IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2012-08-10

vee_=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:00:04
vee_NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/printbackends/libprintbackend-cups.la00:04
vee_NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/printbackends/libprintbackend-cups.so00:04
nogagplznew should be harmless, if it says missing take notice if it's important00:16
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frinnstwhat the fuck is going on? still resolves01:53
frinnstSender refused by the  DNSBL list.dsbl.org01:54
frinnstmail joy?01:54
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mike_kRotwang: I have an ack port with a p5 module dep (not a standalone bundled executable). feel free to put that in contrib instead, if you find it suitable.
mike_ksomehow missed the contrib version and did that )04:02
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Rotwangmike_k: thanks but I don't see many advantages of not standalone ack compared to standalone ack05:18
mike_kjust might be a "cleaner" way. nevermind05:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: elfutils: 0.153 -> 0.15406:53
Romstervee is never on when i read...06:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: spamprobe: fix build with latest toolchain and Berkely db, patch from debian07:37
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ghostscript: update to 9.0607:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libspiro: initial import07:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] fontforge: 20120119 -> 2012011907:59
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horrorStruckthat fontforge changelog should be rather small :P08:13
horrorStruckno commit after midnight08:15
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Romster23:20 now it's before midnight08:21
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RomsterhorrorStruck, oh right i screwed up the commit message.08:21
horrorStruckoh i thought we had 3 hours diff, do you have light saving stuff in AUS (not sure how it's called) ?08:22
RomsterDST daylight savings and not yet but it will be soon08:24
Romster"daylight savings time"08:24
horrorStruckah ok thanks :)08:25
Romsterwhen that kicks in i'll be GMT +11 instead of GMT +1008:25
horrorStruckwhat i thought08:25
Romstersometime in spring iirc08:25
horrorStrucki'm +7 all year long08:26
Romsterqueensland is like that too no DST up there.08:26
horrorStruckdepends on how close you're to equateur no? (no idea in fact)08:27
horrorStruckand i havent checked where is queensland so i may looked even more stoopid :D08:28
* horrorStruck is checking available nicks08:28
Romsteryou'r up for another new nick?08:31
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horrorStruckonce i have reached the "too many dumb things said" quota :P08:33
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horrorStruckRomster: are you familiar with that tcp fast open brand new thingy?08:35
Romsteri've only read about it a little, wasn't that just attaching a payload to ACK packets?08:38
Romsteroh right SYN with payload08:39
horrorStruckoh brand new article, i missed that one, thanks !08:39
Romsteri have pipelining set in firefox08:39
Romsternot sure if squid has pipelining or not though08:40
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joe9there is no crux port for tbb:
Romsterthen make one.09:06
joe9that is what I am thinking.09:07
Romsteropen source>?09:09
Romsteror jsut another one of them binary blobs09:09
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jaegergrrr... still have this stupid chrome problem09:49
jaeger <-- chrome left, firefox right09:49
Romstereven on this one
jaegerIt's chrome, not chromium, for what that's worth09:52
Romsteroh sorry09:52
jaegerI'll try it in chromium and see, though09:52
jaegersame boxes in chromium09:53
jaegerI wonder if it's an encoding issue, doesn't seem to be any actual text there09:53
Romstercan't be a font issue there is no missing glyph09:54
Romsteris that only in a table it does that in each TD?09:54
Romsteroh it's also on lists too.09:55
Romstermight be some border thing with that picture.09:55
jaegerchanging the encoding changes what's displayed09:55
Romsterno other browsers do that?09:56
jaeger <-- western iso-8859-1 encoding09:56
jaegerthe boxes were with utf-809:56
