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veegod i hate webkit01:00
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veeso, whats everyone up to this fine (insert your time of day)02:31
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frinnstoh he left03:01
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Romsterwhat's wrong with webkit?04:42
Romsteroh he left too04:42
nogagplzthe web and kit parts respectively04:42
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joacimtakes more than an hour to build webkit on my computer05:26
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Reubeni was looking at my logs, and i found this in auth. Any ideas?07:15
ReubenAug  3 11:02:06 mineos sshd[914]: Failed password for invalid user alex from port 37087 ssh2 Aug  3 11:02:07 mineos sshd[918]: Address maps to, $ Aug  3 11:02:07 mineos sshd[918]: Invalid user alex from Aug  3 11:02:07 mineos sshd[918]: error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER Aug  3 11:02:07 mineos sshd[918]: Failed password for invali07:16
ReubenAug  3 11:02:12 mineos sshd[942]: Address maps to, $ Aug  3 11:02:12 mineos sshd[942]: Invalid user media from Aug  3 11:02:12 mineos sshd[942]: error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER Aug  3 11:02:12 mineos sshd[942]: Failed password for invalid user media from port 37815 ssh2 Aug  3 11:17:01 mineos su[948]: Successful su for mc by ro07:16
ReubenAug  3 11:02:12 mineos sshd[942]: Failed password for invalid user media from port 37815 ssh207:16
ReubenAug  3 11:17:01 mineos su[948]: Successful su for mc by root07:16
ReubenAug  3 11:17:01 mineos su[948]: + ??? root:mc07:16
Reubena few extracts07:16
Reubeni wasnt online at that time so the sudo kinda worries me07:17
frinnstit's quite common07:18
frinnstlots of automated bots trying common usernames and passwords07:18
Reubenbut did it get in? I'm sure my password isn't common.07:19
frinnstoh right, the successful thingy07:19
frinnstdunno, who's mc?07:19
Reubenthe only user07:19
Reubenit runs a few automated jobs for the minecraft server so it might be one of them...07:20
frinnstyeah that is also not uncommon07:20
Reubenbut the fact it only su 6 times 10 mins after the bot stops07:20
frinnstI dont see "mc" logging on via ssh from your output07:20
Reubenhaha! i just worked out what it is, it IS the automated backup scripts. thanks07:22
Reubenwas only a few times because I turned it off last night and It must have been turned back on this morning07:23
frinnstre. the ssh atempts: you can either change the ssh port or implement some type of blocking after n failed logins07:24
frinnstI use a iptables rule that limits ssh attempts. other methods are fail2ban and similar scripts07:25
Reubeni will look into that, *adds to long list of things to do*07:26
Reubenbrb restarting07:27
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Reuben_a thought while restarting, I could limit ssh access to only a named isp yes?07:31
Reuben_right, now the main reason i was in those logs was i'm having an issue with pm-utils, the commands do nothing07:33
Reuben_pm-suspend worked once, and then never again07:33
Reuben_any ideas on where to start looking?07:34
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horrorStruckReuben_: also, if possible, forbid password auth, use keys only08:15
Reuben_okay, thanks :)08:15
Reuben_been looking into pm-utils, the version on the ports db is 1.3.0, the latest release is 1.4.1, how do I get the latest please?08:19
horrorStruckoh and look at AllowUsers too08:19
horrorStruckso you can filter users allowed to login08:19
horrorStruck$ prt-get current db08:21
horrorStruckusing CRUX 0.9 :P ?08:21
horrorStruckhmm ok just got it, damn you Ricard08:23
Reuben_crux 2.708:24
horrorStruckyeah scratch that08:25
horrorStruckanyway, you can ask sepen_ if he's willing to update it or you can edit the port by yourself08:25
Reuben_how technical is editing a port? xD08:25
horrorStruckdepends how lucky you are. it could be only editing the version and checksums.08:26
Reuben_i got pm-utils 1.4.1 from the main website08:27
Reuben_so put that in the same dir as the Pkgfile08:28
Reuben_edit the pgk file and then try pkgmk?08:28
horrorStruckReuben_: <--- untested08:31
Reuben_you changed the checksum?08:32
horrorStruckyep and slightly modified the Pkgfile as some video stuff location changed08:32
horrorStruckvideo-quirks or whatever it is :P never used pm-utils08:33
Reuben_thankyou :)08:33
horrorStruckif you didnt yet, have a look at CRUX's handbook, it's something you'll need to undersatnd and use your new OS08:35
horrorStruck(including ports guidelines)08:35 is down or i'd be browsing there a good 30 mins before asking questions here :)08:36
horrorStruckforgot that08:37
Reuben_ ERROR: Source file '/root/Packages/Pm-Utils/pm-utils/pm-quirks-20100619.tar.gz' not found (use option -d to download).08:37
horrorStruckif pm-utils port works as expected you could also inform sepen_ so he can update his port (with a patch it's even better)08:38
Reuben_something missing from my the pm-utils i downloaded?08:38
horrorStruckdo what the machine says :P08:38
Reuben_ah :P08:39
Reuben_ok now to see if i need to go shopping for a new proccessor :P08:40
Reuben_pm-suspend command not found .hmmn08:41
horrorStruckyou installed it, right?08:41
Reuben_you know...08:41
Reuben_i think i didnt :P08:41
Reuben_looks promising08:43
Reuben_putty stopped responding xD08:43
Reuben_which is the correct responce :P08:43
Reuben_excelent, it powered down, and then powered back up on magic packet08:44
Reuben_thanks yet again horror08:45
horrorStruckyou're most welcome my good sir08:45
Reuben_huh...spoke too soon, there may be an issue on resume08:46
