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veehello again :)00:14
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veepretty quiet in the channel today01:26
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frinnstsorry vee, I was asleep :)01:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wireshark: 1.8.0 -> 1.8.102:35
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veei guess its okay turn tor sleep though :P02:48
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Romsteryeah quiet03:24
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-input-keyboard: 1.6.1 -> 1.6.203:50
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: 2.7.0 -> 2.7.103:50
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frinnstwatching data being moved around is soo much fun05:07
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Rotwanghow do you pronounce clang05:23
Rotwangseelang or klang?05:23
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rmullRotwang: Are you taking a poll, or looking for the correct answer? :P06:12
Rotwangboth I guess06:13
Rotwangbecause I always say klang06:13
rmullMe too06:17
rmullNever even thought about it06:17
rmullBut I could be wrong06:17
Rotwangaccording to wiki, it is klang06:19
rmullThank goodness06:25
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RotwangI can't comprehend why so many native english speaking people don't know when to use your and you're07:46
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RotwangI'm bit of a hypocrite though, because I do a lots of mistakes while using my native language07:48
frinnstdoesn't everybody? but on a bumper-sticker? :)07:48
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jaegeryou were correct the first time08:04
jaegerironic in this case :D08:04
jaegerRotwang: as for why they don't know I believe it's simple laziness08:05
jaegerIt's not as if the rule is difficult, after all08:05
frinnsti'm usually pretty lazy with the '08:05
frinnstits not really used in Swedish, so I dont have that key in my spine :)08:06
frinnstand when i try it, it usually turns out like this: donä't08:06
jaegerNon-native speakers get a pass if their native language has different rules but native English speakers have no excuse.08:09
Rotwangany ccache users?08:11
Rotwangit is sufficent that I install it and then export CC and CXX variables to ccache gcc and ccache g++?08:12
jaegeras far as I know all you need to do is put /usr/lib/ccache at the beginning of your PATH08:13
jaegerthere's a readme with the port, though, check that08:13
frinnstI laughed out loud08:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pip: new port08:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: virtualenv: new port08:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: virtualenvwrapper: new port08:34
Rotwangjenkins is retarded08:35
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-inputproto: fix compile with asciidoc present09:10
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Rotwangmy ~/.ccache is empty09:27
frinnstdid the cache monster eat it?09:27
RotwangI forgot that pkgmk user runs the compilation09:28
Rotwangso it works, yaay \:D/09:29
frinnst-#define HV_LINUX_GUEST_ID_HI0xB16B00B509:29
frinnst+#define HV_LINUX_GUEST_ID_HI0x0DEFACED09:29
RotwangI don't get what 0x0DEFACED is supposed to mean09:30
Rotwangthat someone lost his face?09:30
RotwangI find B00B5 funny, but defaced doesn't fit, imo09:32
frinnstits a fitting replacement for microsofts fuckup?09:33
jaegerIt was a ridiculous thing to waste time on from the start09:33
horrorStruckdefaced makes it even more ridiculous :\09:34
horrorStruckB00BFACED would have been acceptable09:35
frinnstThe hex constant chosen for HV_LINUX_GUEST_ID_HI was offensive, update to use09:36
frinnstthe decimal equivalent instead.09:36
frinnst+#define HV_LINUX_GUEST_ID_HI           297657976509:36
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rmullPeople just need to stop alienating women.09:40
rmullIt's open source, everyone should feel welcome to contribute.09:40
Rotwangeveryone loves boobs09:42
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rmullEveryone also loves when developers act maturely09:46
Rotwangand what about fun?09:46
rmullHonestly, how much fun is it really to type the hex equivalent for big boobs?09:47
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rmullAlso, what about people like me, who don't think it's fun?09:48
rmullDo we have no place in the Linux community?09:49
frinnstwhile I agree its pretty silly, you need to lighten up :)09:49
rmullMaybe. I went to engineering school and watched the few women get terrorized by the nerd army09:49
Rotwangyou had woman in engineering school?09:50
frinnstbut yeah, sexism and stuff like that isnt much fun09:50
frinnstcursing on the other hand..09:50
rmullAny sort of -ism isn't fun09:53
rmullIMHO no party should be the butt of any joke in an open source project.09:53
joacimi dont know. i dont think a boob here and there will scare women away09:54
rmullHave you asked any women?09:56
joacimme? no.09:56
joacimtho women seems to talk a lot about boobies, so i dont think they mind that much09:56
rmullI think "scare" is the wrong word09:56
rmullIt's very easy to avoid using boobs as a constant or variable name or whatever09:58
Rotwangventuring out of the topic a bit, I always preffered to work with men than women09:58
joacimsome people make a big deal of it when women join a male dominated community. with comments like tits or gtfo or tasteless jokes.09:58
RotwangI think women prefer to work with men too09:59
