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fredrik_2no kidding03:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.1.004:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: task: update to 2.1.204:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: rp-pppoe: build kernel-mode plugin06:11
frinnstanybody got a yubikey or something similar?07:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: rp-pppoe: don't set the plugin to SUID07:13
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: bash: Pkgfile tweak for zsh compatibility08:02
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: readline: Pkgfile tweak for zsh compatibility08:02
jaegerfrinnst: We have IronKeys at work, not sure how similar they are08:03
jaegerlooking at the website, different intent. ours are for encrypted data, not OTP08:04
frinnstI'll find out soon, boss just ordered a couple and they have already shipped :D08:04
jaegerah, cool :)08:15
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rauz :D08:30
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joacimreminds me of that one episode of south park08:35
joacimsomething about apple08:35
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Amnesiaon what gcc release were you actually waiting08:48
Amnesia5.7.7 ?08:48
Amnesia4.5.7 *08:49
Amnesiaany eta?08:50
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jaegerend of the week from what I've heard08:51
frinnstAmnesia: if you want to break your system you can edit the /etc/ports/*.rsync files and point them to 2.8 :)08:52
Amnesiajaeger: sweet08:53
Amnesiafrinnst: yeah well, planning to switch to crux at the new release:)08:53
Amnesiaand ditch debian08:53
LukcIt’s a shame the core system isn’t statically linked. :(08:56
LukcIt would avoid the 2.8 problem. /o\08:58
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joe9when is the new crux release out?09:02
frinnstno date set09:03
Lukcfrinnst, almost, but no.09:03
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deus_exfrinnst: is virtualbox-bin-4.2.0 also broken on 2.8?14:32
Rotwangis there 2.8?14:33
deus_excore64 has 2.8 branch :).not yet, devs are waiting for gcc-4.7.2 final, and few other stuff, iirc.14:35
deus_exhow do I switch to 2.8 toolchain?build glibc, build gcc, rebuild glibc, rebuild gcc?14:38
jaegeryou could do that or you could use the rc iso14:39
deus_exwhere is it?14:40
deus_ex64bit one?14:40
deus_exi only saw 32bit last time i checked14:40
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jaeger32-bit currently, if you want 64-bit you'll need to build it yourself or see if frinnst has made one, I guess14:40
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deus_exi am kinda bored, its either that or rooting my g300 :)14:41
deus_ex2.8 will ship with kernel 3.4.7?14:47
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jaegerno, probably something in the 3.5.x line14:49
deus_exok, i am looking at 2.8 branch of iso.git, hence the question :)14:50
jaegerusually I update to whatever the current stable release is and test it for a few days14:52
jaegerat the time it was 3.4.714:52
jaegercurrently it's 3.5.414:52
deus_exjaeger: kernel .config from the iso, is it standard defconfig, or do you tweak it a bit?14:55
jaegerIt's definitely not defconfig but I've never diffed it to see how different it is14:56
deus_exok :)14:56
jaegerIt's fairly well-rounded, though, encompassing all the hardware to which I have access and various people have tested and requested drivers for other hardware over the years14:57
jaegerSo it works pretty well14:57
joe9i am on 64 bit crux, and am not able to figure out how to run this installer:
joe9the installer is a 32 bit app.15:00
deus_exyes, it does, altough i had a problem, few releases back, with the sata controler not being recognized (it was fairly new at the time).Since then, no problems.15:00
joe9not sure, what the crux equivalent of ia32 debian package is.15:00
joe9any thoughts, please?15:01
deus_exjoe9: currently, 64bit crux is pure 64bit.15:01
joe9deus_ex: can I run a 32 bit virtual machine or chroot to just install this package?15:01
joe9only the installer needs 32 bit libraries.15:01
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joe9once, it is installed, I can tar it up and put that on a different machine, I think.15:02
pedja32bit vm would be cleanest solution, methinks.15:03
joe9don't bother, found a 32 bit machine15:03
pedjagood :)15:03
jaegerif you were running multilib you could run it but as deus_ex said, not on pure15:04
pedjaCrux-3.0 will be multilib, right?15:04
pedjasepen: nice :)15:06
sepensorry, I don't like but was the first link at hand15:07
pedjai don't miss any 32bit only apps, though, but it is nice to have an option15:07
sepenlol, Crux 3.0 vs Elite Sho:
joe9i have only 32 bit machines, will crux-3.0 work on them?15:12
joe9or, should I find a new distro?15:12
joe9the email talks about an overlay release.15:12
joe9not sure what that entails15:12
jaegerIt may be that some enterprising user would want to maintain a contributed 32-bit version like jue has done in the past with the i586 version but we decided we don't have the manpower to maintain both, really15:14
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frinnst pedja dunno let me check15:28
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frinnstworks \o/15:59
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frinnstwill be interesting to see how btrfs handles a vm16:12
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jaegerby "handles" you don't mean "corrupts", right? :D16:13
frinnstyeah, not so great just now16:14
frinnstata errors in the vm :D16:14
frinnsttimes out :D16:14
frinnstyeah that's broken16:19
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