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poulecacadamn Here is my frind "chicken-and-egg"02:37
poulecacaIf I want to boot in EFI I need to use efibootmgr, and I can only use it if I have booted in EFI02:38
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teK_I solved that problem, too..03:24
teK_are you sure that efibootmgr needs to be "booted" in EFI Mode?03:24
teK_our wiki should have a EFI article. Who's going to write that03:29
teK_I have to ask again: can you boot from the CRUX iso in EFI mode?03:33
teK_note: usually you can boot from CD via 'legacy BIOS mode' or 'UEFI mode'03:33
poulecacateK_: nop I booted in legacy mode on my old GPT Hdd with a crux installation and an EFI enabled kernel and I did everything from here03:35
poulecacathe problem is imo, that we cannot access to the nonvolatile EFI variable in legacy mode03:36
teK_have you tried that?03:37
poulecacaI have modeprobed efivars03:37
poulecacabut efibootmgr still complaining about not finding the variable in /proc or /sys03:38
teK_it's been over a year that I set up my EFI stuff..03:39
teK_to make things easy: boot some live cd like ubuntu or maybe grml in efi mode and fix things from there03:40
teK_I really think we should provide a efi-bootable iso :\03:40
poulecacayep that would be a solution, but I don't like it :))03:41
poulecacathere is also something about a efi shell03:41
teK_from the arch wikki:03:43
teK_> fs0:03:43
teK_> cd \EFI\arch03:43
teK_> vmlinuz-linux.efi root=/dev/sdaX ro rootfstype=ext4 add_efi_memmap initrd=\EFI\arch\initramfs-linux.img03:43
teK_adapt to your setup03:43
teK_I think I did it that way, too03:43
teK_only that there were almost no wiki articles on that topic back then03:44
poulecacaBut my EFI system doesnt provide the ability to spawn an efi shell.03:44
poulecacaI will dig deeper the question later03:45
poulecacabut thx anyway03:45
Romsterno help here i haven't hit that yet. when i get a newer pc i'm sure every one else will have it solved for me.03:45
Romsternot that i'm being lazy i got enough fast computers already03:46
teK_yeah :)03:46
teK_poulecaca: just use a livecd :)03:46
poulecacaI'm sad :)03:47
Romsterlinux rescue cd is the one i use on occasion03:47
Romsterdon't be it's a handy cd to have around03:47
Romsterexcept when i bumped my minium glibc kernel headers then i couldn't chrot on the rescue cd i had here -_-03:48
Romsterwhen the machine failed to boot03:48
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Romster not work safe04:16
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Romeo-hello freaks06:40
teK_that's just the right impression06:41
teK_hey, anyone knows what happened to Han Boetes? :}06:43
frinnstiirc, started to use openbsd06:45
Romeo-is freebsd not more enough?06:46
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jaegerpoulecaca: perhaps I missed something but can you not boot the crux multilib CD to use efibootmgr?08:02
jaegeror even a fedora CD or something08:02
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poulecacayes that would be the simplest solution, but that would be without panache :)08:05
jaegersometimes a working system is better than panache :P08:06
poulecacaI gues if I copy the Shell_full.efi at the right place in a fat32 partitioned USB that would work too08:06
jaegerIs that from tianocore?08:07
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poulecacaThe question is where the EFI is looking for the .efi file in an usb key08:09
poulecacaI've read something about efi/boot/bootx64.efi so I will give it a try08:09
jaegerI believe that's only required for apple's bootloader but I could be wrong08:11
krueYes, efi/boot/bootx64.efi is correct for a usb key on my board at least.08:11
jaeger/EFI/boot/bootx64.efi for 64-bit, /EFI/boot/bootia32.efi for 32-bit08:11
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jaegerwith that said, if it's not a mac, it's 64-bit08:12
poulecacaAnd if this doesnot work I could smash the windows .efi file from the hdd ESP with the rEFInd.efi08:12
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RomsterteK_> hey, anyone knows what happened to Han Boetes? :} <- ha da talk to him a few moths ago, he is around on irc last i know.11:39
Romsteranother reason to hate systemd
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v332 jaegers? this is a dream come true.... lol12:51
jaegerthe other me is AFK on my tablet at home12:52
v33never took you for one who has split personalities. which one of you is the crazy one?12:53
jaegerwe're all crazy here12:53
v33can i join in on this party?12:54
jaegeryou're a linux user, I think you have12:55
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v33i see what you did there13:35
