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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: libdrm: 2.4.37 -> 2.4.3809:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-mach6: 6.9.2 -> 6.9.309:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-r128: 6.8.3 -> 6.8.409:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-siliconmotion: 1.7.6 -> 1.7.709:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-sis: 0.10.6 -> 0.10.709:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-voodoo: 1.2.4 -> 1.2.509:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-xgixp: 1.8.0 -> 1.8.109:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: 2.7.2 -> 2.7.309:32
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horrorStruckthat was fast, thanks :)09:33
Romsterbeen a bit slack though i should be keeping on top of these09:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scons: 2.1.0 -> 2.2.010:04
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to Resolves CVE-2012-153510:11
Amnesiahm question, why doesn't the crux x86_64 iso contain grub :)?10:22
frinnstbecause grub 0.x doesnt like x86_6410:24
Amnesiahm never had any problems with it to be honest10:25
Amnesia but what about grub2?10:25
Amnesianot officially supported by crux?10:27
Romster2.8 is in the works might get included.10:29
Amnesiahm ok10:31
* Amnesia 's gonna play further with crux10:31
joacimi used grub 0.x on my 64-bit gentoo10:39
joacimbefore i moved to crux10:39
Amnesiahm grub 1.97's also running fine for me10:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.16.1 -> 0.16.210:44
jaegergrub 0.9x works fine on x86_64 with patching10:52
Amnesiait works, but its not on the iso:)10:56
Amnesiathat was basically what I was referring to10:56
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joe9syslinux seems better than grub.10:59
joe9grub2, i mean. it has become so complicated, imho.10:59
Amnesiadafuq the terminfo files are empty11:00
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Amnesiaerror opening terminal 'linux' <- when I try and run the setup script11:11
Amnesianvm, was out of memory:)11:19
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ReubenHi all, quick question, where's the accepted file to make a hardrive mount during boot?12:47
AmnesiaReuben: /etc/fstab12:50
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deeplloydhi all12:51
Reubenon boot?12:54
Reubenoh haha, i'd set it up and not realised thanks12:55
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Reubenanyone have any idea where to go for rtorrent help? the mailinglist is dead for almost a year and is talking about v0.8.8 current v is 0.9.2 as of my version and wikipedia, but the website only shows 0.8.9 as far as i can see.13:15
jaegertry #rtorrent13:16
v33just noticed....crux has a few new faces aboard13:17
Reuben*headdesk* always the stupid questions I'm sorry :(13:17
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spider44Nice torrent client and download accelerator is aria2.14:00
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spider44I'm using it for a few weeks and works fine.14:02
spider44fine... perfect :)14:02
Reuben*makes a note14:03
Reubeni'll look into that, rtorrent seems a bit dead...14:03
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jaegerno idea about their ML but the website seems to have the current versions on it14:04
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Reubenyeah but start reading the wiki, is very outdated, and not always clear, for example on_start on_finished on_stop are all removed, and there is no detail on syntax, d.get_name is download name. Maybe this is obvious to you but to any standard user a little bit of info would be nice :P14:06
jaegeris it correct in the man pages?14:06
jaegerYou could always send them some feedback14:06
Reubenon-start etc are all still in the man page14:06
Reubentheir mailing list appears to be dead since q4 '11 and lazy :P14:07
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jaegertime to find an alternative, then, I guess14:22
v33anyone use a vpn service?14:23
v33not sure which one to use, since i want one with no logging and such for cough torrenting cough14:23
spider44Reuben: magnet link wont work, yep?14:24
rmullI use rtorrent14:44
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rmulldunno if I'd call it dead - last change was committed 10 months ago14:46
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Amnesiaquestion, I'm reading the documentation at the moment, and according to the first lines, prt-get is a frontend to pkgmk and pkgrm, but further on ports are the subject16:04
Amnesiadoes prt-get make a pkg of a compiled port?16:05
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teK_it execs pkgmk, "yes"16:08
Amnesiahm cool system16:08
Amnesiahow's x86_65 support in general?16:08
teK_official as of 2.816:09
teK_I've been running pure 64 Bit for years16:09
Amnesiasaw that the ports dir was smaller @ x86_6416:09
Amnesiahm sweet16:09
jaeger3.0, not 2.8, technically16:09
Amnesiahm, any planned date for 3.0 ?16:10
jaegernone yet, no16:10
Amnesiagood to hear that stuff's still doable on 2.7.16:11
