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v33except now it wont update the ports xD00:01
v33trying using your website as well jaeger, and it still fails00:04
jaegerfails how?00:04
v33unable to reach host00:04
v33but im able to ssh into it00:05
v33i feel like a stupid ifconfig eth0 down/up will fix00:05
v33let me try00:05
jaegerif that doesn't fix it check your default route00:05
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v33surprised i haven't asked you enough questions for you to ask me to switch to ubuntu or something xD00:06
jaegerwe all have to learn somehow, I asked a ton of questions in the past00:07
jaegerbesides, been working on other stuff the whole time, anyway00:08
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jaegerout for the night, take care00:12
v33thanks agian jaeger00:12
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Romsterof all the thngs to steal a milk truck...03:16
* nogagplz drives a milk tanker through Romsters living room03:37
Romsterwont fit oh wait you'd make it fit03:39
nogagplzbastard cats03:40
Romsteryou prefer dogs?03:40
Romsterdone that before.04:12
nogagplzforgetting the volume only happens with the windows 95 start sound and k3b completing a task, nothing else04:15
teK_you have applications - besides cmus and mplayer - that emit sound?04:15
nogagplzyeah, I know it's weird04:16
nogagplzbut there's a whole other world out there besides the tty's and framebuffer04:16
teK_that must be real life04:16
nogagplznah, that's too far out04:17
nogagplznobody usually goes that far04:17
Romsterfucking k3b that scared the crap out of me04:21
Romsterwodim has no sound thank goodness04:22
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 304.3705:22
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Amnesiaquestion, Is there some way to make sure that prt-get only installs required dependencies, and not recommended ones?07:31
Amnesiafor example there's no single package dependent on hicolor-icon-theme, but it's still installed as a dependency on firefox07:33
Romsterwhat ever is on Depends on line is installed, youcan use --igonre= to ignore a port though08:07
Romsterbah ignore*08:07
AmnesiaRomster: thx08:17
Amnesiawhat's the best strategy to prevent bloat ( in my opion: stuff that isn't being used ) to get installed?08:18
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Amnesia( prt-get dependent hicolor-icon-theme results in nothing )08:19
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horrorStruckAmnesia: it's listed as a gtk dep here09:59
AmnesiahorrorStruck: o010:00
Amnesiahm, I've read all the documentation on prt-get10:00
Amnesiabut can't really find out how the dependency handling is exactly done10:01
horrorStruck$ prt-get dependent hicolor-icon-theme10:01
horrorStruck$ prt-get cat gtk|grep color10:02
horrorStruck# Depends on: atk, hicolor-icon-theme, gdk-pixbuf, pango, xorg-libsm, xorg-libxcursor, xorg-libxinerama, xorg-libxrandr, xorg-libxcomposite10:02
Amnesiagtk's Pkgfile does indeed contain hicolor-icon-theme10:03
Amnesiabut "prt-get dependent hicolor-icon-theme" doesn't output anything10:04
horrorStruckmaybe another x86_64 weirdness? i use 64on32 so i dunno10:04
Amnesiacould be:)10:05
Amnesiado you know how prt-get exactly handles dependencies?10:05
horrorStruckexactly, no. it uses Depends from Pkgfile that is for sure10:06
Amnesiathe "Depends on" part in the header of a Pkgfile is optional right?10:06
frinnstoutputs "gtk" over here10:06
horrorStruckyes but this is what is used10:06
frinnstis gtk installed?10:07
frinnstprt-get dependent only lists *installed* packages10:07
Amnesiaah fail10:07
Amnesia-all, ffs10:07
Amnesiaugh, I've got typelepra10:07
frinnstromster has infected you :)10:08
Amnesiafrinnst: do you know how prt-get exactly handles dependencies ?10:08
horrorStruckhow can you install firefox without gtk?10:08
frinnstit relies on the "depends on" line in the pkgfile10:08
horrorStruck·19:33·  Amnesia - for example there's no single package dependent on hicolor-icon-theme, but it's still installed as a dependency on firefox10:09
frinnsthorrorStruck: maybe he did a prt-get depinst firefox but aborted after hicolor-* was installed?10:09
Amnesiawell yeah, I made a dry run10:09
AmnesiaI'm just reading documentation :)10:10
horrorStruckso everything's fine then :P10:10
Amnesiaand I'm playing around in a vm10:10
Amnesiafrinnst: know what it uses else besides the header of Pkgfile?10:10
frinnstnothing. its recursive though10:11
Amnesia"Some packages contain dependency information, but this is optional. The dependency support prt-get tries to provide is to install a list of packages which are all made for the actual version of a system. It doesn't care about versions."10:12
horrorStruckoptional as if you dont use it, no dep handling10:12
Amnesiaah ok10:12
Amnesiamakes sense^^10:14
