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v33whats everyoen up to today?01:42
frinnststfu! i've not had my coffee yet! :)01:46
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Romsterwork now dinner then table tennis... why does v33 bother to ask if he is not prepared to stay on02:54
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frinnstNo more VRAM: VMware abandons controversial pricing model04:50
frinnstweee \o/04:50
frinnstyeah, vmware charges for 5.0 on the amount of ram for the virtual machines05:14
joacimnext up, ms removes their ram and cpu limitations =)05:42
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 304.43.11:07
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v33hi everyone12:34
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v33chat sure is quiet today14:44
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cruxbot[core-x86_64.git/2.7]: bin86: updated to 0.16.1916:19
cruxbot[core-x86_64.git/2.7]: bin86: removed redundant port16:19
frinnstoh right, i had that unpushed commit pending..16:20
frinnstwhy does mozilla even maintain mailinglists when they are not ued?16:25
frinnsthad to read the firefox 15 announcement on slashdot :/16:25
frinnstalso, fails to build (yay)16:25
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joacimi'm glad it only takes a couple of minutes to build a browser and its rendering engine16:46
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v33i always wondered, why is available for preinstall but not chromium?17:52
v33i assumed its to keep the cd as small as possible17:52
joacimi dont think chromium was in opt when the iso was built17:56
v33hm...maybe in the 2.8 release then?18:04
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ente ; pw: poetterquotes19:16
entefeel free to add your favourites19:16
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