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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scite: update to 3.2.204:29
Romster  ......... please tell me this dude is trolling04:37
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Romsterthis is starting to bug me i can not get pppd to work after kernel version 3.1.2 network interfaces are ok... i used make defoldconfig from working kernel config...07:18
Romsterany ideas where to look?07:18
RomsterSep  1 22:07:26 fire pppd[8760]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets07:18
RomsterSep  1 22:07:27 fire pppd[8760]: Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery07:18
Romsterthat's all i get.07:18
Romstereven recompiled pppd and iproute2 to be sure.07:19
Romsterhmm i have no /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules on that box either i wonder...07:25
Romsterguess i'll try turning on devtmpfs on the good kernel and update udev first...07:28
Romsterok still no /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules is that needed anymore or doi have to run a script manually to create that.08:03
Romsterhow does write_net_rules even work...08:09
jueRomster: have you tried using userland pppoe?08:18
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Romsteri was using that origionally before i converted to using pppd's bundled one i don't use rp-ppoe anymore.08:19
Romsterwhat i don't get is why i cant' get that 70-persistent-net.rules file generated, i have a hunch newer kenel is reording my 3 nics08:20
Romsterthis is infuriating...08:20
Romsteri'm also about ready to maek a fresh defconfig for new kernel and only enable modules i use again... than make defoldconfig08:21
Romsterbut why is that 70-persistent-net.rules file not being generated on that box i don't understand, even rebooted it08:23
Romsteri have that file on my desktop.08:24
frinnstgod damn my gtk3 apps look horrible08:24
Romsterfuck... i'll just copy my esting file and edit the mac addresses to suit.08:27
jueRomster: ok, but the bundled one is very old, version 3.8 from 2006, rp-pppoe is at 3.1108:35
Romsterok that fixed it, i had made my own 70-persistent-net.rules file.08:37
* Romster mumbles08:37
Romstereven gentoo says rp-pppoe is now not needed anymore.08:37
Romsteri was using rp-ppoe until horrorStruck pointed out the bundled one.08:38
juewell, the pppoe plugin that comes with ppp is the one from rp-pppoe08:38
Romsterusing the included one avoids the horrible hack for a tty device between pppd and rp-pppoe08:38
Romsteryes, so pppd dev should probably update that module.08:39
Romsterwhy i don't have udev creating that rules file when that firewall pc running crux was installed fresh with crux 2.7 about a year ago no major hacks done to it unlike my desktop used to have.08:40
Romsteri think udev is broken in the way it generates udev rules.08:40
jueudev is mostly broken by design ;)08:41
Romsternow i can use the new kernel features that i've been lacking on tcp buffers.08:41
Romsteryeah really. i hope this udev fork fixes these rough edges.08:46
niklasswegood evening08:48
Romsterevening niklasswe08:48
Romsterbrb another reboot08:49
frinnstwhat timezone are you in, niklasswe ? :)08:49
Romsterjue, it was pure luck all kenrels upto 3.1.2 used the same eth numbers for my nics until after that kennel version.08:52
niklasswehow is it with you guys?08:54
Romsterfrustrated but found the cause.08:55
* Romster addes on my todo list contract pppd devs to get them to update rp-pppoe module.08:57
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joe9is there any way to get this patch into the crux ports: ? /usr/ports/core/openssh is the package09:49
joe9romster, did you change anything on the fire host?10:02
joe9Romster: i get this message now:
joe9Romster: I have not changed anything in my .ssh folder.10:03
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Romsterjoe9, i've updated my firewall kernel10:39
Romsterone of my prerouting rules must be doing that10:39
joe9Romster: any instructions on what to do next, please?10:39
frinnstAdd correct host key in /home/j/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid of this message.10:40
frinnstjust remove the host on line 310:40
frinnstthat is, if you trust the new connection :)10:40
Romsterlet me fix it up... as for that issue on openssh poke jue or jaeger about it.10:40
Romsteri haven't changed any keys though frinnst10:40
