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veegrr. still cant figure out how to get java to work -____-00:46
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frinnstanybody else got issues with building gtk?02:13
niklaswehave someone try observium?02:16
frinnstnope, we use zenoss02:40
niklaswehmm zenoss? is it like nagios or?02:48
frinnstyes but better :)02:50
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Romstervee download file prrt-get depinst jre or jdk02:52
niklaswefrinnst:  =)02:53
joacimhe isnt here02:56
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sepenfrinnst: 'failed to load "./apple-red.png": Couldn't recognize...'03:37
sepenfrinnst: prt-get update -fr gdk-pixbuf gtk worked for me03:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: fontconfig: updated to 2.10.003:52
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2.20.003:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scite: update to 3.2.103:57
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-cpugraph-plugin: updated to 1.0.504:07
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-netload-plugin: updated to 1.2.004:07
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frinnstyay, my mouse just stopped working04:55
frinnstthe joys of a stable enterprise operatingsystem04:55
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: readline: update to 6.2.405:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: bash: update to 4.2.3705:11
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jaegerfrinnst: what makes zenoss better? never used it, I'm curious07:45
frinnstWell i have limited knowledge of nagios, so its hard to make a comparison :)07:47
frinnstbut you should try it if you have time over07:47
frinnstwhat are you using currently?07:47
niklaswefrinnst: can zenoss use "nagios"-plugins?07:48
jaegerfair enough07:48
frinnstalso there are tons of "zenpacks"07:49
jaegerI've got a nagios setup around but I'm not a big fan of it07:49
sepenATM I'm running nagios + check_mk multisite for some of our customers at office07:51
jaegerI'll put zenoss on my list of things to check out when time is available, heh07:52
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sepenback to home, see ya'07:56
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frinnstbrr, radiator on full, closed door08:39
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teK_17 degress C,  cloudy :\08:46
Romster20C in my room due to heater it's like 8C outside08:51
jaegersarcasm detected!09:37
jaegerboop boop09:37
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: [notify] xorg: update to 7.710:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] firefox: updated to 14.0.1. Fixes several security issues10:23
enteoh nee10:26
rmullxorg update? world of hurt, here I come!10:28
jaegerwoo, hehe10:38
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enteactually, I was thinking about firefox11:36
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veehello guys12:53
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veehow do you do jaeger?13:03
jaegerreasonably well, you?13:03
veea bit flustered. cant figure out what to do with java13:04
rmullto the rubbish bin with it!13:04
veermull i would toss it aside, but i need it:/13:04
jaegerwhat's the problem with it?13:04
veewell, the read me says to download the file. when i do that, theres a mismatch13:05
veean md4sum mismatch13:05
jaegerwhich port? x86 jre?13:05
veeits in the /opt/jre13:06
veeshould be the x8613:06
jaegerso you downloaded jre-7u5-linux-i586.tar.gz and it's got a different md5sum?13:07
jaeger621131c104d77c6ca5e58784861dd060  jre-7u5-linux-i586.tar.gz13:09
veeyea, i think thats what i get13:10
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jaegerask the maintainer to double check the upstream, maybe it's changed upstream without a version bump13:10
jaegerin the meantime you could ignore the .md5sum, remove it, or update it13:11
veehow would i do that?13:13
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veethe pkgfile?13:14
jaeger'rm .md5sum' or 'pkgmk -um'13:14
veelooks like its building...thanks jaeger!13:15
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Rotwangit is time to do a bit of ports cleaning14:19
Rotwang -- looks bad14:20
jaegerwonder if Chris ever comes to IRC14:28
Rotwanggood ol' gnome14:28
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veehow is x using vesa drivers when i never installed them? i've built support for my video card, added the drivers, but still, its using vesa drivers14:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gamin: remove (no developement since 2008, no dependent ports)15:08
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veeafter reconfiguring X, it says vesa, but shows my video
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joacimyou installed the official drivers from nvidia? did you run gl-select?15:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xmms2: added missing dependency15:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lxpanel: added missing dependency15:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: medit: added missing dependency15:34
