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vee_hey guys, any recommendation on what to read up on for linux?02:04
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Romsterlvm can do raid levels 0,1,4,5,6 now and sparse snapshots for VM's03:04
Romsteroh lets not forget clustering of nodes03:07
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frinnstany reason to use lvm raid instead of md except windows raid dualboot?04:12
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Romstermigration of LV's between different disks slicing up VG to different LVs04:35
nogagplz_Romster, did you try the deluge stuff04:38
Romsternot yet i'm procrastinating first.04:40
nogagplz_what do I pay you for04:40
Romsterwhat pay :D04:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: 1.4 -> 1.4.104:42
nogagplz_1.4 O_O04:42
Romsterstable branch04:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tor: ->
frinnstwhy the HELL is VMware-vSphere-CLI-5.0.0-422456.x86_64.tar.gz full of 32bit binaries?!04:59
* Romster shrugs05:04
Romsteri guess that's pure evil05:05
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frinnstbut it's so fucking common06:23
frinnstall closed source apps that supposedly are 64bit somehow requires a 32bit library somewhere06:23
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Reubenstill working on that rsa key issue. :(06:46
frinnstwhat issue?06:47
frinnstoh, backlog06:47
frinnsthow did you put the key on the remote server? did you paste it with a text-editor?06:48
Reubencopy and paste06:49
frinnstmake sure its all in one line06:50
frinnstuse nano -w06:50
frinnstquite useful06:51
frinnsthm, ssh-copy-id ships with openssh under contrib06:53
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Reubenit's not wrapping, it's all on one line, oh wait the ssh-rsa should be on the same line?07:01
frinnstauthorized_keys should be one line07:05
Reubeni have 3 seperate keys i want authorised...07:05
frinnstthen one line for each of those keys07:05
Reubenstill refused07:06
ReubenOh i have auth logs now07:08
frinnstI really recommend ssh-copy-id07:09
frinnstits in the openssh-source, under contrib07:09
frinnstis just a script07:09
Reubenwhat does that do now?07:10
Reubeni have a new error, error: keyread: uudecode <code>\n failed07:11
Reubenin the auth log07:14
frinnstno clue, your key is b0rked?07:17
Reubeni'll generate a new one :)07:17
Reubeno.o it was07:20
Reuben:) thanks07:20
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frinnstoh, adobe released some open/free fonts08:56
jaegerhrmm, not bad08:57
jaegerno monospace yet, looks like, but it's a start08:58
frinnstyeah "work in progress"08:59
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teK_oh that's probably a german-only joke :)_11:28
horrorStrucki felt dumb for a second but i know it's OK :P11:28
horrorStruckcause i didnt get it11:29
teK_the cookie is called 'American' in Germany11:29
frinnstFontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf", line 9: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated.11:39
frinnstwtf? what do they recommend instead?11:39
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frinnstHOME/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf and $HOME/.config/fontconfig/conf.d apparantly11:50
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horrorStruckvee_: 5.1-rc1.tar.bz212:02
horrorStruckbetter like this12:03
vee_oh, is this the kernel?12:03
vee_rather the config12:03
vee_i thought you'd forgotten12:03
horrorStruckconfig + i biuld a kernel12:03
horrorStruckdont hate me if he doesnt boot, make sure you keep your working one. (but it should work normally :P )12:04
horrorStruckb61450a1ba897687305cd4775b52f7f46fe7435c  linux-3.5.1-rc1.tar.bz212:04
horrorStrucksha1 ^12:05
vee_ill make a copy of my kernel in another folder12:05
vee_but im not sure what to do with yours12:05
vee_just put it all int he /usr/src/ folder?12:05
horrorStruckput vmlinuz in /boot12:05
horrorStruckput in /boot too12:05
vee_and the linux folder in /usr/src, right?12:05
horrorStruckput the content of /lib in /lib :P12:06
horrorStrucksource is not included12:06
vee_source is not included....dont know what that means, but it sounds dangerous12:07
horrorStruckit's not :D12:07
horrorStruckjust build it yourself otherwise, i put the config12:07
horrorStruckbut use at least 3.512:08
vee_ill use the config you used, and re compile12:08
horrorStruckup to you my good sir, i'd do the same12:09
vee_i've only done this one...but essentially i download the newer kernel, copy it in to the /usr/src folder, cd into it, make menuconfig so on so forth, correct?12:10
horrorStruckcopy the config included in the source folder and name it .config, then run make oldconfig12:10
vee_yea, i got that bit too lol12:10
vee_and if it doesn't work...i know who to come after :P12:11
horrorStruckwell not the config from the source folder, the one from the archive i've uploaded12:11
