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veeblahr. opera is being really annoying00:08
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jaegerlanded :) that was cool00:33
veeaww man, i missed it!00:53
frinnstfuu, me too01:12
veelove how the stations here would rather show what the prison life is like than that...MURICAAA01:13
frinnstwell tbh, a show like that does target a big demographic :)01:15
veeyea i know, it just sucks how everything is rating based. hardly anyone cares anymore :/01:19
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veetoday is not my day02:40
veefirefox failed to install too xD02:40
frinnstwhat did it fail on?02:40
frinnstah, missing dependency?02:41
veeit shouldn't have...i did a dependency install O.o02:41
veeweird says libidl is installed02:43
frinnstyou are omitting the interesting stuff :)02:44
veeshould i copy it all?02:45
frinnstnot everything, but more than 9 lines02:45
frinnstyou are missing the actuall failed command02:45
veehope thats better02:47
veei did an update reinstall of libidl, and it was successful02:48
veekinda tempted to just do a pkgadd at this point...02:50
veei tried to build nightly firefox, chrome, and regular firefox. all of them failed today xD02:52
frinnstare you using any special ld-flags?02:53
veedont even know what they are, so i'd say know02:54
veei have changed my cflags...not sure if their related in any way02:55
frinnstfucking fruit flies03:03
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veeaww man, i gotta compile firefox alllll over again :/03:09
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horrorStruckvee if you happen to read the log, are building in RAM?03:22
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Romsterwhat the hell i get home and firefox is consuming all my ram and swap05:20
frinnsttab with flash open?05:48
Romsteri blame flash05:50
Romsteryep again05:50
nogagplz_or if you wanna go overboard smtube and mplayer/smplayer/whatever05:50
Romsterwhy not html505:50
nogagplz_because I've found that to suck terribly too05:50
Romsterhmm pf-kernel 3.5.105:51
Romsteri may as well wait for 3.605:53
Romsteri'll probably do mplayer or something.05:53
nogagplz_take a look at smtube, just a simple list you search for crap in. only real drawback is wanting qt405:57
teK_ /c06:01
Romstereh not a big deal with qt406:01
joacimmplayer would sometimes end up hanging around consuming 100% of one of my cores long after i thought i quit the program06:03
joacimone of those things i didnt notice until i tried to run something cpu heavy06:03
frinnsthmpf.. trying to install osx on esxi5 :)07:22
frinnstsilly efi boot - reset loop07:22
horrorStruckcan't find any 3.5.1 patch or sources. ck hasn't released any patch for 3.5 either. the -pf guy is from the future :O07:59
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tilmanfrinnst: does 'apansliken' work as a swedish word? or am i doing it wrong?12:21
frinnstnot really12:23
frinnstwhat are you trying to say? monkey corpses?12:23
frinnsten = plural12:23
frinnstor monkey likeness?12:23
frinnstap-liknande in that case12:23
frinnstor omitt the -12:24
tilmani thought the 'en' suffix was the article ('the monkey corpse')12:24
tilman^ is what i'm trying to say12:25
frinnst"the monkey corpse" would be "apliket"12:25
frinnstand refering to something. an actual monkey corpse would be "ett aplik" (one monkey corpse)12:26
tilmanso lik is ett instead of en12:26
frinnstbtw, what the fuck are you trying to write? im getting very worried over here12:26
tilmanand i accidentally used the definitive article crap on the monkey :/12:27
tilmanfrinnst: not to worry. thanks for helping12:27
jaegerin other words he isn't going to tell :P12:27
frinnstthe "not to worry" didnt help much :)12:28
tilmanhehe :D12:29
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veeromster, i think your chomium package's link to chromium might be dead13:19
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horrorStruckvee: about your build failures you mentioned early today, do you build your packages in RAM?13:21
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veeno i dont horrorstruck13:37
horrorStruckah ok, do you have a lot of RAM on the build machine?13:38
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veewell, not a whole lot. 2 gigs, but, 1 gig is almost always not being used13:43
veewould compiling in ram be better? im assuiming thats where your going with this lol13:45
horrorStruckfirefox is very RAM hungry when being built13:45
veeoh... you mean in ram, or, regularly?13:45
horrorStruckactually i had to disbale building in RAM because i had ld terminated with signal 9 too13:46
