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* niklasswe is tired..00:53
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v33woah, there is a new linux virus roaming around02:22
nogagplz_not systemd is it02:24
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frinnstwow, what a useless article. no explanation in what vulnerable app is to blame02:51
* frinnst is installing windows 2012 again02:53
Romstercertain other platforms = windows03:03
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frinnstthis is me right now:
frinnstgonna try new the new features in hyperv03:09
frinnstthe replica functions03:10
Romsteri haven't found any linux/mac virus yet03:10
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frinnstvery nifty03:11
frinnsttoo expensive to do with vmware afaik03:11
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frinnstfake though :)07:25
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frinnstoh nice, more complete now07:38
frinnstlots of black squares last i saw a panorama07:38
pedjaNetwire-->wirenet :)07:40
pedjateamviewer ftw07:41
frinnstyeah teamviewer is awesomely simple07:41
frinnstgo2meetings "support" thingy is also pretty neat07:42
frinnstbut no linux support "!#07:42
pedjano 64bit linux version, though.07:43
pedjaBut I have it on my netbook, and windows VM, so...07:44
pedjaI'll install it on my g300, too, once I fix my wireless...07:45
frinnstRomster: lol, just like this caterpiller
frinnstmm, saw07:48
frinnstoracle sucks07:48
pedjaif java is fundamentally broken, there is not much they can do, methinks, just plug holes as they are discovered.same goes for MS.07:50
frinnstits probably not fundamentally broken. but what pisses me off is their lack of transparency and silence with regard to security issues07:51
frinnstalso, this is why i dislike mozilla :)07:51
pedjasecurity through obscurity?yeah, that works :)07:51
pedja <---skype killer, or so they say :)07:57
* frinnst is watching retards fight on youtube07:58
frinnstslow-ass install "#ยค#07:58
pedjawindows 2012?07:58
pedjayou get to play with very interesting toys, my friend07:59
frinnst Best of Knockouts 201207:59
pedjawin8-rtm leaked to the internets.08:01
frinnstit's been available on the volume licensing service center for a few weeks08:02
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joacimfrinnst: someone made a screencast of a flamewar on irc?08:33
frinnstyou just gave me an idea!08:34
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joe9jue: for transmission-gtk, could you please add gtk3 as a dependency. It does not install without that package.12:26
joe9 jue12:26
joe9jue: actually, you do have it as a dependency.12:27
joe9I do not know why that message though.12:27
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jaegerjoe9: is gtk3 actually installed?12:41
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joe9jaeger: no, it was not.13:14
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v33just noticed i haven't said hello....hello13:47
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rmullv33: hello14:22
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v33how are you rmull17:35
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veewhat filesystem do you guys use? i've been using ext4, and, been reading up on reiserfs and btrfs...feel like trying someting new23:28
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jaegerI mostly use ext4 but have some reiserfs and xfs around23:30
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veeext4 seems to be the default, go to fs23:31
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jaegerIt's solid23:34
veesince im going for a lightweight setup, with minimal loss of power, im edging towards reiser. seems to handle smaller files better...but, i've grown comfortable with ext4 lol23:35

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