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sepenhas someone configured a traffic shaper to block or limit bandwidth for dropbox connections?04:59
Romsternope but could be done since i've got QoS here.05:01
Romsterbut it's a pain to get IMQ working for ingress shaping.05:01
Romsterand it's not the ideal way to shape downloading either. I'd much prefer to manipulate the window size in the tcp packets, but no solid solution exists yet to modify that.05:02
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horrorStrucksepen: codel is supposed to do wonders without touching any knobs if you dont mind using net-next. i tried it but i dont have real QoS needs so...05:16
horrorStrucksepen: i have tried this in the past, it worked as expected
sepenhorrorStruck: well, I don't need to change my traffic shaper to trickle, just wanted to find a rule for limit bandwith usage for 'dropbox' connections from my LAN05:19
sepenwell, to a customer05:19
horrorStrucksepen: oh i misunderstood, my bad05:19
sepennah thanks anyways05:19
horrorStrucknp, QoS is a nightmare anyway. go for codel if you can, all network guys on bufferbloat ML are crazy about this thing.05:21
sepenthanks, but I used to use netfilter rules + 'tc' command for that05:21
horrorStruckworks pretty much the same, it's a new sched that hasn't been merged in mainline yet05:22
Romsteri'm using the insane HFSC scheduler05:27
frinnstI dont use any because my connection is awesome :)05:27
Romsternice page horrorStruck will read that05:28
horrorStruckit seems to be the next big thing(TM) since bql in networking05:28
Romsteri want to be able to adjust tcp window size.05:29
Romsterbased on my own rules.05:29
Romsterit'll still be bursty to a degree but far better to throttle back from the sending end.05:30
Romsterplus that would reduce congestion for other users to use same server too.05:30
horrorStruckthis can be set in sysctl.conf no?05:31
* horrorStruck has not much idea about he's talking about, asks frinnst to post the drawing reading donkey picture05:32
horrorStruckdoes this have any interest for you Romster :
frinnst :)05:34
RomsterhorrorStruck, read stuff like that a long time ago and i've done my own tuning05:35
horrorStruckah ok05:36
Romsterbut i'll skim though that in case i've missed something.05:36
sepenI don't need to do my own tuning, that is for a customer, not for me05:37
Romsteri was tuning my queues before bufferbloat was around afaik05:39
sepenhorrorStruck: nice doc, thanks05:43
horrorStrucksepen: np05:44
Romsternot exactly what your after but a good guide to keep close by05:44
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sepenhmm I found something
rmullI feel like there are dozens of dropbox-like sites out there and this isn't going to deter people06:23
frinnstdropcanvas is pretty awesome06:24
Romsterthat wont stop someone using a proxy06:26
sepenRomster: you should have this customer ...06:27
sepenI hate all the work that gives us06:28
rmullfrinnst: I've been using that gtk3 port of yours that you sent me a Pkgfile for. I haven't had any issues with it with the web browser I built against it, though I'm not running a full Gnome environment. I think someone who uses Gnome should test next.06:30
frinnstcool. did that browser support gtk3 in the 1.1.1 release? I havent had time to look into it06:31
frinnstI couldnt find a public repo for the project either06:31
rmullfrinnst: It's public - git://
rmullI'm currently testing on commit ba3c43606:32
rmullYes, 1.1.1 supports gtk3 by default with a make-time option of selecting gtk2 instead.06:33
rmullI think they're probably moving away from the gtk2 support though, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets removed06:34
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horrorStruckour current webkit builds fine against gtk3 too, FWIW07:54
nogagplzsounds like it needs to be fixed then :P07:55
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RomsterhorrorStruck, of course but i've fixed it to use gtk2 for now08:44
horrorStruckyou seem not to remember who mentioned the --with-gtk=2.0 option to you :P anyway we dont have gtk3 but just in case rmull's browser takes advantage of it.08:48
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horrorStruckdouble ricing gcc+dragonegg, flyiiiing to the moooooon08:57
Romsterif you did as many things as me. then we'll see if you don't forget.08:57
horrorStruckthat was just a joke Romster08:58
Romsteryeah i got that, no offense taken, just so busy can't remember everything.08:58
Romsterman today was mad day bunch of stuff came in want it back by the end of the day...08:59
Romsteri didn't get out of the shop untiil 6pm when i'm usually out at 5:30pm08:59
frinnstI overslept to 11am this morning.. "oops"09:00
horrorStruckboth of you can't beat me... i'm single for a few weeks, drunk every evening \o/09:01
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Romsteri'm always single beat that09:10
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Romsteroops frinnst09:10
Romsterhate that phone rings left messages, where the hell are you.09:10
