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Romsterhi all05:14
nogagplzhi bombster05:19
* Romster farts in nogagplz's general direction05:21
nogagplzyou're probably the reason the rest of us have to endure that damn carbon tax05:22
* Romster lights the far and watches as nogagplz turns black05:23
Romsteroh i'm probably only 0.0001% of that carbon tax due to methane05:24
Romsterwhich is still alot -_-05:24
Romster-christel- [Global Notice] Hi all, it would appear that we're splitting at the seams today -- we're investigating and hopefully we'll manage to duct tape stuff back together (and locate the missing services!) -- apologies for the inconvenience, etc etc.05:25
Romsterduct tape more than uses than mcgyver can think of.05:25
Romstererr more uses than05:25
Romsterbrainfart moment05:25
nogagplzyeah stupid macgyver05:26
nogagplzthinks he is so clever05:26
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: flex: update to 2.5.3605:57
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: automake: update to 1.12.205:57
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: bison: update to 2.6.105:57
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.42.505:57
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: grep: update to 2.1305:57
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iproute2: update to 3.5.005:57
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iptables: update to 1.4.1505:57
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: nasm: update to 2.10.0305:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.1.905:58
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: unbound: update to 1.4.1805:58
nogagplzand the frinnst is gone07:11
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frinnstjust exploded a bit07:19
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nogagplzyeah, that's about par for the course08:21
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ente I knew someone would make this08:56
enteit just had to be08:56
Romsteri don't get it08:59
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entewell, prince charles is often photoshopped somewhere09:11
enteit's a new meme09:11
enteand *someone* had to add that yellow girl09:11
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niklasweyay finally i have got my raspberry pi :D12:43
jaegerI've ordered mine but no idea when I'll get it12:45
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niklasweit took 6 weeks for me..12:48
niklaswebut i have just tried raspmc.. and it crash for me all the time, when i trying to add movie source.. or watch an movies some have bin added.12:49
jaegerdoesn't sound like a good start12:51
niklaswehmm no :( but i will look on the problem later... I need some food ^^12:53
niklaswepotatoes and sausage :D12:54
* jaeger plays with zenoss12:55
niklaswetilman: oh yeah!12:56
tilmanniklaswe: where i live, they cannot prepare proper sausages. sad times :(12:56
niklaswetilman: where do you live?12:57
tilmansouthern germany12:57
niklasweoh I believe that germans was awesome on sausage.12:59
tilmanniklaswe: yeah, just not in southern germany :(13:09
niklaswefrinnst: have you try crux-arm on you raspberry pi?13:13
frinnstyeah I have that installed13:37
frinnstbut havent used it in a couple of weeks :(13:37
tilmanwhat is 'baiskorv'?13:59
tilmancant google it right now; 014:00
teK_no http but irc. always.14:00
teK_THAT'S how you roll14:00
teK_i can't tell you14:01
teK_no results here14:01
teK_a facebook page, some odd looking blog14:01
frinnsttry "bajskorv"14:27
frinnstalso, do a image search14:27
frinnstand disable safe search14:27
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tilmanfrinnst: got it, thanks ;)14:36
niklaswefrinnst: do you know if they have xbmc pkgfile for arm?15:00
niklaswefrinnst: can i pm you?15:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: zsh: 4.3.17 -> 5.0.015:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: git: ->
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scummvm: 1.4.1 -> 1.5.015:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dhcp: 4.2.2 -> 4.2.4-P115:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bind: 9.8.3-P1 -> 9.9.1-P216:06
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ReubenHi I've visited here a few times with a few problems with what I'm doing. I'm using the MineOS version of crux(basically crux with a few packages preinstalled to run a minecraft server) and I'm trying to add acpi support for suspend to ram and hibernate. I'm folowing the instructions here but after every kernel rebuild i have a "broken toolkit" nothing will compile.17:06
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jaegerwhat does "broken toolkit" mean?17:12
Reubennothing compiles17:12
Reubenor tolchain17:12
jaegeryou get some errors?17:12
Reubenyes, but what i'm wondering is if the instructions on the wiki are wrong17:13
Reubeni've just clean installed mineos17:13