Amnesiais there some way to give prt-get "flags" ?16:15
Amnesiain other words, specify what features should be configured before the compilation16:16
jaegerprt-get has --margs and --aargs if that's what you're asking. m for pkgmk, a for pkgadd16:17
enteit's also possible to set them in the configuration file, afaik16:17
rmullAmnesia: What's an example of something you'd set?16:18
entegood point16:18
Amnesiawell flags as in gentoo's flags16:18
jaegercrux doesn't have an equivalent to USE flags16:19
Amnesiathink -margs is exactly the same16:19
jaegerif you want to change features of the package build itself you edit the Pkgfile16:19
rmullAmnesia: What you want is in the Pkgfile16:19
Amnesiahm but it is possible to have stuff compiled without nls support for example?16:19
rmullAmnesia: You use a Pkgfile that omits it during a ./configure stage16:19
Amnesiaguess that won't have effect on dependencies though, should all the pkgfiles of all the dependencies be edited?16:20
rmullNot usually, most dependencies will check a system for nls and if it doesn't exist, it will exclude it16:21
teK_Amnesia: jfyi: I _never_ missed useflags on CRUX16:21
rmullFor example, if I don't install wxwindows and I try to compile a program that has optional support for it, when the configure script runs it will see that wxwindows doesn't exist and won't compile in support for it16:21
Amnesiahm good point16:22
rmullSo I'm an ex gentoo user myself, and I missed USE flags in the beginning. But as long as you never install the stuff you want to exclude, other programs typically won't build in support for them.16:25
rmullIf a program has a hard dependency, it will appear in the dependencies list in the pkgfile. If it doesn't jive with what you want, you have to roll your own Pkgfile.16:26
Amnesiahm ok:)16:27
Amnesiahm, running a prt-get sysop at the moment on my virtual machine16:27
Amnesiais taking quite a while^^16:27
enteanyone tried btrfs?16:27
spider44rmull: why did you leave gentoo?16:29
Amnesiabtw how's crux in the sources of packages16:30
rmullspider44: wanted to try something simpler16:30
Amnesiaare they saved?16:30
rmullAmnesia: Yes16:31
rmullLike the downloaded sources? They're stored next to the Pkgfile in the ports directory16:31
spider44rmull: don't miss the great package manager from your previous distribution?16:31
spider44I have gentoo on my second machine, but i don't use it for now. I don't have any time :-(16:32
spider44use* - I don't try to use it. I have installed it only. I will lern something about SELinux, but slackware dont' support it.16:33
enteI always thought SELinux was snakeoik16:34
rmullspider44: I used portage, and I got blocking packages relatively often. Pretty annoying.16:35
Amnesiahm think pkgrm is pretty awesome in some scenario's :)16:36
Amnesiait's also quite crappy when dpkg's database gets corrupted16:36
spider44ente: sorry, i don't understand ;x My english is... yhm as bad as is possible.16:36
spider44What's mean snakeoil?16:36
teK_useless software is called snakeoil16:37
rmullIt's an expression that means something that people try to sell gullible people16:37
enteyou know, when they sold unicorn horns and snake oil as medicine16:38
spider44ok, thx16:38
AmnesiaMedicine or therapy that doesn't work.16:38
Amnesiaaccording to urbandictionary:)16:38
spider44I try in google translate, but that can't help me.16:38
spider44I have used SEL on CentOS, it's great for newbies like me.16:39
entegoogle translate is not the right tool for this kind of thing16:39
entewhere are you from, if I may ask?16:39
spider44Sorry for my english one more time ;)16:39
spider44I need to lern it, but i'm very lazy. I will fix it in this year.16:40
Amnesiaspider44: no need to apologize, I also didn't know what was meant with the term:)16:41
enteactually, don't apologise16:42
entepeople apologise way too much. you didn't do anything wrong16:43
Amnesiaente: think that's due the fact there are too much ignorant bastards in IRC land :)16:43
enteAmnesia: huh?16:44
spider44Thx for understanding. I nedd to go for now.16:44
entesee you16:44
spider44cya guys16:44
Amnesiaente: Scheinhund:)16:45
enteAmnesia: no, people like me apologise for every tiniest bit of crap, even if they didn't actually do anything wrong16:45
enteAmnesia: the frequency of apologising I have is pissing people off, not me making mistakes16:45
jaegerI'm very sorry that the apologies of others are causing stress =(16:45
enteI'm very sorry for you feeling sorry16:46
jaegernow we're all sorry16:46
entecan you forgive me?16:46
jaegeryeah, I think so.16:47
jaeger.... this time16:47
enteI'll never do it again!16:47
jaegerwhew, ok16:47
nogagplzsorry just won't cut it this time16:50
enteI am extremely sorry!16:50
entewords can't even describe how sorry I am!16:51
enteplease forgive me, I beg you16:51
nogagplzrepeat offender, no quarter16:52
ente(this could be serious)16:53
ente(as in. I think I might actually do this)16:53
nogagplzthat's ok, lets just blame Romster and call it a day ;P16:55
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frinnstente: I run btrfs16:56
frinnstit's epic16:56
entegood news :)16:56
frinnstthough there are some minor quirks at the moment.. still a very fast moving project16:56
