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niklasweguys any idé on this.. why does this doesnt work with the pkgfile, but it works when i do it manually... http:/
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tilmanc0x: i'd just ignore that for now, unless you know you're to use odbc :D00:11
tilmanniklaswe: 40400:12
c0xtilman, footprint mismatch not a problem for me00:20
tilmanc0x: just saw it's NEW and not MISSING00:21
tilmanc0x: NEW mismatches are usually not a problem00:21
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niklaswesorry for typo.. using my phone rigth now..00:38
tilman+ ./configure --prefix=/usr00:39
tilman== removing old build files00:39
tilman== running CMake in build directory00:39
tilmanniklaswe: wow, LOTS of failures during build00:40
tilmanniklaswe: dont have time to have a proper look tho, gotta run for work :)00:40
niklasweheh okey00:41
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niklaswethe funny is that it has work before..00:48
niklaswewhen i compoie it on crux (not 64bit that time..)00:49
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clod89Hi all, i've just install crux alongside a gentoo install but i can't get grub in gentoo to load the kernel i always get Error 15: File not found07:52
clod89i have 3 primary partitions for gentoo (sda1 /boot sda2 swap and sda3 /) and a logical partition (sda4) for crux where sda5 is /boot and sda6 is /07:53
clod89in grub i've tried setting root fro (hd0,4) to root(hd0,5) to no avail and the kernel like is as follows07:54
clod89kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda607:55
Romsteri don't think you can boot from a extended partition?08:01
teK_boot from != root-Partition?08:02
Romsteri think you need to chain load the gentoo grub to the crux boot loader08:03
Romsterbut i'm no grub expert08:03
Romstersda1 = hd0,0 sda2 = hd0,108:04
Romsterand so on be sure you got the right number.08:05
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frinnstor just mount crux's /boot to /sda1 and just use a different root= for the crux entry08:20
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clod89Romster: sorry i had to leave for a while, anyway yes it's possible to boot from an extended partition i used to it all the time, and i tried with alle the hd0,x combinations to no avail08:37
clod89Romster: also i don't have a boot loader installed on crux since i'm using grub from gentoo08:37
Romstermakes sense.08:38
Romsterthough i don't know why it wont boot.08:38
Romstersda5 is /boot and sda6 is / makes no sense unless you built a custom sda6 as crypto/lvm/mdadm08:39
clod89Romster: i just like to have my boot partition separated just in case i screw up something08:40
Romstersda6 would be hd0,5 sda5 will be  hd0,408:40
Romsterthat much i do know.08:40
clod89Romster: i have no idea why it's not working either08:44
Romsterask someone that uses grub08:45
Romsterperhaps nogagplz might know/08:45
clod89Romster: i guess i'll wait for him to get online then08:47
Romsterhe should be here if he arn't procrastinating again :D08:47
Romsteror someone else will reply that knows grub08:48
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rmullI use grub08:50
rmullHm, let's see08:50
rmullSo sda5:/boot/vmlinuz is your kernel08:51
clod89rmull: yes08:51
clod89rmull: this is how grub is set up right now08:51
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rmullHave you tried removing the "/boot" from in front of vmlinuz?08:56
clod89rmull: let me try, i've tried doing hd(0,4)/vmlinuz though08:56
rmullSo it would read "kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda6"08:56
rmullI don't know if it matters but you're missing a space between root and (hd0,4)08:57
clod89rmull: that was it! :)08:57
clod89rmull: removint /boot did the trick08:57
rmullGreat. Have fun08:57
rmullI suspect because the /boot dir does not exist in sda5. It's mounted at /boot in sda6, so it's in the root of sda508:58
Romsteroh did you forget to set the boot flag on that partition too?08:58
clod89rmull: thanks :-) already a kernel panic ahah08:58
Romsteri'm far too tired to think well but what rmull says makes sense.08:59
Romstermake a 2G root and rest for /home or something...08:59
Romsterand forget boot09:00
rmullI always make /boot a primary partition and use it to store boot files for all the distros I have09:07
rmullShared /boot09:07
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clod89rmull: i just wanted to play it safe i like to mess things around, and gentoo takes A LOT of time to reinstall on an atom :P09:14
clod89rmull: anyway i'm now recompiling the kernel i think i forgot some ahci driver as it can't find the sda6 root partition09:15
Romsterthat will do it09:24
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Romsteri'm off to bed can't function this tired09:26
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clod89i've tried recompiling the kernel and double checked what i was putting into it with the one i'm using in gentoo and it still does not work it's as if it does not see any partition09:32
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rmullWhy not just use the gentoo kernel?09:34
rmullIt's the same machine09:34
clod89rmull: well that did it with some fatal errors because it can't find some firmware but no biggie i'm going to install another firmware anyway :P just wanted to make sure it booted fine09:37
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clod89i've been trying to compile the 3.4.4 kernel but it just stops while compiling the radeon drivers, no errors are issued and no bzimage is created, i'm kind of lost :/10:53
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Rotwangclod89: run in verbose mode10:54
clod89Rotwang: ok i'll try10:55
Rotwangit was something like: make V=2 or so10:55
rmullclod89: What are your make options? If you have a high -j value a lot of "normal looking" lines could scroll by and hide the source of the error10:56
rmullsince it will have scrolled away10:56
clod89rmull: make -j510:57
rmullYeah, try scrolling up10:57
rmullThere are 4 other make jobs that are printing stuff after the error occurred10:57
clod89rmull: ok, embarassing question, how do i scroll up ona tty? :P10:57
clod89rmull: thansk10:58
rmullanything look like an error?11:01
clod89rmull: i could not scroll up enough to find anything (i had issued some commands afterwards), i'm trying to recompile now11:05
clod89rmull: still the same and it does not let me scroll up11:18
clod89rmull: i guess i'll just recompile with make without -j to see the whole output in order11:19
rmullMight want to be explicit about -j1 just in case. Did you try the verbosity setting? That's a good idea too, probably, though I've never used it11:25
Rotwangyes it is11:41
clod89still compiling, takes quite some time on an atom11:48
clod89it's trying to pull in some radeon firmware even if i disabled the option to include it into the kernel i think i need to take an hard look at menuconfig12:13
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clod89should be allright now i'll recompiel12:14
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clod89ok it works, i do have still one annoyin problem for some reason my root password is always incorrect, i've already changed it 3 times in chroot :-/12:23
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veedoes an httpup file work the same as an rsync file?16:07
frinnstwhat do you mean?16:07
veecan i put it in the /etc/ports, add it to my prt-get config as you do with an rsync file?16:08
veesweet. thanks frinnst16:08
veeautofs yeilds this :
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:/etc/ports$ prt-get info autofs16:24
frinnstPackage 'autofs' not found16:24
veeits in alans httpup file16:26
veei dont know who alan is though :P16:26
frinnstyou have the email address in the Pkgfile16:31
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veethis is very true16:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: 0.10.3 -> 0.10.421:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: boost: fix make jobs and add support for ccache21:02
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