v33hi romster!13:35
frinnstRomster: do you ever sleep? :)13:41
Romsterwhy does  /everyone/ ask that question13:42
Romsteryes i slept like 8pm till 1am13:42
Romsterand i feel like going back to bed for a few more hours now before i have errands to do in the morning.13:43
frinnstheh, because you always seem awake at the same time as me :)13:47
v335 hours of do you do it?13:47
Romsterused to it13:49
Romsteri usually work on 7 optimum but i've worked on 3-4 hours before13:49
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s44I'm trying to lern polyphasic sleep. Today i slept 3am to 6am and 10am to 1pm. I feel quite rested.14:27
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s44> They (Piraha people) take naps of 15 minutes to, at the most, two hours throughout the day and night, and rarely sleep through the night.14:30
s44By the way, interesting culture.14:31
Romsterdifferent but how do they even get to deep sleep in 2 hours14:56
s44I have read that sleep phases get shorter.15:05
s44normally In the internets is an article about a man who sleeps 6 * 20min / 24h, but i forgot the link.15:07
s44without "normally"15:08
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teK_it's just  not socially acceptable if you have family15:36
teK_it tried that, too15:36
s44I don't have many friends and family, so it's not a problem for me :-) Night is the most beautiful time of day.15:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: git: ->
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: w3m: 0.5.3-1 -> 0.5.3-216:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: boehm-gc: 7.2c -> 7.2d16:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gdb: 7.4.1 -> 7.516:16
frinnstnow to enjoy some wonderful sleep16:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: postgresql: 9.1.4 -> 9.1.516:25
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v33how come every time i try to launch bleachbit, i get an error saying "ImportError: No module named gtk"17:55
jaegermissing pygtk?18:07
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v33most likely18:14
v33thanks jaeger18:14
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v33when setting up ssh18:55
v33you edit /etc/hosts.allow file to sshd allow:all right?18:55
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v33how does one get the wireless keyboard to work on the initial setup of crux20:09
v33the updated iso works on default, but, keeps having kernel panics20:09
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Romster mm: hugetlbfs: close race during teardown of hugetlbfs shared page tables20:29
RomsterThis was reproduced in 3.4 but is known to have existed for a long time20:29
Romster    and goes back at least as far as
Romsterwow that was around for ages.20:29
Romsterv33, you have more problems than i ever did -_- and no i haven't tried any wireless keyboards.20:31
Romstershoulnd't a wireless keyboard work just like a regular one? with the receiver appearing as a normal keyboard.20:32
v33when you first boot up the cd, you can hit enter to boot into the default crux image, but, after that, the keyboard nothing types20:35
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v33tried some of the boot options, like changing the wait time to 20 seconds for the moduels to load, still no go20:36
Romsterso works at boot loader but kernel is missing keyboard support. use a live cd see what module it needs then inform jaeger.20:37
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Romsterworkaround use a normal keyboard to setup.20:37
v33i am using the live cd, trying to reinstall crux, but the one on crux.nu20:37
Romsterbe sure usb mouse and keyboard is ion in bios aswell20:37
v33jaeger's update iso has no problems20:38
Romsterlinux rescue cd or something see if keyboard works there.20:38
Romsterthen why not use the update iso?20:38
v33when i use the updated iso, i can go throught he install pretty quickly, keyboard works fine, it just gives me that damn kernel panic, and i dont know why20:38
Romsterbefore you even get to mount root?20:38
v33i go through the entire setup, and run lilo, and when it reboots, gets a syncing error20:39
Romsterthat's mor elikely a stuffup on your kernel config20:39
Romsterfor your hardware or boot loader or fstab file.20:39
v33fstab im pretty sure is fine20:39
Romsteralso try a memtest86+ over ram20:40
v33the kernel most likely20:40
Romsterboot off the updated iso and note your lspci -k20:40
Romsterthen chroot into your system again off the cd and check your make menuconfig20:40
v33in the older kernels, the only thing i had to do was add support for network, video, and audio. now, i think the error is somewhere within the disk support20:41
