVincitek_: I think the red borders are related to libpng and the animation patch for apng02:41
teK_it's a library problem because I remember  this warning message about mailing someone having a red icon yesterday. Rest worked fine until I reopen chromium today02:42
DaVincibut I never do my own chromium builds02:42
teK_I will.02:43
teK_because I have the time, you know :P02:43
sepenteK_: but note that is my first build for this version, so I'm still on development ;)02:43
teK_building it is no issue :)02:44
teK_at least when I switched back to the ucs2 python because I have to use ucs4 as oracle decided to ship their binary waste calles vbox(+sdk) with libs with mode02:48
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teK_ sepen :)03:26
teK_not that it fixed the red borders but it built fine03:27
teK_rebuilding all runtime deps (gcc, glibc, ..too D:)03:39
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sepenteK_: argarga arghf
teK_which did not help.. fuck this04:17
sepenpfff I must resize my safe-crux04:17
teK_arg  sepen :|04:17
sepenI wasted some hours pffff04:19
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teK_it built fine here04:21
teK_so it should be ok :}04:21
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frinnstnice, gnome locked up again07:36
frinnstfucking useless07:36
joe9frinnst: why gnome?07:53
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niklaswefrinnst: are you running crux on work?08:15
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frinnstno, scientific linux (rhel clone, and they are all shite)08:17
niklaswefrinnst: yeah  like centos08:18
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Romsterwhy not some decent distro?08:35
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frinnstsoftware we use is "only supported on rhel and suse"08:39
frinnstbut runs fine on crux too. first chance i get i'll install your multilib08:40
Romsterjaegers work actually i just jumped on board to add a few other ports and bump versions.08:41
Romsterthought your against multilib being the pure 64bit type.08:41
frinnstwell running useless proprietary binaries that is built against 32bit libs leaves me sort of without much choice :)08:43
Romsteri see08:52
Romstershould be interesting how that goes.08:52
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Romsterdd you find the X frinnst09:02
frinnstre. the gnome freeze?09:03
Romsterah your had gnome freeze again to make you quit irc09:03
frinnstah no, that was me restarting the client. runs on another box :)09:03
frinnstsilly irssi config09:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: llvm: 2.8 -> 3.109:19
Romster/usr/include/c++/4.5.1 i thought were on 4.5.309:23
Romsteroh right that was removed...09:24
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sepenlol  the first file hosted here is '-*'09:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: chromium: updated to 20.0.1132.4709:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dialog: updated to 1.1-2012070309:34
Romsternever noticed that before.09:49
DaVinciRomster: Have you played with systemd10:02
Romsterno and i don't intend to. f i can avoid it.10:03
DaVinciYeah, it looks like its a forced migration.10:11
Romsterdamn straight...10:20
Romsterlinux is about choice, windows/osx is about forcing crap down ya throat giving you limited options.10:21
DaVinciI was hoping to find somebody that tried it before I started down that road.10:21
DaVinciI am not very happy about it for sure, sad to see this kind of stuff at the linux core.10:22
Romstersome are looking at mdev10:23
Romster in #crux-devel past few days has been discussions of systemd and other options10:24
DaVinciHmmm. Well it was not just device plugging that we need. It looks like there are a whole bunch of things tied up in this systemd udevd xdg thing.10:24
Romsterthough its to best suit hot plugging events.10:27
DaVinciYes, but it looks like we need systemd to make the logout and reboot options work in xfce10:28
DaVinciMore and more dbus.10:29
Romsterthis is exactly what i mean about the other init systems dying out and no diversity... i don't want linux going this way.10:29
Romsterdbus would be nice if it was done better than it's current state.10:30
Romsteri dont understand why linus is allowing this to happen.10:32
sepenDaVinci: sure? you just need 'sudo' to reboot/shutdown in xfce :)10:40
DaVincisepen, I don't even need that, but regular users need shiny buttons that work.10:56
DaVinciI don't think Linus has any say in the matter. He only works on the kernel which is the Linux in Linux/GNU OS. It looks like all this bs is coming through xorg.10:57
teK_may his middle finger could help11:01
sepenDaVinci: I don't have systemd installed and those buttons are working perfectly now on my desktop11:05
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Romsterirritating bug to deal with
Romster/usr/ports/work/wesnoth/src/wesnoth-1.10.3/src/foreach.hpp:9:22: error: 'boost::BOOST_FOREACH' has not been declared11:16
Romsterpatch it on the weekend i think.11:16
Romstersleep time later all.11:17
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DaVincisepen, which ver of xfwm4 are you running?11:22
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tilmanthat fontconfig update made my fonts look nicer <313:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] libtiff: resolves CVE-2012-2088 and CVE-2012-211313:15
frinnstI *ALMOST* forgot to push that again today..13:21
c0xhmm, got same error as this:
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tilmanand the patch that guy linked to worked for you as well? :-)13:27
c0xwant to sleep, will try tomorrow13:33
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sh4rm4i was following
sh4rm4but boot.scr is missing16:00
rmullsh4rm4: You may want to try #crux-arm16:01
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teK_just for frinnst16:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mysql: 5.5.25 -> 5.5.25a16:59
teK_because all of us love him -^16:59
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netman86Do any of you have experiance installing crux on an hp dl380 g4p (or similar) oem box? I don't think the kernel has built in support for the raid card, and it's been too long since I've had these problems to recall how to load it.17:30
netman86ah, a hint! sounds like the module may very well be there, I just need to load it.17:39
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veehello all19:09
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rmullanybody here ever run xmail?21:35
Romsternot me21:44
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c0xtilman, that patch works for me, glib-2.32.1, qt 4.8.1, but footprint mismatch: new 'usr/share/qt4/plugins/sqldrivers/' ;)23:10

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