jaegernone that I've seen. it's specific to chrome/chromium in linux09:57
jaegerchrome in windows doesn't have the issue09:57
jaegerhrmm, might even be specific to crux, not sure09:57
jaegerI've got an ubuntu laptop I can test09:57
Romstersome locale thing tried with LANG=C09:57
Romsteror even LC_ALL=C09:57
Romsterutf8 utf16 issue perhaps too.09:58
jaegerno difference10:00
jaegerok, looks correct in ubuntu... something with crux or how my crux is set up, even possibly due to our stripping of i18n stuff or something10:01
Romsterstrace doens't complain about missing locale file or something10:05
jaegerhaven't done that yet, the amount of output is huge10:06
jaegerAm I the only one with this issue?10:07
Romsteri haven't noticed it what url you testing on.10:09 at the moment10:10
RomsterO_O i have them too.10:10
Romsterin chromium10:11
Romsteryeah it's always after that picture10:12
Romstermidori shows it without the squares.10:13
jaeger<span class="icon"></span>10:13
jaegerthere's a box in the source in there10:13
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jaegerin firefox it appears blank10:14
horrorStruckworks for me with jumanji (webkit), netsurf and firefox10:15
Romsterinspect the elment in chromium and i see even more squares.10:17
jaegerin chrome in windows I see nothing there... the span is there but nothing in it10:18
jaegersame as firefox in crux10:18
Romsternot a gtk theme issue?10:22
Romsterthough i could't think of that doing anything like that.10:23
Romsterif it was a fontconfig bug it would affect everything too.10:24
Romsterunless it's using it's own bundled one and not system10:24
Romsternothing i tired changed them boxes.10:24
Romster?<span class="icon">?</span>libusb-compat-0.1 gitweb</a>10:28
Romsterwont show but in gvim it shows <200b>10:28
Romsterbeing that box.10:28
RomsterUnicode Character 'ZERO WIDTH SPACE' (U+200B)10:30
jaegerso a unicode issue10:32
Romster few hits10:32
jaegeryeah, found lots of hits around the web but no solution yet10:43
Romsterpoched eggs on toast, because i got hungry again.10:53
Romsteryeah i didn't find any resolve yet10:53
jaegerwhat's the output from 'locale -a' on your system?10:53
jaegerand 'locale' ?10:55
jaegerok, thanks10:59
Romsteri don't over ride LC_ALL except for testing stuff.10:59
jaegerheh, dpaste has squares too :P11:01
horrorStruckjaeger: what is your locale -a output?11:06
horrorStrucki reinstalled  an old chromium build...
Romsterhrmm do you get squares with recent chromium11:13
Romstermajor regression if so.11:13
horrorStrucki dont have any recent builds11:14
horrorStruckbut that's the 4th browser without issue11:14
jaegergotta go meet someone for lunch, will be back11:17
horrorStrucki have the same output11:18
horrorStruckso do we need any more proof that we should switch to libusbx :P ?11:21
juehorrorStruck: it's too late for it, a 2.8-rc will be announced soon11:23
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juebut IMO it's not a big deal, we can switch to it at any time11:24
horrorStruckyeah that was just a joke in that case, but thanks for your answer jue. and agreed, the switch can be done at quieter times11:27
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vee_hello all11:54
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Romster the heck12:27
frinnstthat bear has his priorities straight12:35
v33dont like the beer here12:39
v33i enjoy german beer12:40
v33 is down12:45
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horrorStruckthere's *nothing* better than belgium beer, even bears know that :P12:57
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frinnstchimay ftw12:59
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v33never tried belgium beer. all i know is american beer isn't that good13:01
v33i hate corona too13:01
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horrorStruckfrinnst is a connaisseur. chimay triple i would add.13:03
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v33there was this one article that showed the differences between linux, windows, and osx users14:18
enteTIL linux users use facebook14:19
joacimmother thinks i play video games all day14:20
joacimi really dont. most of the time i just reload websites.14:21
enteI don't know what my parents think I'm doing14:21
tilmanjoacim: haha :D14:22
