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v33horrorStruck, here is what you wanted00:16
v33lspci -n :
v33the kernel config is here :
v33for some reason, /proc/cpuinfo wont run on the live cd, but its an i3 processor00:21
v33let me know if theres anything else you need horrorStruck00:21
v33somehow, i get the feeling its because its an outdated kernel00:36
horrorStruckthanks v33 , x86_64 right?00:50
horrorStruckwhat about the fs you're using? ext4?00:51
horrorStruckyou're gonna suffer with this wireless chipset00:53
horrorStrucklooks like i have a very similar machine, what is it?00:53
v33its a toshiba satalite01:03
v33its an x64 yes01:03
v33ext4 as well01:04
v33just got my hands on the newer one, going to burn that and try again01:04
v33though i dont now what im doing wrong with this particular one01:04
horrorStruckit's cooking time right one but i'll have a look within today if you haven't solved your problem in the meantime01:04
v33thanks horrorStruck01:05
v33not sure one s/one/now means though01:05
horrorStruckv33: one thing comes to mind, in your BIOS you can normally chose between AHCI and IDE Legacy, make sure it's AHCI01:12
v33i tried both. it was originally on ahci01:14
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v33i got it up01:56
horrorStruckcool, what was the issue?01:58
v33i have no idea01:59
v33sed -i -e 's/\(.*\)=m$/\1=y/g' .config01:59
v33ran that and it worked lol01:59
horrorStrucki'm pretty sure my thinkpad config would work without any modification, except for wireless chipset02:00
v33blahr. i really want a thinkpad. theyhad a really nice sale on on at my school but i missed it02:01
horrorStrucki have to admit i became a thinkpad fanboy02:02
v33thats odd...02:02
v33gentoo doesn't have cflags on their wiki for i3's02:03
v33the x1 carbon....DROOOOOL02:03
horrorStruckdo you know which sound chipset you have ? it would take about 30 sec for me to adapt my config to your machine02:03
horrorStruckmine is few years old now but i still *love* it (x201)02:03
v33this is another machine of mf another friend02:04
horrorStruckwell, i could enable all of the hda-intel anyway02:05
v33i tried doing that...nothing lol02:05
v33what im worried baout is getting the wifi up02:05
v33last time i tried to install wicd-gtk, i couldn't get it to launch lol02:06
horrorStrucktry with basic tools first, but your chipset is a bitch (used to be at least, not sure how much progress they did now)02:06
v33the system booted up fine. i dont wat to toy with it xD02:07
v33which reminds me02:09
v33i forgot to are you horrorStruck?02:09
horrorStruckfine thanks :) ate too much, what about you?02:11
horrorStruckdid that quickly but it should work
horrorStruckoops i let the thinkpad related settings02:13
v33speaking of food02:14
v33i could go for some ribs right about now02:14
horrorStruckthere you go, without tp settings + toshiba rfkill support
v33i gotta say02:15
v33jumping from a p4 to an notice the difference im compiling times xD02:15
horrorStruckyep, i3 has HT too02:16
v33the machine i plan on getting will have an i7...that'll be nice too02:17
horrorStruckno doubt02:18
v33i noticed on the x64 version of crux, there are a few extra ports02:18
v33core has a x86_6402:18
v33and another did too02:18
horrorStruckthey are x86_64 specific02:19
v33yea, just something different is all02:19
v33back to think pads02:21
v33i liked the x220's02:21
v33the x230's....02:21
v33i dont know, seems to have gone down the mac path02:22
niklaswegaah i cant decide if i should by macbook air or asus zenbook and run crux on it..02:22
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horrorStruckx220 is really nice but i dont like the new 12.5", i prefer my good old 12.1", more harmonious ratio02:23
niklasweone advantage is that zennbook is ca 5000 cheaper..02:23
v33then zenbooks are also nice02:24
niklaswebut i dont understand why they put 24GB ssd + 500GB sata in it..02:24
v33but if i were to get something small, i'd shoot for a w110er from sager02:24
v3311.6 inch, with an i7, 8 gigs of ram, 500 gb 7200rpm hard drive02:24
v33with a 2gb video card02:25
