IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2012-07-21

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sh4rm4tilman, which crux package contains the dejavu font for X ?09:44
teK_according topkginfo.09:45
sh4rm4hmm that one doesnt appear to be in the xorg.git repo09:46
sh4rm4ah, it is in opt.git09:47
sh4rm4only such package there...09:47
sh4rm4teK_, thanks09:47
tilmansh4rm4: xorg.git was for software that is developed under the umbrella09:48
tilmanwas meant*09:48
tilmanor maybe not09:48
tilmani don't know09:48
tilmansh4rm4: it's a bit confusing and inconsistent at times ;)09:48
jaegerwe've talked about changing that in the future as well as renaming x11-fonts-dejavu to xorg-font-dejavu10:00
tilmanjaeger: x11-fonts-dejavu is actually more fitting -- there's nothing _xorg_ specific about fonts :D10:03
tilman(i realize that's just one angle to look at it)10:03
jaegerIf nothing else it should be renamed to match the other font ports just for consistency10:04
jaegerThough like everything else there's never consensus on all this :)10:04
* frinnst gives tek a " "10:09
teK_or better: thankyou11:05
teK_see? I ran out of " " again :\11:05
niklaswemaybe i should make an shrimp sandwich and take an cold beer :)11:55
teK_sounds like a fantastic idea; mind stopping by?11:56
niklasweteK_: nope I have made two so12:35
teK_that's ok, I can eat two12:54
rmullWhat's in a shrimp sandwich besides shrimp?13:10
rmullI have some shrimp and would like to use it up13:11
teK_pineaple and a special sauce; some herbs (dill?)13:19
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niklaswermull: mayonnaise,egg,shrimps and dill14:16
niklaswe(hardboiled eggs)14:17
rmullAh, pretty easy :) I may do this. Thanks14:17
niklaswermull: dill is most for decoration14:19
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teK_dill with butter + salt in a fresh roll =  awesome15:11
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Romsterroll is fine bread roll21:10
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