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v33how does one go about getting chromium to recognize magnetic links?14:46
jaegerfill it with iron filings14:49
v33i see wut u did der14:50
jaegersorry, I have no idea14:50
v33eh, took the lazy mans way out14:51
v33copy the magnetic link location, open it in transmission lol14:51
jaegertook me a while to figure out what a magnetic link is14:51
tilmanpretty sure it's 'magnet' and not magnetic ;p14:52
v33blahr. knew i was saying something wrong14:52
v33this isnt' the first time i confused someone with it haha14:52
joacimi thought this was a picture of a second outer door15:28
joacimlike those you sometimes find in really old houses15:28
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Henesyquick question if i may: im trying to chroot crux (chroot /mnt /bin/bash) and it is saying: "chroot: failed to run command '/bin/bash': No such file or directory20:19
Henesyany solutions?20:19
jaegerdoes /mnt/bin/bash exist?20:21
jaegercan you run it from outside the chroot?20:21
Romsteryou ran setup chroot helper?20:21
Henesyi ran it same error20:22
Henesyand yes i can run /bin/bash and /mnt/bin/bash outisde as long as it isnt in the chroot statement20:22
jaegerdoes 'file /mnt/bin/bash' say anything interesting?20:22
Henesyjust runs20:23
jaegerassuming file is on the ISO, it may not be. I can't remember20:23
Henesy2.7 i686 .iso20:23
Romsterfresh install?20:23
Henesyfirst time using crux :D20:23
Romstergo grab 2.7.1 iso? though 2.7 should still work ok.20:23
Henesyill give it a shot20:23
jaegeryeah, 2.7 should be fine20:24
jaegeris ldd available at that point20:24
Romster2.7.1 will jsut save you some brokenness on prt-get sysup as stuff has to be done in a certain order.20:24
Henesyldd works20:24
jaegerldd is part of glibc, should work.. I'm stupid20:24
Romsterit's been ages since i've had to do a fresh install with the ico like that.20:24
jaegerwhat does ldd /mnt/bin/bash say?20:24 => (0xb76dd000)20:25
jaegeractually I'm probably off in the weeds... if it runs the libs are there20:25
jaegersomething weird about chrooting20:25
Henesythere is alot of output20:25
jaegernone of it says "not found", right?20:26
Henesyall checks out20:26
Romsteri can run you though the manual commands Henesy20:26
Romsterthat i use and are proven tow ork20:26
Romsterto work*20:26
Romsteri have it written in my real notepad here20:26
Henesymkay lemme restart the computer20:26
Romsteryou'll probably w3ant to reboot to the iso and mount root at /mnt again20:27
Romsterfolling commands after mounting root at /mnt20:27
Romstermount --bind /dev /mnt/dev20:27
Romstermount --bind /tmp /mnt/tmp20:28
Romstermount -t proc proc /mnt/proc20:28
Romstermount -t sysfs none /mnt/sys20:28
Romsterchroot /mnt /bin/bash20:28
Romsterat that point you should be in. and i usually do a . /etc/profile to get my normal prompt.20:29
Romsteredit files as needed in handbook compile kernel, configure boot loader, pray and reboot.20:29
Romsterif you use lilo don't forget to run lilo after every edit to /etc/lilo.conf20:30
Romsterelse you'l have to chroot in again then run lilo20:30
Romsteralso i sometimes forget to run make modules_install on the kernel20:30
Romsterthat agrees with you jaeger or is that a bit out dated that i still use?20:31
Henesyffs im getting the same chroot error20:32
jaegerit should work fine but the error message Henesy mentioned means it won't fix the problem20:32
jaegerThe problem doesn't seem to be mounting the proper dirs, it's something else20:32
Romsterhmm cd to the core ports on the iso20:32
Romsterfor p in *; do20:32
jaegerHenesy: did you deselect anything in the "core" section during install?20:32
Romsterpkgadd -r /mnt $p20:32
Henesyi havent run setup yet20:32
Romsterpkgadd -r /mnt -u $p20:32
jaegerwell, there's the problem :)20:32
Romsteroh that would help -_-20:32
jaegerif you didn't run setup where did /mnt/bin/bash come from?20:33
jaegerI'm confused now20:33
Henesywat i've done:20:33
Henesyswapon /dev/sda420:33
Henesymount /dev/sda2 /mnt/20:33
Henesymount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/20:33
Henesymount /dev/sda3 /mnt/home/20:33
Henesycd /mnt20:33
Henesythat's all20:33
Henesyoutside of chroot20:34
Romsteryour meant to run setup at that point20:34
jaegerhrmm... so there were already files there?20:34
jaegerhang on on running setup20:34
jaegerdid you have a previous linux install?20:34