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spaceninjaI've added ->  Option "AllowEmptyInput" "False" <- in xorg.conf ServerLayout. I got input-mouse and input-keyboard + evdev installed. But still the mouse and keyboard doesn't work when i start x, what have I missed?09:19
rmullspaceninja: Did you check your xorg.log to see if there is anything related to input in there?09:19
rmullXorg.0.log or something09:20
horrorStruckspaceninja:  zgrep -i evdev /proc/config.gz09:22
horrorStruckah no09:22
horrorStruckif you have imput-* then it's irrelephant09:23
horrorStrucki'll keep the elephant09:23
spaceninjarmull: I'm looking at it now, it's strange, only file-paths for X files09:24
horrorStruckspaceninja: usb stuff?09:24
spaceninjaCONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV is not set09:24
horrorStruckspaceninja: you need it if you want to use input-evdev09:25
horrorStruckyou need hid stuff also09:25
rmullspaceninja: XFiles?? The truth is out there09:30
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spaceninjaah so much pain, but It will get solved, need to eat09:57
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spaceninjahorrorStruck: how do I set it, what else do I need to do other than using evdev as the driver in the config file?10:16
horrorStruckspaceninja:  Location:                                                                                                                                                                                                  │10:17
horrorStruck  │     -> Device Drivers                                                                                                                                                                                        │10:17
horrorStruck  │       -> Input device support                                                                                                                                                                                │10:17
horrorStruck  │         -> Generic input layer (needed for keyboard, mouse, ...) (INPUT [=y])10:17
spaceninjaah, in the kernel10:18
horrorStruckIIRC i needed hid stuff too for usb devices10:18
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horrorStruckspaceninja:  Location:                                                                                                                                                                                                  │10:19
horrorStruck  │     -> Device Drivers                                                                                                                                                                                        │10:19
horrorStruck  │       -> HID support10:19
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spaceninjahorrorStruck: I got both of them checked and compiled in the kernel10:22
* horrorStruck crosses fingers 10:22
sepenI compiled hid for my usb mouse10:31
sepenrawhid/win 310:54
sepenoops, wrong window10:55
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joe9jaeger: need some advice, I use this script to beep for some time (more like a crude alarm): sleep 1920 && while (( i++ < 30 )) { echo i is $i; printf '\7'; sleep 1 ; }11:45
joe9i just google'd "at" and realise that I can use it.11:46
joe9not sure, if you have any other suggestions?11:46
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spaceninjaI managed to get it solved12:08
spaceninjaI needed Event interface in input device support12:09
horrorStruckcmazel tov :)12:14
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joe9i notice that there is no beep command in crux. there is a beep that romster symlinks. but, no beep that beeps to the pcspkr.12:18
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joe9 found this.12:19
rmulljoe9: the 'beep' program is probably not necessary12:24
rmullis this in X or without X?12:24
horrorStruckjoe9: you need it in your kernel too12:28
joe9rmull: with X12:28
joe9horrorStruck: the kernel seems to have it. I can use print '\7' to beep from the terminal.12:29
joe9I could not figure out how to do that from the at command.12:29
joe9i installed beep and it wants permissions to: Could not open /dev/tty0 or /dev/vc/0 for writing12:30
joe9with sudo, it works.12:30
joe9i am trying to figure out how to run this without the need for sudo.12:30
joe9one of the solutions is to add the beep command to the sudoers file.12:32
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ardohi, is 2.8 scheduled anytime soon?15:02
frinnstits in the works15:05
tilmanfrinnst: can you get someone to take over the mailing list admin please? =)15:08
* frinnst slaps someone15:12
* teK_ slaps backk15:12
teK_because I can15:12
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aarchIs it just my machine or is there something wrong with the latest alsa-lib port from opt? I'm getting an error during configuration phase: "configure: error: No user enum control support in alsa-lib"17:37
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aarchsorry. i meant alsa-utils17:44
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aarchhmmh. full system update solved the issue19:05
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Romsteraarch, sometimes you should run revdep21:12
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