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hcaulfield57I noticed a bunch of frustration about udev on one of the dev mailing lists, I managed to setup CRUX without udev/mdev and everything is seemingly working... Just throwing that out there to say that it is possible and not overly difficult.12:46
jaegeryeah, it's certainly possible... we've tested it with mdev and static /dev12:50
jaegersome packages don't build anymore, like xorg-xf86-input-evdev and chromium, but overall it works fine12:50
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jaegerIt would be nice to stick with udev, though, since it does have some rather nice features12:52
teK_how does chromium depend on udev?12:52
jaegerno idea there, I didn't pursue it12:53
teK_seems to depend on libudev12:54
hcaulfield57Thanks for the response jaeger, yea I noticed that it was decided to stick with udev-182 which is probably the right option. But it looks like everything is working for me with static /dev13:06
hcaulfield57Just thought someone might be interested, but it looks like it was already tested!13:06
jaegersorry, didn't mean at all to be rude13:07
jaegerwe've been looking at it for a while, though :)13:07
hcaulfield57jaeger: You weren't rude at all, don't worry about it. Everyone looks at mdev, didn't know if people static /dev. CRUX is great though, keep it up :)13:09
jaegerwe will try :) thanks13:13
jaegerI like mdev because it offers a bit more scriptability than static /dev but as long as there's an alternative to systemd it's all good13:14
hcaulfield57jaeger: Yea that's what I was thinking, hopefully people have the option of keeping there systems snappy and light. Well thanks again.13:16
jaegerindeed :)13:17
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niklaswehas someone installed crux on Asus Zenbook UX32VD-R4002V ?17:25
frinnstnvidia optimus :(17:27
niklaswefrinnst: so you shouldnt buy an asus zenbook because of nvidia or?..17:30
frinnstpersonally i avoid anything that contains nvidia hardware17:31
niklasweI wondering if I should buy macbook air or pc..17:31
frinnstI avoid mac products too :)17:31
zetsu_not on zenbook but in u36sg yes17:32
frinnstif i'd be forced to buy a laptop i'd try and find something with either pure intel or amd hardware17:32
niklaswecan you recomend a laptop ? :)17:32
frinnstintel gpu's are probably your best bet17:32
zetsu_you can disable nvidia card and use intel without problem17:32
zetsu_need only to add bbswhitch module17:33
niklaswehmm okey :)17:33
zetsu_see you, i'm goig to bed :)17:34
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v33but they have bumblebee now, which is suppose to be similar to optiumus17:37
v33rather an alternative17:38
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spider44frinnst: :-D18:03
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joe9oh, hello.18:46
msb_bsmhave crux 2.7.1 installed and want to use my external monitor, can anyone please suggest how i can do that?18:46
joe9what do you mean by "external monitor"? is this a laptop?18:48
msb_bsmyes, a laptop and i want to use external monitor as my display18:48
joe9nothing on the display when you plug it in?18:49
msb_bsmnope, it doesn't even get detected automatically..with other distros (arch, ubuntu, slackware) it works fine without any configuration18:51
joe9what does the dmesg say?18:52
joe9do you have the video drivers compiled into the kernel?18:52
joe9it has nothing to do with crux, imho. something in the kernel configuration, I think.18:52
msb_bsmjust this18:52
msb_bsmvgaarb: loaded, thats all i can see18:53
joe9what card does the external display use? What do you see in dmesg with other distros?18:53
msb_bsmi think i did, but not too sure..there was an option in kernel config about using 25 pin connector for external devices and when i checked vga slot it had 25 pins so thought it might work18:53
msb_bsmand i enabled that option natively into the kernel18:53
msb_bsmoops am logged into crux now, have to reboot to check dmesg from other distros18:54
joe9thas is probably db-25. I doubt that vga has 25 pins. are you sure?18:54
msb_bsmand since it worked there never bothered to check dmesg :(18:54
msb_bsmyes ur right, my bad, it's 15 for vga18:55
msb_bsmif i upgrade kernel, is there a possibility that it might work?18:57
joe9nope. unless you enable that particular module/driver.18:57
joe9hold on, I have a good kernel configuration guide.18:58
joe9I found it very helpful. might help you too.18:58
joe9trying to find it.18:58
msb_bsmor maybe i should try X configure and cross my fingers hoping it works :)18:58
joe9 read this.19:00
joe9the best thing I have done when it comes to configuring the kernel19:00
joe9if you have a working distro, it is a piece of cake to configure the kernel based on that.19:00
msb_bsmso can i configure existing crux kernel based on that guide or should i reinstall crux?19:01
joe9no need to reinstall crux, just change/configure the kernel based on that.19:04