Henesyeheheh i have had several: slack and funtoo which were both nuked when i redid the partition table for crux20:35
jaegermaybe and maybe not20:35
jaegerif you nuked the partition table but recreated the partitions in the same place, the data wouldn't be erased20:35
jaegerif you created filesystems after partitioning, though, it should be hosed20:35
Henesyi made a whole new partition table made the four new partitions then made filesystems20:36
jaegerwith that said, you said you have /mnt/bin/bash, which means something was already there20:36
Henesyi copied it by myself20:36
jaegerer... why?20:36
Henesyas an attempt for a solution20:36
jaegerAh, ok20:36
Henesythe IRC was my last resort20:36
jaegerremove that and then run setup :)20:36
Henesy*twitch* i went automode and did "rm /bin/bash"  *sigh* i guess ill be restarting again20:37
jaegeroops, heh20:37
Henesyloooong day20:37
jaegeryou could maybe 'tar Jxf /media/crux/core/bash*.pkg.tar.xz /bin/bash'20:38
Henesytoo late20:38
Henesyalready rebooting20:39
Romsterlol oh man sorry but that was funny20:39
Henesyjust out of curiosity is there a i486/i386 port of crux or is there something similar?20:39
Henesyand ja it is20:39
jaegerthere was a 486 version but it hasn't been maintained recently20:40
Romsteri think there is a i586 on the crux site but it's not been bumped in ages?20:40
Romstermy only i586 machine is sitting around doing nothing. and my 486's are just dos20:40
Henesyi have an old tower that is i486 i think (might just be i386) 1998-2001 area and it has been running slackware 13.37 with xfce for awhile20:41
Henesyi tried pclinuxos but anything with synaptic annoys me20:41
jaegerthe 586 version is even available for crux 2.720:41
jaegerthe 486 version was abandoned much earlier as far as I can recall20:41
Romstercrus would take a while to compile on such a old pc though20:41
Henesygentoo took ages20:41
Henesyi let it run overnight and it was still goin in the morning20:42
jaegerYou could always build the packages on a faster machine and transfer them, though, if you were so inclined20:42
Henesyi could20:42
Romster i58620:42
Henesybut faster isnt exactly at my disposal20:42
Henesyah ty20:42
Henesyill look into it20:42
Romsteri thought jue said he discontinued that ages ago but i guess he didn't20:43
Henesyi have this overheating dell (the one im putting crux on) XPS M1330 and I have a 2009ish macbook i got for free from a friend20:43
Henesyoutside of the tower20:43
Romsterlower the vcore voltage a tad and be sure to setup the thermal throttling module in kernel for it20:44
Henesyit's a ventalation problem20:44
Henesytheres one fan20:44
Romsterand the usual blow dust out of the heatsink too.20:44
Henesyand it's a heatsink thingy20:44
Henesyit has the worst ventilation system i have ever seen in my life20:44
Romstersure the thermal compound is not old and needs reapplying?20:45
Henesydone that20:45
Romstercooling notebook pad with fans in it?20:45
Henesydoesnt help20:45
Henesyit is just that shitty of a laptop20:45
Romsterman has to be a crappy model then20:45
Romsterdunno how you'll go compiling on that.20:46
HenesyXPS M1330 you can look it up if you want20:46
Henesyi set ice packs on it20:46
Henesyso it's all good20:46
Henesywheee finally got the setup running20:47
RomsterThe aluminium palmtop may be a little cool on winter evenings but the PC soon warms it up. But that's not to say the PC gets hot -- it doesn't, and unlike some other high-powered notebook, it's also fairly quiet.20:48
Romsteroff cnet for that model20:48
Henesyi call bullshit20:48
Henesythat thing can heat a room20:48
Henesyand it has20:48
Henesycheap heating bill thanks to it20:48
Romsterhas to suck in summer though20:48
Henesyo yeah20:49
Romsterif i were you save u for a better pc20:49
Henesyespecially over here in illinois cranking the 80-90's F daily20:49
Henesyi have been20:49
Henesymoney is kinda tight20:49
Romstercan get over 100F in australia in summer20:49
Henesy:3 want20:49
Henesyi love hot weather20:50
Romsteryeah tell me about it, try to save and another bill comes in.20:50
Henesyprotip: dont wear clothes inside20:50
Romster\o/ i love hot weather too finally. someone that loves hot weather.20:50
jaegerIt's been over 100 for weeks here until yesterday, no thanks20:50
Romsterdry heat though not humid.20:50
jaegervery humid here =(20:50
Henesywe had record drought20:50