enteI'm installing on btrfs right now16:56
frinnstit's not the speediest fs at the moment16:56
frinnstbut its awesome if you want to use many physical disks16:57
ente(not crux, but I might, once I get fed up with these mainstream linux desktop distros again)16:57
ente(which can't take long)16:57
entenote that I'm a zfs fanboy on my freebsd machines..16:57
entebeing able to take snapshots is awesome16:58
frinnstyou really want to run it on something that has very up to date btrfs-progs and you will want to roll your own kernel16:58
frinnsti use btrfs on about 8TB at home17:00
entethat's more than I have in total17:01
frinnstno dataloss yet :)17:02
entedidn't have data loss with any other fs either17:02
frinnstI lost a reiserfs once17:04
frinnstno fun17:04
enteexcept when I tested snapshots on FFSv2 (NetBSD) (experimental feature) but I knew it's experimental17:04
enteI lost a disk more than once, though17:04
entesomeone I know swears by reiserfs and says it's the only fs he hasn't had data loss with17:04
entemy crux box had an xfs for multimedia and ext3 for /17:05
frinnstnever really used xfs17:06
enteit's nice, from what I've seen17:06
Amnesiaisn't it strange that I'm doing a sysup from a clean installation, and aren't able to fully do this since libffi isn't part of the core ?17:06
enteit has a better quota system than ext17:06
Amnesiaor am I just failing again?17:07
entedo you have opt enabled?17:07
Amnesianot yet17:07
entewell, I think this shouldn't break anyway17:07
entemaybe file a bug so it doesn't get lost17:07
* Amnesia agrees17:08
entein case nobody cares about it right away17:08
Amnesiasure it aint me failing?17:08
Amnesiahm, it seems that opt is enabled by the default17:09
entewasn't opt called opt because it's optional and things in core shouldn't depend on opt?17:10
Amnesiastill possible that libffi isn't compileable due to some error17:11
Amnesiaguess I'll look for some logs17:11
Amnesiaente: dunno, but that would make sense yes17:11
frinnstnah, libffi wasn't included on the iso17:18
frinnstit's a new dependency17:18
frinnstand yes, it sucks. i know :)17:18
frinnstyou need to manually install it17:18
Amnesiahm, shouldn't a "ports -u" fix it?17:18
Amnesia( in order to get libffi in the ports dir )17:19
teK_prt-get is supposed to be able to pull in new deps on sysup but that patch is not merged (yet?)17:19
frinnstyes, but sysup wont install it17:19
Amnesiaah ok17:19
frinnstprt-get depinst libffi && prt-get sysup17:20
Amnesiaah I was about to really do it manually^^17:20
frinnstwe usually announce new dependencies on the mailinglist17:21
Amnesiahm ok:)17:21
frinnst;a=commit;h=0959829d6b2f95d9a338dad949b924c06924068c <- example17:22
Amnesiahm, all this crap does have a slight learning curve, but guess it'll be worth it:)17:23
Amnesialulz, it's still failing^^17:25
teK_the flashplayer update broke flash support for chrommium17:30
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entehow ironic17:35
teK_it sucks  :}17:35
enteconsidering their pepper BS they pull with chrome17:36
ente"For Flash Player releases after 11.2, the Flash Player browser plugin for Linux will only be available via the “Pepper” API as part of the Google Chrome browser distribution and will no longer be available as a direct download from Adobe. Adobe will continue to provide security updates to non-Pepper distributions of Flash Player 11.2 on Linux for five years from its release."17:37
enteit's ironic that chrome breaks after upgrading flash, when every other browser should break17:38
teK_oh ok17:38
enteyay, mageia17:39
rmullente: holy crap is that for real?17:40
enteyou guys haven't heard of it?17:41
entewell, at least they're slowly deprecating flash17:41
teK_I heard that chromium will use it's own flash distribution17:41
teK_which - to be honest - cannot be worse than adobe's17:41
teK_I _love_ for viewing PDFs in chromium17:42
teK_I should publish the respective port ;)17:42
enteI really like xpdf17:47
entethe keybindings are awesome :)17:47
teK_it's better than epdfview and faster than acroread17:47
Amnesiayou folks should try mupdf17:49
teK_well has zero dependencies (except chromium :P)17:50
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krueI gave up on the EFI boot to USB and tried syslinux instead :)17:55
krueI copied the contents of the multilib iso to an ext2 partition on my usb key.17:55
krueThe kernel boots and enters the initrams, but the initramfs cannot find my crux-media.17:55
krueIs that because it's expecting a cdrom, as in '/dev/sdc' instead of '/dec/sdc1'?17:55
Romsterspider44, i have aria2 in my romster repo also deluge is nice and is in contrib17:55
teK_krue: the iso should be dd-able17:55
teK_i.e. just dd it to your stick (everything else will be deleted!) and boot from it17:56
jaegerthe multilib one is not17:56
krueUnfortunately, the hybrid boot magic does not work on my EFI motherboard anyway :/17:56
krueI've tried both the pure 64 bit and multilib ISOs.17:57
jaegerThe hybrid magic should work in BIOS mode but not EFI mode17:58
krueI thought I tried them all, but I'll try one more time for you guys :)18:02
krueSpecifically, which ISO should work? This one?