joe9why would you ask about reinstalling crux? am I missing something? did you change the kernel provided by crux?19:04
joe9or, is it your custom kernel?19:04
joe9in a nutshell, on the old distro, do lspci -k, that will give you a list of all the modules currently built-in to the kernel.19:05
joe9use that list to build your crux kernel to have all the modules into the kernel.19:05
joe9sound modules have to built as modules, do not add (built-in) them into the kernel code.19:06
msb_bsmok. sorry, i thought once distro is installed we can't reconfigure the kernel again19:06
msb_bsmmy linux skills have got quite rusty :(19:06
joe9no, kernel and distro are 2 different things. most distro installs have a basic kernel to get the install working/going.19:07
joe9some distros such as knoppix have a very robust kernel.19:07
joe9which recognises almost all drivers.19:07
joe9not sure how good the crux kernel is.19:07
msb_bsmi didn't change crux kernel, while installing i just enabled/disabled modules depending on my requirement..19:07
msb_bsmi've sound working now, i had it built natively into the kernel and not as modules19:08
joe9where did you enable/disable modules?19:08
joe9i think you are talking about something else?19:08
msb_bsmwhile installing crux, using make menuconfig19:08
joe9i do not think the crux install changes the kernel. I could be wrong, though.19:08
msb_bsmyes, i'm referring to the part while installing crux we need to configure kernel19:08
msb_bsmbecause crux forces the user to configure the kernel, it doesn't give a ready made kernel19:10
joe9oh, ok. did not know that crux install had make menuconfig.19:10
msb_bsmyes, it does and that is one of the main parts of crux install19:10
joe9oh, ok.19:10
msb_bsmother pkg installations are usually quite easy..19:10
msb_bsmlet me go through the link that you gave and see if i can try to get monitor working19:10
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msb_bsmnot just knoppix, arch, debian, slackware are all pretty good as well19:11
msb_bsmmost of them works plug-n-play19:12
joe9knoppix is different from the rest of those. it is used to repair stuff. so, more robust than the others.19:12
msb_bsmoh ok, got it19:12
joe9i normally pop in a knoppix cd/dvd. get the list of drivers and configure the kernel based on that.19:13
msb_bsmcool, that's a good idea, never thought abt it19:13
joe9there was another new distro which is equally good and will boot out of a usb stick. do not remember the name of it though.19:13
msb_bsmso would you happen to know what i should check for in lspci to see if monitor module has been installed19:14
joe9i would normally enable everything in there into the new kernel.19:14
msb_bsmi try out new distros every other day but since most works i never bothered to tinker with the kernel19:14
msb_bsmthanks joe for your help and time..i'll give it a try in a day or two and see how it goes..worst come i might have to reinstall but this time have to keep all settings enabled19:18
msb_bsmbtw do you happen to know if i can upgrade to 2.8 from my current install?19:18
joe9ok, good luck. i think you should be able to. don't see why not. there is some link on crux website about mounting a cd  image and upgrading from it.19:19
joe9is 2.8 released?19:19
msb_bsmok..yes that was the first thing i tried and sent mail as well saying i couldn't get it to work, not sure if you or someone else replied on that thread19:20
msb_bsmbut tried few times and it didn't work while it worked the first time with 2.7.1 so something could be wrong with the kernel provided by 2.8 or maybe i might have missed out enabling some option19:21
msb_bsmThanks again, i might have to logoff now..if i hit upon any other issue will login to this channel again and post my questions19:23
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v33hey jaeger, would you happen to have an updated x64 version of crux?21:46
v33actually, any x64 version of crux would do. just noticed that is down21:53
nogagplz_v33, ?22:03
v33i already downloaded the x64 version off softpedia. dang.22:14
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v33you guys will probably laugh, but i tried putting crux on another machine, and...kernel panic ^___^23:01
v33cant seem to figure out what it is23:22
v33it says the kernel module is ahci for the sata controllers23:23
v33i think its the sata_ahci_platform thats set to n thats causing the issue23:25
horrorStruckv33: if you have kernel config issues, best is to paste at least lspci -n, /etc/fstab and /proc/cpuinfo23:43
v33horrorStruck, give me one sec23:45
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v33grr, ssh is being annoying. i cant copy paste the stuff23:49
v33gotta boot off a live cd, hold on a sec please23:49
v33even my pepermint cd is having issues
v33sorry horrorStruck, non of my livecd's seemt o be working23:58
v33let me try another23:59

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