Reuben_good start though xD08:46
horrorStrucki know nothing about pm-utils. keep in mind that CRUX ships vanilla config files, you may have to configure stuff before using it08:48
horrorStruckwell, this is true most of the time08:48
Reuben_actually might have spoken too soon about speaking too soon, it's always been a bit slow resuming :)08:49
Reuben_first thing back up for some reason is the http page08:50
Reuben_and that's working08:50
Reuben_and now it's giving me ssh access08:50
Reuben_but very very slowly08:50
horrorStruckfaster to halt and cold boot :P08:51
Reuben_yep, but i cant tell it to boot remotely unless it's already partly on08:52
Reuben_takes about 5 seconds to boot08:52
horrorStruckyou may have a point here :D08:52
Reuben_hehe typo in the log file08:52
Reuben_whats an "interaces" hahaha08:53
horrorStruckthat's NSFW for sure08:53
Reuben_i think maybe pm-utils should have a dependency listed as vbetool,  but that's not in the contrib ports on crux, it may be in the portsdb though.08:54
Reuben_I just realised, i didn't have to manually tell my network adapter to enable wol support. And it's remembered to leave it on after suspend and after reboot.08:56
Reuben_i'll give it 10 mins and then try another pm-suspend08:57
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RomsterReuben_, i got fail2ban in my repo and denyhosts and i also use the recent module in iptables to limit the attacks and i've disabled root logins.09:08
Romsterit's even better to use keys and disable passwords though09:09
Reuben_i need to work on it remotely with root so i cant disable root logins09:09
Reuben_i'm going to filter ssh to only allow localnet or access from one isp, and add key, disable password, and also a block after  x failed attempts09:10
Romstermake a user add it to sudoers file disable root, always login as your user then sudo su to get to root.09:14
Romsterif needed.09:14
Romsterit greatly increases security using a obscure username and disable root logins.09:14
Romstersince everyone tries to hack root09:14
Reuben_oh yes09:15
Reuben_sorry, that's what i do09:15
Reuben_root login was disabld by default on this build09:15
Romstergood09:15 is still out :(09:15
RomsterReuben_, are you even on crux or some other distro?09:15
Reuben_CRUX, MinoOS edition :p09:16
Romsteroh that thing never did look what they did to that.09:17
Reuben_chopped a fair bit out :P09:19
Romstercan't chop much out of core.09:20
Reuben_the ports trees09:20
Romsterbut why not have it as a repo over the top of crux than to fork the entire thing.09:20
Reuben_*shrug* is not a major project, is a proof of concept really09:21
jaegerbecause installing a prepared dist for a minecraft server is far easier than installing a base dist and adding a bunch of shit to it09:21
Reuben_he's starting a proper project now, MineOS+ from scatch with a different linux, arch or sumth, with some other people.09:22
Romstermeta prot with all the stuff needed prt-get depisnt minecraft or something.09:22
Reuben_it was09:23
Reuben_insert cd09:23
Reuben_install crux09:23
Romsteryeah i read a proof of concept.09:23
jaegerlooks like he went back to tiny core linux09:23
Reuben_then all packages/configs were auto set up09:23
Reuben_so you could manage the entire thing from the webui09:23
Reuben_he did?09:24
jaegerif is correct09:24
Romsterlooks to me to make it for less experienced users to setup as crux is for experienced users.09:24
Reuben_irritating that he's discontinued support for MineOS though09:25
Romsterenter is not meant for punctuation09:25
Reuben_I've got this running, and i know my hand slipped, twice09:26
Romsteri know even windows is too much for some to setup where i work. i get plenty of work out of reapirs/setups though.09:26
Reuben_my friend was swearng by windows restore as the answer to all her problems09:28
Reuben_since it now crashes when she tries to run skype and  a game at the same time, she's finally going to let me get my hands on it09:29
Romstersadly windows restore wont fix everything.09:31
Romsteri'd test gpu ram and hdd in that case.09:32
Romsterhdd surface scan and then the filesystem. and after all that sfc /scannow09:33
Reuben_i think it's a software issue09:33
Romsterand virus/malware scans09:33
Reuben_possibly drivers09:33
Reuben_going to start with virus scans though09:33
Romsterit could be hardware too, yeah and update drivers too.09:33
Reuben_then reg issues, temp files etc etc, then drivers then clean out all the crap that's built up over the past year09:34
Reuben_then i'll see how it runs and move onto hardware personally i just back up everything and then when i get an issue revert to a cloned install backup. is much easier xD09:37
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Romsteroh also give prime95 a run too for stress testing.10:32
Romstercould be temperature related or heck malformed packets due to skype plus game crapping out the shitty cheap router.10:33
Romsterthere is just so many variables to consider. and eliminate.10:33
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teK_he's a liar11:56
teK_da god-damn LIAR11:56
tilman"lol, what a noob!"11:58
teK_yeah, what a noobish move to belive a turncoat like frinnst12:00
tilmanonly a noob would believe a noob like frinnst12:00
tilmanfrinnst: right? right?12:00
frinnstvery correct12:02
Romsteryet i was in on it and i didn't bother to say anything :D12:10
jaegeralso he is smelly!12:40
* teK_ giggles12:46
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veewait nvm14:00
veeim confused. i've installed flashplayer from botht the ports, and manually copying it into opera's plugins folder, but it still wont work14:16
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