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entehi sh4rm400:32
entejessica hasn't adopted my ports anyway00:34
entemaybe it's time for me to start maintaining them myself again00:34
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teK_< mikko> Has anybody seen an IPv6 address which would also work as shellcode?05:10
rmullshellcode as in bufferoverflows?06:28
rmullI don't even want to know06:28
teK_ente: who is jessica Oo06:31
teK_rmull: yeah, for example. The comment alludes to the fact that ipv6 addresses look quite similar to shellcode06:32
enteteK_: was here in the channel, said she'd take over my ports06:32
teK_the british chemistry student, right?06:34
teK_I remember her06:34
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teK_my logs say that she has not joined #crux since April06:35
teK_so yeah you will probably have to maintain them yourself06:36
enteno problem anyway06:36
enteand yes, her06:36
rmullteK_: Any hex would "look quite similar" to shellcode, I'd imagine, because you can represent anything as hex and as computer people we tend to do that06:37
rmullWhat I'd be interested in is the application where it is useful to have the v6 addr and the shellcode be the same06:38
rmullAnd whether the requirement is for the v6addr to be one owned by the sec researcher06:38
teK_I think this was more of a joke.06:39
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RomsterteK_, for lxde or was that something else?06:57
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teK_I did not speak about ports, maybe ente did. :)07:46
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sh4rm4ente, you are the author of the lxde port ?08:10
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teK_doing the Xorg Update. *crossing fingers*08:48
rmullNo issues for me after I did it08:53
joacimi'm feeling smug because i have no xorg to update08:53
joacimansi art08:54
Romsteronly very minor differences to mine08:59
Romsteryou could always telnet some star wars08:59
Romsterwas that ever completed09:00
joacimit only serves as a fileserver and irc client at the moment, so i removed xorg to save myself the hassle09:02
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horrorStrucki have to admit i haven't searched for the answer first but do our Pkgfiles support dep versioning?09:27
horrorStruckok thanks Romster09:28
Romsterthat would have to be a prt-get feature09:28
Romsteri've thought about that on occasions09:29
Romsterbut i think it's too much effort for a small distro09:29
horrorStruckfrankly i have no idea how hard it is to implement09:30
Romstersome C++ code in prt-get09:30
horrorStruckat least i can include a test in the Pkgfile, would that be bad pratice to break building if the test is not met?09:31
horrorStruckjust the user knows where the problem is09:32
horrorStruckjust so*09:32
horrorStruckit would fail anyway but just to echo some recommendations09:33
horrorStruckah that won't leave my HD anyway I guess so I grant myself the right to do it.09:39
horrorStruckthanks horrorStruck09:39
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jaegergotta love the onion :)10:06
horrorStruckone thousand :D10:14
jaegerthe little tickers are great, too10:19
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entesh4rm4: no11:18
entesh4rm4: I just know you and thought to say hi11:18
sh4rm4which ports were you referring to ?11:19
entethat was an unrelated topic11:31
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teK_everything went better than expected *happyface*12:19
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teK^Romster? :)13:36
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niklaswehehe :)15:18
frinnstwhat kind of test is that? :)15:21
teK_hehe yueah ;)15:30
Rotwangmy favourite15:45
frinnstthe last one is my fav :)15:45
teK_well and :(15:47
Rotwangnow you can't unsee it15:49
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veehey guys22:11
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