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* frinnst is installing windows802:39
poulecacadamn I like it when specifications are respected. My EFI firmware reset EFI variables to hardoced value at reboot02:51
poulecacaI am forced to do some ugly workaround :(02:51
frinnstwin8 is just like trying to do work on a smartphone02:54
frinnstwhat are they thinking?02:54
entewhen we tried the beta, we were looking for the system settings02:55
frinnstit has a "store" app.. its as empty as the desert02:55
enteso we discovered a slider that enables more or less of the settings, but puts them as tiles on the main metro interface02:55
frinnstyeah but they have stripped a lot of stuff in the final version02:56
frinnstie you cant "remove" the ui formely known as metro02:56
frinnstand I must have a microsoft account to download the rdp client from the store02:56
enteyou could do that before?02:56
frinnstyeah, you could make it pretty much as win702:56
entesounds a lot like... wait for it... apple02:57
entehow do they call metro now?02:58
entelonghorn? :P02:58
frinnstjust the "ui"02:58
entemakes sense, considering the old UI is deprecated02:59
v33do you guys by any chance use cpufrequtils?03:02
frinnstno, I let the kernel handle the frequency stuff03:02
v33blahr. i cant seem to figure out where cpufreq stores its info, so i change its governor to ondemand03:03
v33maybe i should just play with the kernel03:03
frinnstits just a file in /sys somewhere03:04
frinnstecho "ondemand" > /sys/wherever03:04
frinnstor you can set the default govenor in the kernel config03:04
v33yea, thats what im going to do03:05
v33just have to rebuild the kernel now :)03:05
poulecacaYou can find the appropriate /sys path in kernel Documentation/cpufreq03:09
poulecacakrue: is it you that had a blackscreen at efi boot with KMS and i915 driver ?03:11
v33just replaced the default governor in the kernel. its using ondemand now. pretty neat03:11
Romsterv33, new files are not a error, just a warning append -in to makecommand in prt-get.conf03:16
v33romster, are you talking about java?03:17
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niklaswegaah.. ours devs sending us their private ssh-key :/03:31
niklaswethe funny is that one of them came to us with his email, and said here you have my email, please add it so i can ssh into the machines..03:34
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Romsterv33, yes java03:44
niklasweente: was that "what" to me?03:45
Romsterfrinnst, i'll hate having to deal with windows 803:46
* frinnst is also downloading windows server 201203:46
Romsterthe beta i did not like what makes the final win 8 any better03:46
Romsteroh yeah that reminds me03:47
Romsterwent grocery shopping, i see the screen opposite the cashier, saying can't find system registry hive -_-03:47
enteniklaswe: yes03:48
frinnstI've seen a kernel panic once when shopping groceries03:48
enteniklaswe: I see that, and then I see myself wondering if I'm unhireable because I don't have a university degree or finished job training of any kind03:49
enteniklaswe: funny actually, our VPN setup works that way. there's a whitelist of allowed email addresses and their client certificate is validated against CAcert03:50
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horrorStruckfrinnst: ping05:18
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horrorStruckfrinnst: you're the father of of crux 64bit port, amirite?05:49
frinnstI guess05:50
frinnstbut others had done parts before05:50
frinnstI think i bootstrapped the first iso on a gentoo system05:51
horrorStruckjust curious about the process of porting to a new arch, how did you proceed? starting from LFS that you cruxified or you built a 64bit toolchain and started massive builds, could you please just explain briefly if you dont mind? TIA05:51
horrorStruckah you answered my question :D05:51
frinnstsepen/pitillo and the arm guys probably have more insight in the matter. all i did was put a couple of existing bits together and packaged it05:52
horrorStruckok thanks my good sir05:52
Romsterthe irony of crux 64 bit born off a gentoo system06:08
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kruepoulecaca: Yes, I was getting a blank screen after the EFI loaded my kernel.06:21
krueI tried every combination of framebuffer and intel graphics config with the same result.06:21
krueNow I think it's a bigger problem.06:21
krueThere are some messages on the intel forums (I have an intel motherboard) about incompatibilities with linux and efi on the latest boards.06:21
krue(I'm at work now, so I don't have the link)06:22
krueI ended up using syslinux to boot so I can keep my ESP formatted as FAT32.06:23
krueNow that I think of it, if it was solely a video problem, then I would expect the keyboard lights to blink once the kernel couldn't find its root filesystem.06:24
krueAnd that doesn't happen.06:24
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niklaswehow can i check an self-signed cert some require client-cert..?07:14
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poulecacakrue: Ok it doesn't look like the same problem as me because if I use i915.modeset=0 it works ok07:29
poulecacabut we I startx all my tty are messed up, and I cannot go back (Ctrl+Alt+F1) :'(07:30
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frinnstRomster: im not sure if i did it on a gentoo system or not. might have been the old 2.2 x86_64 iso07:38