v33all for about...85002:25
horrorStruckbbl minetest support for the kids :)02:25
niklaswethat sounds nice..02:25
niklaswev33: I just wondering if i can buy it here in sweden..02:26
v33you should be able to02:26
v33i suggest you contact the guy, and talk to him. ask him for a discount as well02:27
v33a student discount02:27
v33customize it to your liking, and make sure he ships out02:27
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zetsuhi all02:29
niklaswev33: would be nice if I could get an swedish keyboard layout to :)02:29
v33i think some of the other resellers would be able to do that02:31
v33xotic pc perhaps02:31
v33but i'd ask this dude to make sure02:31
niklaswemhmm yeah02:35
niklaswewhy I like mac is their toucpad <302:36
v33dont really care for macs...sometimes their uses annoy the hell out of me02:38
niklaswelol )02:39
niklaswev33: but im not an student :P so do you think I will get the discount? :P02:41
v33ask him for a discount, im sure he'll give you one02:43
v33if not02:43
v33use the cupon code w110er. i think its 30 bucks off02:44
rauzmgn guys02:49
rauzanyone problems with crux x86_64 and xorg-libxcb ?02:50
v33not sure if it helps02:58
v33but i just built xorg with all its dependencies, not sure if xorg-libxcb is part of that02:58
v33i had no issues, however02:59
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rauzthe problem is is missing since i did a sysup03:02
rauzbut i symlinked the -> now it's works03:04
v33well, my machine is stuck at lilo loading crux now03:04
niklaswean stupid question..03:05
v33i'm pretty sure i have the worst luck03:05
niklasweif I buy an zenbook, how can i choose gfx-card to use when X is starting..03:06
v33im not too not that adept at linux yet lol03:11
v33cant get audio to work03:15
zetsuniklaswe, on default is intel03:24
zetsui don't know if you could chouse to use nvidia03:24
niklaswezetsu: okey, so I must change in xorg.conf to nvidia and load module and use bbswtich  to use nvidia?03:25
zetsui don't know, but i don't think is so simple03:25
zetsuone way is to use bumblee03:27
zetsuneed to go, back in 5 min03:28
niklasweokey will went to a store and look on zenbook now03:29
v33get me one too ey?03:32
v33 are pretty expensive O.o03:37
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RomsterAmnesia, prt-get dependent hicolor-icon-theme --all04:24
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niklaswehmm does someone know in which package i can find  /usr/lib/libxcb-aux.la06:49
frinnstold version of xorg-xcb-util06:52
niklaswehmm okey, I cant build xfce because libxfce4ui failed and need  /usr/lib/ No such file or directory06:53
frinnstyeah you probably need to rebuilt whatever lib that looks for it06:53
frinnsta quick google shows lots of ppl having similar issues06:54
frinnstisnt libtool lovely? :)06:56
niklaswenope :/06:57
frinnstjust grep for the string in the la files and remove it07:02
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mavrick61After some strange problem with an UPS we now got problem with our main BGP-Router. This causes some disruption. we have not yet been successful in pinpointing osaken. It can be due to errors in our BGP or the BGP'n we are peers with.07:50
mavrick61osaken= matter07:50
mavrick61So after a great vacation begins the problems and the first working day has not yet begun.07:52
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Romsterniklaswe, yeah rebuild stuff to remove that libtool file reference08:06
Romsterhi mavrick61 has been going on and of a lot, not the thing you would want happening after your holiday.08:08
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mavrick61Nah not really. A little more slow start after the holiday would have been much better09:29
Romsterwould of been nice on your part, but that stuff always happens the moment you go on a holiday :D09:30
mavrick61But as techniques have to be prepared for the most part even during the holidays09:31
Romsteroff load it to the poor guy that's left behind to carry on duties while your away.09:32
Romsteri'm off to bed, take care charlie and everyone else.09:34
