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v33how is everyone doing today?02:42
rauznot so good didn't sleep very well ...02:49
v33ah, same here02:52
v33actually about to go catch some z's02:52
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joe9there is no meta ports repo anymore?06:55
Romsterthere is meta ports like xorg xfce but i've seen no meta port repo.06:58
joe9ok, thanks. on another machine, I have the directory /usr/ports/meta but nothing in it but for a hidden file called .checkouts06:58
Romsteri don't know what it is but v33 and joe9 seems to find some weird stuff.06:59
Romsterperhaps that checkouts file is some svn thing *shrugs*07:00
Romsteror cvs for that matter07:00
Romsterno meta.httpup meta.rsync in /etc/ports/ ?07:00
joe9i do have meta.httpup and meta.rsync.inactive in /etc/ports07:02
Romsterso where are the pointing to for url?07:03
joe9Romster:  I take that back. the only meta files are the mpup files
Romstermpup oh that's one of sepens tools your using.07:05
Romsterthat pulls in ports from various repos07:06
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Romsterno idea who that last guy is11:00
frinnstdoh, never watched game of thrones?11:00
Romsteri was expecting justin bieber but that's not him11:00
frinnstdo. now.11:01
frinnstyou should be able to find the first two seasons on dvd/blueray/whatever11:01
joe9game of thrones is supposed to be all about lena Headey, isn't it?11:35
frinnstno, emilia clarke11:36
teK_it's all about king robert, first of his name, keeper of the realm!11:55
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tilmanteK_: protector ;p11:56
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tilmanteK_: i'm not mentioning how you forgot the andals and the first men ;)12:00
teK_at least I didnt look it up, and rembembered it because I watched got before it was cool (which was a long time ago)12:01
tilmanlol :D12:02
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tilmani guess this is at least 10 years old? ;p12:04
teK_+ still awesome?12:05
frinnstmaybe that's a way to go instead of systemd12:05
jaegerthat sure is a thing12:19
poulecacaDoes anyone here know what can cause a black screen when I try to UEFI boot with KMS enabled (with an intel HD4000) ?12:38
jaegerpoulecaca: I have to load the efi_gop module in grub2 to avoid that on my lenovo x220 but I can't say if it's the same for other bootloaders12:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: chromium: updated to 21.0.1180.8212:39
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poulecacaHum I'm using rEFInd as a bootmanager and efistub as bootloader and there is no efi_gop12:39
poulecaca(it's part of grub2 source)12:39
jaegerlike I said, don't know if it's the same for other bootloaders but possible that they have something similar12:40
poulecacawhat is weird is like the screen is just powered off and I can login with root and halt12:41
poulecacahm ok I will try to search if I need something similar with refind12:41
ente[19:04] <@tilman> i guess this is at least 10 years old? ;p12:44
enteyup, today it would be written in python#12:44
ente(and someone I know did just that)12:44
ente(I no longer take him seriously)12:44
tilman~5 years ago there was a "ruby linux", too12:45
tilmanit probably didnt take off ;)12:45
tilmannot sure what its proper name was either12:45
entesomething japanese and a website full of manga probably :)12:45
tilmanno, i think it was an american who started it12:45
enteone who loves japan? :P12:46
entebecause, honestly, I don't know where people have their japan/manga obsession from12:46
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v33hi guys12:47
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sepenjoe9: didn't work mpup for you?13:10
joe9sepen: don't worry. it was just something else.13:11
sepenah ok13:12
sepenI'm still developing next version for mpup, which adds parallelization13:12
joe9ok, thanks.13:13
sepenif you're interested
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c00kiemon5terworry not, because PC will now run on javascript, which will in turn run on PCs which run on javascript which runs on PCs. ..13:15
sepenthat's an aberration13:18
c00kiemon5terdo you now see the need for a crux-js port xD13:20
jaegerno, not really :)13:20
sepenwhat is the real purpose of jslinux?13:21
jaegerfun, according to the author's notes13:22
sepenvar/root # cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep cache13:25
sepencache size      : 0 KB13:25
jaegerthat's a small cache :)13:25
sepenyep, at least is just fun13:25
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sepenlol, jslinux has a little hda, I tried to run fdisk and I got several dma errors
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sepencan't get the prompt again, F5 is at least better than hardreset for that ;)13:31
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poulecacawow I have just updated linux kernel to 3.5.2 and now I can boot with KMS13:47
poulecacabut when I startx this is like my virtual screen does not matches the real screen and everything is messed up13:48
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v33mpup, as in, macpup?13:58
poulecacawoot, I've just updated xorg-xf86-video-intel and delete the vesa one and I can startx, and come back to a tty without having everything fucked up \o/14:09
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Amnesiahm I still need to test some stuff, cause startx with vesa isn;t working at all over here:)15:37
AmnesiaX -configure ; Xorg -config does work though:)15:38
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poulecacahm is xorg-xf86-video-intel up to date ? Now that I have done a prt-get sysup16:13
poulecacaxorg is complaining about ABI versions that mismatch16:13
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poulecacaok my bad16:27
poulecacaI need to sleep16:27
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