jaegerThere are 2 things in that page that are strange to me17:13
Reubenand attempted to upgrade from there17:13
Reubenand it broke17:13
jaegerone is the "yes '' | make oldconfig"17:13
jaegerthe other is the headers_install target17:13
jaegergenerally installing headers without matching them to the c library is frowned upon17:13
Reubenconsidering the compiler is breaking17:14
Reubenthat sounds like a possible cause?17:14
jaegerthat headers step is the most likely culprit, yes17:14
Reuben*all compilers break17:14
jaegertry it without that step17:14
Reubenis that step not really neccessary?17:14
jaegerI would say it's not necessary or desired17:15
jaegerif you overwrite the headers in /usr they won't match the ones with which glibc is compiled17:15
jaegerwhich could cause all sorts of nastiness, potentially17:16
Reubenand which arch linux kernel should i use?17:16
Reubenthe one listed or the latest 3.7?.x or 3.x.x?17:16
Reubenwait it was 3.3.x17:16
jaegerWell, I'm not familiar with what minecraft requires but the latest stable kernel is usually safe17:17
ReubenNow one last thing on a seperate note17:17
jaegernp, hope it helps17:17
jaegerIf that does solve the problem you might want to send feedback to whoever wrote that wiki article suggesting they remove that bit17:17
Reubentrying to upgrade the packages from crux 3.7 to 3.7.117:17
Reuben(or just remove it) it is a wiki xD17:18
Reubenwith a comment on the talk page :P17:18
jaegertest it first but yeah, that's always a possibility17:18
Reubeni'm at the bit "Enter directory where your CRUX root partition is mounted:17:18
jaegerIf you have 2.7 installed it isn't required to do an upgrade from the 2.7.1 CD, for what that's worth17:19
Reubenah okay thanks17:19
jaegerif you want to do it that way to save compile time, that's fine, but you could just do a prt-get sysup17:19
Reubenjust for future reference what should i type though?17:19
jaeger2.7.1 is just an updated version of 2.7, no new toolchain or the like17:19
Reubenhandbook says "$ mount /dev/hd?? /mnt"17:19
Reubenbut the box just has /mnt in it17:19
jaegerwherever you mount it... if you do an upgrade from CD you would find the partition where you installed CRUX and mount it to /mnt17:19
Reubeni try many variations and it doesnt like it17:20
jaegerso if that's /dev/sda2, for example, mount /dev/sda2 /mnt17:20
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Reubenit's installed on sda117:20
jaegerok, so it would be 'mount /dev/sda1 /mnt'17:20
Reubeni type mount /dev/sda1 /mnt directory not found17:20
Reubenincluding quotes?17:20
jaegerdoes /mnt exist?17:20
jaegerno quotes17:21
Reubendoes not look like a crux directory17:21
Reubeninside mnt when just using normally there is only ramdisk17:21
Reubenwhich i thought was odd17:21
jaegervery odd indeed17:21
Reubeni'll go the prt-get sysup, what should the root CRUX folder look like? so i can go spelunking for it17:23
jaegerwhen you say there is only ramdisk, what do you mean?17:23
jaeger'prt-get sysup' would only be done from an already-running crux system17:23
Reubenin /mnt ls returns ramdisk as the only contents, directory17:23
jaegerfor example, you install crux 2.7, then you run 'prt-get sysup' and your packages get updated17:24
Reubenand the system runs just fine until i try to rebuild the kernel xD17:24
jaegerah, then that is not a valid crux install17:24
Reubenis that bad?17:24
jaegerwell, if you're trying to upgrade crux in a place where it's not installed, yes17:24
jaegerI don't understand what you're trying to do, honestly. very confusing17:25
Reubenwell the main think is to make this server do wol17:25
jaegerSo first question, is crux installed and running?17:25
jaegerBefore trying to add WoL support17:26
Reubeni do believe so17:26
jaegeryou're not sure?17:26
Reubenit says it's running xD17:27
Reubeni'll just try to install ethtools17:27
Reubencheck it can compile17:27
jaegerWhen you did the kernel upgrade following that wiki page you had to log into the system somehow, right?17:27
jaegerOr did you try to do that from the installation CD?17:28
Reubeni was logged in, by ssh or on the terminal17:28
Reubeneverything worked except compiling17:28
jaegerok, so at that point crux was running17:28
Reubeneven the minecraft server was running fine17:28
jaegerso if the compiler stille worked, you would do this to update your packages:17:29
jaeger# ports -u17:29
jaeger# prt-get sysup17:29
jaegerso figure out what broke the compiler and you should be fine. I think it's the header installation but not sure without error messages17:29
Reubenthe only error message i got was, something along the lines of17:30
Reubenat the bit where it goes17:30
Reubenchecking if cross compiling17:30
Reubenuse ;; something if cross compiling17:31
Reubenand also cannot find .compile17:31
Reubenis down for you?17:31
jaegerit is17:31
Reubeninconvenient :p17:31
jaegerwent down about 12 minutes ago, I think17:31
jaegeryeah, very =/17:31
