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vee__so how is everyone?01:16
* nogagplz_ pretends to be so busy that he doesn't notice vee__ 01:24
vee__nogagplz, constantly assuming he's part of everybody01:56
nogagplz_damnit vee__, I'm covered by the everyone flag02:00
nogagplz_next time you can ask everybody except nogagplz02:01
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* Romster sets nogagplz_ -everyone03:26
* frinnst makes nogagplz_ world-readable03:38
* nogagplz_ -x's frinnsts directories03:39
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frinnst@seen sepen03:48
clbfrinnst: sepen was last seen in #crux 6 days, 19 hours, 44 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <sepen> back to home, see ya'03:48
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frinnstanybody use a DE-less calendar that integrates well with exchange?04:13
frinnstwhat options are there?04:13
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frinnstseems thunderbird + lightning does the job for now04:21
nogagplz__very very frightening me04:22
Romsterhow not to recharge a SLA battery
RomsterBohemian Rhapsody04:32
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frinnsthaha, like a kettle boiling04:38
ente For04:42
ente       example, the notation $^W (dollar-sign caret "W") is the scalar04:42
ente       variable whose name is the single character control-"W". This is better04:42
ente       than typing a literal control-"W" into your program.04:42
enteI don't even...04:43
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jaegerfrinnst: I use thunderbird + lightning + davmail here08:17
frinnsthm, davmail might be useful to setup here..08:18
jaegerI was originally just using it on my workstation but now I've set it up as a central server for the other linux users here08:19
jaegerworking well so far08:19
frinnstaye. my boss finally left the dark side, but uses a windows vm for exchange stuff08:19
Romsterchromium#22.0.1229.0 built packages at
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frinnsthm, stec not doing so well, business wise08:45
frinnstwho was it that got to play with zeusiops devices? jaeger?08:46
jaegeryeah, have a few in our NAS appliances08:46
jaegerouch, that's pretty rough08:47
jaegerour new storage appliance uses much cheaper MLC SSDs, we won't need to worry about the STEC ones again unless they fail08:48
frinnstyou use flash for cache only?08:48
jaegerintent log08:49
jaegerwell, technically we use it for the cache as well but the cache drives are mach8s08:50
jaegerthe log drives are zeusiops08:50
jaegerIt came configured that way, we didn't choose them... they work great for their jobs, though08:51
frinnstyeah we were looking at cheaper (relative to netapp) storage - nexenta(zfs) with stec cache08:52
jaegerI've been kinda wanting to check out nexenta, too08:54
jaegerBeen using FreeBSD for my sandbox ZFS server but nexenta looks good08:54
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vee_hello hello11:48
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vee_the new x1 carbon looks really nice12:40
jaegerlenovo's ultrabook12:44
jaegerIt's built with carbon fiber12:44
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vee_oh sorry, just noticed your post. yea, what jaeger said. its pretty neat :)12:57
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vee_how hard is it to setup a raid drive?18:09
vee_watched a few videos on it, and it seems simple as hell18:09
joacimdont think it'll be too hard18:19
joacimi've never done it myself, but i guess it is one of those things that you do once, and never again touch for another two years18:20
joacimlike my lvm. i have to read up on how to do things every time i need to change something with it.18:20
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vee_i saw a video, and all the dude did was change turn on raid, change the slots, and windows 7 essentially read it as it should.18:25
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vee_is lvm the linux variant on raid?18:26
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joacimno i dont think so18:38
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ReubenHi, i'm trying to set up RSA authorisation but putty keeps giving me Server refused out key. I've searched the internet but stuff like editing the authorized_keys and changing permissions hasnt fixed it. can anyone help? thanks19:01
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horrorSt1uckReuben: IIRC (but really not sure), putty uses a slightly different keys formating, you need to fix that. google it maybe20:11
Reubenyes i fixed that bit20:11
Reubenalso connecting from20:12
Reubenissh (iphone ap) has the same error20:12
Reubeni'm thinking i dont have the sshd running right or something similar20:12
Reubenjust with the key format, key goes <garbled stuff>lehgwa+\ljwelUFVoho==20:14
Reubendo you need the two == on the end?20:14
Reubenright i think i did it witha nd without but...20:15
horrorSt1uckwhat about protocol and encryption in sshd_config?20:15
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Reubenright, which lines are those?20:16
Reuben# The default requires explicit activation of protocol 1 #Protocol 2?20:18
horrorStruckand HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key20:18
Reubensec, okay so uncomment that protocol?20:19
Reubenit's defaulting to 120:19
jaegerno need to change the protocol, putty supports both20:19
ReubenRSA 2 key20:19
Reubenhostkey is still default values20:20
horrorStruckdoes it work with password auth at least?20:20
jaegeranything show up in /var/log/auth when you try to connect? or /var/log/messages for that matter20:20
Reubenplease dont do anything that might break that i'm about 150 miles from the server :)20:21
Reubeni think20:21
Reubenone moment i'll just make a note of the time and try annother login attempt20:22
Reubenno, no log, just the accepted pasword20:23
Reubenin auth20:23
jaegerand when you try it with the key?20:23
Reubenit auto attempts key then defaults to password on fail20:23
Reubenso that was key then password20:23
Reubenonly the password shows20:24
jaegershould be something in the log about the failure20:24
Reubenand messages has nothing20:24
Reubenso, let me just check a few things, .ssh should be permissions 700 and auth etc. should be permissions 600?20:25
Reubenboth should be owned by <user> who is using the key20:25
Reubenand groups should be?20:26
jaegergroup doesn't matter20:26
Reubenthen that's not it20:26
Reubenoh, if i get this working, and want to secure this more, if i add at the and of the key == * then only hosts with that can use it right?20:28
jaegerno idea on that20:29
Reubenwell that's unimportant for now, thanks. any more ideas?20:29
horrorStruckmaybe paste your sshd_config somewhere20:31
Reuben i put a 10 min expiration on it20:33
jaegeryou converted the putty public key format to the openssl one?20:34
jaegerthe client has both private and public keys and the server has only the public key?20:34
Reubeni also used20:34
Reubena sever generated publicprivate key20:34
Reubenthat i transfered20:34
Reubenand an issh generated publicprivate key20:34
Reuben3 keys generated on 3 machines20:35
Reubennone work20:35
Reubenany key dependencys that allow password log in but not rsa?20:40
horrorStruckReuben: this works for me
horrorStruckbbl work20:42
Reubenthanks, i'll check this then bbl sleep20:42
Reubenoh, hope you dont mind but i'm not setting password auth to no until I can log in with rsa :)20:44
Reubenare those changes immediate ot do i need to run a command?20:46
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