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pedjaYES!mounting usb drives, along with the desktop icons, finally works in xfce.03:30
pedjasad part is I don't know whatI did to make it work.oh, well03:31
nogagplzdamnit what did you do03:46
nogagplzwas it some horrible voodoo with console kit udisks and polkit?!03:47
pedjapolkit, gvfs, udisks, udisks2, I have them all :)04:00
pedjamounting from console using udisks worked before, now I get a nice desktop icon.04:01
pedjait must be gvfs update...04:01
pedjanow, on to fun stuff, creating winblows virtual machine in Vbox.04:13
pedjawhat voodoo is required so users can use usb subsystem in Vbox?04:15
pedjaoh, udev rules, right.04:20
nogagplzI don't remember needing to stuff with udev04:22
nogagplzafter the install just adding myself to vboxusers group was enough04:23
pedjaand you could use usb devices?04:26
nogagplzyeah, only tried with a flash drive and gamepad but other stuff should work too04:29
pedjahmm, I get the message that users can't use usb subsystem.04:30
pedjawith virtualbox-bin, if that makes any difference.04:30
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pedjaFailed to access the USB subsystem.04:39
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clod89I've installed crux yesterday but i can't login as root i always get login incorrect, i already tried changing the password in chroot, i can however login in single user mode, i tried changing the password from there too but to no avail04:44
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pedjayay, usb works under vbox ( all I had to do is replug the webcam).07:07
pedjaand add a few udev rules, so device nodes get proper permissions.07:08
pedjaI pushed the changes to contrib64 repo, if anyone is interested :)07:17
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nogagplzwhat about your mounting madness, did you figure it out enough to document it :P07:19
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pedjanogagplz: not really, gvfs might be the secret sauce :).I can't find straightforward answer in xfce docs.08:46
pedjai.e how does all mounting/desktop icon thingie works.08:47
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nogagplzwith hal it was pretty much install and done, now it's linux desktop how does it work ;P08:49
pedjaI talked to sepen while back about that, he said he'll figure it out, when he has the time.08:49
clod89so i freshly installed crux, it's the second time i install it and the second time that i can't login as root no matter what, i've tried changing the password in chroot, deleting the password from /etc/passwd and modifying it from single user (where i can login)08:49
clod89but still i always get incorrect login08:50
clod89*login incorrect08:50
clod89i'm out of ideas on what to do :-/08:51
pedjaso, you can login as a regular user, and not as root?08:53
clod89i haven't tried as a regular user08:56
clod89as i can't create one, i guess i could try create one in chroot and try08:56
clod89pedja: *yes i can login as regular user09:04
pedjadoes su to root work?09:05
clod89su: must be run from a terminal09:05
clod89pedja: not quite sure why it says that09:06
clod89pedja: any idea?09:13
clod89pedja: the user is part of the wheel group so it should be able to run su09:14
pedjasu is suid root, so any user can run it.09:15
pedjawhat does faillog say?09:16
clod89login : root faliures:3 maximum:0 latest:07/07/12 +0000 on UNKNOWN09:18
pedjaUNKNOWN <---thats the error, it should be /dev/tty09:19
clod89pedja: so how could i fix it?09:19
pedjacheck /etc/securetty09:19
clod89it says console, ttyS0 and then lists from tty1 to tty609:20
pedjaand output of w?09:20
clod89it says proc is not mounted09:21
clod89but it is not on a different partition09:21
frinnstproc is a pseudo fs and must be mounted09:21
frinnstcheck fstab09:21
clod89yep i deleted the proc line and ontherone i can't remeber which one i did not know that, in other distros i've never seen that in fstab09:22
pedjawhy did you delete it from fstab? :)09:23
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clod89pedja: well as i said i've never seen it in the other distros i've used listed in fstab (eg. gentoo where i'm writing from now) so i tought it was just in case it was on a differetn partition09:24
frinnstshould look something like that09:24
clod89frinnst: thank you!09:24
frinnstclod89: I guess they mount it in their init-scripts or something09:24
clod89so while i modify fstab, please can you explain me what are those virtual fs and why should they be mounted?09:25
frinnstkernel stuff09:26
frinnstproc contains all sorts of stuff exported from the kernel, from processes, memory cpu whatever09:27
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clod89frinnst: thanks! i rebooted and everything is fine now :-) , even if i still am not quite sure about the role of sysfs, what are the differences with /dev where device are listed?09:31
frinnstdev contains nodes to your physical hardware. sys contains metadata of your hardware and drivers09:35
frinnstdunno how best to explain it :)09:35
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/temp1_input09:36
frinnst^^ current temp of my gpu in C09:36
tilman68000 degress celsius? holy cow!09:36
frinnst60.000 :>09:36
frinnst68 asdf09:36
frinnstnice and toasty09:36
frinnstomelette anyone?09:37
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clod89so it's like one access the device the other one has all the data on it?09:37
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon1/temp1_input09:37
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >09:37
tilmanit doesnt have an active cooler. never bothered to check its temperature09:38
tilmandidnt expect that09:38
frinnstclod89: sort of i guess. I thought the wikipedia article explained it quite well09:39
frinnstmine is also passively cooled09:39
frinnstamd hd 5770 i think09:39
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clod89how do i add an individual ports collection?10:24
clod89nevermind i got it10:25
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c0xdependency missing in opt/libdrm/Pkgfile: depends on xorg-libpciaccess12:31
frinnstDependencies: libpthread-stubs,xorg-libpciaccess12:59
frinnstare you blind? :)12:59
frinnstoh sorry13:00
frinnstthat's from another repo :)13:00
frinnstits "fixed" in the devel repo13:00
niklaswefrinnst: any idé about this..
niklasweI have an intel HD sound-card..13:01
niklasweand i can see it with alsamixer..13:01
frinnstdunno, mpg123 issue?13:02
niklaswehave try with aplay too13:03
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c0xfrinnst, also ffmpeg-0.10.3.tar.bz2 & md5sum issue ^^^13:07
c0xon #crux-devel13:09
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niklasweHmm I will try kernel 3.4 instead of and see if my sound will work.15:31
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niklaswenow when i using kernel 3.4 the sound works again.16:17
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