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niklasweRomster: can you browse to ?04:39
niklaswelooks like the site is down :(04:40
teK_no answer from our hoster yet :)04:40
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Romsternope it's still dead04:53
Romsterno ones got charlies phone number?04:54
zetsuhi all05:02
niklaswenope i dont have it :P05:03
niklaswehi zetsu05:03
nogagplzgot your address Romster05:03
zetsusomeone could link me to crux_x64 iso?05:03
nogagplzwhen we gonna do mail05:03
zetsuthe link on distrowatch give a 404 error05:04
nogagplzpure x64 or multilib?05:04
Romsterfrinnst, should have that05:05
zetsu(exist a multilib version ?)05:05
Romsteryes it does exist05:05
Romsteri'm running it. so is nogagplz  and a few others.05:05
zetsutnk tek, and other for info :)05:06
Romsterthere pure and multilib x86_64 ^05:07
zetsuadded to bookmark05:07
niklaswehmm have someone a pkgfile for libnfs?05:13
Romsteri only have libnfsidmap sorry05:15
RomsterId mapping library for NFSv405:16
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niklasweRomster:  okey, then I will fix libnfs :)05:32
Romsteri'd look on but it's currently down05:44
niklaswemaybe it´s time to setup more servers for ?06:05
frinnstcreepy stranger danger infomercial06:27
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joacimthe hero trap guy is awesome09:20
joacimwish i can look like that one dya09:20
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veehi guys13:24
veequick come flash works better on crux than on other distros?13:35
teK_it's because frinnst packages it with some extra love :>13:37
veei can feel the love tonight :P13:41
jaegerIt's just like the lion king!13:41
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veecaught my reference...was hoping someone would. otherwise, it would've been awkward13:51
tilmanvee: it still is ;)14:08
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veegangnam style?14:40
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frinnstTotal DISK READ:     459.54 M/s16:28
frinnsti love my new ssd :D16:28
niklaswefrinnst: sweet :D16:35
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jaegeryeah, they're awesome :)18:18
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teK_got one for my new thinkpad as a present \o/18:24
teK_double-win ;)18:25
Romsteryeah but what's the write speed, and iops, write speed on some are far lower than read speed.18:35
Romsterand do SSD's have write ram like a hdd cache has? for buffering writes.18:36
jaeger <-- might be interesting18:38
jaegerthe raw numbers aren't always useful but regardless of that even the shittiest SSDs stomp platter drives for day to day work18:40
Romster3 levels o9f cache, there more complex that i thought they were.18:51
jaegerThey're really cool and there's quite a bit of difference between the controllers18:52
Romsteri've oten wondered about data recover off a SSD i fear it'll be far too much effort.19:02
Romsternot really for myself but for customers that haven't backed up there data.19:03
Romsteri can often recover data off a faulty hdd providingi can read from it, but SSD if that controller goes or a ram module and jams up, pretty much stuck.19:04
jaegerIf they don't back up their data, too bad for them :P19:04
Romsterbut i've got 2 disks 1 is a 500GB that i now only have 35MB of unread data still trying on ddrescue that took 2 weeks to get down to that level.19:04
Romsterand another hdd that's 1tb that's a royal pain 3 weeks to get 22GB off a 1TB disk.19:05
Romsterthat one has head damage and it sometimes locks up and power cycling and resuming needs to be done.19:05
Romsteri've been thinking of how i could add in a automated program and electronics to do that on that dedicated computer when the disk controller goes awol19:06
Romsterjoys of trying to recover data -_-19:08
jaegerNot a business I'd ever want to get into19:08
Romsterpart of the computer repairs i do. since my sucess rate is pretty high if i can read from the disk, the customer had another computer shop try to recover from a 1.5TB disk full of pictures from a lady that takes pictures, and only got 8 pictures...19:10
Romsterobliviously using something like photorec over a hard to read disk.19:10
jaegerI just don't get into computer repair or consulting... people are completely unreasonable about that shit19:10
Romsteri spent 3 weeks of restarting ddrescue over it to another disk then testdisk to repair the MFT then chkdsk over it got 80% of the data back.19:11
Romstertell me about it....19:11
Romsterstressful job.19:11
Romsterand they don't seem to understand stop bugging me i'll call you when it's ready.19:12
Romsterhow long will it take....19:12
Romsterya know the drill.19:12
Romsteri much prefer repairing the photocopiers.19:12
Romsteranyways as or SSD's when ic an afford a few i'll certainty reinstall my crux system, i got alot of craft floating around, but i did remove alot of untracked files19:14
jaegerI love my SSDs and I don't plan to ever go back to installing the OS on a platter drive but I do keep a couple platter drives in a RAID array for large data19:14
jaegeroccasionally I'll symlink a game over to play in steam or something19:15
Romsteroff the SSD?19:16
Romsteri'm keen on a SSD for root and i'll keep using spinning disks for bulk storage, but i'm also keen on bcache to speed up the spinning disks.19:16
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jaegerSteam is installed on the platter drive but I can move a game or 2 over to the SSD and symlink it so that Steam can still find it19:17
Romsterwould make sense for smoother game play.19:17
jaegerIt doesn't make any difference for some games, depends on the game19:17
jaegeranything that makes a lot of HD access, of course, but not if it's all CPU/GPU19:18
joacimi assume it would "fix" those games where savefiles just gets bigger the further you progress19:20
joacimtakes a long time to save in vtmb when i'm near the end19:21
Romsterthough i think alot of games pre-load there stuff in ram for sounds etc. but for saving it makes sense.19:21
Romsterunless it's processing gpu/cpu mostly.19:23
Romsterlike jaeger mentions.19:24
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jjumbiianyone know when the site will be up?20:21
jjumbiii desperately need the port repo...20:21
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