Reubendoes it matter if i upgrade crux packages before or after rebuild kernel?17:32
jaegermost of the time it does not matter17:32
Reubenright i'll give this recompile a go, thankyou again17:32
jaegergood luck17:32
jaegerfor reference I'm guessing that ramdisk thing was part of the mineos crux modifications, it isn't part of the default crux17:33
Reubenyes it has ramdisk support i know that.17:34
Reubenthere's an option when setting up y/n to ramdisk17:34
jaegerperhaps that is why you found a "ramdisk" file in the /mnt folder17:34
Reubeni just wonder where the sda and sdb are hiding17:35
jaeger(or folder, more likely)17:35
jaegertry 'fdisk -l' to list them17:35
Reubenit's a folder17:35
Reuben /dev/sda17:35
Reubenbut then, i typed that into the crux upgrade...17:36
Reubenjaeger, still there?17:57
Reubenwell okay, I'm doing the make commant to compile the kernel, it's just ended17:59
Reubenbut the last 4 lines are17:59
Reubenmake[3] ; *** [drivers/scsi/lpfc/lpfc_scsi.o] Error 117:59
Reubenmake [2]: * [drivers/scsi/lpfc] Error 218:00
Reubenmake[1]: *** [drivers/scsi] Error 218:00
jaegerthe lpfc driver is broken currently, you can either patch it or remove it from your config18:00
Reubenmake: *** [drivers] Error 218:00
jaegerif you don't have lpfc HBAs (they're fiber channel controllers) then just remove it in 'make menuconfig'18:00
Reubenthen rebuild the kernel again?18:00
Reubengah, why was that even turned on?18:01
jaegerIt's on by default in the CRUX installation ISO but it is broken since 3.4.018:01
Reubenah makes sense, Networking support i guess?18:02
jaegerwhen you're in menuconfig hit / and type lpfc, it will tell you where to find it18:02
Reubenso turn off the emulex, but leave on scsi low level drivers?18:04
jaegerthat should be sufficient18:04
Reubenthanks, boo 30 mins of compiling wasted D:18:05
jaegeryou can turn off other things you don't need as well but I don't recommend that unless you're quite familiar with what's what18:05
Reubenthanks very much again18:05
Reubenyeah is why i left things well alone, oh18:05
Reubenis anything else broekn since 3.1?18:05
jaegerNo idea there, heh18:05
jaegerlpfc is just one that I've run into18:05
Reubenapparently i now have some unmet direct dependencies...18:06
jaegerthose messages can be ignored most of the time18:06
Reubenah thanks18:06
Reubenonly owrry if i have issues later :P18:07
Reubenis there a mirror for the
jaegernone of which I'm aware, might be a good idea18:20
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Reubenanyone have any idea when will be back up?18:38
jaegerno idea here, don't know what happened to it18:58
Reubeni'm quite new to linux, as i'm sure you can tell, so if i want for examle, handbrake the video converter, and get the sourcecode tar.bz2 would it compile and run on crux?19:05
nogagplzhandbrake should, it drags it pretty much everything it needs manually anyway19:19
horrorStruckReuben: better create a port for it19:34
joacimcould probably find one already made when returns19:36
horrorStrucki made one for CLI only (no gtk), but I'm lazy so there's no deps listed.
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Reubenhah cli is all i need can you remember any dependencies?19:41
Reubenand thanks19:41
veeGrrr still getting trust damn kernel panic19:41
horrorStruckReuben: well handbrake building will DL most deps so normally there's none but i havent built it in a chroot so i can't garantuee. just try19:42
joacimhorrorStruck: you can try finddeps19:42
Reubenokay thanks, so i dont need to get yasm and register it like windows users do?19:43
horrorStruckyou need yasm, look at the Pkgfile i have --enable-local-yasm but you can disable that19:44
horrorStruckfinddep says you may need fribidi too19:46
Reubenthat's all?19:48
Reubenoh, just while i'm here and crux is down, anyone got ethtool?19:49
joacimprt-get search ethtool19:49
joacimit is in contrib19:49
Reubenah thanks :P19:50
Reubenokaaay, i got a config error, cannot access /usr/ports/core opt contrib19:51
joacimi assume you're not running as root19:54
Reubeni am, they're not there, this a very non-standard version of crux, which is irritating alot of the time19:55
joacimor havent configured your system to build as a "normal" user19:55
Reubeni didnt do the configuring is the problem :P19:56
Reuben there are no folders in /usr/ports19:56
joacimthat might be a problem19:57
Reubeneverything about altering this build has been a massive problem :(19:58
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joacimi assume a ports -u could fix that, but that wont help when is down20:00
horrorStruckReuben: running i686?20:01
Reubenno x8620:01
horrorStruckyou want a tarball of the ports tree?20:01
Reubenif that means pretty much, you want the missing files. yes please :)20:02
horrorStruckhehe ok20:02
Reubeni still don't know if this build can comile yet >.> (the origional reason i logged in today)20:03
Reubenis just a massive headache :P20:04
