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horrorStruckthis is doing wonders here WRT network latency (maybe others areas, haven't checked yet). YMMV.
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frinnstoh, network latency?11:24
niklasswegood evening!11:26
horrorStruckfrinnst: haven't done any measurement but it's beyond the placebo effect11:43
horrorStruckniklasswe: hej11:44
frinnsti read there still are quite a few issues12:44
frinnstwill probably let you iron out all the bugs before i try it :)12:44
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spaceninjaHi, got a lighttpd server on my local network. I can access it through the local-ip address but not through the router's ip adress, I have allowed port 80 on the router, and typed in lighttp:ALL in hosts.allow. What have I missed?13:46
teK_lighttpd does not use hosts.allow afaics13:48
teK_probably your router configuration is b0rked13:48
teK_you can check this by (temporarily) setting your server as 'dmz' host13:48
spaceninjateK_: I've tried two different routers, same thing, I'll try dmz13:49
teK_you don't run iptables on your server?13:51
spaceninjaif I trace my ip, it gets stuck on one of my internet providers server, maybe my internet provider is filtering it out?13:57
teK_but well13:58
teK_you never trace a port13:58
teK_ports is a tcp/udp thingy13:59
spaceninjaok, then they are just filtering out the trace14:00
spaceninjawierd, maybe it's the adls modem, I'll try to reboot it, thx teK_14:01
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spaceninjateK_: If I got iptables compiled into the kernel, does it mean I'm using it?14:08
teK_sudo iptables -L14:08
spaceninjaI get an output, chain-input,-forward,-output, but there aren't any chains set14:10
teK_and everything is set to ACCEPT so this is not your problem14:11
spaceninjayes, (policy ACCEPT) on everyone14:12
spaceninjaI'll try to recompile the kernel without iptables14:34
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teK_it's not your problem14:36
kruehi all14:40
krueI'm getting a footprint mismatch for util-linux-ng 2.22. prlimit is missing.14:40
krueMy first thought is that I didn't enable the necessary features in my kernel;14:40
kruehowever, I can't find any documentation on prlimit which also mentions a kconfig item.14:41
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frinnstkrue: x86_64?15:47
cruxbot[core-x86_64.git/2.7]: util-linux-ng: fixed footprint15:50
kruefrinnst: yes, it is x86_64.17:00
krueI'm building now...17:00
krueAnd success :)17:01
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frinnstif i fall asleep *now* i'll get 3hrs sleep before work21:05
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