jaegervee: xorg-xf86-video-vesa is installed by default, it's part of the xorg metaport15:35
veeoh. hm. how does one change xorg's input to intel? i cant seem to find the xorg.conf file15:36
jaegerBy default there isn't an xorg.conf15:36
veeoh...ubuntu has one, so i figured....15:37
joacimyou put files containting snippets in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/15:37
jaegeror you can create xorg.conf if you want to, but it isn't required15:37
veewell, i had did an X -configure, im going to check if that picks up my intel video card15:38
jaegerit will probably set up 2 screens, one for vesa and one for intel15:39
jaegeryou can edit out the second screen15:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: openbox: adjust libexec directory, thanks jaeger15:41
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veeso guys may laugh at me again15:48
veedidn't build the intel video card drivers... :P15:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: openbox: fix footprint, thanks jaeger15:48
jaegervee: that would help. :)15:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mtpaint: added missing dependency15:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: murrine: added missing dependency16:01
veethough minecraft still wont lauch haha16:02
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veefpc also has a footprint mismatch for the ppc386.bz2 file16:15
joacimi had to replace some files to get minecraft to work on my computer.16:24
jaegerI've never played it and know very little about it :)16:26
veei've actually done that believe it or not16:27
veethough is hould try the 2.8.2...i've done the 2.8.416:28
veenope. still wont work16:31
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sh4rm4i saw that there were some efforts toward using mdev instead of udev... how far went that approach ?18:22
jaegersh4rm4: I don't remember who used it for sure but I think it was working pretty well18:46
sh4rm4iirc it was sepen18:47
sh4rm4hmm i just saw an openbox commit in the git repo18:58
sh4rm4does crux have an lxde option ?18:58
jaegerI don't see it in the portdb but you could always make one :)19:00
sh4rm4is there some "getting started" guide on how to bootstrap the entire distro from source ?19:04
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rmullsh4rm4: Unless you can find something at or there is nothing official20:09
rmullYou don't happen to be coming from gentoo, by any chance?20:09
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sh4rm4rmull, no, i'm working on a distro based on musl libc20:41
sh4rm4i got a basic system up and running, and Xfbdev working20:42
sh4rm4but this is a pretty suboptimal setup... so i was considering to port some existing distro like crux to use musl20:44
sh4rm4(suboptimal regarding X11 and a desktop environment)20:44
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rmullsounds like a cool project20:46
sh4rm4 <- this is what i have so far20:47
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rmullSomeone posted this on the suckless mailing list some time ago20:56
jaegerIs it for an SH4 arch device? :)20:58
sh4rm4no, it works for arm and intel20:58
jaegerI put a minimal linux system on a dreamcast once20:58
jaegerWas just guessing based on your nick :)20:58
sh4rm4its not that minimal tho20:59
sh4rm4what is missing is a proper x11 config and a desktop env20:59
jaegerhence your question about LXDE, I guess20:59
sh4rm4and this looks like a big pita to figure out implement20:59
veegrr. this thing doesn't want to play nice with my video card21:01
Romster# Collection lxde, by maks1k at wp dot pl21:24
Romsterhe was doing lxde sh4rm4 but he hasn't fixed his server in ages now, but i got a copy of the ports here i should put up.21:24
Romsteror if your keen sh4rm4 i can give you a tarball for oyu to work off these to make your own lxde collection21:25
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sh4rm4Romster, ah, cool21:50
sh4rm4yep, the tarball could be quite helpful21:51
Romstergot an email address i can send it too?21:55
Romsteror if oyu prefer i can host a git tree for you21:55
sh4rm4git would be perfect21:55
Romsteremail me a dsa key and name and i'll set one up after work21:56
Romstermy email address is in the many ports in contrib opt.21:56
sh4rm4dsa key for read only access ?21:56
Romsterand to read and write21:57
Romsterhost the repo for crux on the portsdb like i do for joe9 and nogagplz21:57
sh4rm4ok cool21:57
sh4rm4will do21:57
Romsterif you want that21:57
sh4rm4yeah it might make sense to get it to work on crux first21:58
Romstershould only need version bumps, i'll send it to you when you email me in ~5-6 hours time22:00
Romsterif you email me now i can send the lxde ports at least22:00
Romsteractually i can throw them on my server22:01
Romsterback to work later22:02
sh4rm4hmm i find your name but no email address22:04
sh4rm4ok, mirroring with wget22:06
sh4rm4ttyl (off to bed)22:07
sh4rm4and thanks :)22:07
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