RomsterCONFIG_DEVTMPFS  CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT needs to be on SCSI needs to be enabled20:42
v33pretty sure they're enabled on default20:42
Romstersupport for FS partiton table DOS GPT disk controller20:43
Romstercheck it again.20:43
Romsteralso make sure your root FS has the boot flag set.20:43
v33that im sure it did. i should mention that im trying to install this on a friends computer via ssh20:44
v33so its a bit weird for me lol20:44
v33perfect story of the blind leading the blind20:44
jaegerhere's another idea... if you have a working kernel config, save it and reuse it20:46
v33its on another machine though, different machine at that20:46
jaegeryou said the updated ISO is the one that gives you trouble, which implies the other does not20:46
v33no no, the updated iso is fine, the others aren't. the one thats up is what is having issues20:46
jaegerwell, you said kernel panic20:47
jaegernow I'm confused20:47
jaeger20:38 < v33> when i use the updated iso, i can go throught he install pretty quickly, keyboard works fine, it just gives me that damn kernel panic, and i dont know why20:47
v33the kernel panic was with the new one, yes20:47
v33i thought you meant the keyboard part...sorry20:47
v33im going to try to do it again20:50
v33if i had a dollar for every kernel panic i got, i could fund all of crux's endevors20:50
v33i noticed with the updated iso, making the file system happens in seconds20:56
Romsterwhat i understand is updated iso works but as soon as v33 tries to reboot into new system VFS panic.21:07
Romstergrab the bloody config off the iso sed the M to a Y in it and see if that works not recommended but it may do the job21:08
Romsterthen you can build another kernel after and start pruning21:08
jaegerheh, interesting method but should be effective21:08
Romsterworked for me when i got pissed off once21:08
v33well, im oging through another kernel build with the iso21:09
v33i noticed the ata_piix is built as a module instead of direct support...maybe thats why?21:10
jaegerif that's the chipset you have, definitely21:10
Romstermust be built in21:11
v33serial ata and ata parallel was set to module, changed that to direct too21:11
Romsterif it's a old pc chances are those are the ones21:12
jaegerlspci will tell for sure21:12
Romstermentioned lspci -k earlier21:13
jaegerlspci -k | grep "in use" <--- this is my favorite command for building kernels21:13
v33lspci -k is what i used21:14
v33it was built as module21:14
v33guess that was probablyt he issue21:15
jaegerdefinitely a part of it21:15
jaegerif not all of it21:15
jaegeryou have 2 options, generally, for your filesystem and storage controllers21:16
jaegereither you build in every part of the support you need (Y) or you make an initrd/initramfs21:16
jaegerbuilding in is always easier21:16
jaeger(unless you use a script or something)21:16
v33yea, i rebuilt the kernel but this time built direct support for ata_piix21:17
jaegermake sure your filesystem is Y as well21:18
jaegerext4, reiserfs, whatever21:19
v33yep, made sure direct support for ext4 was built too21:21
v33hopefully, this works :P21:21
jaegerIf it doesn't, paste your lspci output and kernel config somewhere and I'll take a look21:22
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v33thanks jaeger, what would i do without you?21:25
v33i still have hopes that that was the issue though21:26
jaegerask someone else, I guess :) nobody is indispensible21:26
v33way to ruin a nice moment jaeger :P21:26
jaegerI appreciate the vote of confidence, for what that's worth21:28
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v33essentially all one needs is support for his ide/sata, video, audio, and network rigt?21:32
jaegerinput as well... keyboard/mouse21:35
v33hm. just noticed something21:51
v33the make all failed21:51
v33saying there was an error in arch/x86/boot/compresed/vmlinux.bin.xz error one21:51
v33going to make all again21:52
v33make nothing can be done for reloca'21:53
v33going ot retry with swap this time22:00
horrorStruck jaeger just curious about how a crosstoolchain is being built, is this proper: from a pure64 system, build binutils with multilib suport, then a static multilib gcc, then glibc32 and glibc64 then final gcc? is this correct? TIA22:32
jaeger23you don't really need a static glibc but a static gcc22:35
jaeger23so you build binutils, static gcc, the glibc 64 and 32, then gcc again non-static22:36
jaeger23you might want to take a look at chap. 5 of the cross-lfs book, it's a good reference22:37
horrorStruckyou're confusing me now :) that's what i've written :) but thanks, very much appreciated22:37
