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poulecacahi there02:45
poulecacais there somoene here who can tell me if a situation where you need initramfs exist ?02:45
poulecacaI do not really see the point to have a initramfs02:46
entepoulecaca: encrypted /, for instance02:46
entemaybe also / on nfs and things like that02:47
poulecacahm I think I see the point now :)02:48
enteone particular use case is that you install dropbear on the initramfs and then use that to decrypt your encrypted /02:49
entefor servers with paranoid admins :P02:49
poulecacahm why would someone need ssh server to decrypt encrypted root02:52
poulecacaoh yeah ok02:52
poulecacathx ente02:55
entewell, if you use bittorrent on your server, for instance02:56
Romsterpoulecaca, initramfs is needed if you can't mount root due to root being on lvm luks or some other device03:07
Romsterie needs activating/unlocked03:07
Romsterto become available03:08
poulecacaok thx you two03:12
poulecacaso now I have the choice encrypt / and decrease time speed because I need a initramfs or only encrypt /home03:14
poulecacaor stop being paranoid and encrypt nothing03:14
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: ristretto: updated to 0.6.204:17
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NecrosporusWhy is there vmlinuz dublicated on squashfs and root of CRUX disk?04:38
Necrosporusand also System.map04:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] krb5: security fix for 1.10.2 (bumped to release 2)05:58
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sepenback to home, see ya'08:03
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frinnstjaeger: you dont happen to have a vmware-vsphere-cli port, do you?08:07
jaegernever used it, to be honest08:09
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frinnsthah, the attached source is hilarious09:40
frinnstHow to use: sudo rm -rf /09:40
frinnstbradley wiggins is an animal10:03
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Necrosporusfrinnst, I see a bin however10:15
Romsterhappens to be a text file though10:16
Romsteror did my gvim decompress it.10:16
Romsterpub_c.bin: C source, ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators10:17
Romsterbbl sleeping10:18
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NecrosporusIs it bug in proprietary nvidia driver?11:05
tilmanthe bin is the c source code..11:06
enteis it a bug? is it a plane?11:06
NecrosporusI mean the bug where frame is not checked11:08
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veei just did another system update, and it seems the same exact packages broke. oh boy...18:56
jaegerThis is why we can't have nice things18:59
veeyea, i cant have nice things :/19:07
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