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tilman_os x system updates wipe application-specific files and directories in /var/lib/01:10
tilman_apple seems to think that's fair game o_O01:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: qt4: fixes building with new glib (Thanks to Danny)01:36
* nogagplz slaps Romster in the back of the head with a trout01:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] libpng: update to 1.5.12. Resolves CVE-2012-338601:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: geany: updated to 1.2201:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: geany-plugins: updated to 1.2201:49
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Romsterwhat you could of reported it nogagplz03:04
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Romstertilman, to snow leppord?03:05
Romsteror is it now white lion03:05
nogagplzeh thought it was just a local break to me, not something hugely important03:17
Romstera few had noticed it03:21
nogagplzstupid qt, I bet it's mocing us as we speak03:26
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frinnstdoh, libpng is obviously verison 1.4.1204:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: p5-html-tagset: 3.04 -> 3.2004:44
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: p5-html-parser: 3.68 -> 3.6904:44
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Romsterasalor> traks, sure- try crypsetup luksOpen <your enc device> <name> ; vgscan ; vgchange -a y ; mount /dev/VG/root_lv. but you should find out why that devian fails...06:57
Romster<asalor> s/devian/debian :))) -ENOCOFFEE06:57
Romsteri lol-ed06:57
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NomiusYeay! A pure x86_64 system! :-D10:39
Nomius(Love dropping tha bomb! :-P)10:42
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rmullhi sepen12:24
frinnstsepen, did you catch my patch for xchat?12:26
frinnstjue also did a patch for the entire port with a simple sed line doing the same thing12:26
frinnstanother glib issue12:26
sepenfrinnst: yes
sepenfrinnst: thanks to you too, just saw jue's mail before12:29
frinnstah, must have missed that commit12:29
sepenseems like that no one can be a couple of days off in the mountains12:30
sepenlike if things happen when you're not12:31
sepenports, ML, ... you know12:31
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Rotwang  -- my pseudo ci setup is getting shape14:54
Rotwangtoo bad jenkins is such a shitty tool14:55
Rotwangcontinuous integration14:57
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vee_hey guys18:24
vee_how are you jaeger18:27
jaegerDoing decently well, you?18:28
vee_kind of bummed out18:28
vee_all the hype behind gentoo wasn't that big18:28
vee_i got it installed easily18:28
rmullIt's not so different from crux in that regard, really18:28
vee_yea, i figured. but ill give them this...their wiki is really awesome18:29
jaegerI used a lot of gentoo at my previous job, it's got its ups and downs like any other distro18:30
vee_yep yep. if i may be rude and ask, what was your previous job?18:30
jaegerSystems/Network admin for a web filtering/firewalling company18:31
jaegersold filter servers and pfsense firewalls and support18:31
vee_very nice18:31
vee_i freelance on computers. i hate working for companies. they're always greedy and usually have people who know...not too much.18:32
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aarchjust installed the 64bit edition of CRUX, booted to it and found that I couldn't log in as root. I rebooted to installation liveusb, chrooted to newly created root-fs so I could set a new password. Passwd reported no errors and /etc/shadow looks ok but it still won't let me login :\23:19
aarchI also created an ordinary user account, and I'm able to log on it23:23
jaegercan you su to root from the user account?23:33
aarchit says "must be run from terminal"23:34
jaegerhrmm, odd. not sure what would cause that23:35
jaegeris /dev/pts mounted?23:35
aarchnope, only /dev/sda323:36
aarchI think I messed up something during the installation..23:36
jaegerthere should be /proc, /sys, /dev/shm, and /dev/pts mounted usually23:37
jaegeraside from your normal filesystems23:37
aarchYup. Looks like I managed to skip the part where some of those are put to fstab... retrying->23:39
aarchjust copied the previous fstab-file from gentoo installation without thinking much23:41
jaegerah, yeah. every distro's a tad different in what they do and don't include23:41
jaegertime for me to get some sleep, good luck23:42
aarchworks like a charm now. thanks for the help.23:49
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