mavrick61Ok sleep well.09:36
mavrick61It is so in a close company, even if my colleague is working, he can not be any part of what I have responsibility for. We have different main areas that we work with, I can be in itself more of his than he can on mine.09:36
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v33any font suggestions? getting kind of tired of dejavu12:11
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v33i cant seem to figure it out. i've built support for my audio card, but every time i run alsaconf, nothing comes up. its an intel card, and everything with intel i've built as a module. audio card wont still come up13:01
niklasweRomster: but which packges must i rebuild.. libtool ?13:37
niklaswenow it works..13:48
jaegerniklaswe: it's pretty easy to check14:01
jaegerif you do something like this:14:01
jaegergrep /usr/lib/*.la | cut -d: -f114:02
jaegerthat will list the .la files that are looking for libpn14.la14:02
jaegerthose files belong to packages that would need rebuilding14:02
jaegerin your case libxcb-aux.la14:02
niklaswejaeger: thanks :)14:05
v33im laptop audio cards work as pci sound cards, or something else?14:11
jaegerdepends on the laptop. they're usually pci but could also be pci-e, usb, or isa if it's old enough14:25
v33its a pretty new computer...14:27
v33it uses the snd-hda-intel module, so i built support for intel-hd, but when i go to alsaconf to configure it, it doesn't come up14:27
jaegerYou should be able to see it in lspci or lsusb14:27
jaegerI've never used alsaconf, no idea on that14:27
v33you dont use alsa-utils?14:28
v33i thought that was the only way to get audio up14:28
v33that or pulse audio i think14:29
jaegerI use alsamixer, just haven't used alsaconf14:29
v33well, if you run alsaconf as root, or sudo /usr/sbin/alsaconf, i configures your card14:30
jaegeraye, I know what it's supposed to do, just never used it14:30
v33but that wont seem to do it anymore. maybe i should just get the system up and check with a youtube video or something14:30
v33oh, sorry jaeger :P14:30
jaegerI just use the config files and alsamixer14:30
jaegeralsactl store, restore, etc.14:30
v33might look into that...alsaconf doesn't seem to budge14:31
v33its strange though...alsamixer sees that im using the snd-hda-intel card14:32
frinnstv33, there are tons of intel-hda devices14:51
frinnsti guess you are missing the right codec14:51
zetsuv33,  could you run "amixer | grep Simple" ?14:55
v33give me one sec14:57
v33pretty much says Simple mixer control "Master',015:01
v33Simple mixer control 'headphone',015:01
v33Simple mixer control'speaker',015:01
v33Simple mixer control'Mic',015:01
v33yea lol15:01
zetsuso it found your audio card15:01
v33but running alsaconf says there is no card found...15:02
zetsuyour user is on "audio" group ?15:02
v33this is the root user15:02
frinnsti think you get that message if you didnt build the driver as a module15:02
v33its built as a module15:02
frinnstergo ignore it15:02
v33but if it'll work without it, i could care less15:03
jaegercouldn't :P15:03
v33even though i could potentially care less though lol15:05
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v33frinsst xD15:10
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tilmanfrinnst: it's funny cause he looks like emperor palatine (sp?)15:26
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v33hm...chromium seems to have failed to build again. let me try rebuilding it get the error code, and where exactly it failed15:49
teK_which version?15:50
v33x86-64 one15:50
teK_I got the latest stable one and unstable (22.0.1229.8) to build15:51
teK_btw: ;)15:51
v33is that a pre built one? or....15:51
teK_it's prebuilt, what else?15:52
v33im a bit confused. so would i just pkgadd it, or, have to go throught he process of compiling it again15:53
v33maybe i should've asked if it was a binary one15:53
teK_nope you can just pkgadd it for now15:53
v33oh sweet!15:53
teK_but I'd be interested in your error code, too15:53
teK_I had to rebuild it once because the last install(1) calls for the logos failed m(15:54