horrorStruckthen it compiled fine13:46
veehm...thats odd. right now, im only using 69 mb of ram O.o13:46
veehm...thats odd. right now, im only using 69 mb of ram13:46
veegod damn it, irrsi is being weird again13:47
entethat's fairly normal13:47
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entefor x86 without ubuntu, that is13:47
enteit's even less on a RISC architecture13:47
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veesorry about that13:47
veejust noticed something in htop13:47
veeit says i only have 1 gig of ram available13:47
veethe last time i compiled crux, it read 2. the ubuntu version i used, or, tried to use, also showed 2 gigs13:48
jaegeryou're probably missing the highmem config option in the kernel13:48
entemaybe you misconfigured your kernel13:48
ente.oO(see jaeger)13:48
veeill check it out right after....firefox is currently compiling. in htop, it shows 61 mb of ram being used...thats nto a whole lot13:49
enteused for what? in general, or for g++?13:49
entealso, parallel make?13:50
entebtw, I think someone here has binary firefox packages13:50
veewell, the entire OS is using anywhere from 60-120mb of ram13:50
veei know romster said he had binary chrome packages, but, i lost the link xD13:50
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veegotta love blackbox. really light on resources :)13:53
enteI really liked evilwm13:57
entealso, sithwm13:57
entethen I started on tiling wms with dwm13:57
sammi`how many years will java survive?13:58
veeevilwm ey? let me check it out. i like tiling window managers, just cant figure out how to use em'13:58
entesammi`: in universities? 20 or more13:59
sammi`in universities,even fortran live for years13:59
entenot only universities14:00
enteconsider BLAS/LAPACK14:00
veei take it evilwm is a tiling manager lol14:01
entefortran is faster than C14:01
enteit omits various checks that make C slower14:01
entejust like C omits various checks that make PASCAL slower14:02
enteI think parts of fftw are also in fortran14:02
sammi`I see14:02
entewell, let's see what we got in pkgsrc14:03
veehope i posted enough this time lol14:05
horrorStruckstill the same, did you monitor RAM usage before failure?14:11
veestill around 120 mb14:11
horrorStruckthat's low14:12
veehit 200 mb too14:13
veemaybe after rebuilding the kernel with high memory use, we'll get a new outcome14:14
veethat way, the extra gig will be here to be used if needed14:15
veebut to make matters easy, any way i can get a binary version of chromium?14:15
horrorStruckyou may have some libs issues14:16
horrorStruckwith a chromium binary14:16
veeoh boy14:17
veeso, where does one go from here? lol14:18
veei tried downloading the nightly firefox binary, but it wouldn't launch14:18
horrorStruckwhich CFLAGS are you using?14:22
horrorStruckthat's all you modified?14:24
veeexport CFLAGS="-O2 -march=pentium4 -pipe"14:26
veeexport CXXFLAGS="-O2 -march=pentium4 -pipe"14:26
veeother than that, nothing has been changed14:26
horrorStruckwhere did you set PKGMK_WORK_DIR? enough space in there (i guess so but well...)14:30
vee# PKGMK_WORK_DIR="$PWD/work"14:31
horrorStruckso how much space left in / ?14:33
veeoh god. how can i check that? lol14:33
veethere should be quite a bit, since i only made one swap, and one root folder with everything in there14:33
horrorStruckdf -h14:34
vee134g available14:34
horrorStruckah ok.14:34
horrorStruckshould be enough i guess :P14:34
veeits not too bad lol14:35
horrorStruckdunno vee sorry, maybe try with your 2G of RAM14:35
veeblahr. dont want to spend another 2 hours compiling lol14:36
veewell, let me reboot14:36
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veei rebuilt the kernel with the high  memory on14:41
veeits set to 4gb14:41
veebut its still reading 1 gig14:41
horrorStruckit's been a long time i havent built a 32bit kernel but IIRC you can chose how to split mem no?14:44
veei think so, yes14:44
veeflat memory or sparse memory>14:45
horrorStruckhmm no14:45
horrorStruckcould you post your .config somewhere?14:45
ente130|mw@fenrir:/usr/pkgsrc $ grep -R USE_LANG.*fortran .|fb14:50
ente######################################################################## 100.0%14:50
entesammi`: ^14:50
enteapparently mathematicians still like their fortran ;)14:51
veehow would one go about posting it o.o14:52
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veei think i got it14:53
horrorStruckunrelated but didnt pentiumIV have HT?14:59
veemine doesn't no...14:59
veethough there are pentium 4's that do...i think14:59
frinnstHT was introduced with p4 but got canned for a while15:00
entehorrorStruck: yes, some15:00
horrorStruckthanks guys15:00