Henesyrecord since the beginning of record keeping20:51
Romsterhumid heat it's impossible to cool off.20:51
Henesyi think in the last 5 months it has rained i think about 4 times?20:51
Henesyaaw yeah chroot worked20:53
Henesyi feel like an idiot20:53
Romsterwinter here it's been raining tons20:53
Henesywe had no snow/rain all winter20:53
Romsterthat's strange20:53
Romsteri've never seen a winter with no rain ever.20:54
Henesyit is terrible20:54
Henesythe dryiness20:54
*** vaddi1 has joined #crux20:54
Henesyhad to buy humidifiers20:54
Romsteryeah i was thinking that moisturizing cream too20:54
Henesyehhh the /etc/fstab in there something i have missed in gentoo/slack that i should know cause there is a ton of stuff20:56
*** vaddi has quit IRC20:57
Henesycan i stick with the default stuff and just change the "/dev/sdaX" stuff?20:58
Henesyalso since i have "/boot" on "/dev/sda1" can i  use the same stuff it used on the ext4 /home example?21:00
Romsteronly uncomment and edit the ones you need.21:01
Romsterif you've done gentoo surely this would be familiar to you?21:02
Henesygentoo's /etc/fstab is a bit different21:02
HenesyXD and truth be told i used alot of manual reading to get me through it21:02
Henesyand it didnt really explain the whole dump/pass thing21:03
Henesyif i may ask what the singnificance of it is?21:03
Henesyand am i safe leaving the "/boot" "dump" and "pass" entries as 0 and 2 respectively21:05
Romstercan't remember what dump does exactly21:05
Henesyim afraid i've been spoonfed most answers through online mainuals21:05
Romsterbut pass is non zero if oyu wnat fsck to check it at mount if it's time or number of mount counts has been exceeded or it's dirty at mount.21:06
Henesythat makes sense thank you :)21:06
Romsterand you can order them if you say do 1 2 3 one ach pass21:06
Romsteror just use 1 and it'll do it's own order.21:07
Henesythis is certainly more helpful than the majority of IRC channels i have used in the past21:07
Romsterlots of channels are full of noobs that flood the good information away and gets lost.21:07
Henesy^this is true21:07
Romsterhaving a few knowledgeable people in a  quiet channel is far easier to read.21:08
Henesyaskubuntu wasnt that bad of a site for general reference until it got mass mobbed full of unknowledgeable people21:08
Romsteri wont say i know everything i have lots to learn still myself.21:08
Romstermost of the stuff i read online is either wrong or obsolete.21:09
Henesyi have only been using linux for about 3-4 years now21:09
Henesyyeah that is a big problem21:09
Romster2005 switched to linux desktop full time.21:09
Romsterbefore that dual booting and managing a few linux servers21:09
Henesyah im alot younger so i havent had the time :)21:09
Romsteri used to hack away at dos21:10
Henesyi have used dos a total of two times21:10
Henesynot counting dosbox21:11
nogagplzwow you haven't lived21:11
Romsteroh dear <_<21:11
Romsteri forget how old nogagplz but far younger than me and he's been on dos alot21:11
Henesy16 years and counting of course i havent21:12
Romsternothing stops you from now but it's pretty old crap now.21:12
Henesyi grew up with windows 2000 and the old macs that were one piece and colorful21:12
Romstermakes ya appreciate the other stuff that's out now more.21:12
Romstergot a mac classic II sitting around here.21:12
Henesyi have slowly grown to simply resent macs21:13
Henesyim not a fan of OSX21:13
Henesyeven though my school insists that we use them21:13
Romsterneather am i, that's the only mac i got here, other than the apple ][e21:13
Henesyanother reason why i have one21:13
Romsterthat's the onyl two apple machines in this building.21:13
Romsterdo what nogagplz did reload crux on the mac :D21:14
Romsterheaven forbid you can even load windows on it.21:14
Romsterstrange seeing a imac with windows on it21:15
Henesyi have it triple booting actually21:15
joacimi like their software, tho i think OS X is losing it.21:15
joacimi feel the same about most modern platforms actually21:15
Henesyi have OSX, SolusOS (debian spin and it will be nuked in favor of CRUX if i can get used to it), and Windows XP (hate it)21:15
Romsteryeah windows is too restricting.21:16
Romsteronly thing going for windows is games. and that will eventually change.21:16
joacimOS X is full of tiny little details that I learned to love, but now apple are messing with a lot of them, making the system feel worse.21:16
