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niklaswegood morning!01:56
niklaswehow are you ?02:01
joacimdoing just fine, and you?02:21
niklaswenice to hear :) Im fine too, sitting and wonderin why my xbmc-computer get wrong resolution on the tv, this morning... When it worked yesterday :P02:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: include updated md5sum02:51
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juegood morning02:58
Romstermorning jue02:59
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.103:14
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: usbutils: update to 00603:14
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: dhcpcd: update to 5.6.003:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.1.804:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: spectrwm: update to 1.1.104:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libdrm: fix dependencies04:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mpg123: update to 1.14.304:16
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niklaswehmm strange.. looks like mdadm has "forgot" one of my disks :/ it has mark it as removed.. :(07:39
niklasweand when i reboot it randomly take one of the disk..07:45
niklaswefirst it was sda1, and after I reboot it is sdb1 avaiable.07:45
horrorStruckthis sucks, happened to me in the past (even without mdadm) if you're using gpt. there's a way to use UUID (that normally requires an initramfs)07:56
horrorStruckhmm that ambiguous: the "." goes after the ")" and replace it with a ","07:57
niklaswehorrorStruck: the disk using gpt..07:57
horrorStruckoh there's hope then07:58
Romster not that?07:58
horrorStruckniklaswe: never tried but hey
niklasweRomster: I will check out..  would sucks if i lost all my movies and pictures :/08:01
Romstermore so inaccessible08:04
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niklaswenow can i see both disk.. but i cant mount md0-device.. Got problem with fs type instead..08:26
niklaswethis really sucks..08:26
Romsterdid you dectivate mdadm array then assemble it correctly?08:27
Romsterdid it resync?08:34
Romsteror was it never degraded to begin with.08:34
niklasweits didnt resync08:35
niklasweand now have it lost one disk again..08:36
Romstersmartctl -a /dev/.... look at UDMA_CRC_Error_Count08:39
Romsterif it's high it's most likely a flaskey connector/cable/disk controller.08:39
Romsteri had one like that08:40
Romstersata data cable was crap, replaced it and UDMA_CRC_Error_Count stopped increasing.08:40
Romsternot unusual for that to not be 0 though08:41
niklasweyeah but it´s 008:41
RomsterOffline_Uncorrectable also 0?08:41
niklasweI got alot of  mdadm: sending ioctl 1261 to a partition! in dmesg..08:43
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niklasweaja... all my stuff is gone so..08:54
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Romsterinformation for developers, but not a warning for the sysadmin.  The trouble here is that it's being sent with kern.warn severity, which causes vt console spew for the default printk level.  This breaks many apps on the vt (watch, top, etc.) which are commonly run by sysadmins.09:03
Romsteryou can ignore that ioctl warning it's harmless.09:03
Romsterit can't be gone...09:03
Romsterniklaswe, did you change any ports cables or anything that caused this to happen?09:04
Romsterarray layout?09:04
niklasweRomster: Nope I just noticed it as hap.09:05
niklaswewhen I cat /proc/mdstat09:05
niklaswebut I can see the disks in /proc/partition.09:06
Romster--detailmdadm --examine output of each member of that array09:09
Romstermdadm --examine09:09
Romstercat /proc/mdstat ; mdadm --examine --scan to pastebin.09:11
Romsterand oyu never did a mdadm create command?09:17
niklasweyes I follow it on the blog.09:18
Romsternever do that09:18
Romsterassemble with force but never do create without knowing the repercussions09:18
Romsterbeing raid1 it might be possible to fix.09:19
Romsterdo you know what mdadm metadata version it was using?09:19
niklasweyes 1.209:19
Romsteror approximate date it was created09:19
Romsterwas or is that what it's using now.09:19
niklaswefirst "create" was 6 june.09:20
Romsterok so 1.2 and 1MiB data offset.09:20
Romstertestdisk /dev/md009:20
niklaswe26 june instead of 6 june.09:23
Romsterselect none then advanced09:25
Romsterand superblock09:25
niklasweBut I cant find superblock  as an options..09:29
niklasweshouldnt I choose Linux md 1.x?09:29
Romsterwhat do you see on the advanced menu?09:29
Romsteryoudid do testdisk /dev/md0 ?09:29
niklasweI got Please choose the partition type, Press Enter when done..09:30
Romsterselect none09:30
niklasweand the Unknown,BeFS..09:30
Romsterthen advanced09:30
niklaswethat is what i did.09:31
Romsterwhat's under09:31
Romster     Partition                  Start        End    Size in sectors09:31
Romsterand what was it if it's incorrect. you said BeFS was that what it was before? i'm guessing it was ext4?09:35
niklasweah :) XFS  now I found superbloc.09:35
Romsterok so look at the fsck line place one of them superblocks it's found in the command.09:36
Romsterquit testdisk first though09:36
Romsterniklaswe, repairing now?09:43
niklasweRomster: no, because it doesnt show any superblock.09:44
Romsterand it takes you this long to tell me that...09:46
Romsterand just before you said: niklaswe> ah :) XFS  now I found superblock.09:46
niklasweno.. I PM you that.09:46
niklaswethat options..09:47
Romsteri never seem queries unless i scroll down my channel list09:47
Romsterdid you change type in testdisk to XFS?09:48
niklasweyes, and after that it doesnt show anything..09:48
niklaswelook in your pm.09:49
Romsteralso it's polite to ask if you can query someone first09:49
Romsteri looked09:49
* nogagplz queries Romster incessantly09:50
niklasweRomster: then I apologize you...09:53
Romsterniklaswe, never mind talking in query now, just saying for next time.09:55
Romsternogagplz, seriously your humor is growing old.09:56
nogagplztime doesn't wait for anbody, what do you expect09:56
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clod89i've modified the source of a port but now when i try to install it i get a md5 mismatch how can i force the installation or recreate the md5?11:18
Romsterpkgmk -um11:22
clod89Romster: thanks that did it! when i install the package though i get a mismatch found on a README file, i'm not sure how to handle that11:29
Romsterpkgmk -uf11:30
Romsterthough you should rm the README in the build function prefixed with $PKG/.../README11:31
Romsteryou ought to read the handbook on the website11:31
clod89ok thank you11:38
clod89one last thing11:38
clod89after installing some software i found out that it created a /usr/etc direcotry with config files for some of them, should it be like that?11:39
Romsterthe handbook has detains on all this11:43
Romsterbut i've been going by any system ran daemon or core port belongs in /etc everything else in /usr/etc11:43
clod89Romster: ok thank you11:44
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Romsterclod89, no problem11:46
c0xfail to build kde4/kde-workspace: what could be wrong?11:47
c0xtried in sane chrooted environment, CFLAGS='-march=nocona -O2 -pipe', no other *FLAGS11:50
Romsterrecompile with -fPIC11:52
Romsterquite obvious11:52
RomsterCFLAGS='-march=nocona -O2 -fPIC -pipe'11:52
Romsteri should get to bed g'night11:54
c0xthat's nasty hack11:54
c0xI think it should builds with no problem without -fPIC12:10
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