horrorStruckfrinnst: well it's been revived since15:01
horrorStruckvee: it's not a dual core?15:02
entethe very latest p4s had HT, some earlier ones didn't15:02
enteI used to use one of these as my desktop, until very recently15:03
entebefore that, I had a non-HT P415:03
horrorStrucki have a i3 330M that has HT15:03
entefunny how I still use my 10-year old hardware15:03
veeno, its not a dual core. though i wish it was.15:03
veeall the other machines i have, my faimly members use. dont want to put linux on can imagine why15:04
* ente just realised that it's 2012, which adds another 2 years to the age of my hardware15:04
horrorStruckyour config needs some slight cleanup15:04
entevee: oh, my sister uses linux15:04
enteshe doesn't like windows that much15:05
veewell, i could always stick on some buntu like distro, but, i too lazy to explain everything15:05
enteunfortunately, the past idiot that was me installed arch15:05
veemy dad uses linux, and so does his friend15:05
veethank god i dont have to fix their computers anymore :P15:05
enteI am just reinstalling windows for her...15:05
veei'm not too good with the kernel yet, wouldn't be surprised if it could be optimized much more15:05
entealso installing debian15:05
veei liked debian, but, it was having issues with my video card for some reason15:06
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: wget: update to 1.1415:17
veehorrorstruck, what can be cleaned up in my kernel?15:21
horrorStruckvee: if you can paste lspci -v et /etc/fstab i can try to make a config for you. but on the processor type and features there's some cleanup to do15:28
veelspci -v et /etc/fstab15:29
veegive me one sec15:29
veestill trying to get use to this eviwm15:29
horrorStruck"et" was supposed to be "and"15:30
horrorStruckbut it's 3.30 am here so maybe i'll do that tomorrow (but i'll do it for sure)15:31
veeso lspci -v and /etc/fstab?15:31
horrorStrucklspci -v15:31
veeohhh, adn the out put for /etc/fstab15:31
horrorStruckcat /etc/fstab15:31
veegod it15:31
veetoday isn't my day15:31
veetell you what15:31
veehow about we do it when you're not sleep deprived lol15:32
horrorStruckwell juste paste them , i'll keep the links anyway15:32
horrorStruck(well if you want to of course :) )15:33
veei wouldn't mind a slightly more functional kernel. :P15:33
horrorStrucksorry vee i maeant lspci -n, my bad15:35
veewell, here is the fstab15:35
veethanks for yoru help horrorStruck15:42
horrorStruckthanks vee, i'll look at it tomorrow. np i havent been very helpful so far :P15:43
horrorStruckvee: would you try this firefox port?
veeeh. you've been fun company though15:43
veeone sec15:43
veeis the link dead?15:44
horrorStruckworks for me15:45
horrorStruckmine at least, not yours15:45
horrorStruckthere arent the same in fact15:46
veeguess i was typing it wrong15:47
veejust copied it into /usr/opt/firefox15:47
veewant me to try to rebuild it?15:47
horrorStruckwell, up to you :P15:49
veemaybe when i get that other gig to work...rather be safe, you know?15:49
horrorStruckBTW, any reason why you're using such an old kernel?15:49
veeits the iso the crux cd came with.15:50
horrorStruckwant a config for some newer kernel?15:50
veei tried to use jaegers updated iso, but, kept getting syncing errors, even though the file system was built. everyone gave a few pointed, but, it was a no go on fixing it15:50
veeif it works, sure! lol15:50
veethough, if you could make it as lightweight as possible, i'd be even more greatful. :D15:51
horrorStrucki'm going to try to do exactly that. i see you're no using DEVTMPFS and DEVTMPFS_MOUNT, aren't you using latest udev?15:52
teK_horrorStruck: mind explaining why my micrphone wont work despire having this acording amixer:
veeget in line teK_ !15:53
veeits okay, mines on hold for now15:54
horrorStruckteK_: i'm not sure if you were being serious or not but frankly i have no idea :)15:56
veehorrorStruck, the community tech support lol15:57
horrorStruckteK_: did you pass your machine's model as a module option? it helps in some cases15:58
horrorStrucke.g. options snd-hda-intel model=thinkpad15:59
horrorStruckanyway 3.59, g'night #crux15:59
teK_I tried that, without success15:59
teK_gn8 and thanks15:59
veegood night horrorStruck16:01
horrorStruckteK_: tried running to see if it's more helpful at debugging?16:02
teK_driver has a different version than library and utilities16:04
teK_should matter, I guess16:04
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veesince we're here...what image viewer/desktop background setting thing do you guys use16:12
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veehello again all22:34

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