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vee_yep. seems like my shared library folder is messed up00:03
jaegerrun revdep and rebuild the ports with errors00:04
vee_i'm not sure what you mean00:06
jaegerinstall prt-utils, run revdep00:08
jaegerit will tell you which ports have reverse dependency problems00:08
jaegeras in broken libraries00:08
vee_assuming i'd have to rebuild the things it lists...00:10
vee_oh boy, theres quite a bit00:10
vee_anyways, thanks again jaeger00:11
vee_just one last question...00:14
vee_i have to update -fr the application right?00:14
jaegeryou could uninstall and reinstall it if you prefer but update -fr is easier00:18
vee_yea i figured it'd be that...00:20
vee_however, i have to rebuild chromium....lord have mercy00:21
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Romstervee_, prt-get update -fr `revdep`00:35
Romstersome arsehole ripped my rear wiper off my car *mumbles*00:36
vee_ill do that once i finish building, thanks romster00:50
vee_sorry for your rear wiper :/00:50
vee_some dude tried to rip the wing off my car at school once00:50
Romsteri hate when crap gets broken.00:52
vee_i hope its not too expensive to repair00:52
Romster$46aud to replace but that's extra money i have to fork out.00:54
vee_well, hopefully karma bitch slaps the theif in the face lol00:54
Romsterand that still does not fix my urge to punch the shit out of the person that did it. if only i knew.00:54
vee_i had one friend who got the front grill of her car stolen, along with the emblems and rims00:57
vee_the campus police is useless lol00:58
Romsteryeah cops can't do much about it it's already done.00:58
vee_well, the school has hired a quite a few cops to patrol the place01:01
vee_they have quite a staff, but still. they're hardly around, and hardly do their job01:01
vee_except when they bust people for smoking too close to a non smoking area01:01
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Romster that's disturbing. Samuel L. Jackson's face onto Samuel Barkson's body01:16
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: update to 2.20.202:46
Romsteri was about to do that, but a visitor arrived and distracted me from completing that.03:27
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Rotwangjue: why won't we change -Os to some other flag inside makefile06:06
Rotwangor just add readme06:06
Romsterappend CFLAGS after it?06:10
Rotwangif there is -Os06:11
Romstergcc has -Os what are you talking about Rotwang06:16
RotwangRomster: that we want to switch from -Os to something else06:17
Romster-O2 is the default in pkgmk.conf06:18
RotwangRomster: did you just wake up?06:18
Romsterno i've been awake all day06:18
RotwangI'm talking about vsftpd, jue closed ticked about it06:19
Rotwangit fails with -Os flag06:19
Romsterpkgmk.conf IS -O2 has been for years, so make vsftpd respect $CFLAGS in the Pkgfile06:19
Romsterso it overrides the ones in vsftpd.06:19
RotwangRomster: I don't get you06:20
Romsterpatch/configure vsftpd so it wil append CFLAGS to the port.06:20
RotwangRomster: that is not the problem06:20
Romstersome ports have a extra compiler flags argument that can be set too, that can be added to the bug tracker for that and hoplefully maintainer will fix it to use system flags.06:21
Rotwangnevermind, just forget the whole thing06:22
Romsteroh that it fails with -O206:22
Romstererr -Os06:22
Romsterjue said not to patch ports to deal with CFLAGS that break ports and if one wants to USE -Os then you must deal with that yourself.06:23
Romsternot to those words but that's the just of what i got.06:23
RotwangI don't see why06:23
Romsterthink about it how can we track every CFLAG that will break a port.06:23
Rotwang-Os is not ricing06:23
Romstertake it up with juw06:23
Romsterif it was me i'd sed the -Os to -O206:24
Romsterin the Pkgfile06:24
Rotwangwe can't track every gcc flag, but since we know that one of them break the build we could do something with it06:24
Romsterand in the future?06:24
Rotwangbesides I see problem somewhere else06:24
Romsterwhen there may be like 5 or 10 different flags that are changed?06:24
Rotwangit fails because of -Werror06:25
Rotwang-Werror is good for people maintaining the code, not everyone else06:25
Rotwangso it should be disabled06:25
RotwangRomster: what kind of insane person sets 10 different CFLAGS?06:26
Romsterme :D06:27
Rotwangricer! [;06:27
Romster-Werror should be removed IMO06:27
Romstertreat warnings as errors is jsut too harsh for packages and as you said is for the programmers to debug issues.06:28
Romsterbut then jue would argue that upstream should nto have that flag set for release mode :D06:38
