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veecant believe i'm going ot try to install midori00:35
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niklasweGood morning!01:26
veeits night here, but good morning to you too!01:28
niklaswevee:  hehe :) so where do you live ?...01:30
veepractically los angeles01:31
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niklaswevee: nice :)01:44
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tilmangodmorgon niklaswe02:03
niklasweGod morgon tilman!02:04
nogagplz_sif god is morgan freeman02:19
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niklaswedoes someone know if I can add an virtual harddrive to an virtual esxi machine when it´s running.?03:57
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frinnstniklaswe: yeah you can05:56
frinnstjust rescan the scsi bus05:56
frinnstmight be related to esxi version and if you have vmware tools installed, dont remember05:57
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jaegerAnyone running a recent -ck patchset on crux? I haven't used them in years, wondering if they're still decent10:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] transmission-gtk: update to 2.61, new dependency gtk311:44
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samba: update to 3.6.711:44
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gtk3: updated to 3.4.412:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.26.212:54
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ReubenHi I was here a few days ago, someone told me I needed to redownload the ports tree but i forgot the command while was down. Thanks :)12:56
jaeger'ports -u'12:58
Reubenthanks i could remember the -u but not the ports, had prt-get in my head :P13:00
Reubenuuh, sysup is supposed to update the system yes?13:01
jaeger'prt-get sysup', not sysup by itself13:02
jaegeryou should take a look at the manual pages for 'ports' and 'prt-get', very useful info13:02
jaegeror the crux handbook online13:02
ReubenTo update all outdated packages automatically, you can use the sysup command. It will sort the packages by dependency if possible (e.g. if both apache and libmm are out of date, prt-get will update libmm first as apache depends on it).13:03
Reubensays command not argument13:03
Reubenyou understand my confusion :)13:03
frinnstwell that's dumb. should probably be changed :)13:03
Reubenwooo wall of text :)13:03
frinnstReuben: is that from the handbook?13:04
jaegertechnically it makes sense, 'sysup', 'update', etc. are prt-get commands13:04
Reubenwhen you put it like that it makes ense :)13:04
frinnstoh, its from the prt-get manual?13:05
Reubenif that's the manual yep :)13:05
Reubennow i know it's a prt-get command it makes sense, it's one of those, it makes sense if you already know it, is a bit confusing if you dont kinda things13:06
ReubenN.B. there is no reference to sysup in the handbook13:12
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niklaswehmm the site is down again :(15:56
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vee__hello hello19:02
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vee__okay okay. so, some dude, wanted to downgrade his windows 7 to vista, because he heard from an "IT Technician Specialist" that vista was faster....19:15
joacimpeople put too much faith in the sysadmin at their workplace19:16
joacimalso. i didnt notice any difference in performance between vista and 719:16
vee__must be a pretty high end machine...any vista that i've changed to win7 has a noticeable difference19:17
joacimit is one of the lowest end C2D systems you can find19:18
joacimvery mid range for its time19:19
joacimreleased around the same time as vista19:19
vee__strange... -shrugs-19:19
joacimvery plain hardware tho, no fancy chipsets or anything else that'll require drivers from lazy hardware companies19:19
joacimall i had to do was buy some more ram for stalker19:21
joacimwell. the jmicron ide/sata-controller was a bit tricky with linux and winxp19:23
joacimand intel refused to add ich8 o their list of supported chipsets in their ahci driver for winxp19:24
joacimhad to edit that in myself19:24
joacimso vista was actually easier to get going on my hardware19:24
joacimthe ahci driver was built in, and i could load the driver for this funky jmicron-chip from an usb flash drive19:25
vee__seems pretty cool19:27
vee__i found out yesterday that there are boards with 2 processor slots...thought that was neat19:27
joacimthat irritates me actually :p19:28
joacimi have two spare xp2500+ cpus, but i cant use them on a dual-cpu board19:29
joacimi think the mobile version will work19:30
joacimowning a dual-cpu system used to be one of my dreams, but now i feel like i wont need much more than an atom-based desktop19:32
vee__im still on a pentium4 here. hardly do anything with it aside from web browse...but compiling on it is a nightmare19:34
joacimit feels like it takes more and more time to compile the kernel19:39
joacimand compiling webkit takes a a bit over an hour.19:39
joacimcompiling the kernel doesnt take so long that i feel like i have to wait for it to finish tho19:40
vee__webkit is murder. a chrome compile takes roughly 5 hours19:49
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joacimthis is why i dont bother with chrome19:52
joacimchrome dont use the system webkit, so switching to a different browser would just mean even more compiling19:53
joacimi like it when gecko and webkit are split from the actual browser19:53
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vee__i couldn't get a browser to work on this machine20:28
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Romstervee__, lol vista faster than 7 highly unlikely21:28
Romstervee__, not even opera?21:30
Romstersome built packages are here seems chromium wont build anymore21:35
nogagplz_Romster, was it /dev/sdb that I could remove from p321:42
Romsternogagplz_, SerialNo=9VPCDJ2Y check with hdparm -i /dev/sdb21:49
nogagplz_yes that's the bastard21:49
Romsterstill works so keep it for archiving21:50
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nogagplz_nah I need space to do more tapes21:50
Romsteroh i forgot todo pvremove /dev/sdb21:51
nogagplz_the shitty software in windows breaks when I try to encode it as t plays, taking a raw copy works though21:51
Romsterelse the disk will keep the empty lvm metadata area in sdb221:51
nogagplz_but that's ginormous21:51
Romstersucks linux should do it fine with ffmpeg or transcode21:52
nogagplz_the analogue inputs don21:52
nogagplz_t work in linux just the dvb-t -_-21:52
Romsteri got lazy and put my tuner card in my other pc on windows then i used ffmpeg after21:53
nogagplz_yeah I reboot when I have a copy for avidemux and devede does a painless job making dvd images21:54
Romsteri got a weird one for ya i got a cd full of mp3s i decode to wav and it's 908mb how?21:54
Romsterand i can't change the wav to anything smaller to fix on a cd21:55
Romsterfor i in *.mp3; do ffmpeg -i "$i" -ar 44100 "`basename "$i" .mp3`".wav; done21:56
Romsteri can't set bitrate as that's done by the wave samplerate21:56
Romsterbeats me how it came off a cd at that size21:56
Romsteri've only hit this now out of the many mp3 collections i have21:57
nogagplz_mp3 files on the CD yeah? wouldn't you be able to jam 700MB of mp3's onto a disk but obviously wav lacks the compression and that many wouldn't necessarily reflecto n the size of it uncompressed, or am I reading you wrong21:58
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Romsteri'm trying to burn a audio cd22:01
Romsterand seeing as these mp3s came off a audio cd to begin with, they should fit back on when decompressed to wav22:01
Romsterdu -shc *.mp3 = 122M , du -shc *.wav = 908M22:02
Romsterdoes not compute.22:02
Romsterit's meant to be around 700MB decompressed22:03
Romsteri can't overburn to 908M22:03
nogagplz_never seen or heard of anything like that ._.22:03
Romsterit's the first one i've hit ever22:03
nogagplz_did you decompress it too much22:03
Romsteronly with that command above and lame does the same size too but one mp3 happens to be at 22.05Khz so i had to use ffmpeg and -ar 4410022:04
Romsterbut that wont account for that huge size22:04
Romstersee if you can find anything i'm stumped. bbl work22:04
Romsterrecode wav smaller 1440kb/s afaik is it's rate22:05
nogagplz_thought it wa more like 141122:06
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