horrorStruckit's called config_3.5.1-rc1_i686_2012080912:11
horrorStruckit *should* work but again, back up your old kernel12:12
vee_yea i know, i took a look see in what was inside12:12
vee_already backed up the kernel12:12
vee_going ot be using the 3.5.1 kernel12:13
horrorStruckreleased 1 hour ago :O12:14
horrorStruckthis config was generated against 3.5.1-rc1 which most likely is the same12:14
vee_yea, im pretty sure it'll be fine12:14
vee_worst case, i yell at you, guilt trip you, and go back to the old kernel xD12:15
horrorStruckfine for me :)12:16
horrorStruckbtw it's pretty minimal, you may need to add some features later depending on what you're doing with your machine12:16
horrorStruckdont worry too much, everything will work fine12:17
vee_god damn it, i kept running oldconfig without make. xD12:17
horrorStruckbut i cant guess if you have special needs12:18
vee_in regards to the kernel, i dont do much with this computer execpt browse the web. as long as the devices for ethernet have been built, im sure ill be fine.12:19
vee_i just checked if you have, and they are...but this kernel menu looks a tad bit different12:20
horrorStruckethernet is not built-in, i dont do this when you need a firmware (and you do)12:20
horrorStruckit's a module12:20
vee_i mean, you've included it in the kernel. saw it was included, yea lol12:21
horrorStruckyeah it's minimal but i thought networking could be a nice optional feature to have :P12:22
vee_haha. i love minimal. especially on this old piece of junk12:22
vee_one last question12:24
vee_in the /usr/src folder, my old kernel is there12:24
vee_would i need to delete it once this oen builds?12:24
horrorStrucknormally no, is it named after its version?12:24
horrorStruckyou should be fine then i guess, i dont keep the source i dont need it12:25
vee_going to make sure it boots fine, then ill get rid of it12:25
vee_side note12:25
vee_its ridiculously hot here12:25
horrorStruckis it the pentium IV?12:25
vee_mostly california12:26
vee_but im sure te pentium 4 plays a role in i too lol12:26
vee_its nearly 85 degrees, and its only 10 3012:26
horrorStruckit's 35C all year long here :P12:26
horrorStruck(under shadow)12:27
vee_jesus, where is "here"?12:27
vee_but you guys do have some pretty awesome beaches12:28
horrorStrucki heard about that12:28
vee_any formal reviews?12:28
horrorStruckwhat do you mean?12:29
vee_any place you'd recommend visiting in terms of beaches?12:29
horrorStruckoh ok sorry, frankly i'm living here since 9 years but i havent got the chance to travel too much, we dont have too much holidays so every time i do i go back to my country (france)12:30
vee_well, perhaps one day i could come visit you haha12:31
horrorStruckbut some are famous like krabi phi-phi, many of them actually12:31
vee_except now that you say its 35c almost all the time, im having second thoughts haha12:32
horrorStruckraining season right now :\ (but still hot)12:32
vee_that must not feel good at all. humidity must be a killer12:33
horrorStruckaircon at home, aircon in car, aircon in office :P12:33
horrorStruckwho needs to go out :O ?12:34
vee_haha yea12:34
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vee_alright...moment of truth12:37
vee_time for ar eboot12:37
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vee_its the wrong kernel though xD12:40
horrorStruckwhat did you (not) do?12:40
vee_i copied the vmlinuz and to /boot12:41
vee_copied the files inside lib to /lib12:41
horrorStruckyou need to:12:42
horrorStruckmake modules_install12:42
vee_i have installed the modules12:42
vee_i did a make all12:42
vee_then a make modules_install12:42
vee_maybe i should just get rid of the old kernel source/12:42
horrorStrucknot relevant i'd say12:42
horrorStruckcp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz ?12:43
horrorStruckcp /boot ?12:43
horrorStruckwhat is your bootloader?12:43
vee_i copied the and vmlinuz in yoru folder to /boot12:43
vee_didn't use those commands12:43
vee_and im running lilo12:43
horrorStrucklilo? then you need to run lilo too12:43
vee_figured it had to be lilo12:44
horrorStruckyou mean you used the kernel i have built?12:44
frinnstdear god..12:44
horrorStruckyou're confusing me12:44
vee_okay okay12:44
vee_i downloaded the kernel12:45
vee_extracted it12:45
vee_copied it into the /usr/src folder12:45
vee_cd'd into it12:45
vee_ran make oldconfig12:45
vee_then make all12:45
vee_than make modules_install12:45
horrorStruckdid you copy my config as .config first?12:45
horrorStruckthen cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz12:45
horrorStruckcp /boot12:46
horrorStrucklilo && reboot12:46
frinnstor just type "make install"12:46
frinnstcopies the kernel & runs lilo12:46
frinnstmake && make modules_install && make install12:46
vee_alrighty, lets try it agian12:46
vee_but before i go... make install...thats new lol12:47
vee_hopefully, brb12:47
* horrorStruck is using modern tools like syslinux 12:47