RotwangI think that upstream doesn't care06:39
Rotwangthey release what they use for developement06:39
Rotwangwhich is probably a good idea06:40
Romsteryeah but there is maintainer mode cflags for development then there is saner release flags06:40
Romsterin any case if jue doens't want to fix it in the port that leaves two options upstream or making your own port and editing it.06:41
Romsteri have thought of a pkgmk modfication for a /etc/pkgmk.d/ for portname to set overide flags per a port.06:43
RotwangRomster: there you would have additional hustle to maintain that files06:51
Romsteryeah but what can you do?07:22
frinnst <- seems everybody hates gnome :)07:24
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enteeven gnome devs?07:45
jaegerMy favorite part of that article was this: "Nobody can say if GNOME 3 is better or worse than GNOME 2. There is no recognized metric anywhere."07:54
jaegerI don't have hard numbers, obviously, but it seemed pretty clear that the general consensus was that GNOME 3 is hated.07:54
jaegerNo official metric, sure, but definitive results07:54
Romsterhence why MATE was created07:55
rmullEveryone hates change08:09
jaegerespecially when it makes it harder to get things done08:09
frinnstand nobody asks for it08:20
frinnstsame with windows808:21
frinnstI like how Valve said that win8 will be terrible for gaming and thus started a steam port to linux08:21
tilmanphoronix has a headline that says "Is Blizzard getting Linux, too?" (not an exact quote)08:23
* tilman rolls eyes big time08:23
frinnsthah yeah, they do like their headlines08:24
tilmani feel dirty everytime i open that website (not very often)08:24
rmullfrinnst: Every other Windows release sucks08:27
rmullXP was good, vista sucked, 7 was good, 8 will suck08:28
tilmanwindows 95 sucked, windows 98 good, windows me sucked?08:28
tilman(yes, i'm baiting you into calling windows 98 good)08:29
rmullHeeyyyy I'm a linux user, what do I know.08:30
frinnstwindows 2000 was awesome08:30
frinnstit was the last windows os I used as a primary os08:30
tilmanrmull: :D08:32
tilmanrmull: sorry ;D08:32
Romstergive me back my real pc :D08:39
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jaegertilman: 98 was good.... compared to ME :)09:33
frinnstI installed win me on my dads computer09:50
frinnststill feel bad about it :(09:50
deus_exfrinnst: I am going to Italy tomorrow, I'll be gone for two weeks, so feel free to update my ports :)10:03
Rotwangwhich one are yours?10:07
deus_exI've got a few, jdk/jre and nvidia in opt64, opera and virtualbox-bin in contrib64.10:08
Rotwangahh, I see10:09
Rotwangyou've changed your nick10:10
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frinnstno worries, have fun on your vacation :)10:18
frinnstfuuuuuuucking neck. I have a pinched nerve. constant pain in my arm. maybe alcohol will help=10:20
Romsteralcohol and a woman would probably fix that.10:27
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jueRotwang: I'd suggest to report the -Os problem upstream10:42
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Rotwangetiquette from socks I bought from carrefour supermarket11:45
RotwangI couldn't get better picture though11:46
Rotwangbut the best is in yellow:11:47
Rotwangbaolisha cocks co,.ltd11:47
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Rotwanghow on earth someone could do two such a major typos11:52
Rotwangon a thing that is printed in tens of thousands11:52
treach"Cock" is a male bird. I remember seing somone on a mailinglist for birdwatchers getting into trouble for that.11:52
Rotwangbut it was meant to be socks11:53
Rotwangon the other side of the etiquette it is written correctly11:53
treachlol, ok, I didn't realize that.11:54
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Rotwangtreach: are you reading mailing lists for birdwatchers?11:54
RotwangI wonder how such a list must look like11:55
treachFwiw, we used to have a textile manufactuerer here who among other things produced bedsheets. The company was kalled "Tuppens", which translates as "The cocks". (As in the birdy thingy)11:55
treachNo, I don't, I just happended to see it because he got into trouble because of overzealus moderation11:56
RotwangI'm affraid to ask how female bird is called [;11:57
treach"Tuppens Lakan" -> "The Cocks' Bedsheets" used to be a household name here, back in the days. Yay for linguistic false friends11:57
treachor what you'd call it. I'm sure someone will spring up and correct that. First law of the Internet, I guess :>11:58
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* DaViruz puts a the cocks bedsheet in the horses bed14:14
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