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frinnstwow, windows 2012 resource monitor is 100% bug free.. 900mb/s disk-io on two sas 10k drives in raid0 :)08:03
jaegerraid0 on a server? :D08:04
frinnstheh, just for playing around on08:05
frinnstin the lab08:05
frinnstrather have speed and no redundancy than zero performance :)08:06
frinnsthyperv 3.0 + replica seems quite awesome for our smb-customers08:07
frinnstdisaster recovery in a few seconds08:07
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Rotwangdo you have any experience with intel RSTe?09:07
jaegerI do not09:08
frinnstwhats that? the ssd cache thingy?09:09
jaegerIt's the "enterprise" version of intel's raid stuff, more or less09:09
jaegeron C600 chipsets09:10
frinnststupid acronyms09:10
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jaegerRapid Storage Technology (Enterprise)09:11
frinnststill firmware fakeraid?09:11
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jaegeras far as I know, yes, but I don't have any to check09:12
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Rotwangnevermind, I disabled it09:30
jaegerdid you try it with dmraid? the non-e versions are supported, might work09:32
jaegermight not. :)09:32
Rotwangjaeger: there is one ssd per blade09:32
Rotwangdon't see the need for raid09:32
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jaegerthen why ask about RSTe? :)09:34
Rotwangbecause info on intel site says that it increases performance even for one disk09:34
jaegerThat might be true. There are some situations where RST works better than msahci in windows, for example09:35
jaegerDepends on your hardware09:35
jaegerUsually on intel chipsets RST is a better choice than msahci09:35
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jaegerThat's windows-specific, though... shouldn't matter in linux since it's all part of the libata stack09:37
jaegerEither way, though, make sure AHCI mode is supported and enabled09:37
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tilmanis anyone of you running steam in wine successfully? it doesn't let me login, and i'm sooo out of ideas11:05
nogagplzlogin seems to work fine11:07
nogagplzthe window management ffor steam seems stuffed again in 1.5.12 though11:07
tilmando you know of any dependencies that wine/steam has for the login to work?11:09
tilmanexcept ntlm_auth, which afiak isn't _really_ needed :P11:09
jaegerhave you already been to ?11:09
tilmanbeen googling my ass off as well11:10
tilmanlooks like the same issue that i'm having only hits people on x86_64 who run 32 bit wine11:10
tilmanand i'm on a 32 bit os11:10
jaegerI run 32-bit wine here, I'll give it a try11:10
tilmanmaybe this is another wine-hates-tilman thing11:11
jaegerI've gotta wait for the email from steam to auth this computer, though that shouldn't take long11:13
nogagplznot specifically I just buffed out the deps with romster one night and it seemed to work good after that :P11:14
nogagplzwith the 32/64bit wine not vanilla 3211:14
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jaegertilman: worked for me (multilib crux, 32-bit wine)11:16
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tilmanoh well11:17
tilmanjaeger: thanks for trying11:17
tilmani'm wondering whether i'm hitting a generic steam issue. maybe my firewall/router is to blame11:27
tilmanthis is what i'm seeing11:28
tilmanthe "no cancel button" thing seems rather specific11:28
tilmanunlikely to occur as a coincidence imo11:28
jaegeryeah, seems odd11:28
jaegerdid you already try the clientregistry.blob thing? I see that being deleted as a common troubleshooting step11:29
tilmanshould've mentioned it11:32
jaegerok =/11:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: alsa-lib: updated to version 1.0.26, disabled python components11:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: alsa-utils: updated to version 1.0.2611:36
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tilmanwhy can't this POS software tell me whether it's able to connect or not?12:53
tilmanare they fucking kidding?12:53
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* tilman just hooked up his computer to the dsl modem13:11
tilmandoesn't help13:14
tilmanF M L13:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 15.0.113:29
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Nomius< Nomius> Does anyone have any idea of why my clocks are sooooo late everyday?:
jaegercheap cmos clock would be my guess... dell machine? :)15:59
NomiusNo, clon machineAMD Phenom(tm) 9550 Quad-Core Processor16:00
jaegeryou might do some searching online to see if others with the same motherboard have the problem16:02
jaegerCPU is unrelated, most likely16:02
NomiusOk, thanks jaeger16:02
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c0xNo such file `xfsprogs-3.1.8.tar.gz' -
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