jaegerthe 2.7.1 and updated 2.7.1 ISOs are hybridized. they have no EFI support18:03
krueOr do I need the original 2.7.1 instead?18:03
jaegerthe multilib ISO has EFI support but not hybrid18:03
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jaegerthe pure64 ISO I believe is hybridized but don't think it has EFI support18:03
teK_what's "EFI support" in ISOs?18:05
jaegerthe bootloader, mostly18:05
jaegerThe kernel has support for EFI vars and GUID partitioning but you still need to boot in EFI mode to make use of it18:05
teK_just somehing like elilo?18:05
teK_I guess I only figured out the elilo stuff because I was forced to get my macine working back then ;]18:06
teK_one could use the kernel as EFI stub to boot18:06
krueteK_: in theory, but so far I only get a blank screen when trying this18:07
jaegerPresumably. I haven't messed with the stub loader18:07
krueThe same kernel will boot with extlinux, but then I get that initramfs error.18:08
teK_I did (in the non-ISO scenario) I even found a default-root option so it should work in easy and static cases18:08
teK_why has systemd (:P) and booting be such a mess18:08
entebecause lennart says so18:20
entedon't you dare to disagree!18:20
entedid you notice his fanbase? :)18:26
entethey're easy to offend, by the way18:26
teK_he has a fanbase?18:27
teK_so there's a difference to Ulrich Drepper18:27
teK_I always thought he'd be the new Drepper18:28
nogagplzthe poetteringoes18:28
teK_Lenny Poetter(ing)18:29
teK_la la la18:29
enteDrepper wasn't involved with gnome18:34
sh4rm4hmm everywhere i look i see the name of the antichrist ... poettering :(18:34
teK_we just should get over it18:35
enteyou know, he's one of the reasons why I switched to BSD18:37
teK_ should be the reason to learn kickass-C and kick his ass ;)18:39
AmnesiateK_ I just saw that after a sysup, the core port dit is larger as the core-x86_6418:44
Amnesiasince you said that you've been running crux 64 natively for a couple of time, I checked18:45
teK_the only packages in the *-x86_64 repos are those with special footprints/deps or build() steps (with respect to their 32 bit counterparts)18:45
Amnesiadid you by any chance make all the ports yourself:)?18:45
Amnesiaah ok18:45
teK_acutally I don't maintain a single 64bit-specific port18:45
teK_only some 'normal' ones ;)18:46
Amnesiaheh ok18:46
teK_frinnst is one of our 64bit heros :]18:46
teK_and the chromium buld failed18:46
teK_=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/chromium#21.0.1180.79-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.18:46
teK_sudo pkgmk  13309.04s user 786.89s system 373% cpu 1:02:53.53 total18:46
teK_*pulls his teeth out*18:46
v33wit took you nearly 3 hours to compile?18:47
teK_well :)18:48
Amnesiahm one remaining question18:48
Amnesiaaccording to prt-get my system is up to date, but according to ports -u it isnt18:48
Amnesiahow's that possible?18:49
v33teK_ any reason you're running the x64 as opposed to the multi lib one?18:49
teK_actually on my laptop I installed the multilib version to give it a try18:50
teK_why should I NOT run pure 64bit?18:50
v33what would the difference be if i may ask? would it perform better?18:50
teK_I was happy to install skype until I discovered it almost wants have of my graphical libs (namely qt!) as 32bit version although I downloaded the 64bit version from their website18:51
teK_a) there was no choice back when I installed my workstation quite SOME years ago18:51
teK_b) I don't run any 32bit apps so why would I care; I did not run 16bit apps on my pure 32bit machine either18:51
teK_skype and wine are the only exceptions and I decided to not run either18:52
Amnesiathey're both crap:)18:52
v33didn't mean to ask a stupid question. just curious is all18:52
Amnesiabut oi, doesn't prt-get -sysup use "ports -u" ?18:53
teK_I don't see  it as a stupid question as nearly every other 64bit distro is multilib18:53
teK_Amnesia: nope; I'm too tired/busy to look into the ports/prt-get thingy but it may depend on your prt-get.conf18:54
Amnesiaah ok:)18:54
AmnesiaI should also get some sleep18:55
Amnesiann everyone18:59
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rmullAmnesia: ports -u syncs your ports dirs. prt-get sysup scans your ports dirs to see if your installed software needs updates.19:39
rmullyou should ports -u before prt-get sysup19:39
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