horrorStruckReuben: ports tree
Reubenthank you20:15
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veeAre the crux ports down?20:19
veeJust did a fresh install of crux. Sucky timing lol20:20
horrorStruckwe should mirror git repo on github IMO20:22
Reubennot quite as unlucky as me, i've been having problems with some trimmed down custom build of crux :P20:22
Reubeni don't know if i can even compile anything!20:22
horrorStruckReuben: played with CFLAGS?20:23
Reubeni don'y know what that is :)20:23
horrorStruckok :)20:23
veeWhere did you find this stripped down Cruz20:25
Reubenit's MineOS20:31
Reubenit's the bare minimum of packages to run a minecraft server20:31
Reubenand yes20:33
Reubenthankyou everyone who helped me20:33
Reubenyou were wonderful20:33
Reubenjust instaled ethtool20:33
horrorStruckso you could build it properly i suppose?20:33
Reubenyep, not one error :)20:34
horrorStruckwhat's the issue you're exactly then?20:34
horrorStruckyou're having*20:34
Reubennow? I'm not, fixed. :)20:34
horrorStruckok :)20:34
veeI've heard of mineos20:35
Reubeni was following this page
Reuben this line broke my kernels  make INSTALL_HDR_PATH=/usr headers_install20:35
horrorStruckare you using any out of tree module?20:36
horrorStruckand what does "broke" mean?20:37
Reubenit's fixed now, excluding that one line fixed it as far as i can see20:37
Reubenit failed compile20:37
Reubenall compilers failed20:37
Reubenerored at checking for cross compilation20:38
jaegerso it was indeed the header installation?20:38
Reubenyep :)20:38
jaegermakes sense, it's a bad idea (tm)20:38
horrorStruckReuben: you said you're using x86 so it means i686, i uploaded ports tree for x86_64... please run ports -u as soon as is back20:43
Reubenotherwise, bad things?20:44
horrorStrucknormally no but that's not very clean20:44
Reubenhow do i check version, i might have x86_6420:44
horrorStruckand bad things may happen20:44
horrorStruckuname -a20:44
Reubeni saw an 86, i assumed x8620:44
Reubenyes i68620:44
Reubenokay will do20:45
Reubenthanks :)20:45
horrorStruckin fact rm -rf /usr/ports/* and ports -u to make things clean20:45
Reubenwill do20:48
veeAny idea when the ports will be up20:54
horrorStruckvee: want the tree? which arch?20:54
veeNot sure what you mean horrorstruck20:55
horrorStrucki can upload the ports tree so you dont have to want but i'd need to know your architecture you're using20:55
horrorStruckor you can wait until is up :)20:56
veeSorry I'm on the phone lol20:56
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jaegeras a temporary measure is available20:57
veeGod damn autocorrect20:58
veeI'm heading home now I'll take a look see20:59
c0ximho, realisation of "ports" is suck, especially ".footprint" and "dependency" stuff, and I still have not idea how one may improve it21:01
horrorStruckvee: it's .tar.bz2 you way want to correct this typo21:02
horrorStruckhmm 9.03 am I officially late at work :P21:03
Reubenanother question, sorry, i'm full of them, where would i put the command to enable wake on lan in crux? equivalent of /etc/network/interfaces on debian?21:06
veeJust to be sure, I copy the files to etc/ports, right?21:08
ReubenOOH i can help21:08
Reubenyes xD21:08
Reuben(is what i did)21:09
veeStill wants an update though. Keeps saying it can't access the ports...21:09
Reubenyou have etc/ports/contrib/*21:09
Reubeni mean21:10
Reuben /etc21:10
Reubenor /etc/ports/ports?21:10
veeSomehow, I think it's Mrs21:11
veeMeant* for usr ports21:11
Reubenyes probably21:11
Reubeni have a very bad short term memory21:11
Reubenyou are right21:11
Reubenbut is it /usr/ports/ports?21:11
Reubencos it shouldn't be :)21:13
veeDon't think there is a ports/ports21:14
Reubeni know, but i extracted the ports tarball horror gave me into ports and made a ports/ports21:15
veeSomething weird is happening. When I attempt to copy the any directory to usr/ports,  and CD into usr/ports,  and run last, nothing comes. Up21:15
Reubenodd, mine is now not responding to shutdown or reboot commands :P21:16
Reubenit just keeps going on its happ way21:17
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horrorStruckReuben: should be /usr/ports/{core,contrib,opt} oh you can replace the content with the one i uploaded for vee, it's i68621:23
Reubenyup, is what i have, and i think i can wait now for to come back up, just having issues with wake on lan, but i think i can solve them myself :)21:24
Reubenif a command is supposed to do something21:35
Reubenand absolutely nothing happens21:35
Reubenhow do you go about working out what's wrong?21:35
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Reubenok, thanks again for all your help21:46
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veehello again all23:18
veecrux still down eh?23:20
* nogagplz_ blames vee for the downtime23:22
veeall thats missing is jaeger saying "this is why we cant have nice things"23:31
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