Romsterfrinnst, awww not as epic if that's true.07:39
horrorStruckbut... i thought you created the x86_64 port? my world is falling apart :(07:41
Romsterfrinnst, just hacked it together from many others contributions.07:42
Romsterand probably from LFS too07:42
horrorStruckbut what is this 2.2 64bit? (just curious)07:45
frinnstthere were some abandoned 64bit projects that got started even before i discovered crux08:00
frinnstand I did nothing spectacular. a monkey could have done it (well, a monkey did do it!)08:01
horrorStruckok thanks for the history lesson :)08:03
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jaegerRomster: I used a combination of CLFS and gentoo for the multilib as well :P08:22
jaegerhorrorStruck: I think the first 64-bit port was ecarux but I might be misremembering08:22
jaegerdanm's was not the first, I remember him telling me that08:22
horrorStruckthanks jaeger. i'm doing some crux archaeology right now, funny to read old ML threads08:28
jaegerI've read some of my old ass posts to RH mailing lists way back in the day, I've learned so much since then08:28
horrorStruckwe had CRUX/SPARC :O08:30
jaegeryeah, though that was short-lived08:34
frinnstjaeger: no, danm did the first build iirc08:35
horrorStruckjaeger: you've been using CRUX forever it seems?08:35
jaegerfrinnst: he told me otherwise08:35
frinnstI did use a few of ecarux's ports for contrib etc but none of those are still around08:35
jaegerfrinnst: actually, maybe I'm confusing conversations with danm and nipul, that's entirely possible08:35
horrorStruckand jue as well08:35
jaegerhorrorStruck: since 0.9.1 I think, or thereabouts08:35
jaegerI kinda took a path of red hat -> slackware -> gentoo -> crux over the years with a whole bunch of others thrown in that I didn't use for long periods but played with08:36
horrorStruckCRUX was born in 2001 IIRC, no?08:37
frinnstyeah, sometime around there08:37
frinnstwin2012 server installed.. the defautl colours hurt my eyes :(08:38
jaegerfirst public release was 1/01 I believe08:38
Romsterno surprise there jaeger i'd of done the same.08:39
horrorStruckit's nice to see CRUX is still strong after all those years08:39
Romsterfer devs now though than back then?08:40
horrorStruckrather small userbase (well iguess), small dev team, and still releasing \o/08:40
frinnstcrux will survive atleast until it becomes impossible to create a slimmed down env without all the crap that seems to be forced upon us08:40
Romstersystemd might be the death of some/most small distros who knows.08:41
Romsterthen we could not use that junk and just go back to KISS static /dev08:42
horrorStrucki'm sure some hardcore old school guys in the linux field will never give up on systemd but we will be more and more out of step with others08:42
horrorStrucki mean, we wont be alone08:42
Romsteryeah perhaps mdev could be expanded out of busybox as it's own project?08:43
Romsterdynamic dev is nice if it doesn't' have to kart the kitchen sink with it.08:43
frinnst"Tap to choose what happens with this disc" <- you get prompted with that if you load a cd/dvd in win server 201208:43
Romstertap what.... no touch screen08:44
frinnst"yeah, so i use windows server on my phone" fuck yeah08:44
Romsteror touch pad08:44
teK_just laugh. As long as you can!08:44
jaegeryour phone with a cdrom drive :D08:44
Romsteri guess touch screens will be used more and the mouse will become obsolete.08:44
teK_I don't08:45
teK_I guess it's bullshit :p08:45
frinnsttouch screens are horrible08:45
teK_Keyboard survived trackballs, mice and it will survive touchscreens08:45
Romsterthough hard core console linux users never use a mouse anyways08:45
horrorStruckthe guys using keyboards will be the one developing for the ones using touchscreens08:46
Romsteruntil our brains have bluetooth chips to turn thoughts to text.08:46
frinnsti'd like someone who types / uses a mouse 8hrs a day to switch and do everything with a touchscreen08:46
frinnsttheir arms would fall of within a week08:46
frinnstspelling corrected by romster, never thought i'd see the day \o/ :)08:47
jaegerI feel the universe imploding, it's been nice knowing you guys!08:47
horrorStruck"Tap to turn spell checking off"08:48
Romsterhehe, sometimes i correct.08:48
teK_I think I just found a human-human race condition in my code. Afte about four hours of investigation. I'm heading home NOW08:48
Romsterjaeger, it's still expanding afaik. but it's starting to slow down then it'll implode to big bang two.08:49
jaegerif (user == teK_) fuckitup()08:49
teK_the more nasty variant would have been teK.fuckitup()08:49
teK_so thank you08:49
Romsteroh noes not a class of teK_ fuckups08:50
teK_because I interpret fuckitup() as a murphyan method provided by FOOBAR08:50
frinnstif (user == teK_) wipeall()08:50
jaegerWe all have our moments. It's probably a good thing I'm a sysadmin, not a programmer08:50
teK_for the last 2 and next one week I'm all in one + a student so maybe I'm not as concentrated as usual08:50
teK_but just laugh. it's on me :o08:51
frinnstdont worry, we will08:51
teK_you will, I was sure about that08:51
teK_just because I have the guts to tell everybody IF I screw things08:52
teK_so do me a favour and screw yourself now :P08:53
Romsteroh i've done some dumb mistakes in the past.08:53
Romsteras long as you learn from them.08:53
jaegerman, I love git cherry-pick08:53
jaegerso handy08:53