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vee_woot woot12:48
horrorStruckbooted into solaris :P ?12:49
vee_nah man, windows 9512:49
horrorStruckso, it works (tm) ?12:49
vee_lol thanks horrorStruck!12:49
vee_yea it "werks"12:49
horrorStruckyou're welcome my good sir12:49
vee_also the 2 gb's are also showing12:49
horrorStruckoh nice12:49
vee_maybe now, chromium build will work12:49
horrorStruckyou can try "my" firefox port now12:50
horrorStruckif you still have it12:50
vee_from your own ports?12:50
horrorStrucki dont have a repo but i've uploaded it last time12:51
vee_could you upload it one more time pretty please?12:51
horrorStrucksure, one sec12:51
horrorStruckyou'll get footprint mismatch but you can ignore that, i've built it with some system libs that need to be rebuilt with special flags (so you obviously dont have them)12:54
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horrorStruckoh mabe it'll cry for system libvpx too, do you have that installed?12:56
vee_not too sure12:56
vee_ill check in one sec12:56
horrorStruckedit mozconfig otherwise12:56
horrorStruckor just let me know if it fails and we'll try to fix it12:57
vee_how can i ignore that mismatch thingie12:58
vee_jaeger told me once, but i forgot :/12:58
horrorStruckuse -if12:58
horrorStrucki removed the system libvpx anyway, it should build but you should get a mismatch on libvpx and sqlite i think12:59
vee_theres an md5 mismatch too12:59
horrorStruckah yes that's normal i guess, it was on mozconfig no?13:01
vee_not sure what you mean?13:01
horrorStruckthe md5 mismatch was for the mozconfig file?13:02
vee_no, it was for firefox13:02
vee_and when i use the -um command, it says file not found lol13:02
horrorStruckuse -d -um13:03
vee_-d is an unknown option lol13:03
vee_im telling you, this computer just doesn't want to work13:03
horrorStruckwhat are you doing exactly?13:03
horrorStruckusing pkgmk right?13:03
vee_i copied your file into the13:04
vee_renamed it13:04
vee_and trying to install it with prt-get13:04
vee_and now, i feel like im doing it worng13:04
horrorStruckmaybe yes :D13:04
horrorStruckextract the archive and cd into dir13:04
horrorStruckrun pkgmk -d -um && pkgmk -if13:05
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horrorStruckonce the build is done (hopefully) run pkgadd -u firefox#14.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz13:06
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horrorStruckor without -u if it's not installed13:06
vee_wen running pkgmk -d -um && pkgmk -if, it trys to redownload firefox13:08
vee_want me to ditch the -u13:08
horrorStruckjust cp the source from your /usr/ports/opt/firefox/ to .13:08
vee_so its suppose to redownload xD13:09
vee_its fine, ill let it download again. 5 mb a sec shouldn't take long13:09
horrorStrucknot if you do the cp thing13:09
vee_i just let it download because im too lazy to cp it xD13:10
vee_and, its starting the build13:10
vee_time for this pentium 4 to continue causing global warming13:10
horrorStruckbuilding as root? otherwise use fakeroot pkgmk -if13:10
vee_sudo'd it :)13:11
horrorStruckdoesnt this screw up file ownership?13:12
horrorStruckah no13:12
vee_i have no clue lmao13:13
vee_libnotify is an outdated verison13:13
horrorStruckactually that was a pretty dumb comment i made13:13
vee_let me update it and try to install again13:14
horrorStruckprt-get current libnotify13:14
vee_its okay, i'm sure im worse off13:14
vee_yep, already installed it13:14
horrorStruckyeah but which version do you have?13:14
horrorStruckdid you ever updated your system since you installed it?13:14
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vee_i installed it a week or so ago13:15
vee_oh god, dont tell em thats why nothing is building properly13:15
horrorStruckthat may be a good start. from 2.7.1?13:15
horrorStruckdoes 2.7.1 include the kmod switch and new udev?13:16
vee_i have no clue13:16
horrorStruckprt-get current kmod13:16
horrorStruckprt-get current udev13:17
vee_udev is 162-113:17
vee_kmod not installed13:17
vee_system update time?13:17
horrorStruckmaybe :D13:18
vee_alright, guess ill get started on that lol13:18
horrorStruckyour kernel is new udev ready13:18
horrorStruckkmod replaces module-init-tools so you'll have to remove that13:18
vee_so, update the system, install mod, remove module-init-tools13:19
horrorStrucki think you need to remove it first or it'll conflict13:19
vee_alright, ill update, remove init-tools, then install kmod lol13:20
horrorStrucksounds good13:20
vee_well, thanks again for your help13:20
vee_time to get to work13:20
vee_by work i mean updating EVERYTHING xD13:21
horrorStruckP4 is sweating13:21
vee_this poor thing...put it to hell and back with crux all the time13:23
vee_i want an i7 just to feel the difference between compile times13:23
horrorStruckso how about this new kernel by the way? 10x faster at least :P ?13:23
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vee_it seems slightly snappier13:29