joacimi dont think a woman would like to stay in an environment like that for long09:59
rmullRotwang: I guess the recent research says that women perform better in all-women environments because there is no "expectation" that they won't be as competent as male counterparts in technical fields09:59
Romster probably not work safe10:00
rmullWhereas in a mixed environment they perform worse because the preconception that men are better than women at math/science/etc leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy and everyone just assumes their roles10:00
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Rotwangthese crazy korean people10:06
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frinnstI would prefer to work with women10:41
frinnstbut I dont think my employer would be happy with the result :(10:42
tilmanfrinnst: the AC/DC bit?10:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: task: upate to 2.1.010:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: whois: upate to 5.0.1810:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] transmission: update to 2.1610:55
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jaegerAnyone good with dbus/polkit/consolekit?10:57
tilmani think you're looking for /bin/rm10:57
spaceninjathink pip needs setuptools "from setuptools import setup" -> "ImportError - No module named setuptools"10:57
mike_kspaceninja: thanks. nowdays it's hard to tell if anythuing really needs them.10:59
spaceninjanp, but isn't pip suppose to replace setuptools or easy_install maybe?11:01
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mike_kspaceninja: it is,
mike_kdistribute is better, but will stick to setuptools for now11:05
mike_kanyway, pip is usually installed inside a virtialenv11:05
frinnsttilman: yeah11:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pip: depends on setuptools11:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: virtualenvwrapper: really depends on system-wide virtualenv installation11:11
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lennartI recently bought a new drive and partitioned it with gpt as new /. / is formatted with ext3 with a separate /boot (ext4). I installed grub2 from jaegers ports. Now here's the thing: Booting to the new / doesn't work, while booting to my old / with the same grub2 works like a charm12:45
lennartwhen trying the new / (gpt, ext3) the kernel will start to boot but then reboot after synchronizing the SATA cache (I guess there's an error before that that I didn't catch yet)12:46
lennartboth drives (new / and old /) are on the same controller and both ext3 and ext4 is compiled directly into the kernel12:47
lennartanyone experienced something like this before?12:47
jaegerHaven't seen that myself but I'm not running a system with mixed partition maps, I wonder if that's part of it12:48
jaegerIf you unplug the old drive temporarily does it work?12:48
lennartbefore rebooting the kernel just writes a „Synchronizing SCSI cache“ for all my deviceses and then "Restarting system.\n machine restart"12:49
jaegerweird. :(12:49
lennartjaeger: never tried that. It would surprise me if it did, but I'll happily check it :)12:50
jaegerdo you also have CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION=y in your kernel config? I would think you'd get the standard root vfs error if not but can't hurt to ask12:51
lennartyeah, I have that compiled in12:51
lennartI can mount the gpt partitions without a problem once I started the system with my old /12:51
tilmanlennart: anything interesting in /sbin/lsmod output at that point?12:51
tilman(ie did it load extra modules do do so)12:52
lennartthat's what I wonder about the most. The same kernel (both times booted from gpt disk with ext4) works with non-gpt / but not with the gpt / (both ext3)12:52
jaegerah, ok12:53
lennartnope, no special modules12:53
lennartthe line from 'mount' for the gpt drive looks normal as well12:53
jaegerdoes booting with loglevel=6 give you any useful errors?13:00
lennarti've never heard of that. I'll give it a try when I unplug the old disk13:03
jaegerIt's in the kernel source Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt13:05
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lennartjaeger: nope, still no luck, even with old / unplugged and loglevel=614:15
lennartthere are no further kernel messages, just normal boot stuff14:15
lennartthanks for the hints anyway :)14:16
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jaegerlennart: sorry =( never run into that one before... if you do figure it out I'd like to hear the answer14:16
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lennartsure thing14:18
lennartmy next try will be to partition the disk using non-gpt though14:19
jaegerworth a try, I guess... at least it'll be a data point14:25
frinnst------------[ cut here ]------------14:26
frinnstkernel BUG at fs/btrfs/extent-tree.c:1769!14:26
frinnstthat's not what you want14:26
jaegerheh, oops14:27
frinnstno big deal, i was only rebuilding from raid0 to raid1 when it happened14:27
frinnstnow i have ~100gb raid1 and ~2tb raid0 on the same fs :D14:27
frinnstamazingly i can still mount the fs and continiue as if nothing happend14:28
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frinnsteveything in australia is lethal:
frinnsti'm surprised you're still alive, Romster16:11
jaegerthen his head fell off after he puked on some other plant16:16
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Romsterfrinnst, hehe yeah lots of hidden dangers in australia, but i'm sure over countries have stuff like that too.21:41
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