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tilman_frinnst: enjoy the day!00:29
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Romsterwhat's everyone using for pdf's now?03:13
Romsteri was using xpdf but poppler takes over due to a dependency, but i havne't figured out how you use popper to open pdf03:14
Romsterah i could probably use poppler-qt403:17
Romsternope no binary03:19
Romsterprt-get dependent --all poppler-qt403:20
Romsternothing... so how does that even work no /bin/ or /usr/bin/03:20
Romsterthat looks more like a qt wrapper than a front end...03:21
frinnstepdfviewer here03:24
frinnstuses poppler03:25
frinnsttilman: gee, thanks! :)03:26
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Romsterfrinnst, in what package i can not find it03:45
Romsterguess i need to package it myself...03:45
nogagplz_evince is kinda nice, nfi on its deps though03:45
Romsteroh it's in xfce?03:48
Romsterwhy no good reader in opt... or contrib xpdf just works, i'll look into this after darts.. no time now. i'm getting sick of having to hunt around and mess with stuff to get stuff to work halfway decently.03:52
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: gtk-xfce-engine: updated to 3.0.105:44
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frinnsthp harware suuuuucks06:51
frinnstuseless overheating crap06:51
joacimoh my06:51
joacimare we talking consumer pcs?06:52
frinnstI star to get lots of artefacts on my screen after ~1 week uptime06:52
frinnstyeah, my workstation06:52
joacimoh. that is different06:52
frinnstyeah our blade infrastructure works just fine :)06:52
joacimwould expect their workstations to be much nicer than their consumer grade pcs06:52
frinnstwell im not sure what this piece of crap box is classed as. probably more of an office pc06:53
jaegerif it's one of the dcxx00 line it's not a workstation, just a consumer desktop07:35
jaegerWe've got a bunch of those, though the revision we have doesn't overheat (so far)07:35
frinnstit only overheats on the dvi thingy07:35
frinnstits some sort of reiser card for the dvi port07:35
frinnstriser maybe07:36
frinnst3hrs sleep + coffee and redbull07:36
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tilmanfrinnst: i only got 6 hours of sleep and work today was close to torture :x09:15
Romstergo to bed earlier then... i'ma poor sucker that can't sleep and barely get 7 hours sleep a day, often less.09:37
Romstersome nights 3-4 hours tops.09:37
Romsteri really didn't look at prt-get dsearch pdf too well earlier... i was in such a rush09:38
Romsterthanks frinnst09:38
Romsteri stuck er on the end of epdfview-er so i got no results.09:38
Romsteri can't remember that so i made an alias xpdf='epdfview'09:41
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frinnstI went to bed early.. but spent ~5hrs turning09:54
frinnstStill feels like i'm drunk or something09:54
Romsteryep that often happens to me so most nights i go fuck it and jsut stay up late.09:57
Romsterbe more productive than tossing and turning for hours.09:57
Romsteri get that pissed off that all my blankets and sheets are all ripped off my bed from turning so much09:58
Romsterso i read a ton to get tired then goto bed.09:58
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: 2.20.6 -> 2.20.721:37
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