IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2012-09-14

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juegood morning01:59
Rotwangjue: hi01:59
rauzi have a strange problem with rdesktop, on a pc with de keyborad layout an rdestkop with -k de the layout is still en02:14
rauzhas anyone an idea02:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxml2: update to 2.9.004:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxml2-python: update to 2.9.004:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mc: fix for a strange bug in mcedit04:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php: update to 5.4.704:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-fcgi: update to 5.4.704:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-fpm: update to 5.4.704:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-mysql: update to 5.4.704:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mod_php: update to 5.4.704:11
frinnstand now for something completely different:
frinnstload average: 44.48, 44.87, 51.4704:32
frinnstshits running fast, yo!04:32
frinnst5sec delay on keypress :(04:33
Romsteri've only had that high when firefox or something went apeshit on me...04:34
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Romstermod_python but mod_wsgi takes over that.... who's  using obsolete software, sepen.05:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: atanks: 5.4 -> 5.505:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cython: 0.16 -> 0.1705:28
frinnstheh, its a virtual machine that uses slooooooooooooow storage05:40
frinnsttrying out vdp (vmwares data protection, new in 5.1)05:41
* Romster watches it explode05:43
frinnstTotal DISK READ:    1310.22 K/s | Total DISK WRITE:       3.21 M/s05:43
Romstertaking btrfs with it05:43
frinnstnah, running ext4 on a raid5 with 3 drives05:44
Romsterwrites faster than reads O_O05:44
frinnstit's also rebuilding the array05:44
frinnst load average: 70.44, 64.54, 67.9305:52
frinnstload average: 75.16, 74.43, 71.5705:57
frinnstITS GONNA BLOW!05:57
frinnstload average: 85.64, 77.00, 72.4905:58
Romsteroh gawd05:59
Romsterwhat is it 20 second lag now05:59
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rauzis it already exploded ? :D06:13
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Romsterdunno frinnst has gone rather quiet maybe he'll reply tomorrow, when he gets this message.06:47
Romsterdue to the mass lag06:48
frinnstwent to lunch06:50
frinnstoad average: 97.82, 79.31, 71.0806:50
Romsterhow is that thing even useable...06:51
frinnstit's not :)06:54
frinnstTotal DISK READ:     309.26 K/s | Total DISK WRITE:    1055.35 K/s06:55
frinnstio is 100% :)06:55
Romsteryeah seriously bottle necked.06:56
frinnstI did a ls a minute or so ago06:57
frinnstnot showed anything yet06:57
Romsteroh gawd... what disk scheduler are you using?06:58
frinnstdunno, its a vmware appliance06:58
frinnstand i cant check at the moment :)06:58
Romsterso probably sfq in ext406:58
frinnstnah. the system drives are ext3 and the ~14 200gb drives are xfs07:00
Romsterd'oh that was dumb a python package installing some files as not world readable when i was trying to access them07:30
Romsterhi teK__07:35
teK__anybody with some iptables-fu willing to have a quick look at my configuration? I want to send _all_ outgoing data to a local socket configured to bind to with IP_TRANSPARENT mode07:35
teK__the config can be seen here:
Romsteri know a little but the best place to ask is in #Netfilter07:35
teK__connecting to localhost <any port> will work07:35
teK__but to 1234 won't (ip route shows no output so this seems 'logic'). I set this up following the TPROXY tutorial from squid07:36
teK__enabling the two commented lines will result in a successful connection but no data is can be received by the connecting program07:37
Romsterso your trying to SNAT to localhost type of thing?07:37
teK__no NAT07:37
teK__no manipulation of packets07:37
teK__this is important. I tried with the REDIRECT target07:37
Romsterwith my limited knowledge i don't think you can.