jaeger23sorry, i misread your static gcc as glibc22:38
jaeger23you're correct, i should have paid closer attention22:38
horrorStruckyeah i had a (too quick) look at it, thanks again. do you usually rebuild binutils and glibc32 glibc64 with your final gcc?22:38
horrorStruckor it's not necessary22:39
jaeger23yeah, i always rebuild everything at the end to double-check22:39
horrorStruckok thanks22:39
jaeger23it's not explicitly required but I like to be thorough.22:40
horrorStruckyou patched the lib64->lib and lib->lib32 for conveniance or is this crucial at some point?22:40
jaeger23I chose that way for two reasons. 1 is for better compatibility with x86 crux ports (less changing of --libdir), 2 is that I prefer lib to contain the native arch, in this case x86_64.22:43
horrorStruckok makes perfect sense now, thanks again22:43
jaeger23The LFS spec is conflicting on that point.22:43
v33jaeger, got another kernel panic -___--22:45
jaeger23same root vfs thing?22:45
horrorStruckv33: lost my config or it's another machine?22:45
v33swapper not tainted22:46
v33horrorStruck, its a different machine22:46
v33im not sure what im doing wrong22:47
jaegerpost your lspci -k output?22:48
jaegeron or something22:48
v33give me one sec22:48
jaegerdefinitely using ata_piix23:05
jaegercan you also paste the kernel config you used?23:06
jaegersomething weird with that paste, it has bash errors in it, like it was pasted in a terminal and then the terminal ouput copied and pasted23:06
v33it was copied inside a terminal. im ssh'ing into the computer23:10
jaeger <-- suggestions to compare against your kernel config23:11
v33if i got a kernel panic23:12
v33any way to rebuild the kernel without having to wipe it out and go thorugh that process again23:12
v33can i just setup-chroot, cd into the usr/src/linux folder and go from there?23:12
jaegeryeah, you can start with the 'make menuconfig' part again23:13
v33oh okay23:13
v33last question....any way to check what i had used with the kernel that was messed up?23:14
jaegerthe config will be overwritten if you do a 'make mrproper' or you restart the whole process, etc.23:14
jaegerthe .config file should still be there from your last build23:14
jaegerin /usr/src/linux-version23:14
v33all the stuff you had pointed out seems to be fine23:19
v33aside from the video card23:19
v33and the usb stuff which shouldn't be necessary23:20
jaegerthe video stuff shouldn't be important for booting, really23:20
jaegerwhat about your bootloader config and partition layout?23:21
v33the boot is set to /dev/sda23:22
v33and the root folder is in /dev/sda223:22
v33the fstab seems to check out too, as with only one root folder, i changed the ext4 thingie to sda223:23
v33perhaps there are oter controller stuff thats getting in the way?23:24
jaegershouldn't be, though I suppose there might be some rare case23:25
jaegergenerally if you add kernel support for hardware that's not in the machine it gets ignored23:25
v33hm...well, i cant figure out what it is23:26
jaegerwell, there's always the brute force method23:28
v33whats that?23:28
jaegersed -i -e 's/\(.*\)=m$/\1=y/g' .config23:29
jaegerchange everything =m to =y23:29
jaegerso you could take the kernel config from the ISO, do that, then build it23:30
v33build support for everything?23:30
jaegernot everything23:30
horrorStruckETA 3 weeks :P23:30
jaegerthe things that were not enabled before won't be enabled23:30
jaegeronly things that were set to =m23:30
v33let me try running it23:31
v33so copy this and paste it in the /usr/src/linux- thing23:32
v33sed -i -e 's/\(.*\)=m$/\1=y/g' .config23:32
jaegermake sure that .config exists first23:33
v33it does, i checked lol23:33
v33well, lets see23:33
jaegerwhat kernel build commands are you using?23:33
v33make all23:33
jaegermake all; make modules_install, then copy the kernel into the location you want?23:34
v33im assuming thats the cp arch/x86 part23:34
jaegeralso running lilo each time you build a new kernel?23:35
v33of course23:35
v33after running make all, it asked me something about raid drivers, and, since i dont need it, i hit n23:36
v33it asked me for another thing, something with intel, hit Y23:36
v33then it just went back into building the kernel23:36
jaegerthat's odd, sounds more like part of 'make config' or 'make oldconfig'23:39
v33i think i have the worst luck with crux sometimes23:44
jaegerSorry, don't know what to tell you. I think you're missing some kernel support or something simple but I don't know what it is23:49
v33well, the make modules_install really didn't have anything new23:53
v33seemed to have done the trick23:54
v33as always, thanks jaeger23:55
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