vee_the one thing you got down13:29
vee_that i didn't13:29
vee_was the video card13:29
vee_when i use to boot it up13:29
vee_the writing was in big font13:29
vee_now its normal...which means the video card was working properly13:29
horrorStruckmaybe it's worth to give bfs a try13:31
vee_the file system?13:32
horrorStruckcpu scheduler13:33
vee_what does that do13:33
horrorStruckit is supposed to be interactive (i.e. desktop) friendly13:34
horrorStruckbut there's still no patch for 3.5, we'll try that later13:35
horrorStruck(if you want to)13:35
jaegerI use it here13:35
jaegeras well as on my HTPC13:35
vee_still dont get what it does?13:36
vee_time to hop on google13:36
horrorStrucki've been using it on and off but now torvalds' tree most of the time13:36
horrorStruck(so bfs is not an option)13:36
vee_figured it'd be something like that13:38
vee_not sure how much benefit it'll provide to a p4 though13:38
horrorStruckworth a try i'd say13:38
vee_so many htings on the to-do list13:39
vee_side note13:39
vee_some dude came to the gym yesterday, and tried to dead lift what i was lifting, and im pretty sure13:39
vee_he broke his spine13:39
vee_or at least, messed it up really bad13:39
vee_witnessed it all13:40
horrorStrucki'm suffering only thinking about that13:40
vee_i tried to show him how to do it properly, but, being an arrogant douche, he did it his own way13:42
horrorStruckhow many kg are we talking about ?13:42
vee_2 plates and 35's13:44
vee_so thats13:44
vee_nearly 300 lb13:44
horrorStruck~136 kg13:45
horrorStrucksays google13:45
horrorStruckand that's quite a lot13:45
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vee_yep. and when you get to weight like that, you ahve to do it right13:45
vee_but this douche13:45
vee_didn't want to listen and it was most likely becuase he was "bigger' than me13:46
horrorStruckjust hoping he'll keep at least usage of his arms so he can browse the internets :\13:47
vee_i hope so too. not so much for the internets, but for fapping. that would suck xD13:49
horrorStruckthat goes together vee_13:49
vee_so many updates x.x13:56
horrorStruckupdate daily, safer and painless13:59
vee_i usually do it once a week14:06
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vee_hey horrorStruck, one last request if i may14:20
vee_how to do you get auto mounted /cd/usb to work?14:20
vee_tried using the auto mount feature in pcmanfm, but, its a no go14:21
horrorStrucksorry i dont use any automounting stuff14:22
horrorStruckbut i think it should point to /dev/sr0 instead14:23
horrorStrucksorry i'm tired, scratch that14:23
horrorStruck(just reread your setence)14:24
horrorStruckbut it may be rather painful to setup, pmount maybe the simplest i think14:25
horrorStruckdunno on what pcmanfm is relying on14:25
horrorStruckor udev rules for usb should be pretty straight forward14:25
horrorStruckudisks is the "modern" way to handle this but i'm pretty sure it'll be a huuuge PITA to setup14:27
vee_alright, thanks, ill look into pmount :)14:28
horrorStruckmaybe wait for a better answer than mine, i have never looked too much into that stuff14:29
vee_haha alright, but seriously...thanks for all your help!14:30
horrorStruckno problem, you're welcome14:31
*** vee_ is now known as v3314:51
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joe9is this the correct way to write the patch command in the Pkgfile?
joe9 i want to be able to apply the patch many times without erroring out.15:49
joe9if the patch is already applied.15:49
joe9for some reason, the second patch command errors out like this:
joe9the first patch command works fine though.
joe9 more details16:00
joe9the --verbose option helped16:03
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joe9got it, there was a junk line at the end of the patch file. git format-patch created that patch.16:10
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joe9romster, can you please change the freeimage port Pkgfile to this:
joe9it adds freeimageplus to the build20:57
joe9freeimageplus is the C++ wrapper to freeimage library.20:57
joe9romster, these are the lines I added:
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Romsterjoe9, done21:40
nogagplzyou never make changes that quickly for me21:41
Romster2 other ports i haven't fixed for joe9 yet either21:42
Romsterthat was a easy one21:42
Romster chromium#17.0.952.0-1 for anyone not wanting to wait hours for a compile, request other packages and i'll upload those later.21:44
* nogagplz requests boost for m68k21:44
Romsterhope your not serious21:47
nogagplzhaving trouble thinking of a worse torture21:47
nogagplznever heard of it21:48
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v33horrorStruck: chromium compiled successfully O.O22:13
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vee_theres a gtk 3.0?23:03
vee_transmission-gtk wants gtk 3.0+ i have no idea what that is23:40
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