teK__ suggests I can07:40
Romsteroh so your trying to get away without nat unlike my 2 lines to use squid transparently, hmm.07:41
teK__yeah not squid but something like that, yeah07:42
Romsteri know of TPROXY but never played with that yet.07:43
teK__it is made exactly for this scenario07:43
teK__I cannot speek in #netfilter07:44
Romster+Ccnt nothing fancy on channel modes07:45
sepenteK__: you need to patch your kernel for tproxy, or at least it worked in this way when I played with this at office07:45
teK__no I don't07:45
teK__it's experimental in 3.5 for me :)07:45
sepenoops, recent versions changed that?07:45
sepen3.5.x kernel?07:46
teK__I tried with 3.5.007:46
teK__dunno when it was added07:46
teK__don't care (yet) either :P07:46
sepenahhh I only used tproxy on 2.8.x to 2.20.x kernels07:46
teK__ssssht romster :P07:46
Romsterwhy can't you talk in there that's pretty weird.07:48
Romsterhmm lets see if i can poke the dev he always changes his nick.07:48
teK__14:46 < teK__> hello07:49
teK__14:46 -!- #Netfilter Cannot send to channel07:49
teK__my nick is not registered07:49
Romsterah that's the problem... so why not register your nick07:51
Romsteror identify07:51
teK__it's taken07:51
sepenhorrorStruck: pfff07:51
sepen14:51 < Romster> ah that's the problem... so why not register your nick07:51
sepen14:51 < Romster> or identify07:51
sepen14:51 < teK__> it's taken07:51
sepenooooops sorry07:51
sepenbad paste07:51
teK__just make fun of me in other channels!07:51
sepenhorrorStruck: chromium always with the same shit :(07:51
Romsteri'm not making fun of you in other channels teK__ ....07:55
teK__I meant sepen + it was ironic07:55
RomsterteK__, then choose another nick. until you can get that one like teksomething...07:56
jaegerrauz: no idea on the keymap thing, all mine are en07:56
Romstersepen, :D tsk bad boy07:56
Romsterwell i know how to get attention, since they know me in there.07:58
sepenlol, why not use 'teK'? 'There is no such nick teK'08:00
teK__'tk' has the nick tek08:01
teK__I don't get freenode08:01
rauzjaeger: me to but the laptop from my girlfriend has german keyboard layout, but i guess she has to live with it :D08:01
Romstertekk even.08:02
Romsteroh that's taken too.08:03
jaegerrauz: how odd, heh08:03
Romstertekky (account tk)08:03
Romsterdrats you have one hell of a issue for a nick08:04
teK__I gave up on that08:04
Romster[tek] is not registered08:04
Romsterthere we go08:04
Romsterthough a pain to type square bracket but hey it's free.08:05
teK__15:05 [freenode] -!- teK #Netfilter Cannot change nickname while banned on channel08:05
teK__and it took my +v08:05
Romsterthe fuck..08:05
Romsteroh it's nto banned it's _C so you cna't change nick while on that channel.08:06
Romsterno nick change C08:06
teK__so I lose voice. SOUNDS LEGIT08:06
Romsterpart change nick register rejin08:06
Romsteryour client thinks your banned when you try to change nick on a C channel how strange.08:07
*** teK__ is now known as teK08:08
teK15:08 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.08:08
teKscrew it08:09
*** teK is now known as teK_08:09
frinnst -!- teK is now known as finnsts-bitch08:09
frinnststupid r08:09
teK_illiterate finnst is illitrate08:09
teK_but yeah, hugs and kisses from germany08:10
teK_keep your flowers08:11
teK_Romster: I retried with as default gw  and now it seems to work08:12
teK_yet I'm not sure if this is 'right' maybe rob0 will clarify that08:13
Romsteri said [tek]08:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mc: update to 4.8.608:25
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frinnstload average: 103.55, 87.89, 79.6708:50
frinnstwooo, broke 100 :D08:50
jaegerwoot! heh08:50
jaegerwhat caused that, anyway?08:50
frinnstvsphere data protection appliance on sloooooooooooooow storage08:51
jaegerah. I saw you mention that earlier but I didn't realize just running it was the problem, I thought you had initiated some really heavy job or something08:52
jaegeror maybe you initiated a data protection job08:52
frinnstyeah it is doing a few backups08:52
frinnstdunno exacly what, because the web interface won't respond :)08:53
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frinnstroot@vspheredataprotection01:~/#: time ls09:07
frinnstatleast its not as bad as before :)09:07
Romsterjaeger, for your information if oyu ever hit this.09:09
jue :)09:10
Romsterthat is a crazy idea09:14
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jaegerI've not run into that one myself but it's common on the various SSD forums09:21
jaegerMostly Crucial or OCZ drives, though09:21
RomsterI haven't hit that yet at work but good to know about it.09:22
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: btrfs-progs: update to 2012090409:28
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: patch: update to 2.709:28
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: sudo: update to 1.8.6p109:28
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horrorStrucksepen: not using chromium those days but i've built it a few times in the past so i can feel your pain :P09:28
jaegerI don't expect to, either, with the drives I have09:32
frinnst load average: 116.65, 104.59, 105.9009:42
frinnstnew record!09:42
sepen lol09:43
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Romsteroh gawd10:00
* Romster sees frinnst 's cpu catch on fire.10:00
frinnstload average: 130.40, 123.89, 115.4810:00
frinnstit's fucking isane10:00
frinnstalso, stupid keyboard10:00
Romsterhow is it still working10:05
Romsterit should be timing out threads10:05
frinnstload average: 141.20, 123.15, 115.8010:05
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