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Reubenhey all, just an update, the server reboot fixed the access issues. I know when the problems started thanks to auth logs. Can anyone give me point me in the right direction to work out which component failed on me?07:14
frinnstcheck the logs07:39
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RomsterWTF is this
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: 3.1.7 -> 3.1.809:41
Romstersigh this is why i shoulnd't do rush jobs... first it's same version string now it's forget portname...09:43
Romsterthat is ccache if anyone is wondering.09:44
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horrorStruckno commit after midnight11:16
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horrorStrucksup vee?12:14
horrorStrucksup v33 ?12:14
v33hi horrorStruck, whats up?12:57
niklaswe_does someone have dosfstools downloaded and can give me a link so I can get it and put it in my source directory.. because it looks like the site is down :(13:06
v33softpedia has it up, but, it might be an oler version13:12
v33last updated september 13th, 201013:12
niklaswe_yeah the version in the pkgfile is 3.0.12..13:17
niklaswe_but i think I have it on my other computer, but I must wait after xbmc has been built.. for my raspberry Pi (forgot to build it on a screen so cant reboot my machine)...13:17
v33ah you got a pi? was debating on getting myself one, since all i do is browse the web now lol13:18
v33what os are you running on it?13:18
joacimis this what you need?13:19
niklaswe_joacim: yepp13:20
v33rather what distrobution are you running on it lol13:21
niklaswe_gaah it taking alot of time to build openelec for raspberry pi...13:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnutls: updated to 3.0.2214:26
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v33transmission-gtk keeps failing to update because of gtk+-3.015:31
frinnstnot a very informative message?15:52
frinnstwhat fails exactly?15:52
frinnstsee, if you actually told us what the problem was we could have helped you. now im off to bed and you dont have an answer16:12
frinnst"it doesnt work" is not a useful report16:13
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v33sorry, i had to leave on short notice17:05
joacimi wasnt here to see the whole conversation, so i'll ask anyways. did you install gtk3?17:07
v33is the package name different? because when i search for it in prt-get, gtk3 is not found17:07
v33its suppose to be in opt according to crux's port data base, but prt-get doesn't seem to find it17:09
joacimdid you update your ports?17:11
v33yes i have17:12
joacimi think gtk3 is new to crux17:12
v33seems to be the case. hm....i guess ill toy with it a bit more. thanks for your help :)17:12
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krueI did a little work attempting efi boot...18:28
krueI can get the firmware to load the kernel, but then the screen goes dark with no error message.18:28
krueIt's probably just my kernel config -- I haven't booted successfully with this machine yet.18:28
krueI'm using the kernel's built in efi loader -- the crux installer will likely need a bootloader so the user can modify the kernel's command line.18:28
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jaegerkrue: the x86_64-multilib ISO has EFI support and grub2-efi on it if you need something to compare19:23
kruethanks, jaeger. Will that iso work when dd'ed to a usb flash drive?19:31
krue(I though I tried a multilib iso, but can't remember anymore)19:32
jaegerhrmm, not in its current form, unfortunately19:32
jaegerI'm sure that EFI and USB can be made to boot but isohybrid is not EFI-compatible19:32
jaegerI haven't done the research on that yet19:32
krueSo how does the iso work in general? I thought you needed a FAT partition for EFI boot.19:34
krue(unfortunately, I don't have a  cd drive on this system)19:34
krueMy motherboard gives a generic "insert valid boot device and try again" message unless there is a GPT partition of type ef0019:36
krueFAT formatted,19:36
kruewith a file at efi\boot\bootx64.efi.19:37
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jaegerto make it work on a CD you have to use a patched version of genisoimage or xorriso or something19:39
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jaegerto make it work on a CD you have to use a patched version of genisoimage or xorriso or something19:40
jaegerto make it work from USB I would guess that a standard efi sys partition would work19:40
krueI'll try your kernel on the multilib iso with the efi sys partition next then.19:41
krueI didn't use it before since I wanted to use the efi boot stub which requires at least 3.3.19:42
krueIn my debugging, I also tried elilo -- this one seems the easier to set up.19:43
krueAnyway, I'm fixin to go to bed, but I do read the scrollback.19:44
jaegerI haven't messed with the stub loader yet19:45
jaegerit might be easier, I honestly don't know19:45
jaegergrub2 took me quite a while to get working on the CD but it's easier on an HD so I think USB will be easier as well. not sure19:45
jaeger(easier than on the CD, not easier than elilo)19:46
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krueYeah, I think that whatever method I choose, it will be easier to install on the hd.19:50
krueIt's just the install media that giving me trouble :)19:50
jaegeryeah =/19:50
jaegerI have an external usb blu-ray drive so I didn't work too hard on a USB version of the EFI stuff, but it's on my lists19:51
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