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frinnstjaeger: what bootloader are you using with efi? grub2?05:04
niklaswegood morning!05:36
Romstermorning all05:36
niklaswehow is it Romster ?05:40
Romsterbesides my rear wind screen wiper being ripped off my car, fine.05:41
Romstermessing around with postgresql sqlite3 isn't cutting it for me on this project.05:41
* frinnst just created a port for a lennat poettering program06:00
frinnstfeel dirty06:00
Romsterquick send it to /dev/nul06:04
frinnstIt's actually very small! ifmetric06:08
nogagplz_but that's all it takes06:09
nogagplz_just watch he's going to try and give crux the gift of a giant wooden horse now06:09
Romstermaybe his system not mine :D06:18
nogagplz_oh crap did you see what you missed on rage on saturday night06:19
nogagplz_missed it too, was busy and completely forgot about it06:21
Romsteroh ffs the night the put decent stuff on i miss it.06:22
frinnstSALT 'N' PEPA ?06:25
frinnstRICK ASTLEY Never Gonna Give You Up06:25
frinnsthah, rickrolled by a tv station06:25
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: curl: update to 7.27.006:26
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jaegerfrinnst: yes, I use grub209:18
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clod89is there a way to create a package from an already compiled source? sau i already have the equivalent of th PKG directory set up, is there an easy way to compress it and create the package?10:12
Rotwangwrite a Pkgfile for it10:20
Rotwangthen move things to $PKG, and you're done10:21
clod89Rotwang: thanks i'll go that way10:23
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Reubencan anyone help me with a very easy question?15:31
treachonly if you ask it.15:32
Reubenif i get an error during .\configure where is the config.log15:32
treachwell, not sure what you're trying to configure, but if you know what the file is called you could always look foor it, with "find"15:34
Reubeni tried find / -name 'config.log' nothing15:34
jaegerIf it was during pkgmk, try pkgmk -kw, then search15:35
treachthat seems a bit excessive.15:35
Reubeni'm getting errors during pkgmk15:35
Reubenah thanks15:35
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Reubenthanks, what are those two options now?15:37
tilmana) you need -kw otherwise config.log and the other files will be deleted15:37
tilmanb) grep PKGMK_WORK_DIR in /etc/pkgmk.conf ; use find $PKGMK_WORK_DIR -name config.log15:38
Reubenyeah i have config.log open now, i think i made an error recompiling the kernel, no packages want to install anymore :( keep failing crosscompiler check15:38
Reubenright now this looks like a few other troubleshoots i found on the web, i think i have a permissions eror, thanks15:41
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Reubenokay, fatal error: stdio.h No such file or directory.15:53
Reubenbut then find hows 415:53
Reubeni now have another error. " configure: error: could not find a working compiler, see config.log for details"16:13
Reubencd ..16:13
frinnstseems your toolchain is broken16:14
frinnstyou could reinstall the packages from the cd16:15
Reubeni didn't know what to call it but i was getting somethin along that impression, cd is many miles away D:16:15
Reubenthis happened after i rebuilt the kernel to add save to ram and hibernate support16:16
Reubencan i reinstall the packages from the web?16:19
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