teK_this thing surely is a monster to build; even with a fairly recent i7 CPU and in RAM/SSD15:54
teK_surely? for sure I guess.15:54
v33i couldn't really read what was going on, but, ill let it run, fail, then install the rebuilt one.15:54
v33out of curiosity, how long does it take you with your i7 and all15:55
teK_1,5h on my mobile i7, 30 minutes on my workstation15:55
v33ah. the i3 on this laptop took about an hour before it failed...15:56
teK_something webkit related maybe? Did you change the version string?15:56
teK_I had to apply a patch for bison15:57
teK_see for details15:57
teK_I'm not sure if this should occur with the current opt-version of chromium but it did with the latest stable one (21...) for sure and went away again with 22.0.1229.815:58
teK_I tried all these versions because the flash update broke chromium+flash and pepflash sucked the hell (with all three chromium versions)15:58
v33hm. not too sure what it was...i wanna say it finished with webkit and was working on chrome, related stuff, but, i didn't get a good look at it16:00
niklasweis it someone more some got this problem that thunar doesnt show any icons..16:09
niklaswewhen i opening thunar filemanager my directory doesnt have any icons, but if i create an directory on my desktop it got an directory-icon16:10
teK_did you install xfce as mentioned in the README?16:11
teK_Icons caused problems every time I gave it a try16:11
v33i have the same problem with pcmanfm, but was never able to figure out why16:11
teK_usually I solved that by hunting down missing files with the help of strace16:12
teK_which.. sucks and is the reason why there are so few Linux Desktops. It's a mess really16:13
niklasweteK_: I installed it with prt-get depinst xfce..16:13
teK_checkout its README. You will be enlightened, I promise.16:16
niklaswehmm where is all "private" ports on ?16:34
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jaegerthe server couldn't reach the net last time the portdb cacher ran16:42
jaegerso no repos besides the local ones could be contacted16:42
jaegerIt'll get fixed the next time the script runs16:43
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niklaswejaeger: okey :) thanks16:47
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v33teK_ chromium just failed17:10
v33give me a asec, and ill upload the errors17:10
teK_yep it's the patch I mentioned ealier. It should fix tihs17:16
teK_creating a Bug report right now17:16
v33i heard crux was going to drop i686 support soon17:18
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v33there was a file in the transmission-gtk folder that told you what you had to do when it said no gsettings schemas are installed. what happened to it?18:32
v33i think it was in the gtk3 part...yea it is18:34
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v33any suggestions on what battery monitor to use?19:13
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v33it seems the wifi card is failing to request the firmware19:54
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v33the gentoo says that one should compile something like linux-firmware, but crux doesn't seem to have that20:10
prologicv33, linux-firmware will just (likely) be a collection of firmware files that usually go in /lib/firmware/20:17
prologicI think :)20:17
prologicproprietary hardware sucks :)20:17
prologicyou probably want to install that20:19
v33i've tried everything to get the wireless up20:21
v33but its a no go. even udev hagns because of the wireless it seems20:21
prologickeep trying :)20:22
prologictried the windows driver and ndiswrapper?20:22
v33that i haven't tried...i dont even know how20:25
v33kmod actually shows the module/wifi driver20:26
v33wonder how horrorStruck got his wifi to work. he has a similar card i believe20:55
horrorStruckhi v33 , i dont but have read countless threads about issues with realtek chipsets21:02
horrorStruckbtw, just saw your pm, is sound OK now?21:02
horrorStruckin fact the thinkpad came with a realtek chipset and the driver wasnt even in-kernel at that time, i just bought an intel chipset to replace it21:04