Henesyi have a close friend who is a devout windows fanatic, first language he learned was C# and then VB....he insists that linux is old shit that will never amount to anything21:16
Henesysteam on linux21:16
Henesyit is coming21:16
Henesythe source engine from valve runs faster on linux therefore it already has a head start on windows 821:17
Romsteryep looking at that21:17
joacimsteam on the mac came, and there are still not that many games for the platform21:17
joacimit is better, but it were getting better before steam came21:17
Henesyugh it's terrible i only play TF2 and occasionaly some indie games21:17
joacimsteam on the mac is horrible anyways. much worse than the windows version21:17
Henesysteam treats the command key like caps lock21:17
Henesymost annoying thing in the world21:18
Romstersome stuff is playable in wine already21:18
joacimscrolling is the biggest problem. scrolling jumps three or four lines like it does on windows.21:18
Romsteri love smooth scrolling21:18
joacimjumping like that feels pretty bad when you're scrolling with a touchpad21:18
Romsterwhats with OS X i like the two finger scrolling but why is the god damn thing backwards! scroll down to move up it does my mind in.21:19
joacimone thing i cant get over with these recent updates of OS X is that the address bar in safari now behaves like it would under windows21:19
Romsterfeels like trying to fly a plane backwards...21:19
Henesythe backwards thing is lion up21:19
Henesyi got lucky and kept snow leopard21:19
joacimclicking it doesnt simply drop an input marker, it selects the whole damn text field21:20
Henesyit works like that21:20
Romsterguess it can't be changed to old behavior?21:20
Henesywhy would it?21:20
Henesyit's an apple product21:20
joacimRomster: you can reverse the scrolling if you want21:20
HenesyToday I Learned21:20
Henesybtw do i need to do anything to /etc/resolv.conf (i have never touched it before and the handbook mentions it)21:21
joacim <- proof21:22
joacimoh. right.21:22
Henesydat shortened URL21:22
Henesyi never click them21:22
Henesynot that i dont trust you guys21:22
Henesybut the internet is not kind to those who trust21:22
Romsterwasn't aware of that though i only use a mac when a customer comes in with there's and can't get 3g working.21:22 is just something like omploader21:23
Romsteri've seen everything i could possibly think of21:23
Henesybtw do i need to do anything to /etc/resolv.conf (i have never touched it before and the handbook mentions it)21:23
joacimjust a convenient place for you to dump pictures and various other files21:23
Henesyno good sire that is what is for21:23
joacim it is not some imageboard. it is just a convenient way to share random files21:25
Henesybtw just for trivia sake can i check the battery status in CLI by any chance?21:26
Romsteror something in /etc/resolv.conf21:29
Romsterfor dns1 dns2 etc.21:29
Romsterbut your not limited to how many name severs you can specify21:29
Romster8.8.8.8 is googles dns121:29
Romsterpreferbly use isp dns servers.21:29
Henesyon to the kernel making T_T21:30
Romsterbut if your gonna use ppp it can set the name servers for you if you tell it too.21:30
Henesyno ppp needed21:30
Romsterthen you'll have to set it, perhaps not if oyu go with dhcpd21:31
joacimi leave mine empty as everything is handled by dhcp21:31
Romsterthat probably will doit for you on dhcp.21:31
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Romsteri use static at home21:31
*** niklaswe has quit IRC21:31
Henesyat some point next week i will probably get back on (ill be gone for a week) and then ill check back in with you guys probably with questions21:32
Henesyso ill cya for now21:32
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux21:32
Henesylove the help21:32
Romsterk later21:32
Henesyauf wiedersehen!21:32
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joe9i am installing a debug library, but, notice something is stripping the library while installing.22:36
joe9is there something in the crux prt-get mechanism that strips the libraries?22:37
jaegerpkgmk does that, actually. check the manpage for a switch to disable it22:37
joe9jaeger: got it. thanks.22:42
v33so, how is everyone doing today?23:01
jaegerdecently here23:01
v33why just decent?23:01
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