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entehave fun recompiling :-)00:42
* ente pities v3300:43
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frinnstinstall xorg-libxext01:59
frinnstoops, scrollback01:59
frinnstv33: prt-get fsearch
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frinnstgerman license plate..03:25
Romsterbit fuzzy03:26
Romsterfrinnst, is firefox 15 being a pain to compile?03:40
Romsteror is fredrik not you?03:41
Romstercan't remember...03:41
frinnstwill need to hack around a bit and i've not had time to look at it in depth03:49
frinnstwill have to wait until the weekend i'm afraid03:49
frinnstunless someone else can have a look and fix it03:49
frinnstseems to be an issue with the bundled nss suite03:50
Romsteri'm downloading it now and gonna have a half heated attempt at it.03:50
frinnstI suspect it would work without issue if you use the nspr/nss packages instead03:50
frinnst/usr/bin/ld:/tmp/firefox/work/src/mozilla-release/security/nss/lib/util/nssutil.def:1: syntax error in VERSION script03:50
frinnstfor every component in nss/ pretty much03:51
Romsteryeah i've had issues with using system ports on such monsters that ship everything.03:51
Romsterhmm arch says nss 3.13.3 perhaps nss 3.13.6 has issues.03:55
Romsteri did read soemwhere about some port spliting up the version string into major minor and revision for easier parsing was that nss?03:55
frinnstiirc 3.13.6 ships with 15, but not sure03:55
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v33sorry frinnst, stepped out a while. i searched libxext, and nothing came up. but anyway, it says i have it installed, going to rebuild it though04:05
v33that didn't seem to help04:06
frinnstrebuild? arent you using the binary x86_64 port?04:08
v33yes i am04:08
v33i update -fr the xorg-libxext04:09
frinnsttry a ldd /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin04:09
frinnstand look for missing/whatever04:09
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Romsterv33, do a revdep you probably need ot rebuild a bunch of stuff after xorg upgrade.04:12
frinnsthm, maybe i should do some actual work?04:13
v33alright, let me try that too04:14
v33though the ldd command shows quite a bit of stuff04:14
Romsteri noticed some libs don't exist anymore and if some other port still thinks it's needed it'll try to pull it in and fail.04:16
v33let me run revdep, see how that goes04:16
v33also, hi romster and frinnst lol04:17
Romsterhi v3304:17
v33revdep show libreoffice and jre so far.... think i know why its not working lol04:20
frinnstthat's expected though since they ship a couple of .so files in the program root dir04:21
frinnstrevdep limitation04:21
frinnstbut you dont have a /usr/lib32/ file at all?04:22
v33yea, it was just those two that revdep listed04:22
frinnsterr, /usr/lib/asdf04:22
frinnst/usr/lib/ :)04:22
v33doesn't look like i do04:23
v33wait hold on lol04:23
v33yes, i do04:24
v33i take it rebuilding libreoffice/jre wont help...04:25
Romsterthose two need whitelisting really.04:25
Romsterv33 you on multilib by any chance and using 32bit libreoffice?04:26
Romstershoulnd't be but might be...04:26
v33looks like its using the x86 one04:27
frinnstwell then that explains it04:27
frinnsttry the port from contrib-x86_64 :)04:28
frinnstelse you'll need to install a bunch of 32bit libs04:28
v33sorry, but how would i do that? i thought by default, it would use the x86_64 port04:30
frinnstyeah if you have it enabled.. you need to make sure its listed before the regular contrib repo in prt-get conf04:31
Romsteredit prt-get.conf04:31
frinnstor just cd into contrib-x86_64/libreoffice and do a pkgmk -i04:31
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/opt-x86_6404:31
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/opt04:31
Romsterbe sure opt-x86_64 is above opt04:31
frinnstcontrib :>04:32
Romsteroops and contrib and core too....04:32
Romstersame deal04:32
v33okay i figured it'd be something along the lines04:32
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/contrib-multilib04:32
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/contrib-x86_6404:32
Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/contrib04:32
Romsterin my case.04:32
Romsteryou may find other ports are wrong too a prt-get diff might reveal a few04:33
v33i see what happened...i odnt have a contrib x86_6404:36
frinnstits inactive by default, just as regular contrib is. change the name of the contrib-x86_64.rsync.inactive file in /etc/ports04:37
v33face palm04:37
frinnstjust remove the inactive part04:37
v33man....hours of googling for something stupid. sorry again, but thanks :)04:39
Romsteroh stuff like that happens...04:39
Romsterwhen something does not work look for the simple stuff first.04:39
v33problem is, im not so versed with crux yet, especially the x64 side. eh, im learning though04:40
v33i feel like i haven't had a kernel panic in a while, and one is due...04:42
Romsternot alot to it just knowing how one over rides the other in priority04:42
v33yea...but thanks again guys04:44
v33its 3 am and i cant sleep. god damn assault04:44
v33woooooot! it worked!04:45
Romsterfrinnst, seems no one is willing to fix this yet...04:47
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frinnstyeah. omitting the --version .def thingy allows the compile to advance. but dunno if the fucker will run or what can of worms it will open up :)04:52
Romster-e "s,%NSS_VERSION%,$version," \04:52
Romster-e "s,@MOD_MAJOR_VERSION@,${NSS_VMAJOR},g" \04:52
Romster-e "s,@MOD_MINOR_VERSION@,${NSS_VMINOR},g" \04:52
Romsterand -e "s,@MOD_PATCH_VERSION@,${NSS_VPATCH},g" \04:53
Romsteron nss-config04:53
Romsteror something close to that....