v33sound seems to work just fine. its the damn wireless that i cant get up and running21:12
v33the kernel config you sent yesterday, was that for the new 3.5.2 kernel?21:12
tj_which chipset are we talking about?21:14
v33its a realtek or how ever its spelled21:15
tj_which one specifically?21:15
tj_I have rtl8187b working fine21:15
v33i have the rtl8191sevb. tried everything i can to get it to work, but no go21:15
v33would you be able to post your kernel config for your wireless card? i'd like to compare if at all possible21:17
tj_I simply followed this
v33weird...with a kernel update no longer makes udev lag behind, but now it says that the device is unavailable21:25
v33rtlwifi/rtl8192sew.bin not available21:26
horrorStruckv33: as prologic_ said:;a=tree;f=rtlwifi;h=4cda277368a2e1237ca86c5692480405c631e2e2;hb=HEAD21:27
Romsterv33, you need firmware installed21:27
v33i dont want to sound stupid...but how do i do that?21:27
horrorStruckfollow my link, download what you need, copy it to /lib/firmware21:28
Romsteror even make a Pkgfile of it then install that.21:30
v33let me try a reboot. hopefully, it works!21:31
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v33copied the file into /lib/firmware, and it still wont work :/21:32
horrorStruckplease be more verbose, "wont work" doesnt help21:33
v33sorry, wicd wont seem to find any wireless addresses21:34
horrorStruckcheck dmesg21:34
v33wicd says no wireless entworks found21:34
horrorStrucktry basic tools first21:34
horrorStruckmaybe it's a wicd issue and we're on wireless21:34
Romsterdo you even have the module loaded for your wifi card?? looked at dmesg if it picked up firmware?21:35
horrorStruckis the interface up, can it scan networks?21:35
Romsterlast boot log too?21:35
v33no wireless networks are available, ifconfig yields no wlan0. it looks like it didn't pick up the firmware in dmesg21:36
horrorStruckbbl work :\21:36
v33could it be the firmware its looking for is rtlwifi/rtl8192sefw.bin, but the file name in /lib/firmware is ftlwifi_rtl8192sefw.bin21:39
v33nvm, looks like it has to be an under score... "/' dont work21:40
tj_try rename it rtl8192sefw.bin and make a dir rtlwifi in lib/firmware/  so you have "/lib/firmware/rtlwifi/rtl8192sefw.bin"21:45
v33hm. let me try...21:46
Romsteryou sure it's configured in your kernel?21:50
*** cruxbot has joined #crux21:50
v33still says firmware not available21:50
v33i just re checked, its there21:51
v33in the kernel i mean21:51
Romsterbit slow cruxbot i've already pushed tor: ->
v33i built support for all realtek wifi stuff, built them as modules21:52
Romsteralso sometimes there is more than one revision of firmware with similar names, be sure you got the right one.21:53
v33when running lsmod, you can see the rtl8192se, but doesn't have anything under used by21:53
v33rtlwifi is also there, being used by the rtl8192se21:53
v33there is only one rtl8192sefw.bin on that link i was given21:54
RomsterThe first place to check is that /lib/firmware/rtlwifi/rtl8192sefw.bin exists on your system.21:55
Romsterat that location?21:56
v33i created it, and put the file in there as tj_ suggested21:56
RomsterIf the firmware file does exist on your system, then check the md5sum for that file. It should be bccf9bf2276621770f101a60736b400421:56
v33that might be it...different md5 sums21:58
Romster maybe or a older version21:58
Romster I have the same problem but udev-177 just won't load the firmware. Back to udev-175 from [core] It works nicely smile 2012-01-14 05:21:4722:00
Romstermight even be a udev issue -_-22:01
Romsterbbl work22:01
v33turns out, the one i downloaded has 0 bytes of data22:11
v33downloaded a fresh copy of it off realteks website, and walla, wireless22:11
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC22:22
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux22:23
v33may have spoke too soon. it wont connect to my wifi xD22:31
v33giblib-1.2.4 seems like a dead link22:34
v33x64 java failed to build...
*** nthwyatt has quit IRC23:17

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