teK_well then you may not be on frinnst's side08:54
* teK_ draws a line08:54
* Romster sees teks line is not straight much more like a snaky line.08:54
Romstermakes a god question09:20
Romstererr s/god/good09:20
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jaegerAnyone have a radeon 6470m or similar?10:45
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jaegergot one in my work laptop and it's a bit of a pain so far10:56
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jaegerwoot! victory on the console, next stop: X11:36
jaegeryay, got X working11:52
horrorStruckjaeger: you're on what? 3.0?11:58
horrorStrucki mean, working on what?11:58
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jaegerhorrorStruck: this is 2.7.1 but with a laptop that's a pain in the butt13:18
rauzhas anyone of you guy's a good knowledge about digi cams? i'd like to buy my girlfriend a new camara for her birthday but i don't know anything about that :(13:22
jaegerI was running ubuntu 12.04 on it before because I hadn't taken the time to sort it out yet13:22
jaegerrauz: not I, sorry13:22
horrorStruckrauz: i dont, sorry too. jaeger ok :)13:25
rauznp i thought i give it a try here13:26
rauzi have to buy one her birthday is in one week and stumble with the dicision quit a while now :D13:27
jaegera week is a good amount of time to do some searching online :)13:31
jaegerCONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE="radeon/BTC_rlc.bin radeon/CAICOS_mc.bin radeon/CAICOS_me.bin radeon/CAICOS_pfp.bin"13:34
jaegerthat took me a bit of time to figure out, heh13:34
jaegerhad to use an odd grub custom config, too, to get any console ouput13:35
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jaegerHELLO THERE13:47
RotwangI need some help in teh english speach13:48
RotwangI mean written13:48
v33how so?13:49
RotwangSo, I'm updating my linkedin profile13:50
Rotwangand I'm editing job description13:51
Rotwanghow do I say that I work at clients place?13:51
Rotwangin english13:52
v33is the clients place a house or a place of business13:52
Rotwanglatter one13:53
Rotwangbtw. temporarily I have no acces to my calculating machine13:55
jaegercontract work?13:55
Rotwangso if any of my ports need quick fix, please feel free to do so13:56
RotwangI'm employed by tieto but work as an external by nsn13:56
Rotwangexternal peon13:57
v33maybe something along the lines of 'Currently working from within a clientele's place of business'?13:58
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Rotwanglooks good14:01
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Rotwangv33: instead of 'place of business' could I use 'premises'?14:04
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v33you could. probably should change it out. clientele's place of business makes it seem like you're working side by side14:06
RotwangI do14:08
v33 you could go with either or to be honest14:08
Rotwangok, thank you14:09
v33you got it :)14:09
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horrorStruck <--- running it right now. ULTIMATE RICING \o/14:38
v33let us know how it goes14:42
v33i want to be a ricer too. maybe i can compile a crappy exhaust xD14:42
horrorStrucki'm too lazy to do any benchmark but it runs well so far14:42
horrorStruckenough for web browsing and ssh at least :P14:43
v33was it worth the time it took to compile?14:43
horrorStruckwasn't /that/ long with a rather small kernel14:44
v33oh, the article lied to me! haha14:44
v33it said it could take 2-4 hours. maybe thats because linux mint's kernel is a bit lcuttered14:45
horrorStruckdepends on what you put in your kernel14:45
v33which reminds me14:45
v33hi horrorStruck :P14:45
horrorStruckhi v3314:45
v33hows the weather today?14:46
horrorStrucki feel like we're top posting in IRC14:46
horrorStrucklot of rain these days but still hot, now it's ok, enjoying a cigarette on the balcony, 2.46 am...14:47
horrorStruck"increases the compile time by two to four times" times not hours v33 :P14:48
v33oh. well, i skimmed it, figured it'd be hours xD14:48
horrorStruckmust be true in some cases, when it usually takes one hour14:49
horrorStruckwireless up and running?14:50
v33more or less14:52
v33it wotn connect to my wpa2 connection though14:52
v33not sure why14:52
frinnstwtf? 2-4 hrs?14:53
frinnsti think it takes 2-3 mins on my system14:53
v33yea, that was my mistake14:53
horrorStruckv33: get an intel chipset for a few $, forget about headaches and enjoy packet injection14:56
v33its not my computer, otherwise i would :P14:57
v33i went through hell for a friend of mine xD14:57
horrorStruckmakes sense14:57
frinnstreal 1m37.442s14:58
v33maybe i'll give it a try too...14:58
horrorStruckwhich cpu frinnst ?14:58
frinnsti7 2600k14:58
horrorStrucktakes about 5 min on my E840014:59
horrorStrucksame on the i3 330M (1st gen, 2.13GHz)14:59
horrorStrucki didnt time the lto build but final linking does take time, it's in 3 steps, i'd say 3-4 min/step15:01
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Rotwangyay, I did it15:20
Rotwangv33: thanks15:20
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v33oh, no problem at all15:33
v33its nice to be the helpfull one once in a while xD15:33
Rotwangim off to sleep, bye15:56
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: 2.20.3 -> 2.20.421:48
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-input-elographics: 1.4.0 -> 1.4.121:48
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