joe9Romster: ok, thanks. jue said that he would not want it in core. so, I just put it to my repo10:41
Romsteroh you got a key mismatch what's going on...10:41
Romsterperhaps that's hapend after i've updated openssh on fire.10:42
joe9Romster: that seems more plausible.10:43
frinnstshould only happen if you actually changed the keyfile10:43
Romsterthe thing is i have not changed the keyfile...10:44
Romsterbeats me10:44
Romsterall i did was sysup and bump kernel10:45
Romstersame ip as before too.10:45
joe9i just updated my openssh with libedit, but, again nothing in my .ssh folder has changed in the last 2 weeks.10:46
joe9Romster: should I just update the keys again? I do not remember the steps we did the last time10:47
joe9if you can walk me through, I will just update the keys and we can try again.10:47
frinnstssh was updated a day or so ago.. does the package install a key? maybe it overwrote the old one10:47
Romsterjsut do what frinnst said remove the line out of that mentioned file it'll fix itself10:47
joe9from my ~/.ssh directory:
joe9romster, ok, thanks.10:48
Romster/home/j/.ssh/known_hosts remove ,line 310:48
Romsteri haven't changed keys and i used keep on ssh stuff. in rejmerge *shrugs*10:48
Romsteri haven't been hacked either.10:48
joe9Romster: now, it is asking me for the password10:49
Romsteruh the fuck...10:49
Romsteryou did not remove your key by mistake?10:50
joe9 no, just removed that line from the known_hosts file10:50
Romsterddi you fudge up your ~/.ssh/config file?10:50
Romsterand ~/.ssh/joe9 file still exists?10:51
joe9romster, yes10:51
Romsterdon't paste it's contents as that's private.10:51
joe9 i figure. but, it has the file listing of that directory.10:51
joe9nothing has changed in the last 2 weeks.10:52
joe92 weeks back, I added github10:52
joe9but, I tested and everything worked then.10:52
joe9I think I recently pushed a commit to your repo. in the last week.10:52
joe9if I am not mistaken.10:52
joe9romster, do you see my commits in your repo?10:58
joe9they should mirror this except for todays' commit.10:58
Romsteri pushed to my repo just fine so why is yours not working...10:59
Romsterjoe9, your key is still there nothings changed11:04
Romsterother than a sysup and the kernel version and i can still push to my repos..11:04
Romsterbah i don't know whats going on11:08
Romsternogagplz, can you test that you cna push to fire ok?11:10
Romsteralso fu friefox my close tab button is gone....11:12
nogagplzyeah I just added " " to retroarch pkgfile and it seemed to work11:14
Romsterwell if it didn't error it worked so joe9 must have a man in the middle attack or something crazy going on.11:15
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Romsterthere had to turn off then back on clase tab checkbox on tab mix plus... silly browser.11:17
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Romster NSFW11:21
Romsterjoe9, lookinto it more after sleeping when your around in the mean time double check your not doing anything stupid.11:22
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joe9Romster: sorry, had stepped away.11:26
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joe9Romster: looks like it is ok now. rebooted my machine and removed the entry from known_hosts11:50
joe9and, it is connecting now.11:50
joe9sorry for the bother.11:50
joe9romster, does it mean that I was hacked?12:06
joe9Romster: if you were in my shoes, would you be worried about it?12:07
Romsterwell i'm ok i'm not sure what happend at your end12:13
Romsterssh may not have been restarted or soemthing to read the private key.. who knows...12:13
Romsteri'm off to bed very tired now.12:13
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joe9romster: ok, thanks.12:18
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v33hello everyone16:12
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v33how do you do, joacim?16:44
joacimdunno. looking at bikes.16:45
v33what kind?16:46
joacimall kinds of bikes. 10-speed road bikes, mtbs, track bikes.16:47
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joacimany bike really. i like bikes. =)16:48
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v33i really, really wanted a bmw s1000rr16:54
v33the black one.... *drool*16:54
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* Romster yawns waking up feeling like i been ran over by a steam roller headache21:09
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