Romsteror that might not matter not sure...04:56
frinnstdont think that's it04:57
v33last question for tonight...05:02
v33what image viewer do you guys use?05:02
* Romster keeps digging05:02
Romsterrox or feh but i wouldn't mind trying another.05:03
joacimi used mirage back in the day05:05
joacimmore than a year since it last got updated.05:05
v33i use feh too...meh, guess ill stick with it. thanks, and good night guys. its 3 am, just noticed05:06
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Romsteroh wow nice site
* Romster gets out the machete and hacks away at mozconfig05:41
* Romster jaw drops06:25
Romstercompleted building...06:25
frinnstoh? got it to work?06:40
Romsternot ran it yet06:46
Romsterdid a clean up compiling again.06:46
frinnstwhat did you change?06:46
Romsteri'll send you a diff shortly06:47
Romsterpretty much everything.06:47
Romsterfrinnst, thy this i'm still testing but it compiled
Romsterbuilding now on my system to test how it runs.06:53
frinnstah, you patched it to use the system nspr/nss libs?06:54
Romsterwell more so edit mozconfig06:54
Romsterremoved what i didn't think was necessary06:54
Romstercan't use apng on libpng so can't use that and sqlite3 hasn't got secure delete enabled so can't use system sqlite3 either.06:55
Romsteri pretty much stole arch stuff and edited it.06:55
Romstershameful but worked.06:56
frinnstkeeping up with the mozilla project is such a pain. the only reason i dropped support for external nspr/nss was because it was so hard to maintain. the release page for nss hasnt been updated in something like 3 years..06:59
frinnstalso it seemed pointless to maintain ports that at the time only was used by firefox07:03
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pedjaso close...ff build failed, no space left on device.grrr07:22
pedja3.5Gb of ram is not enough, it seems07:23
Romstergod damn it i broke it -_-07:59
Romsterworst build system ever08:04
Romsteri dare say boost has better08:05
pedjaBuilding '/usr/pkgmk/package/firefox#15.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.08:06
pedjanow to see if it actually runs :)08:06
frinnstbuilding on my pc at work sucks.. takes ages.08:06
frinnstmy i7 has spoiled me08:07
pedjaFF runs fine, afaict08:12
frinnstbut with external nss?08:12
pedjathat sed line is from
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Romsteryou can finish off firefox getting tired now.09:03
* nogagplz tranquilises Romster 09:04
Romstertired now i don't need help09:04
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clod89i know there's crux-ppc but it seems pretty much empty, can i ask advice here ?10:16
joacimyou can try10:20
clod89i'm having trouble booting the system the mac just shows a folder blinking and that's it10:21
clod89i've configured yaboot (correctly i think) and i don't know what's not working10:22
jaegerno idea here, sorry, haven't had any ppc hardware in years10:23
clod89well it was worth a try )10:24
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jaegerif you wait long enough perhaps someone will have some help10:24
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clod89here or on crux-ppc? (which doesn't seem very active, even in the forum)10:28
jaegernot sure, honestly. I have no idea who uses crux-ppc10:30
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Romsteracrux, might i think and i know nogagplz got it on a G3 mac iirc?11:01
nogagplzyeah got it on a g311:02
nogagplzstarting to forget how though11:02
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clod89i've started a fresh install since i made a separate boot partition and suspect that might have been the issue11:57
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v33what software do you guys use to sync up your music to your iphone/itouch? i use to use rhythmbox, but, its not in the ports, and i doubt i can install it from source xD13:00
jaegerI used to use gtkpod with an old ipod nano, haven't even tried with my iphone13:07
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v33im assuming you built it yourself? its not in the ports13:09
jaegerI maintained ports for it and its deps back then13:10
v33dang. im trying to install it, and every time a dependency is missing, and i try to install it, i muck it up13:11
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v33yea, i give up. jaeger, if you have some left over ports and what not, and can share, i'd be really thankful13:53
jaegerSorry, it's been years since I used those, didn't save them13:54
v33grrr. cant get libsoup-gnome common installed13:55
v33ill come back to it later i guess13:55
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frinnstyeah I also used gtkpod for my shuffle a couple of years ago14:32
frinnstapple stuff are evil though14:32
v33seems like its gtkpod and rhythmbox that are the most popular, however, i cant install either because of weird ass dependencies14:47
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Romster oh noews bbq messup21:28
Romster lol21:29
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Romster LOL21:46
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