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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: openldap: adopted and updated to 2.4.3104:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: krb5: updated to 1.10.204:05
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horrorSt1uckRomster: are you actually using ddclient ?05:30
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rmullWhy do latex distributions have such massive sizes?06:45
mike_kcmon, it is not just a rubber, it is latex®!06:48
rmullthe texlive-full Pkgfile (cruxpl repo) is broken06:51
frinnstif it is, then it's my fault06:57
frinnstjust wait for the dns to update06:57
rmullfrinnst: Huh? Are you sean?06:58
frinnstand texlive-full isnt from the cruxpl repo06:59
frinnst <- hosted by me06:59
rmulloh, swhitton06:59
frinnstand is probably a 404 at the moment :)06:59
rmullI got this line from portdbc search: texlive-full                 swhitton       httpup sync texlive-full06:59
rmulland that's what shows up on too07:00
rmullOh, I see.07:01
rmullYeah, texlive was empty when I tried to sync it07:01
frinnstI only host the source=() files07:02
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RomsterhorrorStruck, it's on my fire pc07:29
Romsterbut it seems to run then exit for me and i've been too lazy to see why07:29
Romsterand i just got back from table tennis07:30
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horrorStruckRomster: exactly. and this is new and also a fuckin mystery. i solved with this: Your paste can be seen here:
horrorStruckrunning in the background is default anyway08:25
Romsterwhy the hell would that change it's behavour since that's what it's meant to do already08:29
horrorStruckit's been working perfectly fine for me since ages too.08:30
horrorStruckjust started few days ago08:30
Romsteran d it seems to stay working for me now with your change.08:31
horrorStruckyes :)08:31
horrorStruckcall me dumb :D08:31
Romsterstupid canuck ddclient08:31
Romsterit's a default and yet that config option breaks it...08:32
Romsterno wonder i could not find the bugger.08:32
horrorStruckmost importantly i really wonder how this suddenly got broken08:34
Romsterbeats me.08:36
horrorStruck4chan has this answer:
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ddclient: fix running as daemon, thank you horrorStruck08:36
Romsterhow long you been using ddclient anyways?08:37
Romsterused to work fine for me too then it went weird like that.08:37
horrorStruck~8 months08:37
Romsterhmm couple of years here.08:37
horrorStrucknever had any issue before08:38
Romstervery strange no sysup recently?08:38
horrorStrucki must have happened around thursday i think but my machine is not really vanilla crux so whi knows08:39
horrorStrucks/i/it fucking bear sto pmessing with my typing08:40
Romsterthat's seriously worse than my sentences.08:41
Romsteror is it....08:41
nogagplznothing is worse08:41
Romsterbeer eh08:42
horrorStruckjust coming back from dinner. with beer. having a crappy whisky in front of me now.08:42
Romsterand i just knew nogagplz would chime in...08:42
Romsteri should start charging nogagplz08:42
nogagplzor did you08:42
nogagplzthe plot chickens...08:42
Romsterwhisky is nice but seriosuly don't drink that after beer you'll feel so bloated later.08:42
Romsteri know from experience.08:43
horrorStrucki already do, beer is terrible for that08:43
Romsterget drink on whiskey no major hang over get drunk on beer and you so know about it.08:44
horrorStruckand i had a giant tom yum kung
horrorStruckah i thought bloated meant like full stomach08:44
horrorStruckanyway time to afk just so i dont have to use a new nick/ip tomorrow08:46
Romsterbloated feel like your gonna explode with liquid and massive hangover08:46
Romsterall the hops and stuff does that, i find if the drink is clear looking or close to it you wont feel many after effects08:47
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joe9i am trying to figure out how to add a kernel boot parameter to set the eth0 card to have full-duplex mode11:13
joe9will this work?
joe9or, is there a better way to find out the list of kernel boot parameters?11:13
frinnstread the docs in the kernel source, its all there11:17
frinnstwhy do you need it so early?11:17
joe9frinnst: from here?11:20
joe9i do not see much for full_duplex there?11:20
joe9that is fine. i will just add that as an mii-tool command to the /etc/rc.d/net11:23
frinnstjoe9: no. those are general settings11:29
frinnstthe driver-documentation should contain everything you need11:29
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frinnsthow many here are running crux on 32bit-only capable hardware?12:28
joe9frinnst: i am.12:38
joe9on 32-bit only hardware. I have an x86_64 machine and a 32-bit only machine.12:38
pitillofrinnst: some machines here (only one 64b)12:41
frinnstgood, keep it coming :)13:03
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frinnstjue: giving your btrfs-utils snapshot a run for it's money at the moment14:12
frinnstpossible impending failure on a drive, removing it from the array and rebalancing the raid0 data on the fly on a mounted and fully usable filesystem14:13
frinnstepicness (unless I hit a spectacular failure) :)14:13
jaegernice :)14:14
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frinnstok, so this is not good:16:16
frinnstERROR: error removing the device '/dev/sdc' - No space left on device16:16
nogagplzyou know what to do when the surface is crowded16:21
nogagplzmove underground16:21
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clod89if i wanted to recompile and update certain xorg packages what would be the best way to do it? i mean should i just work on the ports script or create my own, and how could i then prevent them from being replaced during an update?18:36
jaegerclod89: do you want to rebuild ports without changing them or you want to make your own versions?18:55
clod89jaeger: make my own version, i'd need to rebuild mesa with gallium support and update xcb and a few other packages to newer versions18:55
jaegeryou have a couple options... you can make your own ports directory with your versions in it and list that first in prt-get.conf18:56
jaegeror you could change the default port and lock it after building the changed version with 'prt-get lock'18:56
clod89jaeger: i didn't know about prt-get lock, about hte first option how can i lock the updates on those packages?18:58
jaegerthe first option just makes your ports more important to prt-get than the default ones...18:58
jaegerthe second option just makes sure that prt-get won't update the port, no matter the version18:58
clod89jaeger: oh sure what i meant was (sorry it's 2 am here) i've looked into prt config file and it has a default directory for your onw ports in ~/packages if i remember well, can i just move that up first?18:59
clod89it did have a sightly different syntax than the other ways to add ports directories19:00
jaegersure, just make sure it's a directory instead of a port if you want to use multiple ones19:00
jaeger'prtdir /home/user/mypackages:wtf' will only use the 'wtf' port but 'prtdir /home/user/mypackages' will use all the ports in that dir19:01
clod89thanks i'll tru that tomorrow then!19:01
clod89i really like crux so far it just gets out of the way and lets you do whatever you want with package managment and the rest19:03
jaegerGlad you like it19:03
clod89jaeger: thanks again! and goodnight or have a nice day! to each timezone is own ahah19:05
jaegertake care19:05
jaegerno problem19:05
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Romsteryou forgot the xorg fork may do what he wants already21:52
jaegerI didn't forget; he mentioned gallium specifically or whatever so I figured his port might be more specific22:39
jaegerthough maybe the newer versions, dunno. feel free to mention it if he comes back, of course22:54

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